Tafseer of Surah Maryam 09 – Isa AS speaks from his cradle

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The history and context of Islam are discussed, including the holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy. The success of Islam in protecting religion and avoiding behavior outside of one's rights is also highlighted. The importance of the holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy is also emphasized. The history of Islam includes accusations of bribery, proposal to remove visa, and false accusations of seeking fame. The importance of having an equal sex of marriage and abuse is also highlighted.

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what's going on feeding Kitabi?

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rajim Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim Allah Johanna Nemo bow rockin Aina to own salon AB sala de was a karate my doom to hire woebot Run bhiwadi That de la mia Johnny Jabba shot the salah Mohyla young awarded to a young man mo to Uber Hi, Sue. Hi. Sada Allahu La Lim. Yes, we were in the flow of the discussion of Satan, ERISA Ali Salam as a child, and he's not the only child who spoke in infancy lumea talkin landfill Maddie Illa Thalassa. According to one narration, and according to other generations, there are other children as well. One narration says the three children have spoken in the infancy in the crib and the cradle, while other generations make mention of more babies that

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have spoken. And there's an explanation and a context to that entire detail. But of course, now we are speaking about the miracle of recycling in Salem, we move on to verse 31. What are Eleni MOBA rockin Aina makan to Allah has blessed me wherever I may be. So there were two people you know, there were two extremes in the case of resigning his salaam, those that elevated him to the Absolute Supreme Being and those that elevated him to the one who has total powers, and those who unfortunately made derogatory reference to say the Nerissa Alayhis Salam, and accused his mum of immorality and Allah subhanho wa Taala has conveyed to us the correct the absolute balance that Risa

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alayhi salam is a great person he is a prophet. He is amongst the selected servants of Allah. But he remains a servant He remains a servant. The messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam being the closest and the most noblest of Allah's creation, Allah subhanho wa Taala referred to him as well in chapter in chapter three inches for Walmart more handmade done Illa Rasool Walmart Mohammedan Illa Rasool that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is not but a messenger, and intercedes. The Hustle, the hustle, hustle, the hustle year, that he's only a prophet, is not to trivialize the station of Prophet would, but rather is to negate the fact that he is not the deity. He is not someone to be

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worship mankind. Buddha Mohammed, whoever worship Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that he should know that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has passed on these were the words of Satan Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu at the demise of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam woman kurnia Allah and the one who worships Allah then he should know that Allah is ever live in what what can I learn here levy liar mood rely on that loving who never passes away, which Allah Nemo bow rockin. Allah has blessed me for those who accused my mum of immorality etc. I am blessed. I am blessed in each way. Well, Jaron Lanier MOBA, rockin, ain't going to wherever I may be, whoa, Sonny and his

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son, it was a karate don't do Hi yo.

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And Allah has ordained and Allah has impressed and commanded me to perform Salah and to discharge that God as long as I remain alive. Okay, now there's so much and number one also use the right is to impress the command. So Allah has impressed with great emphasis the importance of prayer, and we can imagine we can imagine how important Salah and zakat are as pillars of Islam, that in this particular context, saying the Nerissa Elena salaams, speaking was a miracle. And then what he spoke was a greater miracle. So what I'm trying to say is if a child 14 day old baby speaks, even if that child were to blurt nonsense, but the child utters something, it's strange. It's peculiar. It's

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unheard of, it's miraculous. And now the child is speaking and the speech is coherent, the speech is structured, the speech is meaningful, the speech is focused, right, which enhances the nature of the miracle. And then Allah subhanaw taala makes say denarii saheliyon Salam also addressed the aspect of Salah and the God that makes us understand how in

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boughten how important a injunction of Salah is and how important the injunction of the court is. And let me make an appeal to my brother and my sister. And let me remind myself, let me remind myself, my brother and my sister are we taking pride in our prayer? The other day, a young man said to me something very amazing. He's an adult, he has children himself, and instead my relationship with my father is dictated by the fact if my dad sees me in the masjid for Fajr Allahu Akbar. If my dad sees me in the masjid early for further, right McGraw Hill al Masjid ohada Allahu Allahu the messenger SallAllahu Sallam says whoever visits the masjid in the morning in the evening, then

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special arrangements are made for him in paradise. But she didn't Masha either. But she didn't muster enough Lulu me and then massage it, but no later me oh well piano give glad tidings to those who frequent domestic in the hours of darkness of perfect light.

