Feeling Hopeless Frustrated at what’s happening Here Are Some Answers

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bombs raining on them. Hospitals blasted to smithereens children killed, babies dying, hospitals destroyed, people displaced. And here we are 1000s of miles away, sitting from the comfort of our homes, sobbing at the images that we see in front of us. We can't imagine how these people are being

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oppressed. We can't imagine how serious it is for them. And we begin to think that what if that child, what if that child was mine? What if that family was mine? What if that mother was mine? What if that father was mine? When you see the lifeless body of a child being dug up from the rubble, we can only do one thing, and that is to solve in front of our screen screens. But I'd like to remind us that as we feel helpless at the situation and at what we see in front of us, we have some options. Allahu Boulez that he will Joanne is there and he is all away. And for us is to raise our hands up to the heavens and beg he bullies that he will gentle, the same Lord, that responded to

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unicycles salatu salam in the belly of the whale, and to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when His shoes were clogged with blood, and to Musa alayhis salatu salam when he was faced with the sea and the enemy was behind what happened he called out to Allah horrible is that you will Jalan and he said in

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be say, Dean, indeed my Lord is with me and He will guide me I don't see a way forward. But Allah knows. You see the Yaqeen with which Musa alayhis salatu salam called out to Allah subhanho wa Taala and Hola. Hola. Boulez. He will JLL responds Allah Allah believes that he will Jellal does the impossible, he splits the seas. Why? Because Impossible is not a word for Allah, Allah is that you in July, when we use it, in reference to Allah subhanahu Attallah there is nothing impossible for him. So we raise our hands to the sky, and we bake off Allah who believes that you will Jellal and that is the weapon that we hold in our hands. Secondly,

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is to assume the best of Allah subhanho wa taala. Despite what is going on, remember that he is more merciful to them than we ever will be. And we get this from the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, which displays it so beautifully. You pass us by a woman who is suckling the child. And he says to the companions with him at her own Aha, the authority Hutton Wallah, they're happy now. Do you see this woman who is suckling this child, taking the child and throwing it into the fire? Who can learn? They said no, most definitely not. That can't happen.

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So he says Lulla who are harmed will be coming Harvey bhiwadi Ha Allah is more merciful to you, then this woman is to her child, meaning it is more unlikely for Allah to throw you into the fire than this woman to throw her child into the fire. What does that mean? It means that she will throw a child first before Allah who bullies that you would Jalil throws you and I into the fire so never assume that Allah subhanahu Attallah is not merciful to these people because they are being bombed because they are losing their lives because they are losing their children. Someone may think that Allah subhanahu Attallah is not as merciful, as he says. And these are throat thoughts that pass

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through the mind. But remember, that you and I look at it from the limited vantage point of a human being where we are looking at just a portion of the picture. But if you look at that hadith Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us about the fire that Allah is more unlikely to throw you into the fire. That is what we can gather from that hadith what does it mean? It means that the viewpoint of Allah subhanahu Attallah In fact, we can't even say the view

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point of Allah because he has none. He sees everything, every single thing. He sees it and he knows it and he is all away. And you know it is because of this, that Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us well at x seven Allah Halophila and M Lolly moon, in

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your room Leah whom you touch household feel.

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And don't assume that Allah is unaware of that which the oppressors do, why do you think he addresses that? Because he knows that when we as human beings weak as we are, see the atrocities being committed before our eyes, we begin to doubt. So Allah subhanho wa taala, saying, Don't doubt, don't think that Allah is unaware. But Allah is all knowing all away. In mama, you are here only a woman cash cow Sophie Hill absorb, he is delaying them for a day in which the eyes will stay in horror. You know,

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let's compare. Let's compare the suffering of this world to the suffering of the afterlife. Is there any comparison in this world, there is an end to that suffering. And that comes with death. A person dies it's over for them. Alhamdulillah the end of the suffering they are no longer in pain Bismillah with the permission of Allah subhanho wa taala. But on the day of Tiama imagine when your eyes stay in horror, knowing that this suffering will never come to an end. If you as the oppressed person had an option, and you knew that that was everlasting and this is temporary. Where would you want to punish your oppressor in this world or in the next so never think that Allah Allah says that he will

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Jalali is unaware. Allah subhanahu Attallah is all aware and he's all knowing, assume the best of him and know that he's more merciful to them than we are to them. You see, the other aspect of this is the oppressed person.

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When the oppressed person gets to Allah horrible is that he will Jellal and he says the magnanimity the greatness the beauty of what Allah has prepared for him. One Hadith tells us that he will wish that iron hooks were placed into his body and it was tone to pieces so that he achieved more from the suffering in the world. So that suffering means a higher ranking Jana, perhaps it means they'll feel dose and we ask Allah subhanahu wa taala that it is the case. And we ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to grant them welfare dose and grant us as well. You remember,

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one eye, that brings us a lot of Solace is that Allah Bula is that you will JLL has promised to test. You see, when we look at the life of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, someone may think that because he was the most beloved to Allah habilis, that you will Jellal then he should have been tested the least. But quite the contrary. Allah rod bull is that he will Jellal tested in the most yet. What was he doing? What was his job? Was he going about enriching himself? No. He was going about spreading the word of Allah Bucha is that you will Jellal at a time when you assume that Allah subhanahu Attallah would be there for him. Allah Allah Boulez, he will gentle would help him of

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course he was but he tested him. He tested him or leave

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me him. Has he been nurse where you talk to a Punahou

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you've turned on? Did the people think that they would say we have believed and they will not be tested that Eman of yours will be shaken to the very core so that Allah Allah is that you will Jellal raises you in rank. And this is why we say that it is ever so important for us to improve our relationship with Allah subhanho wa taala.

