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You made a number of different things, which absolutely categorically correct. So, one of the first things I want to deal with just the context of the King David hotel, you made a comparison between the sama bin Laden,

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Osama bin Laden,

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who wasn't them. So let's say he must have, he must.

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He must terrorists must have numerous terror attacks against

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the King David hotel.

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King David hotel, was a hotel in Jerusalem.

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King David Hotel by going again.

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For the people who are watching on YouTube, the King David Holmes

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hotel, it was actually the headquarters of the British military and Mandatory Palestine and

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who knows what was happening at this time of history. There was the Holocaust going on in Europe.

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Listen, I was very quiet and respectful for you. And there was no Lucky lucky.

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Lucky Listen, listen, listen. Listen, I was very respectful and let you speak a lot.

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So listen, if you let me speak, we will hear my point. Okay. The white paper

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Jewish migration to Israel at a time when Jews were being slaughtered in Europe? No, no.

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When was the white paper? Exactly. So the 1939 a white paper issued by the British blocked if you listen, you understand my argument. If you don't listen.

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I was very quiet view. I said that like this.

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So please be quiet. Be quiet means you shut up and you listen.

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He's got he's got very angry now.

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Okay, and in 1939, a paper was published by the British government at a time when Germans were slaughtering Jews by the 1000s. Yeah, and then went on to the millions. They blocked the Jewish migration to Mandatory Palestine. At the same time, they embraced mass migration of Arabs to the land. At the same time, they started instituting laws, which meant that the British government, the British military should attack Jews should incarcerate Jews should execute Jews who assisted those that were fleeing Nazi Europe. So many Jews in Israel, who help people who were fleeing certain death, combat sees

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that the Nazis were put to death by the British, the air gun broke off from the Hagana, who were the other larger, the larger military Jewish.

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I didn't speak when you were speaking, so you don't speak when

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we know you know all this, but just let me finish my point. It's not

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split off from the Haggadah, because they had a different political philosophy, the consent, we have to actually fight back, the British are blocking Jews from getting into Israel, while our brothers have been slaughtered by the Nazis, what our brothers have been slaughtered by the Muslims and the father within Iraq and places like that. And so what the British did what they did, they fought back. And they said, We will not attack British civilians, like Osama bin Laden, we will only attack military institutions. So they targeted the King David and when they

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when they targeted. I was so respectful for you. I didn't say a word. I didn't say a word. So just let me finish my point.

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So the what then happened was, they know you've decided this by train of thought when you were talking? That's why it's not fair. So I was the British. You had the King David hotel, the good random up 30 minutes ahead, like the IRA used to and said, we're warning you there's a bomb, you need to evacuate the building. For whatever reason, the British didn't take the threat seriously, maybe on purpose, maybe by accident. And as a consequence, many British many Muslims, many Jews were injured in the explosion. This is fundamentally different to Osama bin Laden, who gives no warning and massacres people because of his religious convictions. This was a paramilitary organization

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fighting an occupying power, which was the British. Okay, thank you very much.

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Now, the issue of 30 minutes is a big, big, very big controversy in historical, historical record. Some people accept it as a 30 Minute Warning, but the majority of historians do not

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So, a few stories I have no problem doing. Let me do that actually right now. In fact, let me talk about, first of all, one historian who had something to add spice to my argument. I think his argument is no, be interesting. He's saying so long as you want people. Yeah. Except that they get a warning, as well as you when people have a terrorist attack that's impending.

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Military or, excuse me, your hotel. The hotel is the headquarters of the Swedish military, civilian style known

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as it was still true. Everyone categorizes it as a terrorist attack. The British even categorizes, tries that as a terrorist attack, if you look at and I did this myself, if you go when you go to the newsroom, and you go into the primary source materials, all of the headlines and not really except for Atlanta, one of the headlines of all the British papers said this was a terrorist attack by the Oracle. And furthermore, everyone accepted this in the United States of America, this was a terrorist attack let's not call it they went in and killed innocent civilians they didn't

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know 92 are killed. You can you can get the numbers no issues.

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Now Furthermore, I was gonna say is, he's really doing a good work. Being an apologist for for Israeli, Israel Jewish, you can say Jewish, and terrorists. This is unacceptable. If it was me that was doing the same thing. I would probably be in prison. Number two, I was gonna say that, if you want names of different kinds of historians, why don't we look at the works, and I'm happy to pronounce his name. It's got a funny European

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puppy. He said that in 1948, when when Israel became established the state, not only did this terrorist organization of Israel, as we know now, there was no doubt and you can go on guys research the sun guy. Everybody categorizes them as terrorists, except for the extremists in Israel, even the left wing Israelis categorize them as terrorists.

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Those this done gang? Basically, it's, as you say, the leadership of this done gang became the president, the president. And then

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was the first person who was the first person Yes, was the first person who was the first prime minister

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of payments at the same time. You said nothing Begum was

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approached, by the way, this is called a semi presidential system where you have a president and a prime minister, neither of them woman, nothing begun,

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was never

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became the Prime Minister later in Israel's history. When did

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the 1770s Yeah,

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I apologise for that. Because he was there, of course.

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The Wolf,

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no issues

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at the same time.

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Now, having said that, he was still a president. I mean, the issue is, he was still

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fine, fine. She's fine. I'm so sorry. You know, it's still in charge of the country. That's even worse. The prime minister is no more powers in Israel than the

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Prime Minister. Yeah, so he had more policymaking. Having said that, so just terrorists was put as a prime minister, as the leader of the country. And listen to what he said that there was an intention, and this is factually stuff. You can read in historical books, not me talking about scholars of history, Elon puppy, he mentioned that there has there was an intention, once the irony of it. There was an intentional attempt from the Israeli government at that time, to ethnically cleanse the Palestinian population. That's his words, not my words. That's what he says and he has

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no problem is a historian, historian. he's not, he's a historian. You can't take that away from him. Norman Finkelstein is a historian he says, You can't say that he's not historic, just because you don't agree with his views? He lacks. Yeah. He said that there was an intentional attempt by the Israeli government establishment at that time to ethnically cleanse the Palestinians. Because you'd expect people who had been in the Holocaust of all crimes are being committed in history to know better, yeah, to to to actually reject this as a request. I respond. So I say to you, yes. You kind of post let me just finish what I was gonna say. So no better to not accept this. And that is, that

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is primary source material, like plant Dalat, which is controversial. But if you don't accept that this other plant is, and you can research on Google, other search evidences, which evidentially show that the Israeli government at that time was attempting to ethnically cleanse the Palestinians, which led to the Nakba, or what you refer we refer to as the Exodus, the policy.

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Questions responses?

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Who's Nelson Mandela? He went on to be the leader of South Africa. Was he a terrorist? I don't think at the first instance when when he was, I personally believe Okay,

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Let's be consistent with definitions. Yeah. Even if Nelson Mandela was was a great man afterwards, yeah, if he did in his life, which happened to the primary source materials, but if at any point in his life, he puts the videos life at risk, then that would be called terrorism. I wouldn't necessarily call up some

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research on that particular time period. But if the rumors are true, and he puts civilians life at risk, then I have no issues with Nelson Mandela. He didn't say

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South Africa