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I have an anime

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so that's

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what I was hustling along. In fact on the ones that didn't

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mean slam on

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everybody welcome getting classical Arabic Can we see the video?

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Okay, I apologize everybody is having a little bit of time

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difficulties here but that's okay.

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Because we're going to share screen anyway and just go into the lesson

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just won't, you'll see a black screen for me I need to do a CD Arabic

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so I have an apology for last week for Saturday's class as well Saturday we had another event at the masjid was a volunteer event and it took a lot of preparation I was kind of preparing for it since February that day and I totally spaced on sending a message to the group to let them know that class will be canceled. So I apologize for that for wasting your time those of you who tried to sign on and inshallah I will not forget next time something like that happens.

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So that being said, we did last time we met we were talking about the second person plural, right we had this kind of

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new lesson where we were covering and Tom, right?

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and etc. So you're covering both

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subject pronouns, possessive pronouns and object pronouns. Okay, and so we're going to get right into it with responding to the questions and it's going to be

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very pertinent these questions because these are the three questions that

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are no they're not everybody just looked at the third question real quick and I thought they were going to ask you the three questions that you will answer in the grave only the third one is however now they're still good questions nonetheless and they

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utilize the second person plural. So let's start with the shake family someone from the shake family could you do number one read the question translate it and then answer it

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man on tone

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and who are you? Yes Who are you plural and Tom is the subject pronoun for you plural good. And then what would be a response for that?

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Any response that makes sense

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no ship family.

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NGO back we call that angle back halfway between English and Arabic and you can say for example, now who mostly moon right and we are Muslims. Or if you wanted to use a prepositional phrase you could have said for example, national mean el Hynde or mean Amreeka we are from India we are from America. Whatever you want it good. So since you both tag team that one will move on to sister Musa Roscoe you do number two

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I'm not hearing you very well.

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I know they ain't Beatty calm. Okay, well, it'd be Beatty calm beta, beta. Okay.

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Why Why should it be beta?

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Um, because it's

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looked at because it's not very good beta comm aina. Right. Beta calm is the subject and then the information we want to know about it is where is that's the hub. Good job.

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Um, so can I say,

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Beatty? COVELO? msgid.

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Ve T Cabela Masjid. Yeah, within context that would make sense. Cobble before the Masjid. You know, if you're imagining a road and so it's

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All right before you reach the machine Yeah, that works that works. Oh it's not I meant to say Franco in front of Oh very good so in front of what will we use who can help her out? What's the word the preposition of place that would we would use for in front of mom

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close not email but with a man it's the same as email but it has a mommy

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ma'am as messaging Oh mom, so it's just support my mom. No, it has a SATA on the end, ma'am. msgid Baba Lal Masjid bear Adel al masjid, all of the prepositions of place and time by default. usually have a Fetta on them until there's something else that will change it from that.

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Good so yeah. Aina Bay to come. Where is your your house and we're talking plural here. second person plural.

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Bay tuna.

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Oh, look at what system was thought about this. She was sneaky. She responded with Beatty. But

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I thought you were being respectful. Oh my God, Allah. Well, Insha Allah we were being respectful. There we go. Look at that. Shut off. Shut off. That's good. Yeah. So if it were being used for for respect and the honorifics you know, then yes, that's completely correct. It would be bait to now other otherwise it would have to necessitate Bay tuna. Maman Masjid very good. And

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did the right exactly because it comes after the preposition of place. And so the prepositional phrase would be with it would make the next word measurable very good number three brother to me

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min Rob Welcome. Good.

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And Rob buena

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would you answer this question? Like

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oh, you're gonna be in trouble.

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Yes, okay. What's that? So let's know what what's going on? What's a meme that mashallah so the straightforward answer is oh Rob buena Allah right or who Allah okay. If you wanted emphasis right then you would say at all buena who Allah right you see, the addition of the subject pronoun

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in addition to the actual noun that it refers to, is the way to emphasize so you could say Rob Boone, Allah

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Our Rob is a last time with Tata or who Allah which takes for granted the kind of sentence that they gave to you. Or what I buena who Allah if you want it to be, you know, you're feeling feisty. And you wanted to make sure you got the point across that would be extra emphasis.

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Very good. Excellent. Okay. Let's keep going.

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Brother Mohammed what's awesome? Number four

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look at this dictionary, right? Know what language language was

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one last desperate attempts to get this or

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local man over to cook number two. Very good. And that is what is your language and language? Are you gonna know what tuna Nova tuna?

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Do? Very good. And does anyone remember the word for or do language in Arabic? What are the that's right or the

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good? Excellent. Okay, number five. Are we back to the top? Here? I believe we are back to the sheikh family number five. Let's do just doctors you

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know more cooperation for you guys.

