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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen as salaam alaikum. greetings of peace. Welcome to the deen, show me your host. And we have our special guests coming up, who was involved in this new age kind of movement. So we want to get to know, some of the things that she was involved in the meditation seems good, why not? Getting in touch with your spiritual side? Seems good, why not? And then you get into this energy and the crystal balls and the list goes on. So let's go get more familiar with this New Age movement. And then what brought her to now the way of life that she's upon that she's on the D show with my next guest.

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Salaam Alaikum. Sister Loretta. Lily can Salaam brother, how are you? Great. hamdulillah How are you? Under 100. So tell us a little about this New Age movement. Now it's like a new religion almost.

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It is it's a huge way of life for a lot of people.

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It's, you don't realize the darkness of it until you really get into it. It's such a smooth way in.

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What happened was I went I was having a problem when I was in my 40s with going through car washes, which sounds funny, but my friend at the time said we need to go get past life regressed. And I said Look, she that makes sense.

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Not to anybody else but me. So I went and this woman said, You're a very powerful healer, you have a powerful third eye, you know, the all of the.

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So she kept putting me to more teachers and more teachers and more teachers. And finally I ended up in the Rocky Mountain mystery school in Utah. channeling extraterrestrials. They were teaching us about the ark angels and their wives, you know, just all this crazy stuff. I was on that path for five years. And then I found an energy guru in England. And she said, Oh, you know, we have to start doing these workshops together around the world. And so I, I said, Okay, you know, by that time, I was very hooked. If you knew the story, the story is that little by little I left Catholicism when I was 15. And then I did Buddhism and I did the Kabbalah, the mystical side of it. And this all led up

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to me, you know, and then everybody I met on that new age path said, Oh, you're a healer, you're a toner. You're this. They just, it just pulled me along until I did something so crazy. But you know what? allow one of that. Now I know that. So I this woman and I decided, she said we have to go to Egypt. And I said, Okay, now this is how I came to Islam. She said, I have to go to Egypt, we have to go to Egypt. And tone, you know, and do energy work there.

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Which the workers there hate by the way the Muslims.

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So what happened was I left my my home, which was 2400 square feet. I left my job. I had been a hairdresser, booked solid for a month in advance. I left my car, I left everything. I got a backpack, in my 40s imagine that just left everything. Got a backpack, filled it with clothes, got a passport, I even have a passport. I've never been out of the country.

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I fly to Egypt. She's supposed to meet me there. She does not meet me there. So I'm in the airport. I don't know the language. I don't know the culture. I know nothing. And I'm scared to death. So I'm finally got to a hotel room. And I asked her what do I do next? Now this is this is how Allah sets things up for you. She said you have to go out to the sarafem which is in socata, which is the first step pyramid that they ever built in, in Egypt.

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And you have to tone in front of these 24 niches. And I was used to that from her. So I said Okay, so the next morning, I got a taxi driver who spoke English. And he took me to beautiful drive to socata beautiful get out of the city and there's water buffalo and that was just beautiful. And then you get around the corner and there's like the Giza plains with gold, sand and palm trees. So we pull up to the ticket office. And I say to the ticket office that I want to get into the sarafem and they said oh it's impossible. We're renovating it.

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I knew that if you just grease some palms, you could get in there. So

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they called over there was two very young, very handsome young men off to the side, and dressed in little, you know, suit, you know, soup pants and shirts. And they were I found out later they were inspectors of archaeology. So the first one came over. And he said, and I told him what he wanted to he said, That's impossible. The second one came over, leaned his face in the taxi, I told him what I wanted. And he, he was so amused with me.

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He became my husband, three months later, this Muslim man, three months later. So this is how Allah works is eventually he got me into this Arif and he got me into all these other things. And a week later, he proposed, and I did not go to Egypt looking for a husband at all. But he was Muslim. And he was so kind, and I'd watched him go around the streets, and you know, feed the poor, and he was so good with everyone.

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So, so that's the New Age path I was on was, you know, you had huge crystals you would sleep with every night, and

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there's a big community, and so you don't feel alone. It's not like you're by yourself. So that also was a very,

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it was a pole. That was important for five years, really, I was in it so deep. And how I got out of it is another story. So let's go. Let's back it up a little bit. Let's just touch upon before you got into the New Age movement. Can you tell us why? You were your parents were Christian. Let's just touch upon that briefly. What took you away from Christianity towards the New Age movement? If you can just touch upon that? Yes, um, well, Catholicism. I just remember as a young child being kicked out of catechism because I asked him any questions. I had a natural curiosity about it, because it didn't make sense. So when I was 15, I had a very large family. And

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my father would go to the first mass, my mother would go to the last and we would go to the middle ones. So we take all the little kids with us, drop them off and go to the restaurant, eat, come back, pick them up, ask what the sermon was about and go home. Because it just made no sense. It just, you know, the trilogy made no sense. And I was not seeing what I was being preached anywhere. I was not seeing it. So I left. And I started getting into books about reincarnation at a very young age. And that's what led me on that path. Are you familiar with these names?

