Mohammed Hijab – Black Community React to Tommy Robinson’s Interview with Sellout Sara

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The host of a video showcases two black people's experiences with freedom of speech and the impact of rumors on their bodies. They discuss the racist and anti-dumping culture within the political party, including the use of black people as a excuse to get political support, and the potential for political involvement in the election. They also touch on the ongoing controversial speech by Tommy Robinson, the importance of protecting safety and protecting loved ones, and the need for groups like the Somalis to come to the United States to rescue people. The transcript also touches on recent protests and events, including the G circle event and the recent failure of a woman named Jenny to do something.
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So welcome Robin to live with cats. I'm here joined with two very special guests. Hopefully you know who they are already. But if you don't do them for surprise, we've got respite berglas. Because

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you know, I will go those whose is well researched in the field of like African history, it gives me a lot of knowledge and love, insight and nap in that particular field. So what I want to talk about today is kind of like the EDL, the right wing, what you guys think being in the mix of it, like, you know, we're in the thick of it, even what you guys think the black community starts on them, I want to show you some sources, as well from like Tommy Robinson and some other key figures. And also I want to show us there is a movement. Now it's not really a movement, to be fair, to be completely honest. But there are some splinter group, or few individuals that were known as people of color,

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for example, who have now our fully defected to the idea, of course, all that at least kind of following in the same directions. So I want to show you all of that. There's a particular was a particular interview that took place between Tommy Robinson and a regular speaker's corner,

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who's whose name is Steven Burrell. Now we're gonna watch that particular interview. And I want to get your insights on that as well.

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Is that good? There

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are some that

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were particularly

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just trying to show off, sleeves down. So the reason I'm doing this, and it's

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not because I necessarily agree with Tommy Robinson's politics, but I agree 100% in the right for anyone to have their freedom of speech. And I don't want anybody taken away from anyone.

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Tommy, I wanted to kind of get your view on this freedom of speech thing. Yeah.

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A lot of people on my channel, want to be asking questions, why I'm speaking to you, right? Because I kind of align myself with more

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issues, right, African centered issues.

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However, for me, right, I wouldn't even be able to have that platform, if it wasn't for freedom of speech. So

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I want to know from you, why you think freedom of speech is important with a free speech, if I'm an idiot, right? If I'm wrong, come and talk to me and debate me and show people.

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And I think everyone has to have that, right. And when I'm talking free speech, you have a home of free speech. I'm not talking free speech to incite violence or to incite murder or to incite any of these problems.

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Criticism of an ideal, you know, I find very interesting here. Yeah, it's first of all, like how the laying down everything. Okay, so the framing this idea that this really is about freedom of speech, and I wasn't Tommy Robinson's paychecks, you just did a bit of research. And I saw that this guy for about a week, he was campaigning, him coming to speaker's corner, in order to defend freedom of speech. But the question is this, we all are regulars, and understand the culture and the dynamics in speaker's corner, speaker's corner has always and always will be about freedom of speech, hence why we have those debates. So again, here, we talk about quite often, Tony, we seems to like create,

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like these methodologies and these problems like these dark problems they're going to come about, and they're going to take away our freedom of speech, and I have to go to speaker's corner and speak as if there was never that there was no freedom speech to begin with a speaker's corner. So I don't understand what like the objective flag was that problem creation? Yes. I feel like that.

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We have to be free to do that.

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Okay, because not not, not to say that, you know,

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people need to find out who you are not listen to what he said about you. My own experience I used to be, that used to be an actor in my teenage years up into

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mid 20s. And I've made all kinds of rocks, all kinds of roles, and I've actually got

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a show reel online. Now I played in about a decade ago, I played a bisexual character on a TV show called family affairs. It was on Channel five, right? I was on that for like two years and the characters bisexual.

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I'm bisexual lacto was a character. However, what happened now that now that they know me now is Oh, sorrows gay, you know? And that's and that's now the thing. So everyone commented me saying, Are you gay? And I'm like, no, no. And then I heard but therefore now you're gay because they think that's a negative. Right? They think it's negative. But you see that this is an important point. Here he goes, right? They think it's negative. You know, this guy. He made a video one time against

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Williams you remember Paul Williams and other students, and he was buried in his belly. Robinson Nananana. sarova is better than him. But you see here because the white man is in front of him. He doesn't want to tell his true views on homosexuality to get me. He doesn't want to say how he really feels about it. Because this guy's a Christian. This guy has his legacy. This guy he thinks is a negative thing. He might have to be taken down from YouTube because it was reported. Okay, so so why why pretended that that's that's not your view? Do you get it? Yeah.