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Mother said to come.

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Where is your school? Yes, very good. What's one possible answer for that?

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Mother said de

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Assa T I missed the other part. 100 Am I shall Okay, so he's, you know, for those not in New York, northern

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Upstate New York is known for its towns that are named after other cities throughout the world and so we have Rome we have Paris we have Vienna we have Mashallah. Or, you know why go to Europe? We have it all right here. And so they're using Rome room the Arabic room for Rome, New York, not Rome with Alia. Good. Okay, good. Aina madrasa to come. And this made me think with the last two man Luca to come or Aina, madrasa to calm.

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There's a couple of ways to respond, just like with the response that brother to mean gave us for a loss found to audit. You see that? He said, who Allah, that's a correct response. You've just mentioned the noun. So it's not entirely necessary, that you restate the noun,

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right? And so you can use a pronoun now if you were to number four and five Loga tone which is feminine or madrasa tone, which is also feminine, you would have to say here, so you could respond here as odia for number four, literally it is or do or for aina. madrasa to come here. Buried men henna, or mean Hoonah. Right. It is far from here. Or it is in Rome. Here fi room. Right? That is also completely acceptable if you were to do that.

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Good, good stuff. Moving on to sister Asmat. Number six.

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I'm dumb Muslim Munna. And are you muslim?

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And non Muslim?

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Very good. And since it's plural, you're also assuming there we go. Finally got the other camera to work.

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We are assuming that we're being taught to with lovely honorifics. But if we were the peasants, such as myself, then we would say national No, no, mostly moon. We are Muslims, because the primary purpose

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of the

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lesson that we're learning is second person plural. Right. So and Tom is going to be your subject pronoun for

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for the second person plural. And the secondary meaning of that is one of honorific. Good. So what's your response? Yeah, your responses Nam and a Muslim one, or No? No, no, no, no. Mostly moon. Very good. And if you hear an audible saying nothing Muslimeen then that's not correct. Unless they mean something different, which we'll learn later.

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But that's something that has become commonplace in slang. Anyway, number seven. Let's go to brother Timmy.

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Fi Beatty calm hottie cotton

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now I'm

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in Dona hottie cotton.

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Phoebe? Daytona Mashallah. Fie Bay, Tina, after faking it, but that's very good. See what he did? He answered creatively. And that's something that's completely fine. There's many, many possible correct answers. So he brought back the word or ENDA, which, as you all know, is a way of expressing possession in Arabic for things that are

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non human things. Right? So a fee of 80 km Hadiya cartoon, is there a garden in your house and in your house? You might say, wait a second, that doesn't make sense. But if you've been to places in the Middle East or you've been to places like Mexico,

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or even Europe, lots of places they have a courtyard. Right. So they actually have an exterior wall that is out on the street for privacy. And then there's a courtyard inside. So instead of a yard with a fence, there's this kind of courtyard system. And so it would make perfect sense to have a garden in your house. A PHY Bay TiECon Have you gotten none in Denna? Fie Bay, Tina Hardy Fatone. That's very good.

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Let's go the system was thought about number eight.

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nein, nein nein then I say

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the word to say I've done very good.

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Good. That's fairly straightforward. You have a car you'll have a car yes, we have a car. Number nine Brother Mohammed mark test

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Mother Teresa. Good.

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Where's your teacher? Imagine the principal, the principal walks in the class is just chaos. Where is your teacher? What's the answer? Wah

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wah pedal biting?

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Correct. Hey, that's correct is especially, you know, Stranger things have happened in, you know, in Medina, the Middle East. So you know, he's he's at home, he didn't come to school today and he didn't call on it. There is no calling and subs, you know, there's just sometimes the teacher just doesn't show up. And yes, that happened many times. To us. It would be strange, because like you're in school and your teachers in your house. Well, what was the answer that the brother gave? He said, who is he?

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Oh, of 80? Oh, well, that's interesting. Well, maybe, you know, hey, anything's possible.

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Maybe he was. I don't know. There's we can give them

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personal Don has not done for the teacher, perhaps that he was, you know,

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exactly. Where he's making sure all the students got up out of their bed and they're on their way to school and who knows? But okay, it's possible, grammatically correct.

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And number 10. Last one, let's go to

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relatively did the last one for us here.

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And to move that be thrown moodily sooner?

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No, I'm not No. Would that be

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very good? Why don't I give you guys just a little bit of a nifty trick for this type of thing. So we will learn later. Pretty soon. That if we were to have a word that is general, more that Kira said, which is the sound masculine plural.

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If it were to be men sube in the accusative case, or midroll, in the

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genitive case, then it would be modal Resene instead of modality soon, there's only two forms mode that very soon would that be seen.

