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Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The importance of unity in achieving Islam's goals is discussed, including the need for individuals to develop their values and become ethically conscious to avoid negative consequences. The negative impact of media coverage on people's views of the world and the importance of achieving one's goals is also highlighted. The success of Islam is also highlighted, with a focus on avoiding false expectations and not giving advice to avoid negative consequences.
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Towards the end of chapter 28 of the poor and that sort of puzzles. Allah azza wa jal tells us a story that he does not tell us anywhere else in the forehand. And that is the story of our own. Allah says in the ballroom and I can I mean, how can we use the law I am,

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indeed call rune was from the people of Moses, but he tyrannized them.

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Several of the Senate, including Abdullah in our beds, Ibrahima night, and portada said that Kowloon was a cousin of Musa alayhis salam constantly. Now, that was a surprising little fact, to me the first time I learned that, as I'm sure it might be surprising to you. And the reason it is surprising is that we assume that cousins would have a loyalty towards one another, we assume that they would be on the same side. We even have an Arabic saying from Jackie Leah, and our four year old in the army. Well, no, well, I mean part of the money, my brother and I am against my cousin, my cousin and I against the stranger.

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That sane indicates that even in a culture where rivalry and enmity are the norm, you should at least be able to rely on your cousins help against an outsider. So How could our own both be the cousin of Musa and at the same time a tyrant over most people? The answer is that problem was employed by another none other than their own himself. Korona was the overseer, he kept Vania Swati in mind, and as a reward, he was paid handsomely. Allah azza wa jal says that we gave him treasures, whose key is what burden a group of strong men. That's how rich he was. There are several lessons here for us already to consider first, your proximity to greatness does not automatically make you

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great. Your proximity to piety and until righteousness does not automatically make you pious, or ranches, it might help you. It might be a good influence on you, but at the end of the day, you have to choose to follow in the footsteps of those around you or not.

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Allah azza wa jal gives us examples of this consistently throughout the quarter and we have Ebrahim Are they any Saddam and his father? No, I mean, if he sat down and his son, Luke, or a Sam and his wife, their proximity to Prophet foot did not help them at all. Because they chose not to follow those prophets. They chose not to allow themselves to be transformed by their guidance. Sometimes as people of faith sometimes as Muslims, we are happy. We are content with simply being in the proximity of guidance. We keep the Koran up on a shelf, collecting dust, we name our children after prophets, we have certain cultural things that we follow. But where's the transformation?

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We have to choose to be transformed by the guidance of the prophets. That is what means what it means to be a believer.

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Another lessons that consider from the story of padrone and particularly the fact that Thongloun was a cousin of Musa alayhi salam is the weakness of tribalism and nationalism as a method of organization and solidarity. Allah azza wa jal says, commenting about the coalition of forces that fought against the Prophet Muhammad Ali's, that I posted on BEPS over on being a machete that tag several home Jimmy Yan will pollute Obama shutter, their infighting is severe, you might think that they're united, but in reality, their hearts are far apart. And the Prophet Mohammed Al Assad was salam warned us about rallying behind identities that didn't have to do with our chosen faith. allah

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sallallahu alayhi wa salam in a lot of thought it would have been cool or brilliant and you have no idea what but what I had been mocked me on today on was that June Chucky Yun, Anton Banu, Adam added reinstall layer there are an original home been acquired in the home vacuum in fact media has and he said short

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Allah azza wa jal has read to you of your pre Islamic arrogance and your pride in your forefathers. There are only God fearing believers, or wretched sinners, you are descendants of Adam and Adam is from dirt. Men will certainly call to their pride in their nation. I tell you, it's only a cold from the hellfire. In North America, we are encouraged to identify and organize ourselves along these lines, whether it's your nationality, or your ethnicity, or your race, or your skin color. And it is true that these parts of our identity are factors that account for our different experiences in life. No one can deny that. In North America, a person with black skin is not treated the same as a

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person with white skin. We can't say that we're colorblind and ignore that reality. But at the same time, we can't take those parts of our identity and make them a priority over our faith over our deen. And we cannot make those parts of our identity, the main thing that we are rallying around, because the theological issue here is that Islam came to establish a true meritocracy. And meritocracy is based on your choices. Do you choose to be black? Did you choose to be white? Did you choose to be an adult or Pakistani or Burmese? If you didn't choose it, then taking too much pride in it is foolish, doesn't care. He cares about the decisions that you make, the principles that you

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live by, and the virtue that you develop within yourself, which is why he said So kind of in a practical and a lie. That's our home in the law. I mean, for me, you certainly the most noble of you to Allah is the One who is the most pious.

