Tom Facchine – Ramadan Is a Reminder – Virtues of Ramadan 2022

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the process of distracted and abstaining from eating and draining oneself from thoughts, including the importance of being aware of one's eye and ears, listening to false speech, and being aware of one's own feelings. This distraction is designed to draw people back to their own memories and bring them back to the way they used to be.
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One of the virtues of Ramadan is that it brings us back to remembering the things that we should be fasting from all throughout the year. Right? The refraining or the abstaining from food and from drain.

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It's, it's directing our intention to these kinds of sensory inputs that we have, we start thinking about our eyes and what we're looking at, we start thinking about our ears and the things that we're listening to our mouths or speech. And so it reminds us that, yeah, throughout the whole year, not just in Ramadan, you're supposed to be fasting with the eyes, right? You're not supposed to look at every single thing that's out there. That's supposed to look at the opposite * in a lustful way. You're supposed to guard your sight, lower your gaze, men and women.

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You're not supposed to be looking at things that are going to harm your soul. And everything that comes into your site, you have to be putting it through this filter of is this thing good for my soul, or not? The same thing with the things that you say it's often we're just talking about the neck so to speak, we're saying anything that comes to our, our minds. And the process of depriving yourself from food and becoming kind of quiet and becoming a little bit weak and turning a little bit inward is supposed to make us think

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that thing that I'm about to say, Do I really need to say it?

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Is it going to hurt somebody else's feelings? Is it the most considerable or considerate or thoughtful thing to say at this point? Right, it makes us think and the same thing with our ears on what we listen to.

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Right? Are we listening to gossip? Are we listening to

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false speech, insults, lies, all these sorts of things the fastest meant to draw our attention to everything coming in and everything going out of our bodies and are supposed to bring us back to remembering the things that we should be fasting from all throughout the year.

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