Yaser Birjas – The Dua of the Disciples of Issa

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including a brief interview by the host and the importance of following the messenger and proving one's beliefs. The loss of Hannah Montana and the use of the word "helpful" in the context of the mission is also highlighted. The importance of witnessing actions and proving one's faith is emphasized, along with various examples such as those of the church, police, and the police department. A woman named Ramona Tana was caught in a case and is charged with murder.
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Alhamdulillah Mala min so Allah wa salam Baraka Nabina Muhammad in early or seldom at the Sleeman Kathira some my bad so today inshallah Allah our draft from the Quran is a Surah Al Imran is number 53. And the context of the ayah 53 is in within the context of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada speaking on a salary history and the disciples. So if we go back, a couple of ayat, Allah azza wa jal spoke about the how hrs was born, and what was his message? Then he spoke about later on, he was commissioned with the prophethood what was the reaction of the people? So, the people they kind of between rejecting him and accepting his message and those who accepted his message, the closest ones whom we

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call the disciples or al how are you? So ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala says about the howardian call for Lama has is minuman COFRA Allah man I'm sorry it Allah when a Salah is around here since this belief from His people, He then called upon them God man, I'm sorry it Allah, wa those people who are going to be my answer, which means my supporters for the cause of Allah subhanho wa taala. Karl, how are you? Nana Onsala. So the closest ones is disciples, they call and they said God Nana Onsala we shall be the supporters your supporters, for the cause of Allah. Men Billa wash had be anonymously moon, we believe in Allah.

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And we want you to bear witness that we are from a shady that we are those who witness that ALLAH SubhanA wa Donna that we are among the Muslims and those submit themselves to the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala and then Allah azza wa jal mentioned their dua to Allah. So that statement, the earlier statement, that was a conversation between them and NSRA Salah

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and now they're turning to Allah subhana wa Tada and they said Rob burner, Iman Bhima and Zelda, what Ivana Rasool for tuna Masha, Hadith hidden, they said in this dua, our Lord, we have believed in what you revealed, and have followed the messenger and this case was easily Sarah. So register us

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counters among those who are the witnesses of the truth or the truth. So Allah subhanho wa taala, here is his recording the dua of the disciples. And obviously, if it wasn't worthy of being recorded for us, it wouldn't be mentioned the Quran. So ALLAH SubhanA was teaching us that the closest race Ali salaam, they knew the challenge. They knew the challenge. They were among the first people to believe, especially when no one else is believing according to the statements from before. They Saravana Bhima and saltwater Vanara sort of Octonal mash ad, we believe in what you're Allah what you have revealed. We are following the messenger, we ask You that You count us among those

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Shahidan. Now that I began with Rob burner, we talked about Obama multiple times. This is invoking of course the conversation between the loss of Hannah Montana in the context of I'm in need of you my Lord, You are my master. I'm an all of them poverty are everything that you can provide for me, my lord. Amana, our Lord, we believe we believe Dima and Zelt look, now they say Bhima Anza they were very inclusive of it. What does that exactly mean? We have absolutely absolute trust in your revelation. Whatever your Allah you bring to us, those sent down to us through your your messenger, we believe in that. That's basically say my absolute belief. The example of this the example of the

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magician's at the time of Musa alayhis salam when they were called to challenge Musa lesson before the Pharaoh and Pharaoh was telling them, if you weren't against him, you have such and such, you know of rewards. But what happened there? When musanze CERAM he took over they were the first people to believe and they submitted themselves What do they say? Carlo? I'm gonna there'll be moves our heroine, we believe in the Lord the most on heroin. They didn't even know how to call him to say Allah, but they said, The Lord of Musa Haoran He is our Lord, we believe in him. So he the same thing, whatever your Allah revealed, we believe in that. If it comes from you, we believe in that

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whatever generosity

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and we follow your messenger, the one who sent us and he'll be talking about Musa let's isolate Sarah, and for us to remain the DA we talking about Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam there Allah will follow the example of your messenger. Now, as a DUA, it's easy to be said. But it's indeed an important thing to follow through with you