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In a solitary veggie garden Masuda in a Salatin Federica Masuda the presence of angels in the prayer of Fajr is just unique is just unique. Man, Salah Bourdain, dal Jana was the one who will offer the two cool prayers that is further an asset and of course every Salah is so important. So this brother was saying to me that I'm a father I have my kids but my dad is so particular that if he does not see me in the masjid for Fudger, then that kind of creates a strain on our relation for the day. Subhanallah what a great way what a great way to impress the importance that you know what my son if you there in the Salah, and if you have perform your Salah correctly said now humara the Alon was

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message to all his governors. That salah is the amount of Deen it's the pillar of deed. Whoever will protect it, he will you will all the more protect the other aspects of the woman by Yamaha for holy mercy wa there and whoever will be negligent in this regard he will be much more negligent in other regards of Dean. So Sani be Salah Allah has impressed upon me Salah and zakat, man don't do hire as long as I am living.

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Now we do know that say then I read that Alayhis Salam is alive. So some people have raised the question is the obligation of prayer and Zakat mandatary upon ERISA while he is alive, elevated in the heavens, and the scholars have said no, my doom two Hi yah means that Allah has impressed upon me. The observance of prayer, the discharging of Zika as long as I'm alive, meaning on Earth as long as I'm alive on earth, because tech leave makan left the humans are McCullough on Earth, and of course Aiden Arisa Alayhis Salam has been elevated to the skies. And yes, when he comes back on Earth, then the performance of Salah and discharging of zakat will continue till the point where

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Allah subhanho wa Taala will then cause his death

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is called Allah who you are inside in the Buddha were fika wa raffia Oka a layer in the mutawa Feeco Rafi Oka la Yeah.

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Okay, so that's verse 31, will also need the salah it was I can't imagine to hire. I'm still trying to imagine how that nation would have been just left stunned, imagining and like, look at this, look at this miracle. Look at our amazing this is this is a child of baby and infant talking and how profound how articulate how amazing verse number 32 will be validating what a mere journey just by Baron shocky. Yup. And Allah subhanaw taala has made me kind to my mother. So in the case of yada yada his Salam. He said, What bahrami Why the day he Allah said that we made him kind to his parents because he had both parents of course. Right.

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And in the case of Isa Hala his Salam, when he spoke as a medical in his infancy, it said, what Balram bhiwadi deti Allah has made me kind to my mother, because of course, Lisa Alayhis Salam does not have a father, hence the exclusive mention of kindness to the mother.

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Whatever Rambi validity and Allah has made me kind again I say to you, my brother and my sister. Allah is speaking about a prophet, a selected servant of his, every aspect of his is good. He is the divine, you know, servant of Allah, he's the ambassador of Allah on earth. Yet there is categoric mention of how yawn

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As Salam was trying to his parents, how Lisa Alayhis Salam was dutiful to his mother. What it What then is the rank and the status of a mother and a parent in Islam? The messenger SallAllahu wasallam speaks about the deen of wah wah. That how Allah subhanho wa Taala forgave her because she had

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you know been unkind and dutiful to her mother, where she carried her mother on her back in in scorching heat, literally Rob Ben Shaadi del Chua. He told me Rob Benicia de del power to please Allah subhanahu wa Donna, and how it was extremely hot. And then Busselton originally how she spread her feet out, and then she kept her mother so that the heat of the floor must not burn her mother in any way. And a mother was not a Muslim. But what of course was and kindness to her mother kindness to other of course the prerequisite of entry into Jana is Imam. There's no two opinions about that year in Hola Hola, El Faro au Shakopee where young Pharaoh my dunya daddy carry mania shot even in