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What is happening now is that I'm now dealing with rumors, and I've got and I'm thinking away rumors. You know, I mean, I know the rumor of you being gay. Is the rumor of me being racist. So you're not racist.

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racist, man.

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I can tell you that I

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see that feeling annoying frustration when you walk around and people come up to you asking you are you there? So I have people outside we just had outside. Before coming in. We had someone come up to me again, who was very unknowledgeable and on any

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so crunchy, so pinch, unbelievable.

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Like that. It's like when cologne of Muslims why they are now beside the Tommy Robinson the reason why Muslims are lopsided

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is because Tommy Robinson obviously has an issue with Islam obviously me Muslim men are not not terrorists. I'm on to the terrorist just that anyone not one of us. I know. That's not the mindset of the majority. Not from my from my opinion, get me on my experiences. Yoga study. But so when back saw that oxygen why people think he's gay that he talks especially for black. I'd say I've said this many times. In fact, for me, when you acted in the movie, you get me a lot of demand and on the road, not wonderfully everything you always done on Monday came out was they realize that except but you understand a lot of man that was backing him if they knew that in the beginning, your first

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time, they might have stepped back McCall

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for men to play the role. for follow up, man, this ain't even ansara that's the thing, or not as an individual anyway, this is on anyone and it's on you. This is on my cousin This is on my brother. When you come play the role you're understanding then from my head, you have to be able to mentor me, you know, I'm saying relate to in some way shape or form. I'm gonna play that role. Just call it um, that's just not me. Yeah. Moreover, moreover, like this guy's been paid to do something like that. Yeah, you got you got to think of it from this perspective. Like, he is so averse. Like he is very frustrated that people call him homosexual. But he was willing to accept payment for performing

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homosexuals or can be done when you could use a big man with 1920s You know, I'm saying you knew what you knew what the outcome was? You've been in school you've heard virgin talk major, you know I'm saying so you made the move and now you've got you know, I'm saying you got the piece for you know, I'm saying so you can't take the money and then say why what sorry say Why is everyone * and the same thing with Tommy Robinson? You understand this he said the reason why the same reason people have racist is the reason why that is because your history you get me your paws through your your politically to ideology is the best like, example I can use. Yeah, I have to say

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no, as you know, total recent racist photo is a millimeter and city coming down for free speech. And everyone that came was why you overstay. And unless you

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read a white paper, they go out because Jeremy Corbyn said you cannot have two speakers going on for free speech, you're going to see a multicultural round come in where I'm proud to come over time because Jeremy Coleman's mindset he's political policies. They're more understanding to work on for us to get me w talking about Jamaica reparations. You know, I'm saying I'm ready for any politician like that, because I feel like politics is corrupted from

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the same time. If I was to pick someone and say, that looks like a guy that if I was even on the road, like you might see him and he just seemed like, all right, giant, Jeremy Corbyn, you get me like so and then. And in my mind, you can you can tell the tone, you know, I'm saying, but obviously, like, someone said, like he used to, he used to get a lot of flack for being called racist when he was part of the deal. So obviously, if that's where most of your fight is coming from, you get me You might ditch that. Let me show you. I want to get your reaction to it. Some of the brothers have been looking at his Twitter account. So you know, this is on my Instagram. I'm

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gonna show you the picture. They're gonna see it here as well. This is actually a post that he put up in response to a video of someone saying this is an Eritrean black man. So he was saying this, he was saying in this video that you know,

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Britain has come and taken over my land and like talk about the colonial legacy of England. Yeah, sad hurts. He said immigration in the video he goes, it hurts me that Britain had done all these things. Yeah. So that's why he can never associate fully with Britain. That's what this guy. Yeah. Alright, so this is what he said, yeah.

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This is Tommy Robinson, who's once he goes if it hurts that much to eff off to Africa.

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So I don't know what director would you make of that?

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Well, that's the race is coming in looking for

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is coming in one, we looking for you.

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Because these are the arguments that saris to make in the past. This guy, Steven Murrow used to make these arguments he used to come into the pocket say, look, the white man is twisted, if the if, if sorrow and Tommy linked up on an ideological conversation thing, or cologne yoga stand, then they have to be on opposite sides of the fence. It's just that right now. They're not talking about their defenses. Yeah, all of a sudden, like because if if saw start seeing some of his beliefs you get any any black person says the truth about our relationship with this country? Tommy's not concerned in that

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any white person who is more critical of immigration than they are a foreign policy. The UK is foreign policy. How did you get into rocks?

