Sulaiman Moola – Tafseer of Surah Maryam 21 – Everyone of you shall pass through hell

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the pride and arrogance of Islam's actions, including the woman who is facing these challenges and the struggles it causes. The speakers discuss the actions of Sayid's father and the importance of protecting people's identities and privacy. The importance of evidence and evidence-based actions is emphasized, along with the need for more transparency and evidence-based actions to protect people's identities and privacy. The transcript also touches on the formation of a coalition of men to fight evil, the need for transparency and evidence, and the importance of protecting people's identities and privacy.
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Umina shape on you're watching me Bismillah your Walkman you're watching a lot of big ol an actual run home wash out in its own way run. Hola Johanna Maji the melanin, the anemia Galicia it in a Johann Aisha Dora Allah Rukmani Are you the Sadhak hola hola Aleem. So we were in the discussion of obey bin Khaled and his arrogance, his pride, his haughtiness, where he was challenging the authority of Allah subhanho wa Taala regarding resurrection, and recited different verses in which Allah subhanaw taala reminds us about the absolute reality of resurrection Cadabra Arthur Mandeville Qubool And surely Allah subhanho wa Taala will resurrect everyone who will be loaded into the grave,

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and every person will stand before Allah. But on a side note, we again are reminded about the harm of arrogance. And what is arrogance algebra Bottrill hacktivism to nurse pride in essence is the denial of the truth and to perceive others inferior I am above you. I am above you. Mamoon Ben Moran, who was one of the ministers in the cabinet of Rama bin Abdulaziz, he says I went to visit Omar bin Abdulaziz Rahim Allah for Wadjet to who Yakubu resultaten Illa Ibni Abdul Malik your evil who feel how a young circle who in which he was advising his son. And amongst the advisors he wrote to his son was a my band for in time and we're unable to offer him a co Lila and we're in Allah

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wonderful. hamdu Cadaques and Elena feels a little angry workability Oh my son, I am optimistic that you would heed my call and I remind you to reflect over the bounties the boons and the favors of Allah upon us what a Yucca we'll keep an eye out Well as a matter and beware of pride and arrogance for inner harmony family shaytaan will who will incidentally I don't want move in because pride comes from the devil and the devil is the arch enemy of men. Wire them and Neelam a birth ileka Be Kitabi hada Amarin Bella honey uncle from out of time in America in La la la, la La, la who Bella Rani and cache Jana become enough sick without another era job ha Raja Ilana agrahara e

00:02:41 --> 00:03:30 illallah. How profound how deep how amazing these advisors up on my son I'm not writing to you because I've received any disturbing news. I'm quite happy with you as a son, and you've been an amazing child. However, occasionally I kind of get the hint of this job in you. What is a job where you become impressed with yourself you become in a job but could only be in a year. You become amazed by your own view you become amazed by yourself. You become impressed by yourself. Without another job ha Raja Ilana, Accra, Lara aid Amin NEMA Dukkha. And if I were to see the display of this job in you, this pride in you the self conceit in you, then I'm afraid you're going

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to be exposed to an angle from my side, which you might not like. In Qatar Blue Origin bubble urge when Tommy when was affiliate there is this incident mentioned of one of the great scholars he said abita na ima if I were to spend the night sleeping and then get up nerdy my regretting that I did not offer nocturnal optional prayer. I prefer that than spending the night in worship in optional worship. And of course, we're not talking of the mandatary performance of Fudger then spending the night in optional nocturnal prayer and getting up in the morning proud and arrogant that I am better than others. I often go this particular reflection from the Quran, and it is very scary. In June 22

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Chapter 35 So the father in verse 42, Allah subhanahu wa taala speaks about the vow and the oath that the disbelievers of Makkah had so on. What up are some more Billahi Janda Emani him? They had taken this firm vow let in Jah Hoon Naveen, Iran, if a warner comes to them, layer Coenen dam in Oman, then they will be more guided than all nations. So unlike other nations who oppose and challenge their profits, the disbelievers of Makkah took a firm vow that they would be very reformed, Fela majha loving Iran when finally the Prophet came and the warner came nearly the greatest of profits highroad invest

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shatter the paragon of Allah's creation the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sadly, unfortunately, tragically, Mazda whom in new fora, it increased them in their aversion to the truth. Reason being is stick bar and fill out. They were proud on earth they were arrogant, we're not gonna say yeah, and they would devise evil and cunning plots etc. Under this idea in biannual Quran it is written that Allah Allah ie Nima kala who como mean Anna fancy del Estado de arroba man he has done to Morocco who built our they will assure oil was separable who fill actor allocable Hi, so you don't have so home in El Hawa has a little mom does Xena Allah awam where la here you see Roco Lu

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Jota. Allah is stick bar and fill out of democracy, please you can see the reference then. This is precisely what the mystics say that at times a person with a corrupted nature and that is a proud individual, an arrogant individual. His condition is such that Allah Allah anima kala will call me Roma yes Daddo murderer who at times by the sheer Association and I use the word sheer, or the mere recitation of certain things actually can add to his spiritual malady. Why? Because now he perceives himself. You don't have so hormonal Havas. I am above the general people. I am in a spiritual reformation program. I have a mentor, I'm a disciple. I read the X amount of you know X amount of

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things daily, you don't read. So he actually starts claiming superiority he starts claiming superiority. So the recitation which ought to reform him for him it's actually having an adverse effect because of his arrogance. Hey, throw you out. Don't have so hormonal Havas Alamanda Xena Adela awam. And he now distinguishes himself from the general people. I belong to a different and elite club or an elite class. And sadly, this has become a common practice. So by your association, you ought to adopt humility you adopt to you ought to adopt humility, what color in many menial Muslimeen I am one from amongst the believers, and not perceive yourself to be above others. After

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all, was it not the very statement of enter Hiram mean that I am better than Adam, that spelled the fall and the destruction and the collapse of the devil? May Allah subhanahu wa taala protect us? So yes, obey bin Khalifa unfortunately, proud, arrogant, haughty, challenging the authority of Allah subhanaw taala? Can Allah will Allah? Is it possible for Allah to resurrect? Absolutely. Well, we'll let the yeah but that will help up to my your ad who will who will relay when the whole muscle will atrophy somehow it will. It is Allah who created the first time and it is Allah who will create the second time and logically speaking to do something the second time is easier. The scholars will tell

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you the expression of Ahuja easier is in the context of humans, otherwise for Allah everything is easy. There's nothing is easier, everything is easy for Allah subhana wa taala. It is the sheer intention of Allah subhanho wa Taala that is existence. So what does Allah subhanaw taala say to this arrogant, haughty, proud individual in verse 68 of chapter 19. For a baker la natura no one was shall clean by your rub. Allah swears an oath, we will certainly gather them and the shayateen meaning the criminals the disbeliever will be shackled up with his devil. What he is demon, and they will be resurrected. We shall present them before Johanna G. Thea hobbling on the knees. What are

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our meeting jatheon Thea glommed into the RV Lakita beha G Thea the plural of jasmine, meaning they won't able to stand and they will collapse and there'll be hobbling around they would be in a position of feebleness weakness, and they will not have any form of firmness or stability. So you will certainly be resurrected. And what did Allah subhanho wa Taala say in Surah Kahf that when Allah will resurrect them, and Allah subhanho wa Taala says phenomenal Allah didn't mean whom AHA look at the J to Munna gamma holla Tanaka. Oh, well, Amara bells are unto him. Elena Nyjah Anilkumar reader, we recreated you and resurrected you just like we had created you and on the first instance,

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and you did not believe in

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The reality but here it is before you furthermore in verse 69, Allah subhanho wa Taala says from Mallanna the anemia coalition I think a Johan I shut down Allah Allah money at

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NASA Yan Zi o to remove to extract to separate, then we shall definitely separate from every group, those who are mostly Bellion those who really rebellious against Rahman. So in other words, the criminal his devil will be hurled into how they will be hobbling around on the knees, they will be screaming, they will be in a pitiful state etc. And then Allah subhanaw taala says, although they will be coming in, in eternity in * because of disbelief, however, those from within them those from within their ranks, who were more evil, more wicked more nasty, who were more rebellious, Allah subhanho wa Taala says they will be separated first they will be separated, just as the noble from

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amongst the believers the pious from amongst the believers, of course, the MBR, the Sahaba the CDT in the shahada, they will be privileged with the first entry into paradise, they will be privileged with the first entry into paradise, right because of their nobility, their rank, their status, and others would also follow as Hubballi Amin Makara, Boon etc. Allah subhanaw taala says here that criminals, the sinners, the wicked people, we will separate those two men Lenin ziana We will separate men coalition it in from every group at your home as Shadow Allah Rahmani Athiya the one who transgressed the most who rebelled the most you talk of your own and his arrogance you talk of

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your own and his pride and easily molecule Misra, Allah you sell a molecule Misra waha the hill and her rota journeymen Ducati. Doesn't this empire of Egypt belong to me and these rivers flowing beneath my palace? I'm Anna Hiram minha Levy who are Maheen I'm in the meaning of bow, am I not more superior than this person now? Rosabella said no Musa alayhis salam who he references as disgraced and humiliated while I occur Do you been and he can barely Express and articulate himself Falola will be early as we are to meet there have been Ojama Hoon Mala eager to motoring in so why doesn't he enjoy the perks and the privileges of bracelets and have an enter Raj and a cavalcade and a

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presence around him to convince us that he is a prophet? That was the arrogance of federal hon. C'mon Allah, I am your Supreme Lord, I am your Supreme Lord. Yuck Domo coma who young man to MIT for our other human now. He will lead his nation and bring them to *. So Allah subhanaw taala says in verse 69, So Matt, Lindsey, Anna,

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then we will separate men coalition writing from every group, are you the one I should do either Rahmani Athiya? who rebelled the most against Allah? Now this is the beauty when it comes to Allah subhanho wa taala. Allah has knowledge is complete. You know, a teacher is out of the class, a parent is out the boss is out. And then when he arrives or she arrives, they discover that things are not in order. And he gets a hint and an idea that you know what?

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It's, it's it hasn't been structured. There's been some glitches here, there's been some altercations and certain things have occurred. Now he wants to take some disciplinary measures. So then he calls a person in charge. Now I need I need you to be honest. I need you to be honest. We need to get the camera footage. We need to find out who did what I need to know the sequence of events. Well, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, So Mallanna who are Allah Moby Lavina? Whom? Oh, Allah Behance really? Yeah, verse 70, then we will know best, who is who deserves the most to enter Jahannam In other words, we're going to separate the most wicked criminals. And our knowledge is

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enough. We don't need to ask the mullah Iike. We don't need to question who transgressed the most who was the most evil who was the most wicked? Allah says Toma, then la Nakano. Appalam we know best Bill Lavina those hola who are most deserving Solea Solea means to enter into *. Sofia knows li him na ra we will make them enter into *. So who is the most criminal and who is the most wicked? Allah subhanho wa Taala says it is in his knowledge. And likewise my brother and my sister, when you perform in a good action, Allah is aware of the details the circumstances, sometimes two people might perform the same

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action, but the backdrop and the context and the circumstances of both might differ might differ. By way of example two people came for further Salah to the masjid, they offered the Fajr it was obligatory upon both adult mature males they came to the masjid offered it, but for one person he had a bad night he had a restless night. It was unwell sick, there was so many other factors while another person staying close to the masjid had a good night and peaceful night and it was quite easy hopped out of his bed, two steps into the masjid and a third person I remember I was in Mombasa, and we had taken a ferry across to a particular place the name of that location slips my mind and I met

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with an imam there a local native indigenous imam who would ride his bicycle to a particular masala 10 kilometres 10 kilometres to lead the prayer and then you would go for Fudger and come back and then go for God and come back and then you would write back for us and then of course spent the Orisha because it was too difficult. I mean 10 kilometres commuting back and forth. That's not simple.

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Dr. Cohn Dr. accom turns amo, Dr. accom Dr. Come talked about our thorough calm, where the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said to a particular tribe that wanted to relocate and come close to the masjid and he said Allah, Allah and Sam said Dr. recom, A is a mu Dr. accom Stay where you are. And on your every step you will be rewarded on your every step you will be rewarded. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is aware of who is the most noblest and this is the challenge humans have. You want to reward but you don't have the total detail of anything.

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Likewise, you want to take action and retribution against the criminal, but it takes years before all the evidence is gathered. Sometimes people pass away in the process, some people distort the evidence etc. And hence the Quran says that while others are more intact, that when you are summoned to give any evidence, then come forward and give the evidence give the evidence so that justice can prevail, but in the matter of Allah subhanho wa Taala verse 70, Chapter 19 So mela Nana Allah Mubin Latina whom I will be has really Yeah, we know who FROM AMONGST THEM is most deserving. Verse 71. We're immune come Illawarra DULHA Ghana Allah Rebecca Hartman, Macedonia, every one of you will pass

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by it. This is a decree that has been passed by your Lord. Okay, we're immune Camila, we're in Doha. Every one of you will pass by Hal Garner Hola, Rebecca Hartman, Maria Maria decided Hackman, you know, it's going to happen inevitable. So every one of you will cross it. Now there's, you know, academic debate amongst the scholars. Some say every one of you refers to the disbelievers who were previously referenced in a web server in an indirect way now in a direct way, what LT FARTMAN Allah ABL have it, addressing them that each one of you will enter *

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while others say now each one of you here means Muslim and non Muslim, those who say that the believer will not enter it. They argue that Allah says on the regarding the believer in Alladhina, Saba Catala, who mineral has now

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shown that the pious will be kept at a distance from *. They argued that Allah subhanho wa Taala says Liahona humulene, first of all, Akbar that the pious would be exempted and protected against the supreme horror of the day of the Yama. So these are the arguments to say that the bias will not enter *. While the overwhelming view of the scholars is that everyone will enter the disbelieve which we refer to as the bridge, the Surat the crossing of the bridge. The disbelievers will enter and they will fall into it and for the believers will be overrun, they will pass across and of course the pious will go very swiftly and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would make the

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DUA, Allahu wa salam, Allahumma Selim, Allah take my nation across safely and easily. So the belief that the vast majority of the scholars say everybody will cross, the believers will get by and make it across while the disbelievers will fall in.

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Now, what's the wisdom? What's the wisdom of the believers crossing by what's the wisdom of the believers crossing by as well? The Scholars say when the believers will cross by they will observe what is happening in *. And this will allow them to value Jana even more. When you see somebody else in a in pain and agony it makes you appreciate and likewise it will add to this as mentioned in

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have Siri Kabira read it myself I've written Razzie has actually highlighted a different benefits of why the believer will cross over this bridge and the disbeliever will fall, it will add to the embarrassment of the disbeliever, who, apart from his suffering will now be exposed to the believer. So he's seen the believer going across and making his way and he's seen.

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You know, he's sitting here in *, and he's suffering. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says, we're iminco Illawarra, Doha, Ghana, Allah, Rebecca had malaria, that every one of you will cross it. This is a decree from the Almighty. I'll leave you with a profound reflection on this verse. Abdullah bin Rama Hara the Allahu Anhu was sitting with his wife in a very private relaxed moment. And he started crying. And then he looked at his wife and he observed she was crying. So you asked his wife my YubiKey what makes you cry? Oh, my beloved. And she said right to get there became a brigade. I seen you cry, and it made me cry. Wow, look at the bond. Look at the relation just to know my hubby is

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crying, oh, my spouse is crying is enough to make me cry. And he said the thing that makes me cry is that I reflected over this verse. We're iminco Illawarra, Doha. Allah says everybody will have to cross *. But in that verse, Allah did not say everyone will make it across and that is what gives me a shiver in my back. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us conscious of agora so that we can be amongst those fortunate people who also prepare for our era. I mean, you're blind I mean, are SallAllahu wasallam Allah and a beginner Muhammad wa early he was happy he married well. hamdulillah you're behind. I mean,

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