Tom Facchine – Being A Muslim In Public – Q&A

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of being confident in public, especially when it comes to publicizing yourself. They stress the need to pay attention to one's actions and consider how others view them. The speaker also mentions the importance of being guided by one's actions and being aware of one's actions for others to also benefit them.
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Someone says I am used to blending in with my surroundings. How do I become confident with being different examples, praying in public, although in public wearing hijab, etc. person who's not confident in public is somebody who's thinking about people looking at them. And a person who is confident and public that a Muslim is thinking about Allah looking at them. That's the difference. So if you're not confident to do the things that Allah subhanaw taala has asked us to do, then our attention is more on the people and I can relate I'm an Imam, I get up in front of maybe sometimes in Ramadan, 100 200 people to recite Quran, sometimes I think about the people behind me What if I

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make a mistake, they're gonna correct me what other people think these sorts of things, and it makes you nervous. And then all of a sudden, I'm not worshiping a lot anymore. I'm taken out of my game, and I'm probably even more likely to make a mistake, right? So it's a battle. It's a battle to pay more attention to how a law sees you, than how the people see you. Because when you think about the prayer, and the prayer is a good example, as you communicate with your Lord, everything else around you, then you forget about are the other people looking at me in this way or that way? Are they gonna? What are they gonna think of me if I make a mistake, okay, you're thinking about Allah

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subhanaw taala. Everything that you see around you is blessing, and you have a debt to pay. You have a gratitude to express. And so your worship of Allah Spano Tata, whether it's prayer prayer, or hijab, or wood, or these sorts of things, is an expression of that gratitude. And so you're concerned with how Allah considers you. The other thing you might want to consider as that? When you are a proud Muslim and public you're doing Dawa, right by your actions. And so yes, if you do, we'll do an in a sink, somebody might look at you funny, or somebody might ask, what's that? What are you doing? You know, I don't know. There are stories now we have social media. So these sorts of stories

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become viral and things like that of somebody who saw someone praying in public and then they asked, I became interested in about a slam or even they just protected somebody who was praying or just watched and like, enjoyed it and these sorts of things. So this is normal these days, you can have that you can have that attitude, or you can have that impact rather on somebody and the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said that it was better for you that one person be guided to the truth by you. Then you had 100 camels 100 Red camels 100 Red camels for them was like a Bugatti. Okay, so it's better that you that one person has got it to a slam by you then you have 100 Bugatti

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