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the verses where Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us that if your parents impress upon you to disobey me, don't obey them in that regard. But as soon as Allah tells us don't obey them immediately Allah brings in a statement, but in all other matters, be kind with them in all other matters. Be kind with them. So they told you to deny Allah they told you to disobey Allah were injured Hydra Kahala and tertiary kabhi Mala in Celica behave in one that was regarding Sandra the Allahu anhu, whose mom said that if you do not abandon Islam, I will not eat I will not drink I will not sleep, and then he came to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the verses were revealed of Surah Tula

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uncovered in which Allah subhanaw taala said that if they compel you to ascribe partners then do not obey them. But immediately after that Allah says was a Hebrew mafia dunya ma rofa. In this particular matter, don't listen to them letter acronym of Lupin female serial Holic, we do not obey any creation at the cost of the displeasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala But immediately after that the qualifying statement was a Hypo malefic dunya rufa be kind to your parents will be validity I again make an appeal to my young brother and my ancestor. Do not be arrogant. Do not retort Do not be harsh, do not be abrupt, do not hurt your parents. Amongst the signs of the Yama the messenger

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that at the NASA DECA who Apsara Abba to early money reign indeed, where a person will acquire the sciences of Islamic knowledge, not not for the pleasure of Allah but for ulterior motives at the NASA depot who acts as a bar, he will bring his friend close to him and he will keep his dad at a distance. He will take pride in identifying himself via his friend, and he will feel ashamed and embarrassed in identifying himself through his dad. So What's your dad's name? What's your dad's surname? Which family? Do you belong? Or you know, my dad is just a regular old guy, you will know him. He's just a simple assignment. Now leave him you don't want to bring your

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Dad Yeah. Now you know what he he will know how to adapt with the formalities here. And sometimes he could be uncouth in his mannerism What What have you achieved? What have you accomplished? What What's your degree you've got nothing if that's your door to Jannah unwanted also to avoid being gender for in shade to having identical barbed wire in shade the dark? The Prophet sallallahu wasallam said your best entry to Paradise is your dead, the choice is yours. You want to preserve the door or demolish your door. I asked you my brother I asked you my sister, even if your parents have differences of opinion, just sit respectfully listen to each one, but do not say nasty things

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to anyone. Remember, that's your paradise and that's the door to paradise. It's a very, very slippery slope and you need to tread with extreme sensitivity. Don't become the ombudsman, don't become the arbitrator get an external party to arbitrate. But as a giant, you will not be able to accommodate the sensitivity and the richness of the profile to arbitrate between your parents in their fields and the arguments. Draw your parent close to you. Take pride in identifying yourself with your mum walk around be well into tea and kindness to my mother. Hola, Mia, Gianni Jabbar and Shakira, and Allah has not made me a tyrant. And Allah has not made me a wretched person. Those that

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have accused Edna insulting Salaam and accused his mother there is total refutation there. Allah has created me in a miraculous way. And Allah has made me a very noble person. So that's it. Verse 32. And then verse 33, is Allah Islam concludes, concludes his discussion to his people was set out more highly young man will lead to Wyoming moved to Wyoming. Hi yah BSB upon me the day I was born, and peace be upon me the day

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I will die and peace be upon me the day I will be resurrected. I quoted to you the quotation of ignorance or you know, he said hardly he Oh actually my Wirthlin these are the most scary moments, that is when a child is born and he arrives because the interference of the devil, and that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has made mentioned in the Hadith clearly that the child cries because of interference from the devil layer or Miriam with the exception of Maria Maria Maria Murali has Salam and has sent Risa Alayhis Salam that they were protected and of course all them behind him was salam are protected divinely from any devilish influence whatsoever. The Umbria appeal they are this pure

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galaxy of Allah subhanahu wa taala Yes, the devil attacks us the devil attacks us and we are the vulnerable individuals may Allah protect us was Salam o Allah peace be upon me. Yo Mama will lead to the day I was born when your mood and today I will pass away. Well yo mama Uber i to hi yah, and today I will be resurrected. So there you have it. My brother and my sister. Allah subhanho wa Taala conveys to us in clear words in clear words, the speech of Isa Alayhi Salatu was Salam, the role of Isa Ali Salam, the birth of insight alayhi salam, the fact that he is a servant of Allah subhanho wa taala. Now in verse 34, in verse 34, Allah subhanho wa Taala addressing assays that Lika submenu

