Revival #01 – The Need to Increase Our Iman – 1st Ramadan

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AI: Summary © The importance of returning to Islam to strengthen spirituality and spirituality is emphasized, along with the importance of understanding the meaning of Islam and the meaning of the Hadith, which is the branch of faith that connects everything from the heart to actions. The speakers emphasize the need to study the Quran and the importance of learning from the story of Jana lumberjack ports and potential risks of ALLAH. Expansion in massages and increasing engagement in massages is also emphasized.
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So now I'm on a coma Huntelaar he orbital character will be spent 100 Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Mohammed while he was a big man I'm

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here we are brothers and sisters the month of Ramadan, the month that we will all anticipating for the month where we come closer to Allah subhana wa Tada, this is a gift to all of us from Allah subhanho wa taala. And as naturally as any other time when we get are given a gift, then the best thing to do is to, to have precious or to, you know, to utilize that gift to use it to his maximum capacity and to benefit from that gift as much as we can. This is a law's gift, not a gift from another human being Allah's gift to us. How should we spend the month of Ramadan? One of the things about Ramadan is that it is a time to revive ourself, it is a time to train ourselves is a time that

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we're you know, from all over from all four sides, we are surrounded by things that are that is giving us the ability to come close to Allah subhana wa Tada on one end, you have fasting, then there is support. And then with support because we are awake, we're praying Fudger and not only that, but we're sitting with our families. And because of this current circumstance and stances that we are not only that, but we're spending more time with our families. Now we have to pray that all we're at home. So naturally in Omaha we are surrounded by so many different things that brings us closer to Allah subhanho wa taala. So hence, this is a time that we revive our relationship with

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Allah subhanho wa Taala brothers and sisters when this pandemic first started, and we had to be at home. Initially, people were praying to Allah subhanho wa Taala people were waking up for Kiama laid, there was so much spirituality and Toba in his stepfather in the atmosphere and everyone felt it that we are not able to go to the masjid. But then after a few weeks, this pandemic and the way we are living this lifestyle is starts to become the norm. Now we're starting to get adjusted to this and because of that our spirituality again it begins to dip. So let us use them or Vaughn to revive our eemaan. Let's take our Eman higher and higher and let's try to do everything that we can

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to come close to Allah subhanho wa Taala brothers and sisters, there is a Hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, a very well known Hadith known as the hadith of Gibreel, or a histogram that many orlimar have even mentioned that this is considered as in a hadith the mother of all the Hadith, in this hadith brothers and sisters Jubilate it comes in the form of a human being. And he asked three questions. There are many other questions or problems. He he asked the Prophet SAW along while he was set up, but three questions related to coming close to Allah subhana with the higher were asked the very first one, what is Islam? The Prophet SAW along some he responded. Then he asked

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Giuliani Saddam, what is Iman and again the power they use some he responded that he asked him what is it said, and again the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he responded. And so keeping this in mind, keep this in mind. Brothers and sisters, we know that there are three levels. We always start off with a very the lowest level which is what Islam Islam is to make a verbal declaration to Allah subhana wa taala. And then on top of that comes Iman, Iman is not simply to understand it from our heart, but that it is manifest. It is apparent through our actions that we are living a life that is expected from us by Allah subhanho wa taala. And that is what Iman is, Iman is that where the

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prophet Allah you Psalm says, and Eman uma waka Raphael a call is not just in the heart is penetrated into the heart. It is deep down in the heart. And not only that, but even I'll be happy to like it in his very famous book on January shorebird eemaan. It is probably the most comprehensive book that we can find in our Islamic Islamic libraries today that talks about what is Yvonne? It talks about what is Iman? So this hadith of Gibreel Ali is some he's asking there probably is on what is Islam what is Iman and now he's about in his book he mentions that one of the definitions of iman is that it comes from the word Amman to be safe meaning that when we have a war

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in our life, one is to believe in Allah so that is what Islam is. Islam is what

