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Shajar Ad Dur & The Pirate Queen

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Are the la mina shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Shafi mursaleen Sayidina Muhammad Ali, he was a big Marine, our beloved brothers and sisters in Islam and sidama aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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are y'all doing hamdulillah night 22 and so behind Allah, don't be fooled that it's an even night that it could not be later to cover. Any of these nights could be the night of power, the night in which behind a lot all your sins, all my sins can be forgiven in sha Allah. Do not leave the night go without doing some extra bit of a bad luck. And the best, the best tool that you can recite is the door that we all know Aloma in NACA foon triple r 451. What this means is our law, you're the one that pardons and Apple is different to forgiving forgiveness, Allah subhanho wa Taala holds you to account and questions you for your sin. And then he says, I have forgiven you, I have taken away

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the punishment and our Who is the one that erases meaning he even removes it from your record. So when you come on kiama the sin that you did completely wiped out of your record. This is the highest level of forgiveness. So Allah is one of these names are for the eraser of sins. So we say yeah, Allah you are fu you hibbeler for you love to erase the sense platform. So it is our sins. And we make this to our for all of us here Allah that none of us leave this month, except with perfectly clean books with you. Yeah, Allah subhanho wa Taala. We continue with our heroes of Islam. And we spoke wonderfully the last few nights about selaginella Ub, probably the greatest hero in the last

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1000 years and the man who stood up to the Crusaders, but after he had passed away, many more crusades would continue, and Palestine and Jerusalem would fall back in the hands of the Crusaders and be conquered and back and forth. It would go for many, many centuries. But it was not only men and male kings and salons that stood up for the oma, as we said, Allah selects heroes from all times and all places from all situations from men and women. Tonight we look at two queens that stood up against the tyranny of Europe and defeated them. Our first of our heroes. A lady by the name of Sharjah adore the three of poles. This was her a nickname, and we'll talk about her inshallah,

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what's the backstory into all 44 so this is 100 years after Salahuddin Jerusalem had fallen back to the Crusaders, and the Kingdom of Howard is me. This is where that mathematician came from Uzbekistan. They were able to reconquer Jerusalem from the Crusaders, and they allied themselves with the ayyubid dynasty. Now you remember Saddam Hussein's name when he said I heard his name, Salahuddin Allah UB. So when he remember he was a Kurdish, normal person. And after he left he left a dynasty It was called the Yoruba dynasty. This is the in the ayyubid dynasty at this point in time is on the verge of collapse. This is the end of the ayyubid dynasty. it lost its strength and power.

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And one citizen was reconquered. By this Muslim group, the power is miss this once again, you know, there was an uproar in Europe, and there was the call for a seventh crusade. So Europe decided we'll have a seventh crusade to reconquer Jerusalem. And at that time, the strongest nation in Europe was France, France was the most powerful country in Europe. And its King, King Louie the fourth was the most famous king in Europe. And he was very, you know, he was very strong, very powerful, well loved by the European people, but he, you know, chivalrous and boastful. He thought he himself greater than he was. And they used to have something called the tough where they pay 10% of your income

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would go to the church for the Crusade, they started this thing when Salatin appeared, they call this the Salahuddin tax, everyone has to pay 10% of their income, and Subhanallah Look how these people were the mind was for Jerusalem, should we should actually be paying 10% for Palestine of our income, we will do that Subhanallah, not 10% 1%. We such a big difference. and Europe paid that they did it. And so they could send army off the army to conquer Palestine. So King Louie, he managed to assemble an army of at least 15,000 men, and possibly more, and he called and he brought that text from all the people of France, and he decided he will be the leader of the seventh crusade. But he

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felt that Jerusalem shouldn't be the objective. We haven't really been able to hold Jerusalem. Let's attack Egypt directly. If we conquer Egypt, then from there, we can continue moving up into the rest of the Middle East. So Egypt was his plan. And he landed in Egypt on 1249 at the city of deema, the media or the media. This was the same city that Salahuddin the first battle that he fought was the way he won the first battle in his career. Now the Crusaders land at the same city and they take it easily. There's no one need to defend it at this time. Once again, Egypt is in chaos. It doesn't have an army. It doesn't have a leader

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Really, it's king or the leader of the ayyubid dynasty, he was weak, and he was in Syria fighting of his relatives trying to further his power.

