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AI: Summary © The history of the first 10 days of thety presents a complex and diverse range of activities, including border activities, hedge activities, and the act of a bar. Many people transform into a good guy due to actions like the Sir-meen, which is designed to make people attached to Allah and is linked to worship. The speakers stress the importance of transformation through actions and activities that can be done to become a better person.
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and then have the Atlanta mother who want to stay in a home and stuff fiddle when we let him into the office and only say it I'm Elena Maria de la palma de la Universidad de la, la la la la la, la la, La Nina, Dr. Mohammed Abu who are pseudo D respected brothers and sisters Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. And welcome back to this show where we discuss the virtues of the first 10 days of the

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mighty respected brothers and sisters. In the previous episode, we confirmed that the act of a border can be classified into two types. The first type includes all those activities that were heavily regulated by Sharia, and we call them the specific about that or the specific activities of a bar that we call them the listed a bar that and the second type of activities are the general activities that can be and should be, the transformed to become what to become act of a betta. Now, in just in the previous episode, by the end of the previous episode, we said we highlighted a very important concept what is that concept? We said that why Allah, Allah Allah put so much attention to

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the what to the listed a bidat and Sherry told us that they are the most virtuous activities. Why is this?

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And we said that the answer is because those specific event that we said that there are two reasons for that. We say that those a by that are the rights of a law gela Allah alone.

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Yes, we mentioned about hedge had it is clear that it is the light of a lot jello Allah alone. Yes. And that's why en la jolla Allah called Hydra tal de Lucia Erie ladadika, many of them sha Allah wa he fit in the hamming Taku those who glorify the symbol of Allah, Allah, Allah or glorifying the symbols of Allah, Allah Allah. That is a sign of a taqwa of the hearts, the taqwa of the heart, and,

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and Elijah Lo, Allah says, about about head, when he left he Island nasty, Willie lay it is for a law for a lot Willie lackey and mankind this ayah This means or the translation of this ayah mankind owed to Allah Allah Allah had, it is a duty that they have to give to who to a lot della Allah alone. And that's why Alhaji is one of the symbols of tawheed of Allah Allah, same thing to be said about Salah, same thing to be said about fasting same to be said about to a certain degree about Zika is not exactly the same because it is a car we give to poor people. So it has two rights, the rights of a law, the law and the rights of human beings. So the concept is that Allah Allah, Allah

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put so much attention into those listed by that because first of all those events that are his right only and people will be glorifying Allah, Allah Allah alone through these listed by that and a lot of Allah Allah likes to be glorified. Okay. Now

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the second reason my dear respected brothers and sisters,

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the strongest listed Eva that you have, yes will lead you to what to be able to transform the general activities that you do such as eating, drinking while going for work or sleeping for a number of hours. Having fun with your family, you will be able to transfer to transform them into what into a guy that the stronger you are in the listed adapt, the more able you will be in transforming the general activities into list in

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To a bat, and then you will be able to transform all of your life to become what? To become a badass. And then you will be that person who is what, who is establishing what Allah, Allah Allah wants from him, which is what we're Mahalo to Linux inside ilaria we're doing I have created in an ns for one purpose which is what to worship me this is what Allah Allah Allah has said what he loves to do most recently Houdini worship Allah Allah Allah with with sincerity, purely, the worship Allah Allah Allah Allah in all of your matters, okay, worship Allah, Allah Allah Allah. So, when you are very strong in your personality that in your listed a bar that you will be strong or you will be

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more able to transfer those a bad dat those activities sorry to become a bad dat. Yes. Now we understand the link between both. So, in conclusion, they listed about that they are the most beloved activities to a larger Lada and moreover, they help you to what to transform all the other activities to become what to become a badass.

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Yes. Now the listed a bar that they make you attached to a law the law they listed a bar that yes, make you what make you attach to a law the law. For example, a Salah a Salah? Yes,

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a Salah is the first pillar of Islam after what? After the Shahada thing. That's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the criteria between Muslims and Catholics is a Salah. And in the other Hadith the prophet SAW Selim said, Whoever abundance the Salah he has left the fold of Alicia, this is a rough translation of the Hadith, and so on. So the Salah, as the scholar said, it is the sila between the person and his Lord. It connects you with you Lord with Allah Jalla Allah,

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Allah tada and who said that there is no room in Islam for the person who work who abandons the Salah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he used to say, behind the land, oh, Allah give us comfort, by what by starting the Salah, or by calling for the Salah, and so on so forth, so that Salah might be respected the brothers and sisters will connect us to a law, the law Allah, we will be so attached to Allah, Allah Allah. That's why introduce the most beloved act, in Salah is the sujood is when you do sudo Humble yourself, put your forehead on the ground, for who for a lot of jell O Allah. And that's why the scholars considered sujood

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as the act that should be done to Allah, Allah, Allah alone, if you do to do to someone else other than Allah, Allah Allah, this may take you or This will take you out of the fold of Allah Subhana Allah Allah Subhana Allah Allah de now this a bad, the Salah, yes,

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it makes you so attached to Allah, Allah, Allah. And when the person is so attached to Allah, Allah Allah, he will be able to work to become attached to Allah, Allah, Allah in any other activity. And that's why we have five daily prayers. So you will be attached to our Lord Allah, Allah early in the morning and in the midday the whole time. And then in the afternoon you will be so attached to a lord Allah Allah and by the end of the day you will be attached to our Lord Allah Allah and then a few hours later you will again re establish the connection with Allah Allah Allah. Yes. Now if you are establishing this especial link with Allah Allah five times a day, five times a day, then it is

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very likely that you will not forget a lot done in between.

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Yes, if you aren't performing the Salah, in as a larger level and a wanted us to perform it, then you will not be a the you will not forget Allah, Allah Allah in between. In fact, as many scholars said, from many of the previous scholar said that Hatem Al Assad For example, one of them he said whenever I leave the Salah, I will miss

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Thus Allah and you will be waiting, I can't wait until I walked, pray the second salah and so on. So, when the person is so attached to Allah gelada during these five times, he will likely to be attached to Allah Allah Allah in between. Now which means that he will be able to be connected to enlarge Allah Allah, when he goes to bed, when he goes to, to have fun with his family when he eats, he will be more qualified to transfer those activities to become what to become at have.

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Now the concept is clear. Now, with those with those four pillars, Salah zeca, fasting and had, we say that there are some other activities that are similar to them such as what, the remembrance of Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah we said that it is of two types very listed, or it can be one of the listed about that, and general specific and general and dhikr of Allah delana is very encouraged, very virtuous. Again, why Allah, Allah, Allah put so much attention to the dhikr of Allah Jalla Allah, because the more the person remembers, Allah, Allah Allah, the more This person will be able to transfer the other activities such as eating, sleeping, drinking,

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etc. to make them as what us a bad. Yes. Okay. Now let me conclude this episode by saying that there are certain times that Allah Allah Allah Himself selected and Allah, Allah Allah said in these times, I want you to be more dedicated for some of those listed very bad.

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This is a lot and this is his decision. Why? Because those listed about that as we said, they are his right more over those listed a bar that the better we do them and the more we do them, we will be able to transform all of our life to become act of a better

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we will talk about this insha Allah more in the coming episode set