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I do believe that there is a God that does exist. I do believe that there is something known as Allah that does exist. But then to truly believe in Allah, that everything that happens it is from Allah subhana wa to honor every good and bad that happens to me it is from Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah and Allah penetrating into our heart. That's not the case with every single person. That is not the case with every single person. That is where Imani comes into the picture. A person who has Iman is Iman and Allah and everything that is related to Allah subhanaw taala, it deeply penetrates into the heart of a person. And that is where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says that

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there is an organ in the body, either Santo Hudson, Ohio, Jessa Dooku, way faster than faster than just Niccolo Allah He had a poem and the Prophet alayhi salam has told us that there is an organ in the body, that if it is healthy, that everything that the person does will be right and righteous, and it will bring a person closer to Allah. But on the other hand, if this organ of the body which is the heart is corrupt, then everything a person will do will take him away from Allah subhanho wa taala. And the only way the heart can be truly righteous, the only way the heart can be truly healthy, is when Allah subhanho wa Taala is deep down into a heart. And that is Iman, that's exactly

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what Iman is. That's why the Prophet SAW Allah while he was sent him in a hadith. Now, a person may ask Is that what are the levels of Eman? Or what are the different signs of iman? How do I know that I have EMA or not? Are there signs are the branches of iman? And the answer is yes. In a hadith Narrated by Abu Huraira, or Viola and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, The Eman will build on what several owners show about that there are 70 Art branches of faith. That means that it could be 7371 77 7970 Odd branches of faith. For us who have the best amongst them is what called Lulu either in the law, the best one is what I believe is to say, in the law, what are they now have

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a metal party and the lowest of all the branch to faith is what it is to remove an obstacle to remove something that can be harmful towards others to remove that out of the way. And then the Prophet Allah has some said when HIA was short, but to me an e man that higher is an aspect or a branch of faith. Now when we scan and analyze all the books of a hadith, there is not one single Hadith that we find where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he makes a list of all the branches of faith. In fact, what we have to do is that we have to scatter throughout the entire Hadees database. And we have to find those are Hadith that talk about Iman, because what there are

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times when the Prophet sallallahu lies and he tells us that do such and such and this is a sign of iman do such and such and this is a manifestation of one's Iman. So this is why we have so much respect for this book written by Imam obey healthy Rahmatullah Ali, because he has taken all those kinds of a hadith and not only that, but in approximately, you know, 10 to 13 volumes. Imam Al Bharati has written a book of 10 to 13 volumes, where it he comprises and he gathers those a hadith and what are those branches of faith. And he mentioned that there are some, there are some signs of EMA or some branches of iman, that are related to the heart. And those are the most important ones,

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because what is in the heart is going to be manifest to our actions. So first of all, is that there are branches of faith that are related to our heart. And then there are brand is a faith that are related to what our tongue and then there are branches of faith that are related to our actions. So for example, you have religious actions such as salaat, zakat, these are things that we these are things that we do, say things verbally, that we can say from our tongue, such as law, in the law, the best one out of all of them is what to say right in the in the law. Not only that, but there are ones that can be done by by our heart. There are some signs of iman or branches of Eman that are

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related to our society, the way that we live, such as, as I said earlier, removing an obstacle, that's something that we should be doing. It helps our society it helps others and not only that, but there are many branches of faith that are related to ethics to so this is why Insha Allah, what I intend to do is that during the month of Ramadan, especially during the times of Soho in sha Allah will be going through some of those

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branches have faith. Now there are several branches of faith that can be, you know, that can be coupled together. And then there are some branches of faith that require a separate explanation all by themselves. So inshallah we'll we'll be doing is that of course we cannot cover and I want to make this very clear we cannot cover all the 77 branches of faith. However what I do wish to do is that I wouldn't go through some major aspects of e mod some major branches of E minor so that we can have a better understanding of exactly what Iman is another reason why we're doing this is because brothers and sisters, this is why it's so important to understand that when we talk about Iman see

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Islam and Iman, in the Quran, study the Quran from cover to cover, what Allah subhana wa Tada mentioned about those people who have Iman, Allah when he talks about Jana, he always pairs Jana with what eemaan Go back to the beginning of SoTL unfined. Allah says, first of all, he says in them and moving on and levena either looking at a law, the very the sign of those people who have eemaan. Now Islam eemaan is either Luchino Allahu wa G that Gulabo home, when Allah is mentioned, when they hear the ayat of the Quran, when they hear the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, their hairs begin to stand, their hearts are affected. Because think about this. Imagine if I'm so weak in

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terms of my Iman, I'm hearing a talk I'm hearing on Allah and cholera soon. And if it does not affect my heart at the least, that there is something seriously wrong with our heart. And that is where the Imam is is in this is where the Imam resides in. That means that there is a serious problem. I love either looking Allahu wa G that honorable boom, well, either totally, utterly him to who's either Tom Imana. And when the Ayat of Allah or recited, the Imani increases, now think about this, Has it ever occurred, that we hear something and it does not affect us? I mean, there's a problem with us. Has it ever occurred that we go to the graveyard every time we go to the graveyard?

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We always have like a spiritual kind of like moment, right? Like we think that we're looking at everyone buried over there. We have just burning someone. Our Eman does go up high. We feel that man I got to do something about my life. I have to really connect with Allah subhanaw taala but unfortunately, as soon as we leave the graveyard, we're back to status quo. But the whole that's the whole idea is that coming close to Allah subhanho wa Taala what you got to do is to who Zaditor Imana and what also they do what Allah will be mythical Quran, they have full reliance on Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah leading up Munna, salah they established their salah, and they give me

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models of anatomy and physiology and from what Allah has given them, they spend out of that. And then Allah says Allah eco who wanted me to wanna call indeed, truthfully, without a doubt truly these people are the people of iman, the home the agenda to end up being Allah says, And when it comes to Allah, they will have many levels and this is the automat they said This is in reference to Jana lumberjack sutra in the lobby him woman will feel a tone. What is that one thing that you and I we went so much on the Day of Judgment. I know we went all Jana. But what will land us in Jannah? It is the Mercy of Allah in the mafia of Allah subhanho wa taala. Think about coming on the day of

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judgment and Allah telling us, no matter what you have done, you're forgiven. If Allah tells you and I that brothers sisters, that means only one thing. That means that there's agenda for us Allah is saying these people they have Eman, they will have a mafia from Allah subhanho wa Taala what is going Kareem and a risk that is a very risk from ALLAH SubhanA wa to Allah and Allah being the most generous, this is what Allah subhanho will give us go back to the beginning ayat of surah minuman ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says that we know who are those who have emailed Allah you know VSR team has shown there are so many iron out there. But Allah subhanaw taala mentioned that there are some signs

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of EMA that are right to the heart, some that are related to actions, some that are related to the way we we use this tongue that Allah has given us. How do we verbally treat others? What do we say to others? And then at the end what Allah say, or he says I Levine and yet Ethan and Phil those are whom Fiat holiday. These are the people who have Eman and eventually he says that these are the people who will inherit elfin DOS, they will be given the highest level in Jana. So brother and sister this is something that you and I, we all want. But for that we first need to understand what email is. We need to understand what is the sweetness of email and what are the branches of iman.

