Sulaimaan Ravat – Tafseer of Surah Kauthar #1

Sulaimaan Ravat
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the history behind the revelation of the Bible's surah verse, which refers to the loss of Allah's honey he was selling on the day of payment. The speaker explains that the revelation was due to the presence of a person who had no main offspring and that the verse was meant to imply that the person was not a good or decent person. The speaker also discusses the history behind the revelation of the Bible's surah verse, which suggests that even though the person may not have a prognostication of death, they will be more tender and bonded to their father.
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Today we are this year inshallah we are going to do Sula, Kota surah Nasser and surah lab so that the last few suitors of the Quran will be covered. And we will be commencing today in Shan lamb with surah co author machiya. It is a mucky surah meaning it was revealed in Madina munawwara and there are a few scholars who say it was revealed after he did in Medina, but the majority say it was revealed in muckety, muck Rama, where he said it, it has three ayat three verses, it is the shortest surah of the Quran. And many of us are familiar with it, because we read it in our Salah simply because it takes the shortest amount of time. But that should not be our intention. It's a sutra

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that has such a profound background in terms of why it was revealed. And it is a surah that has such depth in its meaning, right. So if we look at the name of the surah, it is known as Surah tolko. So what does that mean? What does it refer to? If you look at the literal meaning of good, of course, it is an abundance of good, a lot of good. And it is also the name of the pond which was which is granted, or which will be given exclusively to the sort of loss of Allah honey he was selling on the day of piano. So it could refer simultaneously to both when Allah says that in our clinical co author that verily we have granted you abundant good, it could mean we've granted you a lot of

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goodness and part of the goodness which we have granted us also the pond of Kota that will be exclusively for you and your own mom the day of payment. Now the background to the revelation of this particular verse, the scholars have written that when the be said Allah Allah He was cillum son Qasim passed away. Let me said Allah Holly was Selim had no male offspring. Now, the the, the atoms used to read, they used to mock it the person who had no main offspring these to say that such a person is appetit, meaning that after his death, he will be forgiven, he's forgotten, rather, his lineage will never continue, you won't have a progeny that will continue because he has no male

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offspring. So in the midst of Allah, he was sitting some person passed away. Then the Quraysh and and particularly asked, meanwhile, they started mocking Rasulullah sallallahu he was suddenly sort of taunting him, that you are up there, meaning your lineage is cut off. And this is when Allah revealed his verse. The aspect of after, is dealt with at the end of the verse but realizing that you may not have male offspring, but look at all that which Allah has given you. According to another narration cabin Ashura was a Jew of Medina, he came to Makkah and the police asked him that you are the leader of the people. What do you think about this young man who claims that he's better

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than us in religion, while we are the people who serve the pilgrims, we are the custodians of the carbon and we supply water to the pilgrims. So cabin, I should have said to the Quran, you are better than him, meaning that you are better than the visa lottery system, because you serve water to the pilgrims and because you are the custodians of the Kaaba. So this verse was revealed to contradict that. So that is one cause of Revelation. Another cause of revelation was because the Quran was taunting the peace of Allah Allah He was sending with the word after when his son Qasim passed away. So, in the surah lies indicating that even though the nebia filla may not have a

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progeny that will continue via sons, you will not have a progeny that will continue via sons, then to a lower Gundam such a big spiritual family meaning his ummah, that will be more faithful and obedient to Him more loving than a son could be to to a father. And if you look at the love that people have 1400 years later, for a sort of loss of love, it was silom there's no sun, there's no grandson that can love the grandfather, the father that much so that's a bit of a background in terms of the revelation of Surah tokota

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