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Anton lovey? Yes. All right, there's a there's a statement many people make the connection because now people kind of get turned off by religion. So now they're not filling the void in their heart. You know, we all have that fitrah that innate nature, nature that God created us into worship Him alone, and not his creation. So people now go, we see this happening so often, that now celebrities and just young people, and even some Muslims and sad to say they end up going just under the pretext like, you know, because it's not cool to be a part of a religion. So they say, and then they jump into something that actually ends up being another religion. So I want to share with you this quote

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from Anthony Levey, you probably maybe came across it, where he's actually saying that the New Age let me save here for himself. He says New Agers have freely drawn all manner of satanic materials, adapting it to their own hypocritical purposes. But in truth, all new age labeling is again, trying to play the devil's game without using his infer no name. Exactly.

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That what do you what are your comments on that? And for those that know, tell us a little bit about Anthony Levey.

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I don't know I've only heard the name. And I know that he leads the satanic cult. That's all I know. I do know about the new age path and the darkness. Because

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he's read the Bible. He I mean, I'm sorry. He's written. He's the founder of the Church of Satan, and the Satan Bible what they have.

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He's very Yes, he's the head of it.

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All I know is that Allah wanted something from me. So he allowed me to continue on that path. But once I learned about the Jin, and about shaytan then everything fell into place. That was exactly what was happening. This this, this one woman would leave her body and allow some being to come in and and she called, he called himself Mellotron and we would call him on the phone and ask him questions. He would

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Get into ourselves. And it was just the most bizarre thing. Now that I see it. I know how Allah protected me. And I pray for those people on that path because it's like a gym convention. You know? They're just like, what? It's like a convention convention like a Shriners convention where they ride around in the cars. That's what it's like. They're everywhere. It's crazy. Well, there's also someone else was very popular. They say she's the mother of the New Age movement. Halina

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Halina Blevins ski is one of her some of her quotes. And many people who

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have connected again, the New Age movement, they don't realize that many of these satanic rituals, like you're talking about there in this movement. So let's just go over a few of these here.

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This is one of the things her pretty much praising Satan. Yeah, here's another one, Satan, the enemy of God is, in reality, the highest divine spirit.

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You have heard saying Lucifer is divine and terrestrial, right? Like the Holy Ghost of Satan at one

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and the same one at the same time. here's, here's another quote from her. And the reason I'm quoting This is because she is again, one of the people that many people follow this way of life. They look to her as one of the prophets. It is Satan, who is the God of our planet, and the only god this is in her book in Volume Two, oh, yeah, it's

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because I didn't convert till I was 49 years old. So I know the darkness. And I know the light now. Yeah, there's just no comparison. There's just no comparison. This is a professor of religious studies from Baylor University, commenting on this lady Halina talking about how she was the what his her words of moderate call thought and was either the originator or the popular one who popularized many of these ideas in terms which have a century later have been assembled within the New Age movement. So he's talking about much of the stuff that we get in the New Age movement comes from this lady,

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Elena Paola, because, you know, I've been out of New Age movement. Obviously, I've been Muslim for 20 years.

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And so I don't follow it. But I'm not surprised. Because if it was hinting at darkness and 20 years ago, then then shaytan has, as you know, is, you know, come forward quite a bit in this society. So it's a very sad thing. It's a very sad thing. Have you heard of this name? Alistair Crowley, that one I have? Yes. I have heard of him. Yes. Yeah. And this is another one that here's one of his quotes, I was not content to believe in personal devil and serve Him. In the

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ordinary sense of the world. I wanted to get hold of him personally and become his chief of staff. This is somebody who is very popular in this movement. Now this Alister, crossly. And he's someone that you can see, it's very interesting, one of his one of his quotes, and I'll share it with you right now. It's very scary here. For the highest spiritual working one must accordingly choose that victim, which contains the greatest imperious force, a male child of perfect innocence. And high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim for nearly all purpose of human sacrifices best. This is very scary, because if some whoever knows about many of these occultist groups and

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meetings, and he's pretty much glorifying, sacrificing, you know, young baby pure voice, it's crazy.

