Tom Facchine – Becoming an Ambassador of Islam

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various cultural and personal experiences, including the loss of thecentimeter and the use of shaming to cover up deeds. They also touch on issues such as religion, hate, and money. The speakers emphasize the importance of privacy in Islam and the need for individuals to address their ways of living to develop their own good habits. They also discuss the challenges of achieving Islam's best way to live and the potential obstacles to achieving it.
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know how do they learn how kind of want to stay in and want to still fit or whatever are gonna be learning in school will be unforeseen oh I mean see Nina may have to be left alone will they laugh or may you'll be in for their hair do not wear shadow under you know in La la la sharika that was shadow under Mohammed Abdullah what I saw some Allah while he was some yeah you'll have ladina an otaku Ah ha ha Patil party he was on the inner ones are mostly on. Yeah, you will have Nazareth Topo Rhonda como la hora, kako Minassian waka waka caminhos oda weboth Amin hamari. German Kathy Romani, Sir What's up Hola, Lolita. Sir I want to be here on our ham in Allaha. Khanna alikoum rock Eva.

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Yeah, you're Latina. ammonoosuc Allaha Kulu Kolon Salida. You'll select back home at radical my young

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woman elder Illa first 1000 arlena DOMA Murphy in our circle, how do you think it's Abdullah? Well, hydro heavy heavy Mohammed and sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was several only after thorough her effort in Baghdad. Put a bid out in Bala well now we'll be left. All thanks and praise is doing so Allah we seek His help and his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evil within ourselves and the consequences of our own evil deeds. Whomever Allah guides will never be led astray and whoever Allah leads astray will never find guidance. I bear witness that there is no Allah there is no God in truth except for Allah alone without any partners. And I'm here that we're witnessing

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Mohandas Allah Allah Allah He was Salam is His servant and His messenger. Allah Almighty has said oh, you have faith fear Allah as it is his right to be feared and do not die, except that your Muslims, Allah azza wa jal has also said oh people Fear your Lord, Who created you from one soul and created from its its mate, and dispersed from both of them? Many men and women fear Allah through whom you ask one another and maintain family ties. Certainly Allah is ever watching over you. Allah azza wa jal also said

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All you who have faith, fear Allah and speak up right words, he will correct your deeds and forgive you your sins. And whoever obeys Allah and His messenger, he has certainly won a tremendous victory. Certainly the most truthful speech is the book of Allah. And the best guidance is the guidance of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam, and the worst affairs are newly invented religious matters. And each and every newly invented religious matter is an innovation. And every religious innovation has misguidance and we seek refuge in a law from that. Brothers and sisters in faith, the message that I have come to you with today is very simple. And that is, it is time that each and every one of us

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take up the responsibility of being an ambassador for Islam here in the West.

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If you're a Muslim living in a non Muslim country, Sudan, or Egypt, or turkey, or any other, or any other Muslim majority country, whatever you do, it's not taken as representative of Islam. If you lie, it's not tagged on to Islam, if you cheat, it's not ascribed to Islam. However, living here in the United States of America, and a new utopia, New York, we do not have that luxury. We do not have the luxury of being anonymous individuals, whether we recognize it or not, whether we want it or not living in the West, each and every one of us is beat by default, a representative of the smell.

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And thus everything we do or say affects how our non Muslim neighbors how our colleagues how our friends, and for some of us, even how our family members think about Islam, we are their window, to the space. We are the lens through which they see our deen. Now the question is, what are we showing?

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What do they see when they look at us? Do they see Islam as it was sent to us the truth as it was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa says,

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as it was sent by Allah, or do they see a distortion is something that we're doing, obstructing their view, towards true Islam? Do they see our own bad habits, our ignorance and our sin? Each of us has to ask ourselves,

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does my life reflect the beauty of this religion?

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Does my life reflect reflect the truth about this man? Or am I getting in the way of people seeing the greatness of our faith? Am I an invitation? Or am I an obstacle? We're used to thinking about examples as terrorists and extremists and people that are liable to commit violence. But there are many smaller, more common bad habits that each and every one of us do every single day, when we spend most of our time complaining about others when we gossip and talk about the about others behind their backs. When we're on the road, and we cut people off on the street, or we see a pedestrian waiting to cross and we blow right through the intersection when we live next to our

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neighbors for years and never get to know them or who they are or what their children's names are. When we fail to honor our spouses when we fail to honor our parents, when we're stingy with our time, with our talents, and our friendship. When we hide away and isolate ourselves. When we do all of these things. We are an obstacle for others knowing Islam, and we give Islam a bad name. Allah has warned us against us in the Quran, Allah says Rob and Allah to John fits naturally La Nina Cafaro. Oh our Lord, make us not a trial for the disbelievers. Made us make us not an obstacle for the disbelievers. You don't want to find yourself on a day of judgment, standing before a law and

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your neighbor is standing with you and your coworker is standing with you and your boss is standing with you. And he's pointing at you and he's angry at you. This man withheld the truth from me. This man withheld the beauty of Islam to me, and he will blame you in front of Allah azza wa jal

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and he will say not only to this person, not invite me to the truth, but he repelled me from it.

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A lot and the prophets of Allah He said, I have commanded us to safeguard our reputations. And if Allah has commanded us to safeguard our reputations, then in the OTA, then even more so we must safeguard the reputation of this religion.

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One time the prophets always sudden he was walking with his wife Sofia late at night, and there were two unsalted men that were passing by. And out of their humility and shyness. They kind of dropped their eyes and said that Mr. Eagleman just continued on but they were kind of averting the Prophet Muhammad slay Saddam and the Prophet Muhammad said something he didn't stand for that he said, Come here Come close. This is Sofia, this is my wife and the and saw the two men they were shocked because they said the audits will Allah we would never assume any bad from you. We would never assume any impropriety.

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from you. However the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he responded to that he said, Satan, the devil runs in the body of man just as his blood circulates. And then I was afraid that he the devil might insert an evil thoughts in your hearts this this hadith has no such finality. So the prophets only Saddam was going out of his way to foresee how other people might view him and taking the means to preserve and safeguard his reputation. The Prophet saw I saw him also and his companions asked him, why don't we just kill the hypocrites when Allah had been would have given the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem, revelation about the identity of who the hypocrites were the people

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who are trying to sabotage Islam from the inside. They asked them, Why don't we just take them out? Let's be done with it the prophesy centum said no, I will not have other people say that Mohammed kills his companions. He was concerned about his reputation, and the reputation of Islam.

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If we take inventory of ourselves, we will find that we already have absorbed many of the most beautiful traits of Islam, and the ones that Islam teaches us. And thus, each and every one of us already has much, much more to give this society.

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We just completed the month of Ramadan. When you talk to non Muslims about Ramadan, they are amazed at what we're able to accomplish. You're able to go without food and without water for 30 days. You stand at night and you pray up at this latitude when there's very, very little time to rest. And you still get up in the morning, you still go to work.

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This is discipline. This is discipline unlike anybody else, experiences in their normal life.

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We're also a group of people. We're a nation that believes in family. We take care of our elderly and we respect our elderly, we give charity to our poor relatives. This right here is a multicultural community. This particular message has chosen to make Islam the common bond that unites upon not our ethnic identities, not our racial identities, not our sectarian identities.

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Many of us are refugees or immigrants, and we come from far away and it took a lot of sacrifice and reliance upon Allah to complete that process. Many of us come from lands that are ravaged by poverty and famine and war. And we displayed an immense amount of patience and hope in order to endure these things.

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In this age, and in this place, when the elderly of this society are criminally neglected, and are wasting away in nursing homes without seeing a caring face or relative for months, in this age, and this place when the light of faith is so dim that people are thrown into spiritual crisis just by the smallest inconvenience. In this day and age where bigotry and nativism rain, the world and this society especially need the teachings of a snap, and they need the shining example of the Muslims. Now more than ever, I follow Cody.

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Allah highly.

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recommend looking at hamdulillah hip hop in Alameen wa salatu salam ala as sort of an MBA will not be enough. But what do you think Mohammed Ali, Salah was kept hustling.

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Now, when we see the poor reputation that many of us have made for ourselves in this society, and we see the conclusions that others have come to about our religion. There's a potential obstacle in our way. There's an obstacle that stands in our way from showing people the life of a snack and demonstrating its true teachings. One of those obstacles, is believing what other people believe about us believing that Islam is a religion of violence, and is backward and is barbaric. And that is oppressive. And all of these things, when we believe them, what's the result? We either throw away our Islam entirely, or else we distort it under the pretext of reform until it becomes

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something that's completely unrecognizable. We in essence, become who others wants us to be. Look at me. I'm a cool Muslim who wears revealing clothes. Look at me, I'm the cool Muslim who drinks alcohol. Look at me, I'm the cool Muslim who has a boyfriend or a girlfriend, we become happy with token representation in movies and television by Muslims who openly commit sins. And we call this progress and we call this representation. We look outside Islam to solve our own problems, whether it's either a political party or the foreign ideology.

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And this of course, is contrary to the guidance that we have from Allah and His messenger Allah says in Edina in the in the log in Islam, Allah says certainly the right path Okay.

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According to Allah Islam,

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Allah Azza Lal medica Melcher, the convener Kumar is meant to have a commitment to what will lead to the community Islam Medina, today I have completed for you your religion, meaning it is perfect it is completed. There is nothing left out of it. And I have completed for you my blessing and I have been pleased for you this is Dean this path this way which is a snap.

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Allah also says well may snap Medina fillet up but I mean who? Well who often ask you naughty Minahasa you mean? Whoever tries to follow a path or a way other than that of Islam, when they come to the day of judgment and they stand before their Lord, they will be disappointed and they will find that they are amongst those who have lost out. Finally, Allah azza wa jal, he says when that is Allah or they can Kitab tambien only condition that I have revealed upon you this book me in the Quran said beyond meaning, clear guidance, clarification, the cliche for every single thing for every single thing that you come across in your life, we have guidance for it in the Quran.

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And so we need to differentiate. We can't accept those outside judgments that people are making of us we can't we need to differentiate between Allah's Perfect faith and his perfect guidance, which is Islam, and our own imperfect selves, who ascribe ourselves to this fate. We need to admit that yes, we have racism in our communities. We have colorism in our communities. But that doesn't make Islam racist. We need to admit that we have sexism in our communities, and we even have classism in our communities. But that does not make Islam sexist, or classes. We need to submit to the fact that Islam is the best way to overcome our bad habits, and to develop our own good habits even further.

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So we can become the shining example that Allah wants us to be. Now there's another potential problem. What can I do? That's what many of you might be thinking, What can I do? I'm just a simple person. I'm not ashamed. I've never studied Islam. I don't know the Quran. And I'm not perfect, I have my own problems. The Prophet Muhammad SAW, I said, I'm address this. He said that faith has 60 between 60 and 70 branches, the best of which is to declare Lolita hate Allah and the least of which is to remove something harmful from the road. And modesty, in addition is a branch of faith with a prophesy son Ernest is telling us here is that you don't need to be a scholar. You don't need to be

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a student of Islam to be an ambassador of this faith. You don't need to understand the intricacies of Islamic disciplines. You don't need to debate anybody. You don't need time. You don't need money, you don't need status. Every single one of us has a role to play. I'll give you a very small example. I come from a non Muslim family. And when I accepted Islam I moved around actually lived in this area for one year, and then I continued to another location. One time my parents came to visit me and mashallah one of the Somali brothers in the community through a dinner party and invited my parents now they came in and men separate from women. It was very strange for my mother, and sitting

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on the floor, very strange for my parents. And they were just treated with the utmost respect and given food and they were sent with samosas to take home. My parents could not stop talking about these emotions. They could not stop talking about them. They are the best food they'd ever eaten. And when they got to the airport to fly back to their home, guess what? They had those extra samosas in the plane with them and they cracked them open it everybody starts turning their heads. What's this? That smells amazing. What's this? My parents are now distributing samosas and they're telling everybody, my son's a Muslim. And he got this from his Muslim friends here.

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I've heard of Saudi graduate students. I was starting to graduate student in Ohio. He used to throw a block party every week and slaughter a lamp. Anybody who showed up he would feed everybody. Everybody in the community started looking forward to Friday's they started asking about, hey, what are we going to do next week? What are we going to do here? Everybody, he worked in his capacity. I've met a doctor in LA, who invites the local police force over for s'mores and Chai by the fire.

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Every one of us can do these sorts of things. You can bake cookies for your neighbor, you can give small gifts to your co workers. You can be someone who's trustworthy. You can be someone simply that others come to for advice. You can uplift those around you. That's something that every single one of us can do. Because the Muslims we shouldn't be the first ones to give. We should be the first to forgive. We should be the first to smile the first to hold open doors for each other. We should be the first to open the doors to our homes, to our neighbors and our relatives. Each and every one of us can be an invitation to those around us, inviting them to experienced experienced the truth of

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our religion and our deen to feel firsthand the peace, the grace

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And the beauty of Islam. As Muslims, we should be a pleasant surprise to those around us. We should be a breath of fresh air to those around us, offering the things that many people are missing in their daily lives. People should be surprised by our gratitude. They should be surprised by our generosity. They should be surprised by our patience. They shouldn't be surprised by our honor. They should be surprised by our reliance upon Allah. And they shouldn't be surprised by our gentleness. Muslims should be like the ring. They don't discriminate who they fall upon. They benefit everybody.

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So we ask a lot of forgive us for our sins along the southern border Mohamed Salah Ali Mohammed Selita Rahim or other early Ibrahim in

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Oklahoma Baddeck Allah Mohammed Mohammed

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Ibrahim Ibrahim in Nikka Hamid Al Majeed, Allah Houma Isola snap on muslimin while the ship Well Mr. King, whatever, Deena what sort of a better more academic was your hola hola Bella is Sammy Amina, what's about in the yard of that? I mean, I'll go home. I didn't know how HubSpot was so wonderful at bath water in adults and adults in us. what if scenario, Robin is enough in dunya hasenauer Phil asked about He hasn't worked in IRAs ever know. Robin, Allah was in Palooka Nevada it had data. What have you learned? I mean, there's own Khurana in Santa Wahab last little doubt we're gonna add a handler and a handler to drop it on me

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