Tom Facchine – Belief Is Like a Muscle

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of belief and how it can lead to permanent loss of capacity. They also mention a disturbing disturbing figure who defies priority on Facebook and wants to audit. The speaker emphasizes the importance of obeying the Prophet and being careful to avoid negative behavior.
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belief is not something that is 100% within our control such that we can flip it on or off like a switch. Instead, belief is a capacity. Belief is like a muscle, it can get stronger with obedience, it can get weaker with disobedience. And if it's left long enough, without use, it can wither and atrophy until it is completely useless. That is someone who knowingly defies ALLAH SubhanA, who wants to audit for long enough,

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will eventually get to the points where they no longer have the ability to believe. And so, even as we recognize that we're all sinners,

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we all sin,

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we must be careful to obey Allah subhanho to Allah and his messenger as much as we are able to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who was given the miracle of succinct speech, summarized this balance perfectly when he said, Man, the hater commands will fetch 20 booval on that I want to talk on behalf of firemen who must adopt on robot must

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avoid the things that I have forbidden entirely and do as much as you can. Of the things that I've commanded you to do this

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