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If anyone was ignorant of that, yeah. And is still critical immigration. You have to be racist. You have to be racist. Because you're not

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a humanitarian. Yeah, simple. I feel like just before we move on to something very important. You said, you said the day like you can refer back to the demonstration on that Sunday.

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I saw this video that Tommy Robinson shared on his Facebook account in his black dude, very, like cockney accent, and he was talking about why he came down. And so I'm trying to say, Now, Tommy Robinson didn't come down to speaker's corner saying, Well, I'm speaking here and clearly against Islam.

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He came down with the precept of speaking a speech free speech. So that's why you have a black brother say what I'm here to support free speech. And it worked in work, because that's what Sarah was saying at the beginning. Well, I might have some differences with Tommy, but I want to defend free speech. Does he do a free set? Yeah, what we don't need to defend them man. This free speech, though. It's not a free speech of the KKK. You know, I'm saying Yeah, what was in my interest to defend their free speech? Yeah, well, no, but you see how they're framing it? Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I can see the frame and the frame is just like, if anyone is to see and a brain to think is gonna see

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it's a complete farce. He gave me my own copy of Tommy Robinson. Oh, ed. Oh, my God. One day Manchester, London.

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You get me so it's like Manchester Moreover, Tower Hamlets and central London.

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So like, and obviously a lot of people I know right now in the comments gonna be someone saying look, you don't face racism in the park as well. You understand that? We're not we're not I'm not denying that you're standing up to Mohammed hijab In the beginning I said that's the issue that is going to have to be dealt with Yes, you're standing up here kind of like like like, like I said, the G so obviously we're going to D circle this Sunday. And we're going to be set apart we're going to be dealing with issues in our community you're started we're not getting caught in the hype but we're making it clear that every gang member that I know of none of them a support and Tommy

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Robinson not one of them. You understand in any way shape or form and even though we've had debates with the Muslims of the poor like I said in our community, we don't have any EDL members but we have Muslims Yeah, you know you get me in the guy we don't have any do members but we have Muslims in the game your stance certified Muslim so like that's our position on that in it your stand we stand we're standing in solidarity and we definitely have that one fire one any any any bigotry racist your Sunday? Does that these month like when these might have the power like there's people like Stephen Lawrence, you oversized? I can't forget Stephen Lawrence. Yeah, you're like these are his

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his people with the from the background of people like Tommy Robinson that killed Steven Lawrence is people like that that killed my older Tristan and masky

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Joe Cox you know I'm saying the MP the YMCA

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it's not just this thing that's why we went to the Finsbury Park attack. I feel like when you talk about the noise all these issues like just the ship has it has shifted slightly now the focus is on the Muslims for now. But once it's finished, they got to go back to what they were doing from the from the get go definitely acquire identities don't turn off talking about dealing with issues in any way. They're pretty light. Okay, let me tell you what, he goes fine for you. He was not angry that

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Guns going around and colonizing people, they don't angry that they're angry that the poor English are not getting a big enough cut.

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They're saying the poor English ain't gonna they're not saying don't go over there and stop. They're not saying that that's his debate. He's the poor English and okay in a big enough color and people are being allowed to come from outside and take our cuts here. That is their argument. So the argument has nothing to do but politically I love it actually. So I was talking to this in the car like, a lot of it is post World War Two. So after world war two and economy and infrastructure was kind of decimated in Britain, they needed the peoples of the former colonies to come in and rescue them and, and uplift them because they knew that they needed that kind of support. So when the

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Jamaicans came in the 60s and the Indians came in, in the 70s, and you know, the the Somalis came into the 90s immigrants to this country, so it wasn't done the work now, you know, you've done the work now leaves. Yeah, that's what it's gonna be like, and you have to know that Tommy Robinson most of these finals, they didn't come from London. It comes with new urn and Southampton, Wales and yeah, like, you don't say, multicultural London, he hasn't got a big following that will come out there. Yo, Stan, is these the people from way out where they put anybody? No black people in the basement and people

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aren't really interested.

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I was wondering that anyway, I was who I was for, but I was like, Okay, well, I'm from Newcastle. This like foreigners come to replace and like the CEO jobs. I'm like, bro, like, the whole village is white.

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guy can come from another country. This we have to understand. When I sent my CV. Yeah. Just because of my name, or any one of our names in the room. Yeah, true. We're less likely to get interviewed. It's already way behind. Just from send it off the team. Yeah, they're really behind it.