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actions as Allah subhanaw says in the Quran called put it in contempt to her Boone, Allah flutterby Rooney you will become Allah will follow them. If you truly claim that you love Allah azza wa jal, then follow me. Follow me the Prophet systems and follow me. You haven't become Allah, Allah shall love you. Welcome, welcome, welcome and he shall forgive your sins. So it is important when you claim that you believe that you follow up with action. And that's what it means over here, we believe and we shall prove it with action by following your messenger. So when you make this dua when you make desire yourself, yeah, Allah I believe, and I follow the messenger. You need to prove

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it. How you for example, Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam for Cubana Masha hidden. Countess Yara be among those who are truly witnessing to the truth. witnesses of the truth. What is that exactly? But if Allah subhanaw taala signs you off as a witness, what does that mean? He's endorsing you, you're trustworthy, that's what it means. And if Allah subhanaw taala consider you to be a trustworthy person. What does that mean? Your claim of faith is true. So you are upbeat, we want you to be our witness that we are true believers. And if Allah subhana wa Tada endorses that you return among the shahadi then that's an endorsement from your Lord that you true, you're genuine. You're a true

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believer in Allah subhanho wa taala. So this is the dua that is mentioned here are BANA mon Bhima. And delta what Ivana rosulip Tuna Masha ID so let's repeat that inshallah Tabata, Kota Allah

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Rabbana, Munna,

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Bhima and Delta.

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What Ivana Rasool

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facto GNA Masha he didn't

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rub Donna mana

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Bhima and Zelda whatever Anna Rasool

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Cubana Masha he didn't

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rob ban mana

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Bhima and Delta. What Ivana Rasool

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Aktobe na Masha hidden

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Robina Taco Bell Mina

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in Naka, Anta semi hola

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hola hola Inna. Now the speaker was already yet Anna. Min ash shaytani R rajim.

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Robina habla Ana?

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Mila dunka the React anti Eva

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in NACA semi

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Allah Houma medical Mulk

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total modal command Tushar.

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waternsw Y'all mole common man Tasha.

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What was the man SHA

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what are the lumen Tasha?

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Periodical sire

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in coalition Kadir

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to the Jew Leila Finn ha

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ha to the June Hara lane.

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What Oak Ridge will Hi Amin al may

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want to create will may terminal high

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waters of command Russia will be ready to hisab

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started Robina in mana

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worked in

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Robert Allah to the Kulu banana

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we'll have a metal dome Kurama

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in a cantilever hub.

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Rob Ghana in Nigeria nurse

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laomi Lara Buffy

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in Nicola totally for me.

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Rabbana Samina akana

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Ofra Anna Cara BANA

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while you call mercy

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Robina to

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listen in nesina

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Robina Allah, Allah in Surah

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gamma Hamilton who Medina uncovered in

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Robina wala to have Milna

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man catalana

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wa for Anna, work for learner for HANA and Timo Lana from SORNA RL Coleman Katherine

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Robina. Africa Allah in our sobre

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was a bit Akadama Anna

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one sadhana calm

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Will Catherine

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dunya Hassan

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in the law

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we're in here on your own.

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Allahumma Juliana,

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famously Bettina

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Lana Hiram minha Robina Taco Bell Mina in Ntaganda semi Aladdin

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Rabbana wa jal Muslimeen allOK

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woman Duryea Tina

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Oh Mata mas limited leg.

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Well Irina Mana sickener

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Whatever Allah inna in the world Rahim

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Robina wotja and fina, my yet Lu Allah inna

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Limone al Kitab al Hikmah

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y us Akina

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in Antal Aziz will Hakeem

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Robina Ajahn ha Alborada Amina

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was zoeken Amina Thammarat

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wa sallahu Mana Mana minhang Billa he will yo Mila

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hola Houma, Idina Surat Al Mustafa AMI

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serata Lavina Anam Tala him.

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Viral Madhu.

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Zachman Lafitte so I want to come to Longtan

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