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It is crazy. And I thought I went through some crazy stuff, and I did for five years. But

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that's beyond what I, if it would have been that, that I went to, I wouldn't have gone to it. Yeah. But it was the pull of the sweetness of that, you know, to be that path is, you know, parallels Islam and a lot of ways the one I was on, and there was a sweetness about it, the ritual about it that I just loved. So when I became Muslim, I just jumped the tracks, and then found that, you know, but there was a parallel, a lot of things parallel. Yeah. When you mentioned like, you talk about meditation, we obviously have Salah prayer, like, Jesus prayed, Moses, Abraham led last and fundamental Prophet Mohammed, you know, you know, these connecting with the spirit, the spiritual,

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so it seems like they catch you with some of these things. But then, you know, crystal balls come into play fortune telling, you know, connecting with the jinn, like you just said, you know, it's like a gin fest.

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They have the sheer, you know, the associating partners with God Almighty. Yeah, it's rampid. Um, I meditated for four hours a day, before I became Muslim, two in the morning and two at night.

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And I,

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I really

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lost a lot of the

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trauma that I carried as a child. So all of that was, you know, kind of, again, I see it as a huge plan from Allah to bring me to Islam, and I'm so grateful. I mean, who else was going to leave their home and pack a bag at 40 years old? 40 some and fly to Egypt and the next morning meet her Muslim husband. Yeah. What is that I didn't become Muslim for about six months after that, but and I hit the wall last 80 to $100,000. That energy guru I got was bilking me if my money and I was bilking me of my money. And so I really lost almost everything, but I got a song. So what would you say made the most sense in Islam? And for them? Not yet Muslim audience Islam simply means to acquire peace

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by submitting yourself just like Jesus did Moses, Abraham analyze the fundamental problem, homage to the one and only created the heavens and earth now worshipping is Christian, but worshipping Him alone. So you say that earlier that what your parents were upon that way of life, this didn't make sense many people who have had on they struggle with the Trinity. And they struggle with a lot of these,

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these concepts of Jesus dying for someone's sins. So now you come over to Islam, what made sense about Islam that had you end up accepting it?

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on that new age path, I always have more questions than answers. That's what kept me seeking is that I would go to the next level, the next level, the next level, because I couldn't fill that void. It everything that came to me, I couldn't fill that what I felt, okay, but I couldn't fill that void. And I kept looking. I mean, imagine I was making, you know, $70,000 a year as a hairdresser, I left that to find a lot. And so when I finally saw my husband the way he was, it made perfect sense to me. And then, once I got cleared out enough to accept Islam, in that next six months,

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then everything makes sense. Every question I ever had in my life, for anything made sense, I was able to find it in the Koran, I was able to, you know, incorporated into my life. And there was just this piece. I mean, we have questions as in this society, if you look up there, we have questions about what's going on? Well, we don't anymore. I mean, you know, I've written three volumes of Islamic history. And the final volume has the minor size of the day of judgment and a timeline about how they came about. So what I'm saying is that you look, you can look at the news now and say, Oh, that was predicted. That was prophesized, you know, and it brings a peace because you know, then

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this world can't be all there is.

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Yeah, that's amazing. When you look at the prophecies, we look at the signs in the Quran, the miracles, it's just impossible that a man, Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him, would who just coincidentally is bringing the same message as Jesus, Moses, you know, the message that goes with our innate nature to just worship one and only one God and be morally upright, simple message, but then he backs it up with all this evidence, and it's just impossible now that he was on point with so many different things. It's not like Nostradamus guessing 99. No, no, 99 are wrong. And one thing, it's just kind of maybe you can take a leap, you can somehow connect it but you don't

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have any of those things with.

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But that's exactly the Zune right there now are given only bits and pieces. Yes, the big fireball comes. So if somebody is channeling that they're only going to get bits and pieces. Yeah. And that's what someone like Nostradamus, you know, so these people Alistair crowds, Lee, you know, these people that we mentioned

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the way Anton Dovey these people obviously, like you can see people who are Connect, connecting with like analysts or crowds. He said, I want to be the chief, like the chief worker for Shakedown, the devil on earth. And it was interesting how he died he died on they say, just doped up on drugs, you know, miserable, a miserable existence, miserable life. I will tell you there were a few times that the darkness got very, very close to me. And I didn't like it. I didn't like it. And mostly, Allah protected me through those holes those years. But I did not like the darkness the feel of it. If you like that there's something inside of you. That's wrong. Yeah, I was

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Someone was sharing an experience that he had someone that I talked to, and he was telling me how he got invited to one of these events. And it was kind of like you had to know someone who knew someone to kind of get invited to this

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ritual ceremony they were going to have, so he went and it was like a group of people. And then they did some kind of hallucination, some kind of drugs. And then they were calling out, like doing some kind of chanting and calling out to some kind of spirits. And it was, like you're saying was just very, he said, it was just very dark.