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Behind from the get go, Okay, now I get to the interview. You're almost done. Okay. I'm an immigrant, you know? I mean, I don't speak English is my first language here. So I'm already behind you to me. Now. I don't speak English. first language. So you're, you're in front of me there as well. Yeah, yeah. You've got the complexion, you understand. You're where you're standing. So you're ahead of me there. You have a stand, and then your stand. So from you lose a job to me, you understand? Then you've got to just know that that's based upon you've

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given like 10 steps

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to doctrine, yeah. And then they were basically looking at like, different scenarios that so that this girl, she was French, she came here and found a job. And there was this guy, this white guy, he was complaining, or he's immigrants, Europeans to come over and take our jobs that, Okay, I'm going to take you out to an agency. And guess what he's probably was low self esteem. And there were jobs that he was not willing to do. Yeah, that's what I was gonna say. I

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don't want to do it feel like they're above a lot of them jobs there. Yeah, yeah. So that's why you go into any establishment and you might see a black cleaner. Yeah.

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She won't feed her children at the end of the day, or blood security guard

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or something.

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But he's again judging me on on what he thinks, or any anybody thinks it because the media have built up a persona and a picture of me for him.

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When I was leaving, just friendly, if I didn't know the dispensary and I read a newspaper saying Nazis are coming into my town. People don't understand. So you're not coming from my town. No Nazis coming through my town. Yeah. The difference is we were Nazis, the differences, the differences from from the very first day if I if I talk to you from this, and this is why we had such a strong issue against the National Front against Nazis as well. And I had a real problem with people within the English Defence League, who I felt were trying to maneuver the movement. Because before what sport found that the Misfits league was uniting people.

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It was a group of our community who fought, and on the very first day that we formed, I sat in a pub and a man walked in, there's 200 of us in the pub. And this was our first demonstration you can if you can't unite people are blue. And you see this demonstration. And a man walked in the pub, and he said, he goes,

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Hey, where you from? I know you want to do that. And there's no one else. He goes Barney me. And he goes, don't worry to a national train stations.

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You see when they get

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fucking heads kicked, and even said, Look around.

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Look around the pub, and they may not be on numbering people, but there are black and there there are no more people in this pub. And they're part of out there who we are. So and when they did come they were chased out. Let me talk about you see this year, as you can see, you're gonna see in a second year, that he doesn't really challenge the racist thing. Look, as you said, when he came on Sunday, I would say at least not

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99% that's not normal decoration. 97 All right, cool. 97% of the people that came into pub on your site, why? People don't see

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that token black guy. You saw us on

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the podcast, one of the guys in the

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Yeah. In places Yes. Different from the mundane. You get me around the puppet manifests in monkey jokes. And we have written a call with the NOC

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Boss Man with the for Europe saying you can't use them as an example. Because they don't represent like our community, the overstand like as in date, like they literally are outside of the community, you don't say no.

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Generally speaking, is what we should be doing. People like respect, they deserve a lot of answers. Gonna be cliche now, but there's a lot of respect their habits times, have you seen that in the comment section?

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Respect harassment? But yeah, they do. Because you know what? There are people, every community who are reasonable. Join us, I'm trying to say that we have to find reasonable people in every community. That's how we can create bridges of communication, understanding. Yeah. And even if we disagree on fundamental issues, like for example, you might not be able to a Muslim. Yeah, I might not be exactly in tune with everything that you do. And you might not be, it works like that. However, we come at the end of the day, for things that we agree upon. And even things we disagree upon the process was the alibi of Hulu. Hey, john jameelah, like, be patient with whatever they say.

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Yeah, and leave them in a nice way to people that you disagree with, like from someplace, please leave them in a nice way. So we try and create like the bridges, we try and create, like communication with each other in a nice way. And that way, there's no grudge on going to San Diego, Comic Con. Can you

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guys like to subscribe to whoever channels This is going on? no respite by being the drill sergeant a G circle this Sunday. Last week, we saw a lot easier to go down to the park in the numbers. We saw some of them attack some of our brothers, you understand some cooling out the generals right now you understand we're gonna do a G circle standing in solidarity dealing with our own issues. But we're also going to be able to protect ourselves and protect our loved ones, if necessary. overstand what we're not going down there for any puzzle, you understand. But like I said, No one's going to chase us out of Park. We're not going to be scared by any numbers. We're still going to go and defend our

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freedom of speech.

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here so g circle this Sunday. Like I said, he do the attack attacking people last week. So if you're not like that, you get me you might want to stay at home but for all my journals. We're gonna be this Sunday. I'll see you there, gang.

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