When Prophet Muhammad SAW Lost a Child – Qadr Allah

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the negative impact of grief on society, including the loss of loved ones and the associated emotions. They argue that grief is normal and can lead to sadness and feelings of hopelessness, which is a part of life. The speaker also emphasizes that grief is a part of human life that needs to be resolved.
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So when the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, you know, some of his children, he lost them. Right? So his children died.

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Yet three boys, and all of them died when they were very young as children, right.

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one time, one of his when his one of his sons had passed away, and he's there with his son, having this just happened, and he started crying.

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And the companions that were there, they were kind of surprised. And they said, No, I was like, basically, you're crying. And the Prophet Muhammad Ali said, um, he said that

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he clarified, he said that the eyes crying is normal, right? It's not an expression of displeasure with what Allah has decreed for you. Right? It's normal to have emotions. And it's normal to grieve.

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And that really, that whole situation really encapsulates kind of our Islamic attitude, or the Islamic Guidance on grief. So grief is a part of life.

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You get sad.

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You develop attachments. And they're not necessarily bad attachments. They're attachments to people who are good to righteous people to role models to mentors and teachers and spouses and children.

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And that's part of what makes the dunya enjoyable as part of the the Xena to hieratic dunya is part of the beauty of this world that Allah has made for us to enjoy. And so when it's taken away, yes, it can be sad. And so there's a space to to feel that emotion.

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But at the same time, the emotion can't give way to

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theologically problematic assumptions, right? That was like despair, right? Why did this happen to me? Or anger? This shouldn't happen to me this isn't fair.

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Right? And that's, that's the line you have to draw is that as long as the submission to Allah and Allah's wisdom is still there, and whatever emotions you have, you know, you feel sad, and you need you need to take time to grieve. That's that's a normal part of human life.