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And the king of France arrives in Egypt. And he's so confident that he's going to walk over the Egyptians and conquer him. And he writes this letter and Subhanallah, who are the real terrorists, and who are the real people that commit, you know, atrocities against humanity, the same people that annihilated cause a genocide of half, you know, only, you know, 500 million, or millions and millions of people of the Native Americans, the same people that exterminated the aborigines, the Maoris, that killed how many Africans, this is the same mentality, these people, this is what he writes to the king of, of the Muslims. He says, as you know, I am the ruler of the Christian nation.

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And I and I know that you are the ruler of the Mohammed nation, the mommy the nation, right, this is the ruler of Egypt, the last ayyubid King, the people of Al Andalus of Spain, give me money and gifts, while we treat them, like cattle, we push them and we treat them like cattle, we kill them in and we make the women widows, and we take the boys and girls as prisoners, and we make the houses empty. I have told you many times and I advise you to the end. So now if you make the strongest oath to me, and if you go to the priests and monks, and even if you were to carry the candles before my eyes, as a sign of obeying the cross, all these will not persuade me from finding you and killing

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you, even at the you know, the spot that you love the most. And he continues on in, he said, I've told you, and I've warned you about my soldiers who obey me, they can fill open fields and mountains and the numbers are like pebbles, and I will send them sorts of destruction against you. So this is he openly writes this letter to all the Muslims. I'm here to commit to genocide. And he did that in the media. So the King asylee had a UB as I said, he was in Syria fighting his brothers for further territory. And he finds that the Crusaders landed in Egypt. So he rushes home. He's extremely ill, basically terminally ill there to carry him on a stretcher, and he still has to he organized the

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defense of Egypt, November. So he the king lands at at at Northern Egypt, and it's only by the grace of Allah, that Allah cause the Nile to flood and he was stuck there for six months. Once the water level subsided, he now moved south to Cairo. And Cairo wasn't the capital, the capital was called almanzora. Even Cairo was the biggest city, the king left at almanzora. So he sends his army down the Nile south to conquer Cairo, believing he's just going to exterminate everybody.

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As the king arrives in Cairo, he dies.

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Before he can even arrange his defenses. He passes away. And this leaves the only one that knows he died was his wife. And I said her name was Shakira. So who is she? She was a Turkish slave girl. And the ayyubid. Emperor king, he saw her and they described her as being extremely beautiful, and she was intelligent. And she was a pious person. So he purchased her as his slave. And then he fell in love with her. So he freed her. And one year later, he married her, and they had a son together. And she was like his closest confidant, even when he was arrested, she would go to jail and spend time with him in jail. Now, when he was ill, he would let her send out his messages. So he would write

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decrees, because he couldn't meet people, he would have his orders were written on paper with the stamp. And he wrote many of these papers, and he would say, you send the orders out. And she became very close with the military leaders. And he stopped advises. So when he died, she and his chief of main was he and his main advisor said, Look, the army is on the way, if we tell our people, our King just died, the entire country will collapse. Let's keep it a secret. And you continue to send out the commands with his stamp on it, and run the government. You run the government, as if though it's from him, and they eat his body. And they kept it as if though he was alive. He was just very sick.

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So she started discussing how are we going to defend Egypt, she and the chief adviser, they had a plan, they got the army together. And they were about to face the Crusaders when the Crusaders attacked all of a sudden, and they killed the chief advisor. So she's completely alone. She is completely alone. And the ubitx had a very unique structure. And I need to mention this, they, they would have slaves, called Mamelukes. These are not just any kind of slaves, they got these slaves, they purchase these slaves from Turkish origin. And they will train them make them extremely good warriors, and then free them and they will teach them Islam and give them high levels in the in the

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government. So the army will consist of these kind of slaves. And this lady she has a daughter, she was from this origin. So there was an alliance between her and the Armed Forces called the Mamelukes. mameluke literally means those who were slaves, and this would be the beginning of a new dynasty, the month

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Loop dynasty. We'll talk a little bit about them. So the chief adviser the you King, ayyubid, king, he stayed, the ayyubid advisor is dead. So she goes to the mameluke. General, one of the slaves, and there was a unknown general called baybars. We'll talk about him inshallah, maybe tomorrow, or maybe on Friday, because this man is very, very interesting. And he does. He basically does something which people believe the stock piano, there was a time when people believed was the Jewish and Jewish attacking Islam. And he was able to stop it the last Muslim country of Egypt, he stopped this invasion, this man Bibles, but at this time, he was still unknown, just a mameluke general. So she

