Tom Facchine – Ayah Series #33 – The Essence of Nifaq

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of understanding the reality of one's identity and the reality of one's actions in Islam. They stress the need for caution and clarification on one's identity and actions in order to achieve their spiritual goals.
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In the beginning of sort of the Bacara, a lot of talks about the fact that he felt there's another key concept within Islam in the Quran and it has to do with we translated as hypocrisy. There's different levels to hypocrisy, there's the minor hypocrisy that all of us are subjected to, to a greater or lesser extent where we say one thing and we do something else. But then there's the greater hypocrisy, which is at a core fundamental level where you are aware that you're saying or claiming to be a believer, but in reality, you're not. It's all just for show. And this isn't a really important lesson. Now we've reached the era of identity politics, right? My identity, the

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intersectionality of my identity, I am this and I am that and I'm the third, the idea of neufeldt in Islam is basically saying, you know, your identity is worthless, in some sense, in the sense that it's just a claim. Anybody can claim to be anything you can claim to be a believer, you can claim to be pious, you can claim to be righteous, you can claim to be a good person. But where's the reality? Where's the substance? A lot doesn't care about what you claim, a lot cares about the substance, you can say all day long. And we have the Hadith, right of the prophet Isaiah. So that's the three people who are the first people to answer the fire, right? The person who claimed that they were a

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scholar claimed that they were a generous person claimed that they were a fighter in the Cause of Allah, and then they're going to be interrogated. And Allah is gonna say, you know, it's like, Well, what did you do? And they said, Well, we did this and we did it for you clean. Allah says, conduct your line. You didn't do it for me, form but no substance, identity and no reality. So identity can be important. We talked about having an identity in an aspirational sense, right? My identity, I have a Muslim identity, because because I want to be a better Muslim, right? That's important, but we need to be very, very careful that you know, we can't just rely and say as a Muslim, this and

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that. And the third and I'm speaking as this and I'm speaking as that what's the reality and you don't pray? And you have horrible relationships with your parents and you don't have an orientation or attitude of submission towards a slot or submission towards a loss commands you don't care what's How are we supposed to take what's what's your identity worth? It's not worth anything. Reality matters much more than identity and to have identity with no reality or no substance that is the essence of effect.

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