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Meriam La Liga sub the new Mariam This is Risa the son of Miriam toe will happen levy fee I'm Tarun This is the truth about which they have doubts and about which they debate. To have. This is the truth we've given you the clear, when Allah makes mention of the tale and the narrative of the people who slept in the cave, Allah said Na Na Kusa alayka Nava a womb Bill hug, we tell you their story correctly, remember the opinion, not opinion, the the expression of the Almighty the expression of the Almighty is absolute, it is it is totally authentic.

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It is the total truth because Allah subhanaw taala knows everything in every detail. Allah knows it before it occurred, Allah knows it before it occurred. So some are saying disregarding the visa, others are saying that regarding visa, when you're in a discussion, and you're in a debate with a person from the people of the book, and he's asking you regarding Sally's Salam, then open the verses of the Quran and show it to them. Look at the Catherine levy Nakano in Allah who will mercy Herban or Mariam, la parada, Catherine living in Accardo in Allah has led to Salah those who believe in the concept of Trinity are those who say that Rissa Alayhi Salatu was Salam is the diety himself.

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Indeed they have uttered a statement of Cofer and disbelieve that God was summoned to yet of authority I mean, who was shackled with a third rule

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and the holy Rahmani went into the sky wants to split the mountains want to, you know, burst and the earth wants to do split and the holy Rahmani WELEDA because they have made the blasphemous comment and remarked that Allah subhanho wa Taala has children and offspring. Daddy curry sub Noma Yum, verse 34. This is inside the son of Miriam toe Lal had to levy fee to rule. This is the truth about which they have doubt and about which they dispute and in verse number 35, Allah subhanho wa Taala says Maka Ana de la jolla yet does either mean what are they in Makkah and Allah here and yet tough either mean when it in it is not for Allah to take a son. It does not. It's not befitting of Allah.

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Allah has absolute powers. I need a child. My child needs me. This is an inter obligation. This is interdependent. I have a need for a child the child has a need for a parent Makana Lilla he is I mean well then, Allah subhanahu wa taala did not take a son Subhana Glory be to Him Subhana Allah subhanho Subhana it is a glorification of the fact that Allah is free from every need, that Allah Amaya coluna renew when Kabira He is above an exalted over what they say. So bajada is pure, either proper Amman for in nama yaku Luna who confer your goon verse 35. When He decrees a matter, he just decides it and it occurs

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as it occurs, concluding verses of Surah Bani Israel in the 15th Jews in the 15th Jews Surah Bani Israel work on Al Hamdulillah hin Levy, lamea, toughie, dwell a DA and say unto them All praise belongs to Allah who did not have any children. Let me attack it well add up. Well, I'm Nicola who Sherry can fill Moloch and he doesn't have a rival or partner with me Akula who when he you mean Azoulay and he doesn't have a guardian out of weakness. So there are three types of assistance you take. You either take assistance from a junior, like a parent takes assistance from a child, my son bring this to me and my son helped me. What will Hamdulillahi levena Miata hit? Well, adda Allah

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negates it Allah doesn't have any children. Let me admit when I'm you that he does not beget and he was not begotten. Well, I'm your Kula who Khufu and it is no one equal to Him. Let me atrophied well at that What am your caller who shared econ Phil MOOC, and he doesn't have any rival any equal. So you're taking help from an equal a spouse from a spouse, a partner from a partner, a sibling from a sibling, there is no equal to Allah subhanho wa Taala when we Akula who Willie you mean Azoulay and there is nobody above Allah subhanho wa Taala a child taking help from a parent, the first one a parent taking help from a child. So Allah subhanaw taala negates all these three relationships. And

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then how does he conclude this chapter of the Quran? That he is so great, what can be root that could be raw? He literally concludes Sudanese writing by saying, say, Oh My servants, Allahu Akbar. And I say to you, my brother and my sister, my listener, my viewer, join along and say with me, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar.