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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of "immaterial" in Islam, with various examples and arguments used. They also discuss the importance of definition of divinity and the use of the word "immaterial" in relation to ownership and control over time. The concept of "everlasting," meaning that a person is always the most inful person in the world, is discussed, along with the theory that individuals are constantly changing and trying to figure out who they are and what they have, leading to conflict and tension in relationships. The transcript also touches on the history of Islam, including the use of "tological" in the context of "Theological" concept, and the concept of "theological" in the context of "theological" concepts.
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Coming to Taiwan? Well, absolutely. Can you tell me what happened so long ago, it was some that was some of the movie posters. So what was the

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what was the logic for?

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That, before Islam came to them.

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The Arabs were accustomed to making idols out of just about anything.

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In Sofia number five, there's a narration where one of the companions explained that if they could find even a rock,

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they would make an idol out of it. And then at some point, they found a better rock, they would throw away the old one as if it were suddenly worthless, and make the new ones that are vital.

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If they couldn't find a rock, they would take dirt and mountain up and then actually bring a sheep and milk the sheep over the mound of dirt, using the milk to make the third stick together so that they could still make an idol.

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Some of them will even make finals, how things

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in the subsonic history, there's a story of a footballer who confesses to the Prophet sallallahu

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after he became a Muslim, that at one point, he became so hungry that he approached his idol made a pizza actually started to eat fries,

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when no one was looking at

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all of this seems very humorous to us now. But it also shows us the importance of having a set of criteria to define what is divine, what is worthy of worship,

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and what isn't.

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If you don't know how to recognize the true God, from a false god, you might just be one calamity, or one disaster away from turning into a false sky your hour of need.

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In the second person sources upon a loss as an elementary level one was set out to one

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he was alone possesses the dominion of the heavens and earth.

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The order of the words here is significance level, the possessive pronoun a pronoun meaning here's comes before the thing that is being possessed, in this case, the dominion of the heavens and the earth. When this happens, it communicates exclusivity, meaning that the dominion of the heavens and earth belongs to Allah alone.

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The meaning of this verse is a continuation of the points that Allah set out to prove in the first verse, when he began by asserting that he is the blessing and the Bountiful, the source of all blessing and bounty. In the previous verse, Allah pointed to his guidance of mankind,

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in the form of a poor animal proper life allows was set up as proof of that blessedness here in the second verse, along with us on to a list of other prophecies that prove his unique blessing and bouncing, beginning with his dominion, or his control his ownership over the creation.

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But in this verse, the law also shifts the emphasis away from simply showing how blessed he is to prove and what makes the law unique. What makes Allah divine and consequences, what makes him worthy of worship alone.

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What we ended up with is one of the most powerful arguments for our hatred for pure monotheism in the entire forehead.

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All Allah told us in the first verse that he gave us V criteria, capital C, and full Quan V A four

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here was giving us

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have a different criteria, a list of qualities so that we can define divinity and distinguish between a true God from imposters and face

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a loving gift by referencing his unique absolute dominion over the heavens and the earth. This is a common theme throughout the core as the loss of soil found that you will need to leave the house or you will need to have a layer or self promotion so we

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could hold off as we were living, I mean do

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we do gonna be here, he merges the knife ends of the day and merges the datas that knife has subjected the sun and the moon East orbiting for an appointed term that is Allah, your Lord, all authority belongs to Him. But those so called vitals that you invoke, besides Him do not possess even the skin of the date zone.

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A law is less of a mouthful because he has complete dominion over creation. And that completes dominion is part of the criteria for how we can tell a true God from a false dawn. Anything that doesn't have an absolute dominion over the creation is not a true God and not worthy of worship.

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This is the same arguments that Abraham uses against Nimrod, and solos Ababa. Abraham says Allah grants life and death, Nimrod respond by saying, he kept to Abraham doesn't even debase Nimrod in his delusion, he moves on to an aspect of a law of ownership and control that no one can match or challenge that will also come with it alone makes the sunrise nice and makes it except in the West. So if anyone thinks they deserve to be worshipped alongside a wall, or instead of alone, then let them make the sunrise instead, from the west.

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And source let's talk about challenges with a similar language saying, we're going to then offer

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a loan for many people to be married.

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Say to that, have you considered if your water was to become sunken into the earth disappear, that who can bring it back flowing to you?

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A lot is referencing his absolute control over the universe, including the resources that we depend upon, to prove that he alone deserves to be called divine, that he alone deserves to be worshipped.

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There's a hadith in both sahih al Bukhari and Sahih Muslim, where Allah calls himself time a desert, meaning that he has complete control over us and that we provide the federal the law article, and also will always come along but he was some of us fall in love with you, we need your simple done, whatever they will call me when they want to have a laugh said that mankind curses time, and I am trying, I control as I also made the nice academic,

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a lost complete control over time. And the creation is a clear indication of his divinity and the criteria that we can use to judge anything or anyone that claims to preserve worship. Allah continues. So instead of applying he says, Well, let me start with whatever.

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And he never took a child.

