Tom Facchine – Answering the Misconceptions #06 – Are All Muslims Arabs

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the statistically significant difference between the two cultures, with Islam being heavily influenced by the language used in their culture. The speaker also mentions that there is a large number of Arabic speaking Muslim individuals, with them speaking Arabic and their language being Islam.
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Some people think that all Muslims are Arabs, or muslims or muslims or Arabs. And that's statistically not true.

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The most populous Muslim nations are far east of the Arab speaking lands. Indonesia.

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India, yes, Pakistan, these places have way more people, individually and collectively than the the Arabic speaking Muslim world. Right? So

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Arab culture and the Arab language, obviously, there's some overlap because in Islam, the Quran is in Arabic, right? We use a lot of Arabic phrases, but there's definitely not.

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There's definitely a big difference between the two. Just like there are Arabs who are Christians. There are Arabs who are Jews, and they speak Arabic And they worship God in Arabic, which is Allah and

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that's their two. Alright, so these two things, Arabic and Islam they're they're two separate things.

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