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The other thing is, you see, as we are watching the atrocities unfold,

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and the frustration builds with it. And we begin to think of how we can help the situation. What we do is we end up turning on each other and that is shaytans game. That is Shavon trying to turn us against each other

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The reason is, because when we are united we are powerful. So what do we do? We go on to social media. And we see that such and such a person has not said anything about it. How dare you not speak about that? How dare you not speak about these people? And how dare you not speak about those people? And don't you see the babies that are being burnt alive? And don't you see the family? Of course, we see. Of course, we know but did you not realize that some people are breaking down in tahajjud Salah every day begging Allah Allah is that you will gel and perhaps their effort is greater than yours, but you are there standing judging them. That is the work of Shavon that is the

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work of shaytaan amongst us why? Well, I'll tell you Allah, our two year old Mazoon, well, three year old

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while at 10, zero FATF, shallow, very Hong Kong was being nulla. Now sobbing, and obey Allah and His messenger and don't dispute and have patience, indeed, Allah is with those who have patience, don't dispute so that your power may go so that your power may be reduced and dissipated. You see, when we are standing in one line, and we are all united hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder ready to face

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the opposition, then we are powerful. But when one of us gets out of line, and points up the next man and says, Hey, you, why are you doing this? And why are you not doing that weighs the focus. It's no longer on the opposition. It's no longer on the other side, but it's now within the ranks. So we've already depleted our power by disputing amongst ourselves, so stand for each other, nobody is happy to see his brothers and his sisters being murdered, none of us is happy. We all feel it. We all hate it. We all cry, we all break down, it hurts us.

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So never assume the worst of your brother simply because he doesn't do something that you are doing. And he is not fighting the fight in the way that you are fighting it. And when we say fighting, we mean the struggle to stop the violence to stop the oppression to stop the killing and to stop the murder. So we all stand together. For some people speaking out means a jail term. For others, it means travel bans. For others, it may actually mean that your family will be harassed. We've seen the killing of people in other countries based on what's happening there. So we need to be understanding of the situation and we need to remain united to stand strong against the opposition.

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Charity, My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam is a great form of a badass, and it's a great form of helping out those who are in need. Yes, we know that the aid is not getting to them today. Yes, we know it is difficult for them. Yes, we know that the trucks are not being allowed to pass. But you can give out as much as you can, in charity, knowing that when it opens, the door is ready the assistance is ready to pass through. And not only that you can give a charity in the name of those who have been murdered for the sake of Allah horrible is that you will gel and not only will you will they attain a real reward but you will attain one too. And the last thing that I'd like to

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In fact, there's a few more points but I don't have time.

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Read the Quran.

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You see the Quran is a solace for the human being the Quran has the answers to our questions. And I've only mentioned a few here today. But when we read that Quran, and we ponder over its verses, what it does to us is it strengthens our belief in the resurrection, it strengthened strengthens our belief in the fact that Allah Hara Bula is that he will Jellal knows and he is not unaware. And it gives us that peace that the most powerful force ever to exist is with us and that is Allah herbalists that you will Gela and look through this era of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam and you will come to realize that he was the most tested of people, despite despite being the most

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beloved to Allah horrible is that he will gel and the last point that I did want to mention

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was that if you are being so badly affected by these images, then cut down on watching the videos. You know, some people get to the point where they can't walk, they can't talk, they are depressed, the want to go out and some of them even think about taking their own lives. Some others talk about not going to work. If you reach that point, remember that the guidance of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is that your life shouldn't end because this has, your life shouldn't end because there is Has Allah chose for you to live. And for them to pass on. He has the infinite mercy and wisdom trust him.

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Cut down on watching the videos if it is too much for you to bear and you can't watch any longer cut down. There is nothing wrong with that. There is no time in history where people have had access to murder and violence in the way that we have today. reality on the ground. Why? Because all it takes is for someone to pick up the phone and record what is happening. We're not saying they shouldn't. It should be done because the world needs to know of the atrocities that are being committed. But having said that, we don't need to watch everything that comes our way if it is affecting us to the point that we are disabled and we cannot do anything anymore. Rather, it is better for us to improve

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our lives change our ways. And we owe it to the life that we just lost there. May Allah subhanahu wa Allah grant us the ability to understand that may Allah subhanahu Attallah strengthen us and help the oppressed and the weak. I mean also Allah wa Salam o balaka ala Nabina Muhammad, while early he also be a Gemini