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You have to describe it is and our that's not our fitrah nature. That's what amazes me is that our fitsum nature is to connect to Allah is to connect to the one God and and there's no confusion that, yes, there's just no confusion. I want to just share this point for the non Muslim non Muslim audience. When we say Allah, Jews and Christians who are also Arabic speaking, they use the word Allah love just meaning the God the Creator of the heavens in the earth. So this is something that you can relate to. Now, tell me this, when you get asked, Are you are you back in the states now? Do you live in America? Oh, yes, we've been here since. Well, we came I brought my Muslim husband back

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into the states on the first of September 2001.

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I let 10 days before the big thing happened. Yeah. So yeah, we were followed by the FBI, all that kind of stuff, if that's okay.

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But yes, we've been back in the states for 20 years, my husband is acclimated here now and doing well. So when you get asked by family members, or at the grocery store, or just, you know, randomly Have you ever been asked, or maybe you're talking about Islam, and someone asks you like, a question about a job, you know, how do you like to answer that? Why are you wearing Hijab when so many women are fighting for their freedom? And now they say they look at a job as a symbol of oppression, what do you say to that? Freedom for what I mean? What really, if you want to be free from Allah, that's one thing. What I say to them is that for 49 years, I was out there, I was a hairdresser, a

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professional singer, you know, these kinds of things. I was just out there. And

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I don't think I was ever really comfortable with it. And then when I was told I needed to cover, the more I covered, the better I felt. And when it was explained to me that you are a pearl and an oyster, and the only your husband is allowed to see what you've been showing people for 49 years. Now that made sense to me. And that.

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So that's what I tell people is that I'm absolutely at peace with it. And the first thing I say is, look, I believe it's a commandment in the Quran. I believe that I believe we're commanded to cover for the right reasons, because he knows us better than we know ourselves. You know, you see these women, they start kind of incident back and a little bit of hair showing and pretty soon they're putting a little makeup on. Pretty soon they're, you know, throwing the the jilbab off it, Allah knows best, Allah knows best what we need and if you are tied up in this lifetime, this is what you will do. And if you are hooked on the Hereafter, this is what you would do. There we call it the

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Some call it the convertible II job.

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May Allah God Almighty help all of us to go ahead and you know, implement and love the injunctions that are good for us actually, and help ward off things that can harm us. And if we can see that coming out of love that Allah loves us, and that's why he sent his guidance for our for our betterment. Tell me, it's interesting that many people when you make the comparison, when you look at, you know, nuns, when you look at those who and Christians should understand this, they're actually wearing the hijab. And then when you look at, for instance, marry the mother of Jesus for money, any picture they have portrayed of her. She's wearing, what you're wearing the hijab, so

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you're trying you're trying to imitate Mary, the mother of Jesus, what when when they find that out, like what do you might get people most people are just stumped.

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wouldn't want to tell you what my mother said as a staunch Catholic when she asked me why were that thing. And I said, I said Ma, the nuns cover. Yeah. And and she just she gave me a line that I don't know if it's right to say it. She said, Well, they're virgins, and I went, Okay, I'm not going to have this conversation with her anymore. You know, so, if they don't think of us as the same

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I don't

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know why, but they don't think of us as the same those. They've always been revered. The nuns have always been revered. Yeah. Yeah. When you go I'm sorry. Go ahead. No, I'm just saying that, because we're not out there enough speaking about this beautiful Dean, the media takes over. And so when they see me, they see oppression.

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And sometimes I look at them and I say, you really do look oppressed to you. You know, I'm out there. I'm doing all that I need to do. No.

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You're here in America now. And nobody can force you to wear it. You're wearing it out of your freewill and your love for God for the Creator. Allah. Exactly.

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Yeah, when, when a Christian is asked, say, Why do nuns wear this, what they're wearing dressing such a modest way in the job, they usually say, because these are the best of the best of us, you know, they've dedicated their life to God. But now, if we take that same answer, and we say, well, these are the best and the best of our women, they've dedicated their life to God. Why did double standards, that's the thing? Well, this is what

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I just let it lie, because they're going to think what they want to think until they think differently.

