Hadith Series – #41 – Avoid Jealousy

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The Prophet Muhammad SAW THE HIGHEST and I'm said the second one has said that in hacer de Aquila has an ad, gamma tacular, narrow and hubbub. He said, Watch out, be careful, avoid jealousy and envy. Because jealousy or envy, consumes good deeds, just like fire consumes wood kindling.

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Jealousy is something that ruins sincerity. And if sincerity is the most important thing that we have, in our practice of our faith in our practice of our worship, then we should realize that jealousy and envy is something that can completely ruin our entire program. Our whole religious practice,

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you're jealous of somebody why?

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Because they have more than you. Then you're in the prayer, you're thinking about that person that that person is praying right next to you, your prayer is ruined. You're thinking about how that person has more than you.

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You wish that you could be like that person or you're waiting for that person to do something wrong.

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This is something that happens with students of knowledge all the time. You have somebody who maybe they went to university you didn't go to or they stayed there longer than you did or they studied with the sheikh or that Sheikh.

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Oh, now we're going to look through his YouTube channel and try to find where did he slip up? Or can we catch up?

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Is ruined your whole sincerity is gone? Sure. You're combing through minutes and hours of content, trying to find fault, because you're jealous.

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No matter if you tell yourself you're defending the dean and defending that sort of zoom out whatever you say, You're jealous. Where's your sincerity?

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Right. So that's what that's what jealousy does. Jealousy takes the normal actions that might with the correct intention be praiseworthy, might be righteous and it completely ruins them.

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It puts everything in the service of the self and the ego and the reputation

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and that is poison.