Does Islam Support Individual Rights

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Islam supports individual rights by realizing that there is no true individual satisfaction without human relationships. Right? What we have today, the sort of reigning way of thinking about things is a false individualism, it's the idea that you will be happy and satisfied if you burn your bridges towards everyone else, and anything else holding you back. Right. And this is not to denigrate the value in this sort of language. But for example, anybody who challenges you is now a toxic person, you got to get them out of your life or their toxic people, yes. But when everybody comes to my door and says that, you know, 90% of the people in the community say my spouse is a narcissist, my spouse

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is toxic, we have to come up with really all of them, there's a reigning idea of individual freedom and individual autonomy that's there that's unhealthy. And the assumption is that the individual is actually going to be liberated and feel satisfied and be truly content once all of these chains and shackles and things that are holding it back are going are removed, but that's not who we are. That's not the being that Allah created. Okay. The Creator made human beings as social beings, he says in sort of Rome and other places that especially the spousal relationship is there so that you can find rest and peace and tranquility. The inference is that without those types of relationships,

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you can't find that level of peace and tranquility. You know, we are We roll our eyes and we express frustration when our parents sort of ask us to do something but feeling taken care of by our parents is part of an A level of individual security that you can't find off by yourself. So I would say that a slam it gives us a true individualism yes, there's avenues to express your individuality in meaningful ways, but not at the expense of all of the relationships and duties and bonds that give even more meaning to individual life.