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The verb tense Allah uses in the sprays of significant lemme attacking, meaning he never took a child. This doesn't leave anyone, any room to say that the law at any point took a child in history.

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A law is teaching us that being self sufficient, being everlasting. Our criteria for true divinity? Think about us. Why that Allah give us offspring, children. Why isn't that we reproduce and have generation after generation? Isn't this because our lives are temporary, that they don't last forever. And so if we don't wants to be wiped off the face of the earth, we must reproduce for the survival of our species. Our need for reproduction arises out of our own temporary nature.

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Allah subhanaw taala on the other hand, he is everlasting and heightened. He existed before anything existed before time itself. He has no need to speak up let alone the needs to reproduce

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survive. Since Allah doesn't die, he doesn't need to reproduce. And since he doesn't need to reproduce, taking a child would be redundant, it would be needlessly repetitive. After all, why would allow me to take a child for himself to do what he can already do by himself. If he wanted to forgive the entire human race, for example, he does not require a son to do that.

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Allah is teaching us fear that to be defined to be the true God, you have to be everlasting. You have to be self sufficient. And any being that isn't everlasting, or isn't self sufficient, isn't truly divine, isn't truly a god, and is therefore disqualified from being worshipped. Now, someone may raise doubts, you can have a law have offspring, not out of need. But if he chooses, isn't a law able to do whatever He wills?

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Yes, it is true that a law can do whatever he wants, if we're talking about his activity, or his actions, but that's not really the right question in this scenario. The real question is, Can Allah subhanho wa Taala be something other than what he is? If Allah is

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the most merciful, can allow that we are service? If a law is a weak or strong, can he then be weak?

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If a law is highly, deliberately everlasting, can we die? Whether I want to cross or in any other way? If Allah has no money, the self sufficient the one free from me, can allow become a body

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that has to eat that has to drink there has to rest and have to go to the bathroom? The clear answer is no. Allah cannot be anything except for the law to Allah. He can be anything but perfect. He can't be anything but divine. The fact that Allah has we just everything is not a weakness. It's not a deficiency. It's not an imperfection. Allah Chimpsky, such things weak, forgetful, merciless, et cetera, not due to a lack of ability. But as a consequence of the perfect being that he is.

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He is essentially defined by his qualities of perfection. Part of the message in the beginning of sorts of avant is that any being or entity that doesn't have these qualities of perfection, is no God at all, and therefore has no share of divinity, nor any rights to be worshipped whatsoever.

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There's no you just have to believe, no, God works in mysterious ways, no platitude to hide behind. When we are presented with things that violate both common sense. And the clear criteria that Allah Allah gave us to determine what is truly divine. A lot expects us to put his criteria into action.

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A lot goes on whether they're going to have to shave the monk, and he never had a partner in his dominion. Here, Allah is establishing an even more clear way than before the criteria of exclusivity, in regard to his dominion, that is his ownership, his unrestricted activity and control of the creative world,

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in the form of a lot of points to the order of the creative world as proof of his exclusive ownership. He says sources as a follow up of cigars in our world, we now have a demo of nine months about pumping, and

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He is the One who created seven heavens one above the other, you will never see any imperfection in the creation of the most compassionate, some look again, do you see any flaws?

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From the structure of our lives? So the movements of galaxies and the lifecycle of stars, we find order, at every level, who are used to allow

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appealing to our reason, Allah points out that if there had been two or more gods, we would see the opposite we would see chaos in the creative world. Instead of order. Allah says and source of MBL low canopy

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long, long when I first

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had there been other dogs for so long that happens again Earth

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both realms would have surely been corrupted. And he says, I'm full of people that suffer the law who may well, well Montana for the law,

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through the login page for our island about one.

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Allah has never had any offspring, nor is there any God besides him. Otherwise, each God would have taken away what he had created by himself, and they would have tried to dominate over one another.

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Imagine that you have some children, brothers, identical twins, they look the same, they sound the same. They even have the same DNA. But if you check up on them, when they're in their 30s, or 40s, or adults, you will probably find that their lives have shaken different paths, they will probably have different jobs, they will probably have different family lives, one of them may have found success and the other failure. Why is this possible when they began life as identical, because the most fundamental difference between two people or two beings is their will, the choices that they make, Allah subhanaw taala is telling us that if we want to conduct a thought experiment and imagine

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that there could be two or multiple gods, they would still be separated by this different will these different decisions, and that would create a conflicts that would be noticeable in our creative world. We can't find any such conflicts when we look around us. And so therefore, we must conclude that tell feeders behind everything.

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In these last two parts of the first part alone rejects the possibility of singing a song and then rejects the possibility of having a parser. Allah is striking at the roots of all idolatry, and polytheism.

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If you look at the systems of belief that are based upon idolatry of polytheism, you might at first glance, be overwhelmed by the complexity of variation that you see each society each culture has multiple different gods, some of them are different genders, some of them represent different things, and the details always changed from place to place.

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It's just a parent's variation that led secular anthropologists to theorize that there's an evolutionary model to human history and religion. The idea that human beings began worshipping idols and multiple gods and then eventually evolved their religious beliefs into monotheistic ones. This theory of course, assumes that religion is produced by people and not revealed from a divine source.