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And we may think that you know what, I'm a Muslim. I don't need to reveal

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I have my email. I don't need to work upon my email and I want to conclude by sharing two things two quotes. The very first one is of Ahmed ibn Baba the alotta on. Now we all know he is from the ashram overshadow the 10 people who are given glad tidings of entering into Jannah we know the contributions to Islam from Omaha when a great what an amazing leader honorable Hapa was. At the same time he used to always say come on so that we may increase our iman meaning what that sometimes he will sit down with His people and He will say let's talk to revive our Iman. Iman always needs a boost Brothers Sisters EMA always needs a boost. Likewise are delighted Mr. Otto the time he will

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say engine is Bina I don't mean to say that let's sit down and let's talk about Allah Allah say something about our deen and let's revive our iman and then they will make a supplication they will make dua to Allah Oh Allah increase us in our iman, brothers and sisters, this is the Sahaba are the yellow Quran, the Sahaba who are saying this? So if this is the Sahaba who are saying that they need to constantly increase their Iman, brothers sisters, where do you think we lie in all this? Absolutely, we need to work upon our iman. So this is why insha Allah the series that we're going to be covering inshallah we'll be talking about Iman and once again the whole name and the whole idea

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is about reviving this Eman that we may have some you know we have some shades of this we may have some aspects of this in our life but we need to build our iman we need to increase our iman, Iman has different levels to there are some who have low Iman and there are some people who have high Iman, so what can we do to increase our iman that is the most important thing. So inshallah please do, do join me every supporting sha Allah. Of course if you cannot join me, you can always go back to watch these videos, or please sit down with your children and watch these they will be extremely important. And not only that, but in sha Allah. I also want to share something very interesting for

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everyone here. And this is this applies to everyone, the brothers and the sisters and the children to each family. So as we all know that when we talk we're talking about Shooto we talk about that you know the Hadith of the accepted hygiene Onra and so forth. You know, usually the men they come to the masjid and they will sit in their place or sit in that same area till shootable remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala and then they will pray to their car, a salon. And as the prophets Allah Assam says the reward of an accepted hygiene ombre. Now the men are not allowed to come to the masjid. Usually women can do that. By the way, if the women are praying in a certain place in their

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house, and they remain that place.

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They can pray should look. But usually a man cannot pray at home and say I'll stay in that same place. And I'll get the reward for sure. It doesn't work like that. Coming to the masjid praying sod will Gemma and so forth. But now because of the current circumstances that we have that we now have to pray at home and we cannot go to the masjid. So in this case, the automa has stated that it is absolutely allowed and because of our current situation, even for the men, yes for the men to that if they pray a lot in their home, and I would strongly recommend that there should be a place in your own house where you know, you could put some Ramadan decorations there, you know, create an

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atmosphere for Ramadan. And not only that have some Quran is there and so forth has some you know, if you want to put those prayer rugs out to create that atmosphere, that's absolutely your choice. But there should be one dedicated place where you are praying, where the families getting together, they are discussing on a law and order as soon they're discussing some do ours the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So if you are in that area, and you remain that area, so even this time the men because of our current current situation, even the man if you pray there in sha Allah, Sultan Fajr and you remain there in sha Allah, and then you pray to like us a lot in sha Allah you

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will get the reward of an accepted hajj and umrah in sha Allah. This is a golden opportunity. I mean especially for our brothers. Usually you have to go to the masjid but now you can be even at home and the autumn as someone who might have said that it is absolutely allowed because of the situation. So please do not do not lose this opportunity. Let's try to no move on try to stay awake as much as we can. Yes, there might be an hour gap an hour 10 minute gap, but then sit down with the family read the Quran if you can at that time, try to engage somebody better and take this opportunity to benefit and get the reward of an accepted 100 ombre every single day. So ALLAH

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SubhanA wa Tada to help us in the month of Ramadan May Allah subhanho wa Taala ask Allah subhanaw taala that he gives us ability to give back to our Messiah as soon as possible. We love our massages, we miss our massages so much, but this is our current situation. So we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to get us back to our massages, may Allah give us ability to really be

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benefit from the month of Ramadan. By the time that Allah is over, we ask Allah subhana wa Taala that he has helped us increase in our iman in our Tequila in our in our sadaqa and when it comes to our clock when it comes to our iman May Allah increase as an every single aspect, every good aspect immunoblot let me is that Kamala Hey Sarah ya come rahmatullahi wa barakato