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Okay, mostly mostly mean? Okay. All anytune colony clean, right, etc, etc, etc. So, what's the difference between NAT no model resume and national model Resene.

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Okay, just a little trick for you. If you say national model resume, that means we are teachers.

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If you say national model Resene.

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It's not a complete sentence. It means we teachers, right, you're actually using them, they really seem to specify and communicate to your audience who exactly is the NAC know that you're talking about? If there's in doubt, I want to say we Muslims believe, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, natinal Muslimeen? Nope, meno Billa whatta. Who?

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Right, et cetera, et cetera. That's something that's very small, very easy, but we'll come and see later in sha Allah to Allah.

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Would there be a Fatah on the

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there's always a Fatah. Whether it's Moodle, Resene or Moodle resume, it is Magne on the Fatah model resume that we seen and we will also learn that if a word that is sound masculine plural, becomes possessed and part of a multiple Boffi day, then the noon will be deleted. The noon will drop. Will that resume? Moodle? resole Bates or Moodle? resu? Amreeka? Right as the teachers, that American teachers, but again, we'll get there later. So the long IRA in certain

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markets. So that one is hard because it's the subject, correct? Yeah. Correct. It's not part of Moore's Law philosophy. And so it's going to maintain the noon right they call that the woods and noon like the noon is sticking around.

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And is yeah, like young? Yes. Yep. Exactly.

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Okay, let's see what we have here at Proctor. Okay. This is a fairly large list of let's see, we have 12 Yes, we have 12 and we only have four minutes left because we pray

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Maghrib at eight o'clock here so we're gonna have to move I think the class time for next class. I will notify you all about that. Inshallah. Tada.

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Let's just do a couple together. And then we will

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work includes so.

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Okay, so read and write. And I always recommend that you write these as much as possible that will benefit your language acquisition a lot. There is no secret that the best or false the best memorizers of the four and in the world usually come from West Africa or East Africa and they use the low. They use the method of writing down a Koran, because it teaches you to recognize things that you're not used to recognizing. So the first number one we have national Muslim woman, okay, you should recognize this as we are Muslims. Allahu Rabona

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a lot is our Sustainer Well, Islam de noona you see how everything is Joomla Izmir

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look to that hover. My foot mark for right now ready for next year? Everything is exactly the same type of sentences that we've seen before. Allahu La buena. Well Islam Medina on EBU Mohammed dune sallallahu alayhi wa sallam rasuna while of course and will carry emo kita buena. Someone tell me what's the relationship between Al Quran and will carry mu? What's the relationship between these two words? Is it such a muscle? Is it mobile for both LA is it mobile to recover?

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I think it's safe. I'm not sure. Okay, what's your evidence? How did the leaf

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so was pulled off Mondavi lay then it would be

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it would be a porter and Neil Kadeem or whatever

00:21:54--> 00:21:55

I guess wouldn't.

00:21:57--> 00:22:00

What's what is mobile? Mobile has to have? It has to be measurable.

00:22:03--> 00:22:10

I think I'm getting mixed up. Yes, the mobile fee has to be sorry, sorry. Can be can be much rock of him. And so

00:22:11--> 00:22:13

and also just the meaning of the word that wouldn't.

00:22:15--> 00:22:25

But what's the you hit upon it though? Because you said for an ill caring? What's missing from for annuel Kareem that's not here with Al Quran Al Karim.

00:22:28--> 00:22:54

One has le flam and the other does. Okay. If it were to be mothballed awfully, right, move off. Upset le flam because it's Marisa by implication by possession. Hmm. So the fact that it has le flam and Alif Lam as an old carry mu system also has to agree in four things. What are the four things I suffer? Well, Sophia, typically out of Aisha mahiya Yeah, shaky man. Now here

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a suffer while most Souf lab would and you're typically automatic.

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Now here

00:23:03--> 00:23:05

Well, no. Souf Aiwa. And that's when the roots

00:23:07--> 00:23:11

they don't know. And the machine we have no idea here for things.

00:23:13--> 00:23:19

Yes, America, Nikita. Oh, see, right. Whether it's definite or indefinite, okay.

00:23:23--> 00:23:33

Whether it's a metaphor, or a midget or monsoon, automatic, singular, plural. That's right. Oh, Jim. And then what's the lesson?

00:23:34--> 00:23:37

Well, that leveling your tempo if you have a sharp

00:23:39--> 00:23:40

move from Jim,

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McManus we're not even Nikita. Okay, that's all we have time for. May Allah bless you all. And we will send an announcement to announce the new class time because yeah, it's running up right against them. I believe now. We'll have to back it up. Thank you very much, everybody.