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spoke to him and he said, I have a plan, give me put me in charge of the armed forces. And I'll crush the Crusaders with his few men. And he had a brilliant idea. He said, let them into the city of Matsuura let them into the capital will make the defenses weak, let them charge in and they will track them inside, we will be on the outside and they will count we will track them and the people of the city and so we'll come on top of them, and we'll destroy them. And this is exactly what they did. So the city was left open. So they came down the now with the ships. And they landed with the ships on the on the bank of the river. They exited their ships. And they rushed into Matsuura

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obviously believing not even worrying, they believe that they were superior into the city found that it was empty. And then they were locked in the city. And then the people of the city were on, on the houses on the roofs and the army was hiding away, and it completely descended on the Crusader army, half, more than half of them were killed. And a few of them escaped. And they ran back to the ships to sail away, only to find that baybars had ships carried overland and place it in this in the river behind them. So they were stuck. They couldn't go back. And then he said the ships on fire his own ships and the ships on fire. And this completely destroyed the Crusader army. What little was left

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of them managed to escape back to the meteor the city. And then Allah also caused a plague to descend on them that the king himself was suffering was about to die. And a Muslim physician, a Muslim doctor cured him of his disease. But then they took him hostage. And in exchange the queen, she arranged something back to France for 30% of France's annual income 400,000 dinars. They sent him back in chains to France, there was 30% of France's income and this was a huge shock food. They couldn't believe that this could happen. But I can't believe they should have just walked over beat them. And this king that they believed was unstoppable. He was completely humiliated. And this is

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the seventh crusade would really be the last major crusade after this. You would have no more no more desire to have crusades anymore. And so the crusade the days of the Crusaders would end with us crusade and shoshanna Dora, she would continue to now run the government and openly they would print coins with her face on it, meaning she was the Sultan of Egypt. And she brought now the Mamelukes the slaves. He was a slave and her people were slaves. Now they took control of Egypt and this would be a new dynasty that replaced salado Dean's dynasty called the mameluke dynasty. And I said we'll talk about baybars again, because this general desire we need to talk about him his career is

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impressive. inshallah, maybe tomorrow, maybe on Friday, the next our hero, another Queen, another brilliant Queen, that stopped aggression and stopped oppression instructs Her name is Seder and her up in the alley, even Rashid alemi, who was she she was born 1485 in Andalusia, in Spain, from a noble family and the last city so Europe continued the crusades, as we see it was in Spain as well, and they, and they push the Muslims further and further until the last city that remained was the kingdom of Granada till today is a beautiful castle called the Alhambra, the red castle, it still remained as one of the greatest architecture in Spain. She was living in the city, and then seven

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years, nine years later, when she was nine years when she was seven years old. The Spanish Reconquista finally broke through the defences and expelled and killed every Muslim that was in Spain, every Jew and every Muslim to either convert or die or leave. So our family noble family, her family were wealthy, they had to leave the entire properties in the States. And they had to like refugees, leave Morocco leave Spain and come to Morocco. And they said that she obviously has a young girl she's seven years old. She's on the boat to Morocco, and she looks at her country crying that this is the end she might never see Spain again. So she arrives in Morocco, and she grows up

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the she was quite young, when one of the governor so that if you geez of Spain, they live now in Morocco. And they had a governor of the own. And he became an and he became the governor of them and he married her. She was very young. She's about 1314 and he was in his 30s were much older men but she was

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wise and intelligent, so much so that he sent her when she was about 15 years old to the king of Morocco, and to ask the king give us permission to have an independent city. All of us refugees, give us a city in Morocco called tough one. Let us have the city north of Morocco, and the king, and he must have been very taken by her. We'll see why he agreed to her request. And they had a city in the north of Morocco. So the refugees of Andalus. They sit up the city in the north of Morocco. But the Europeans were not satisfied with that they would send army upon army to bombard and attack Morocco attack the Muslims. And she and her husband, both the city from scratch was basically

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nothing, both the city from scratch, and told today, this city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, because the way they built it, trying to defend it from invasion.