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One of the subtler points of what Allah is getting at in the beginning of Surah for the photon is that ship may seem very complicated and different from place to place. But in reality, all ship all idolatry and polytheism stems from just two theological errors. The first is elevating a creative being to the level of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and the second is dividing up Allah's qualities over multiple beings. The first scenario usually happens with a pious person such as a prophet, after that pious person in his direct supporters die

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out of people's emotional attachments to that person, they start to embellish and exaggerate that person's policies, until people start to claim that that person is divine or shares in the divine with the law of suffering

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along the Prophet alayhi salatu salam actually criticized the previous nations for doing this.

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The second scenario comes from the reality that Allah knows how many qualities and characteristics he is a fan of the most versatile he is the one who would be the most loving, he is always the most strong. We know all these things that cause his point back to one Almighty God Allah. However, throughout human history, people have tried to break up this toe heated

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by imagining that every quality belongs to a different government.

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This means that in Assam, our theory of human history has the opposite trajectory. We believe a law created people upon belief in suceed, pure monotheism only to eventually and repeatedly strive for paths from time to time along with intervene in this process by sending a messenger

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Profit to bring people back to the shoot basic Allah use uses to test these various nations with a task of preserving the revelations of their profits a task they would consistently fail ask so when a law sets the final profitable handle I use a lot of Salam P shows to preserve its himself or

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herself there

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are still people who are who

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humbly Loki, our way of sending worship are those who are the ones you know, what's

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the law, what will eventually leave and be sharpening, washerwoman maybe. And I was thinking that that will happen. And I'm also a derrick and everyone, some a lot a lot. It was kind of anywhere Friday, or Sunday, Monday, obviously a cathedral.

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After this, the Lord gives us another piece of the criteria, we'll follow up on the shape. And He created everything. The power screen is one of the greatest and most intuitive proofs of laws, divinity, that everything that exists falls into this strength binary of created or created with no third possibility. This is a sign of the honest simplicity of South Haven of Islamic theology. It's an easy litmus test case for AIDS. If yes, that is divine, and we worship it. And if it cannot raise that it is created, and it is nothing more than a sacred a service to the Creator.

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In the English idiom we use this word creates for more than just a law we use it for people and what they're able to produce. Like you would say that I created an opportunity or I created a documents. And while nothing is wrong with this usage, we have to understand that what we mean in Arabic and Islamic context, when we say that the Father, the Creator, is something very different. Allah has the power to create from nothing to bring something into existence that has no precedent before it's when people create something what's really going on is a rearranging. Scientists rearrange already existing material to produce a new material in Ventures we can arrange parts and principles from

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earlier machines to make new inventions. Even the following is really just copying something that already exists. Plus to create something out of nothing to bring into existence, something truly unlike anything before us. This is reserved for a law alone. And this is a criteria by which we judge what is truly defined and what is not.

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Then the last set of the of the rules of Iraq. He apportion this precisely with precise abortion. After mentioning the powers creates as part of our definition of divinity, Allah Allah He draws our attention to how he creates the quality of his creation. Allah doesn't just create he creates with the utmost care and precision.

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We only need to compare the things that Allah created directly with what human beings invents to see the difference. Now, don't get me wrong. Human beings have used their ingenuity to make many advancements and make life incredibly easy in some respects. Every time you turn on the faucet to get water, every time you flip a switch to see, even the microphone and the cell phone that I'm using right now are all products of human ingenuity, and ingenuity that Allah subhanaw taala gave us and wants us to use.

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But it's also true that many of the things people produce have unintended consequences, perhaps harmful side effects. We invented the automobile to make travels faster and easier, but the emissions from the exhaust they offset pollutes the air that we breathe. The smartphone lets us connect with people across the world in an instance with voice and video, but it also is so addictive that it strangers us from the people in our direct vicinity. When Allah subhanaw taala creates however, there are no side effects there are no unintended consequences. Instead, we see elaborate cycles such as the water cycle and the rough cycle the nutrient cycle, we see the systems

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of the human body such as the respiratory system, the skeletal system, each part of the system is uniquely tailored to serve a purpose. In summary, how do we define divinity in Assam, a law says that it must have complete dominion over creation. It must be done

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last statement self sufficient, it must have exclusive control and authority and it must create in a magnificent and precise way. Almost almost certainly in the field of offense. Can I have my own paper by that because I hope you saw Lunarlon me yeah, you're living in an animal sanctuary or suddenly Musa seen that Allah masala Jana happened 100 Ghana follies on it for working while walking in the door having ideas about what happened and why it will happen to come out of your body while you're running into capital precede a lot of them is understand or see a shift go slow chicanes what does that mean? What sorry that that will mean

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a lot of money.

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A lot of time for you to learn what Shimon Vaughn was the ball learner of particular year off camera he

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was looking at what only involved in a volunteer was going to Shinola and nobody came along they have a little bit of

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time here having a fracture. Okay, we're gonna come down to a lecture that will allow that our demon Jelenia photo was shown to me he

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wasn't too long. In fact, while we are holding on to

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