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Another lesson to consider here is the importance of unity. If people are united, it is much harder to oppress them. Once their ranks are broken and split once they're afflicted with division, and in the fighting them and it's very easy to conquer them. Allah azza wa jal says in the poor and the believers have to unite one of the dnn Kefa Roboto, home OLIO about in

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Tacoma fitment on field LP over seven via the deniers are allies of one another. If you don't do likewise, there will be great fitna on Earth, and great corruption. In the case of bending Islam in the car room is the one who broke grants called rule is the one who opened up the door to make it easier to oppress, bending, destroying. And the corollary to this lesson of being united is that it is essential that we develop ourselves ethically, meaning unity is not possible without discipline. Unity is not possible without ethical standards. If you aren't working for Allah. If you haven't attained your wants and your desires, it will be very easy to bribe you, it will be very easy to

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tempt you, or at least it will be very easy to distract you from your duty. This is a crucial lesson for us as Muslims, especially our Muslim youth. We need you, the OMA needs you. We need Moses on lawyers. We need Muslim politicians, Muslim authors, we need Muslim activists. We want our youth to aspire to be leaders so that they can contribute to society and make the world a better place. But before you find yourself in a position of leadership, you have to attain your depths. You have to attain your ego. You have to purify yourself. If not, you might end up doing more harm than good. A few months ago, it came to light that black lives matter, not the mass movement, but the official

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organization spends over $12 million

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of donation money on luxury properties in LA and Toronto, where they threw big parties for people. A few years back when George Floyd was murdered, and people's frustrations boiled over Black Lives Matter became the leaders of the racial justice movement in the United States. Their name and their slogan

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became synonymous with the movement itself. Chapters strung up everywhere across the country. They enjoyed the massive support, influence and fame. As an organization, they collected $90 million in donations in the year of 2020. But you can only go so far as your discipline takes you. Now, people are asking questions now their credibility is damaged. Now, people are going to be less likely to trust them, their opponents will take this opportunity to undermine the principles of the organization, it will become an obstacle towards achieving any of their goals in the future, and they did it to themselves. These are lessons for those who take heed if you want to make a

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difference in this world. Good for you. Start now. Start now by working on yourself you need to be ready to refuse a bribe you need to be able to say no to evil you need to be able to do the right thing when no one else is looking. If you can't do that you are not ready for leadership of political behavior we're stuck with a lot of you want to call me certainly Muslim even including myself Who in the world before.

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Alhamdulillah he was talking to people you want to watch them a lot. Watch over virtually email me shut me up what should have been an opinion I was saying that the Mohammed didn't have to

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go any sort of worry while I was having was planning but suddenly wants esteem and material.

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As Allah azza wa jal tells the story of our own. He mentioned the reaction of feminists who are yield to columns, enormous wealth and power.

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You had one group warning him, it's all in the column. Letter from in the law you have one that again, they're upon his people said to him, don't be proud. Indeed, Allah azza wa jal does not like those who are proud proudful

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whatever the female, that Allah or devil laughter What that comes and I'll see you back a minute dunya what Assam come X and Allahu evening, what I attended the Santa Fe out in the La La people have seen, seek, they say to call seek through that which Allah has given you the home of the Hereafter. But don't forget your share of this world and do good. Just like Allah has done good to you and don't desire corruption in the land. Indeed, Allah does not love those who corrupt.

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A lesson we can take here concerns the nature of wealth, is money really the root of all evil, like some people say that is? Know Allah azza wa jal tells us through WMD disrupt you. That is not the case. Money is simply a tool. It can be used for good and it can be used for evil here. I think this is a thing called freedom to use it for good. They tell him that it's actually the means by which he can obtain paradise. Once you've used your wealth to secure your spot and Paradise they tell him then worry about your dunya Allah azza wa jal is teaching us priorities. Some of us have our priorities mixed up and backwards. We think once I'm established, then I'll give charity once I'm

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established, then I'll go on Hajj. Once I'm a Sadler's, then I'll give to the masjid No no no Allah subhanaw taala says to do the opposite. What about your afterlife first, then you can worry about your however fundamental media column does not respond in the best way to this advice he says called in enough all teams are who are their enemy Rendy Allah

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Allah Anika meal in public at minimum for only men who are election domain or whatever. What Kojima. He said I was only given all of this wealth because of the knowledge I have. Did he not know that Allah subhanho wa Taala had destroyed before him, generations who are greater than him in power, and greater in wealth. All goon commits the cardinal sin of idolizing the secondary causes that Allah azza wa jal has created

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is the ultimate cause of everything, and he has created the universe to adhere to the laws of cause and effect. But Allah subhanho wa Taala reigns supreme over everything he gets to decide if the causes bring them out the results are not. And arrogance, hearts will want to believe that the causes themselves are independent of all. Of course, I've got so much wealth, things caught on me because of how smart I am.