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But she had this anger in her. She thought she was not enough that she built the city, the vengeance and the hatred for what the Europeans had done to them and the injustice and what they continue to do. This boiled over so when her husband died, she wasn't happy, just and then she became the chief governor of the city. She was the Amir or the queen of the city. But she wanted to do more she felt we're not doing enough. So she contacted the most fearsome pirate in the Mediterranean, a man called Barbarossa. And again, this man, I think a side note to His story is like a movie. You know, he was born, his father was a merchant. He was he sold pottery, he had four sons, and they would sell the

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pottery on the on the Mediterranean. One day the Crusaders attacked the ship that he and his brother was on, killed his brother and put him in jail somewhere. And he spent years in jail until his other two brothers came and broke him out of jail. And when he came out, he hated the Crusaders. So you asked the Turkish Government give me a boat, and I will wreak havoc against the Crusaders. And that's what he did. For the next few decades. He was the most fearsome pirate in the Mediterranean, attacking the Crusaders and the Templars wherever he found them. So she contacted him, right. This lady Seder and hoorah, she contacted Barbarossa. And she said, teach us we want to have a naval

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fleet. And he taught her and she became the pirate Queen of the east of the of the west of the Mediterranean, wreaking havoc against Spain and Portugal. And they would raid and attack the Crusaders. They even sent men into Gibraltar into Spain to take what was stolen property from them. They would take people and then the ransom them back, and all the money that they would get, she would give it to the refugees of underoos. The people that lost everything, the money went there, and to build the city and to fortify the city for over 20 years. Even the newspapers we know about, not from Islamic ticks, but from Portuguese and Spanish newspapers at the time. She was like the

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most fearsome bandits of the time. Every time they would suit strike against this one of the most powerful navies in the world. Christopher Columbus got a ship from Spain to go to America. And she was able to keep the Spanish Army in check for 20 years. And then as she grew older, and she's still governing, she's the sole ruler of that one. The King of Morocco, never forgotten from when she was a teenage girl and visited him when he heard her husband had died. He continued to propose to her and she said I will never leave my city to go to the capital phase. And plus, he's busy being a pirate. She doesn't have time for me. But he insisted. And finally, when she fell time is you know,

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she's gonna hang up her boots of being a pirate. She finally marries the king of Morocco, but unconditioned. He needs to move from the capital of phase to that one. And no Moroccan King ever did that, besides Him. This man he must have, you know, fell in love with them for those decades and never stopped thinking about. And he married her and she became the queen of Morocco. And she was undefeated. The Spanish could never she was a thorn in the side, also long as she lived. So these were of the great female Sultan's, and I said she held the title of her rock, which was basically the queen. She's the last woman to hold this title officially. So there were letters official

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letters written by the Spanish and the Moroccan King to her in her official title. She wasn't just the wife of the leader, she was seen as the sole governor, even when she married the king. He was the king of Morocco, but she was the ruler of that one. And the city has its Solvay today, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. So these are the great people that in spite the one started off as a slave, a concubine, the other one is a refugee, but they would bring and keep the world's powers in check. So Allah Subhana Allah grant us, you know, no matter how weak we are, they still strengthen us and we can even keep the mighty in check. So we continue with our quiz. Last night was the prize giving and

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our last week of quiz in sha Allah. So the last set of questions question number one, all of you have your cards, which profit is profit higher runes are listed at some younger brother who wants to be heroines, younger brother, Mohammed Salam nebia qub Nova Eunice una Musab quite an easy one.

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Okay, you've got right, let's go to the next one.

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Which prophets rebuild the corridor alongside his sunny smile. Another easy one was going to be Eunice was going to be Moosa, maybe Adam and Avi Brahim.

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And the last question

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which profit is profit is Huck's grandson who is loving his hawks grandson? Is it is it levees is it Libya qub is an absolute no use whenever use of which was the grandson of Nabhi is Huck

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okay insha Allah and then finally just a reminder to all of us that please fill out your details if you haven't yet your email and your phone number I will try to watch a few these talks we can send it over WhatsApp and also that we will have kiambu Lane will have camera lane in about half an hour's time and the Maharajan if anyone like to contribute a pot of food or feed angry people it's 303,000 and a pot family like to get together and feed someone that they have read and you can make the pot of food yourself you want to then please do so inshallah melody with us. All the base for the last week of Ramadan disciple have played or some of us said no mohammed ali ali wasabia salaam

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Celine, but hamdulillah alameen Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh