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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of the prophetic method of teaching, which is the main thing that is required to teach people about Islam. The method involves reciting the Koran and providing guidance to help them apply their knowledge. The speaker emphasizes the need for practical implementation to make it easier for people to apply their knowledge.
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one thing that Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran and he says it at various points is about the prophetic method of teaching, right? He sends us prophets, and we'll talk about why that's important. But these prophets, they have a certain method with how they're supposed to teach people and what they're supposed to teach people. And so he says, for example, and salts of Bukhara yet to Alikum at Tina, we use a key como Lima, common kita? Well, hikmah. So there's three or four depending on how you want to split it up very, very essential components or ingredients to this methodology. The first is that the prophets are sent to recite Allah's verses right? The revelation,

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they are supposed to remind the people and steeped the people in this sort of guidance that comes directly from Allah subhanaw taala, it's supposed to be the main thing that is informing them constituting them making them up and their decisions and the things that they have to draw off of, right. And the second thing is really interesting, Lisa key come like he says that and purifying you. And that is a nod to something that is a very, very central teaching in our faith that you cannot separate knowledge from ethics, right, you have to be purified, you can have all the knowledge of the Koran, but if you're not purified on the inside, it's not only not going to help

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you, it's actually going to harm you, you're going to be tempted to use that knowledge and evil ways to serve yourself to serve the ego. And there's the Hadith of the Prophet saw a sentiment about the first three people that will be judged on the day of judgment. And when one of those people is this kind of type of person who they they learned about a snap, and they studied the Koran and they recited the Quran. And then they're called in front of Allah found data and I lost found out to ask them about basically you know, what they've done, and they say, Well, I did this and I did that I learned Islam, I studied the Quran, I recited the Quran, and I did it for you. Then last fall data

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says collect, uh, you're lying, you did not do it for me. In fact, you did it so that other people would say that you're some scholar or some item or some reciter. And then that person is going to be drug on their face and cast into hell. So knowledge is not enough, right? You can have all the knowledge in the world. But if you're not purifying yourself at the same time, then it's not only going to not help you, it's actually going to harm you. So that's right there within the prophetic method of teaching. The first is the act of Allah, the verses of Allah, the guidance of Allah and then also along with that purification, right? And then the teaching of the keytab what hokhmah and

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even cathedra he says enough stuff. So yeah, this is the Quran and the Sunnah, right? You have not just the guidance from Allah sound data, but you have, how to implement it, how to understand how to apply it how to produce or let's say embody it right, how to make it real. And this is why last panel data sent the Koran and other sorts of books of Revelation through prophets, right? If we were only meant to follow the book of Revelation by itself, then Allah subhanaw taala could have just sent us a book, he didn't have to send us a prophet, but he sent us a prophet as a living example, pedagogically, that's the most closest thing to us that we can look at this human example and follow

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it and see how in real time the concerns and the principles and the rules they all fit together as an organic holistic whole. Right. So these are the components of the prophetic methodology steeping us in the Koran, steeping us in the Revelation, purifying ourselves at the same time and making us understand not just the the letter of the law, but also how to apply it the Sunnah of the messengers.