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Yeah, and then you have places like France, for instance, who are now pressing Muslim woman from getting education, you know, forced to possibly get arrested, if they, they want to have a hijab. And, you know, you know, we're very blessed here in America, we don't have that. I don't know how I would handle it, I do know that I would stay covered. And, and I would not take that off for any government.

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So tell us now, as a Muslim woman, one who's submitted her will to the creator to heavens and earth, again, I just say this always, because not a lot of people who are tuning in for the first time. So they heard hear the term Muslim or Islam, and they have these preconceived notions. So I like to define the word. So a Muslim is, again, someone who just submits his or her will to God to the Creator. That's what it means that concept has always been there since the beginning. Now, wish me the creation, but the creator so now that you're that you're, you're a Muslim? Can you can you tell us? What's your connection to Jesus? Now?

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That was such a beautiful story. You know, I, I only knew him as the God when I was younger. And I didn't think about him for a long, long, long, long time. And it kind of broke my heart. When I became Muslim, I realized I could love him more than the Christians, because he was a beautiful Prophet, the Word of God, I fell back in love with him. You know, we're talking about Jesus. Yeah, we're talking about, about Jesus. And I just, now when I read about his life, I can put it into context. Because before I had to push him away, because I had to push what they were saying about him away. And for me, it was lovely. I mean, really,

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um, my first, you know, Islamic history book is about the 25 prophets in the Koran and in historical context. And when I was writing about him, oh, it was just so lovely. He's really gentle. He was a really gentle human being. Now many people don't know that it's an article of faith to believe in love Jesus, not as a god or little son of God, but as a mighty messenger, who was set with the same message as Abraham to worship one and only one God. Absolutely. Yeah. So you're also an author. Tell us in the last minute that we have about you mentioned this book about the profits? Well, I have seven books.

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But the last three that I did are a trilogy of because I looked at the history books, they're teaching to Islamic schools, and they have nothing in them. They're, they're fallen nations, they're, you know, so I started over with the Big Bang. And I wrote all the whole timeline from Adam, all the way through to Isa and I sent him to Jesus. And then the second volume is from that one See, to pass the Ottomans and are beautiful, you know, Golden Age. And then the third one is the Sykes bico 1924 and all the way through to the paradise. So it's quite a trilogy, almost 1200 pages long you know, three books and it's a stuff people don't know it's it's most Muslims don't know this

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stuff about Adam and how he came down and there's even a timeline in there I was able to put together that's that science kept proving as I went through my research. So yes, I, I have this beautiful trilogy that that changed my life. To know all of this and fall in love with all the profits. I mean, doubt

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Souleymane they were like, so beautiful. So that's what I want for our children. We're losing our youth. And I just wanted to give them something, some history to hold on to. Where can people pick up the books that you mentioned, I'm a beautiful website. And it's such an easy one. It's a journey to www dot A journey to they're all on there, I have a Wix store that they can order. And I do hope that people

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find their way to that because I don't think there'll be disappointed. Thank you very much. Thank you very much for sharing some of the highlights of your story, Loretta, and may God Almighty Allah continue to bless you in your journey. Thank you, you too, Eddie, for all you do. supanova Thank you so much. Thank you just go ahead.

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And thank you guys for tuning in to the D show. Some that stood out at the end is we're losing our youth is so extremely important, that we understand some of these modern concepts that are coming out. And many of these ways of life like this whole new age philosophy. And now we've connected it like many people do, you know, to when you uncover it, the roots of it is, is deeply embedded in many of these satanic rituals and whatnot, because the way of truth is clear. And she mentioned beautifully you know, the stories of the prophets, these were the men of truth. These were the men who brought you the purpose of life men like Abraham, who was a pure monotheistic, Jesus, peace be

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upon him, Moses, Abraham, Solomon, all these men came with the same message, to worship the one and only created the heavens and earth nothing is worthy of worship, except the one who created you and to be morally upright. And then you have the last and final master sent to mankind problem hum and peace and blessings be upon them all. And then today we have the Quran, living miracle testable, that you can go ahead and if you're sincere and you're asking the creator to have an earth to guide you, and then you go ahead, put it to the test read it, you'll see like over 1.8 billion people have in the world that it is indeed from the created heavens and earth. Thank you for tuning in. We'll

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see you next time. Subscribe if you haven't already. And connect with us here every week on the de show. Peace be with you as salaam alaikum

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