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This is an appealing way to think because worldly causes Don't ask anything from you. They don't ask that you be grateful. They don't ask that you follow certain rules. If someone on the other hand recognizes that Allah azza wa jal decides whether your intelligence results in success or failure,

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then you have to work then you have to strive to please Allah, and you have to do what he says.

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Not everyone from Benny hisab deal had such a wise advice or follow him. Some people were starstruck by his wealth. Allah subhanaw taala tells us the Hotjar on that phone we need Peasy and it bothered let me read you wanna try out Antonia here later

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at a ballroom in a row level Kelvin, Arlene. So Corona came out before His people and He was dressed to the nines. He was all decked out in all of his adornment. And those who desire the worldly life they looked and they said, If only we had wealth like Halloween, indeed, look at how fortunate this man be. That's another crucial lesson some of Benny is rocky you miss interpret the fact that Paul Romer is wealthy, they see him and they assume that his wealth is an indication that he's doing something right. This is the same mistake that our kids make. When they see athletes and entertainers, the highest paid people in our society, and they want to be just like them. They

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imitate their clothes, they MSPaint their hairstyle, they imitate their way of speaking. Why? Just because they have money. If you ask little boys when they want they want to be when they get older, most of them will say some sort of athletes. I guarantee you that that would not be the case if being an athlete did not come with money and fame.

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How do we know that their wealth is not a test? How do we know that their wealth is not a punishment from Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah tells us

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what prevents us from considering that possibility is loving the world too much is being too attached to this world. When you're too attached to this world. Allah's approval really comes second. It takes a backseat to getting what you want out of the dunya not everyone from Valley is trying to foster this. The scholars they see things clearly Allah says Allah didn't want to live any way that come with reliable law. He's never really been am unaware me that signing out. What are you like, Haha, it is a soggy room. But those who had been given knowledge they said well to you guys, the reward of Allah is better for He who believes and does righteousness and not are granted that

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except for the patient.

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One lesson we notice here is the importance of the scholarly class, and how they fit into the broader community of believers. Sometimes people have the wrong idea. Sometimes people have inappropriate expectations. Some people are expecting Iran to make them feel good about every single thing that they're already doing. What's the point of that?

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Do you really expect to never get any pushback? Do you really expect to never be given advice even if you don't want to hear it?

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Islamic scholars are supposed to have the longest view in the room. They're supposed to push back against the short sightedness of others and challenge conventional wisdom. If they didn't do that, we would become prisoners to every single fad and trend that came down the pipeline. The scholars are supposed to provide a certain amount of gravity, a certain amount of caution. And and that's not to excuse scholars who are out of touch or scholars who are insensitive, but we also can't expect scholars to give us a rubber stamp of approval for absolutely everything that we think we're feeling.

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In this scenario. The scholars see something that the other people can't they see that all

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all his wealth and status was a punishment, not a blessing. It was building the case against Colorado it was proving his arrogance and his ingratitude. And sure enough, it was only a matter of time until it all came crashing down alongside of this

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concept while we did reach out to Matt can only be attained the unsolo wanna mean Dhoni level Matt can I mean and more serene and we cause the earth to swallow him and his home and there was for him you know company to aid him other than Allah nor could he defend himself what a horrible way to go diving in arrogance and dying in gratitude finally the people realize what was really going on with us Hello Lena 10 men no women can and will be the ABS therefore the only way you can ally versus the risk of the mania Shall we in regarding the way up, Lola men, abattoir Elena Amina, wake and who love you for the good care people. And those who have wished for his position just the other day

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began to say, Oh, how Allah extends provision doubling the wills of His servants and restriction. If Allah had not favored us, he would have caused him to swallow us up to oh, how the deniers don't succeed. Yesterday they wanted to be just like PowToon today, not so much. Allah subhanaw taala ends the story by telling us the real reason for their enduring success. It's not well, it's not status Tilka devil FM to Niger Otto Hernan Lenina Laredo on our new one fill out what a seven. Well I have to go to the moon tapping in that home of the Hereafter we only assigned to those who do not desire the results fitness upon this earth, nor corruption and the best outcome is reserved for the

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righteous. Humility, righteousness, piety. These are the ingredients for true and lasting success.

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