Waleed Basyouni – Death, The Moment of Truth

Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The loss of people due to the pandemic has caused the rise in death rates worldwide and the importance of thinking about the moment of death. The speakers emphasize the need for people to motivate them to do so and the importance of not losing one's health. The segment also touches on the meaning behind the death of long doors and evil doors, as well as the importance of forgiveness and protecting people from the virus. A woman named Danny comma quantum is mentioned in a line from the Bible, and a dinner at a restaurant is discussed.
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hamdulillah Anna Maria who want to stay in who want to study he want to start Pharaoh, when I will be learning in Sharia and fusina woman sejahtera Marina Maria de la hufa mobila Who am I? Will Farah de la y Chateau La ilaha illAllah hula hula Sheree Shari Kara wash. Mohammed Abu hora sudo Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salim Allahu Mehta, Sleeman kathira. About all please do to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon all prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one where the abortion and Muhammad sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger. My dear brothers and sisters,

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we living in a tough days these days.

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Hearing the numbers of people affected and affected by this pandemic COVID-19 losing people on a daily basis.

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Just this morning, the CDC added 2481 losses.

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Just in one day.

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on Texas since this pandemic happen, we have over about over 22,020 to 600 over 220 to 600,000 people lost their lives, just instead of Texas.

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Since this pandemic happen in the United States, we have over 270,000 people died.

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That's that means like what every 30 seconds, or in 2008 481 just yesterday, just in one day, that's every 30 seconds somebody died.

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And unfortunately, death became just a number

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worldwide 1.5 million

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more than that actually

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And this is nothing new.

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Death has been happening every day.

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Yes, it became the leading cause of death the United States now. But death is something so near to you. near to every and each one of us. In 2015.

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There around 55 million people died.

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It's comparing to the number of births, we got 140 million, it's not that bad. But still it's a 55 million people die.

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Just in one year.

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In 2019, there is 2 million deaths in us, the globe globally, to millions in the United States.

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That is something so common happen around us. And if there is nothing in this pandemic can make us more aware of how quickly things can change.

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And the worst change will be that you depart from this dunya because any other change can be made up. You can recover from it. But it's an economy you can recover from it. For losses of health you can recover with you know your way whatever medication then you come back to your strength and you regain your strength again. But the one thing you cannot recover is your life.

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When it comes that's it.

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That's the moment of elective art of the moment of death. When the death arrive at work where the person should be thinking about this young and old

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men and woman. healthy and

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Those who are struggling. We have seen people recover from covenant they are 100 years old. And we saw young people teenagers dying. We've seen people very healthy,

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no complications and their health died.

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said so it is something that we should make as a one of the greatest lessons, in my opinion, is to keep that concept of thinking about the moment of your departure.

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Alive, something that you think of, not to the level that paralyze you, but to the level that it will encourage you to motivate you to keep you going to do what is right to do what is good to prepare for this moment, would you leave this dunya to the alpha, a moment will nothing benefit you except your good deeds, when they put you in your grave, none of your wealth, your degrees, your businesses, your family members, the thing that you worry about today, the most? Well, most of them will not benefit you.

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Unless there is a child who are making draft for you or a friend making draft for you at that time.

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Or a sadhaka that you left behind that you will gain the reward of it in your grave.

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You know, when the time the process came to Arabia, there is a culture in Arabia at that time, where the man will bring his children and will list down the great thing that he accomplished in life. And he will tell them when you put him out. And when you take him into my grave. With a louder voice you have you just scream, he did this. He did this. He did that. It was not inborn. And so these to do that,

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and they will talk about his virtue is great participate, what battles he was in whatever he did. And even some people will pay people to write poetry about them.

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And in Islam, you hire people to cry and to show sadness, and they will, you know, tear their clothes and they will be so sad over this and sometimes just all fake, the more people will cry over his stuff, the more you know, great tears, and Islam came to forbid all this.

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And to make this in your hand, he made one of the major sin in Islam.

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And to make the true

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the true virtue of the person is not what the people will say at that moment. But what will be seen in his record when that person enter his grave. As for the moment we'll be proud of the record of his deeds at the cafe, the faster the faster, the drunk doors, the evildoers, the disbelievers, the hypocrites.

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That will be the most terrifying moment in their life.

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There's a big difference between the death of the righteous and the death of the long doors and the evil doors. someone saying don't take my salt. Give me one more chance, screaming and terrifying. And one thing saying Pfister or bill Kava, I'm a winner. I'm ready to meet my Lord.

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fellow who will

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either either a banner

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or an

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When you're around the person who dying, you see the person in front of you, but you don't see what it means well into laptops. You don't see the angels who come to collect the soul of that person, that person will be able to see the angels for bustle can neoma Hadid

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can kashia and Kevin, today, that partition that Allah put in our eyes, so we cannot see the angels it will be removed. So in the moment of death, Allah said telling us It will be removed, and you will see with your own eyes, the angels who come to collect your song.

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At that point, the movement will see the angels coming, smiling and welcoming. And nothing would be more beloved to the heart of the believer at that time. More than meeting Allah. And the wrongdoers will be nothing more hated to their souls than to leave the dunya yo Kolkata Rahim Allah in the cafe Elia global Ibadan and your journey in a Malinois Arlene Valentin, whatever

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the disbeliever wrongdoer would never wish to go back to the dunya for the children family, no, or no I'm going to miss my kids and miss my family and miss this. I miss. None of them will say something like that. They will only say one thing we wish to go back to do good

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To do good, then attire that said follow him Allahumma and emila, female terminal capital Hina mera LA. So be smart.

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Do what people don't wish to do at that moment, you have the opportunity to do it.

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This moment is hard for everyone. But soon after the moment of death, things completely change. But as of the experience of death itself is not an easy and nobody saw Solomon's the best one and the most righteous. Can you have an endorphin mountain about if you're a coffee, I'm about it. Wherever it were La ilaha illAllah in the motorcycle ride, he will put his hand in a cold water, put the water on his forehead, and he would say selasa lamb, death is hard. Death is hard.

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It is hard when the soul depart from the body.

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But after the that moment, in Ibiza, Salim said, the soul of the believer comes like what, like when you pour the water out of a bottle very smooth. As for the cafe, it is like when you have a piece of cotton cut in the form. And he tried to pull it off the phone. Or if you have hooks, multiple hooks, and he put it in a cotton and he tried to get it out or a small net and you have the thing that you basically have your hook in it and you try to take it out, you tear the net, you tear the car. That's how the soul of the captain and the wrongdoers

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had to handle some of the righteous people who were seen in their dreams, doing well then they said everything was good. He said yes, except the moment of death. That was hard.

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And he said it just worst, it feels like worse than being boiled in boiling water.

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That extra diagnosis of life in the dunya middle mode, that is nothing more terrifying than the moment of death.

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But after that moment, things completely different. What terrify the righteous people at that point is in what state you will die on or upon goodness or not. That's when the sins strike you and the ship on strike you the most. If you are all your life allowed him to shape and to have access to you to influence you. He will be more influential on you and the moment of your death than any other moment of your life.

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If you are so reluctant to abstain from the harm, so easy for you to the harm to the sins, the sins will strike you the most at this point, which is to make use a term for it your local life you had a mother or a father and when Allah forsake you leave you herself as you left him your life doing the sense of fulfilling your desires.

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So the weakness of a man and no support and the influence of the shape on advocacy Rahim en la casa de Anima. Tucson waffle Eman while holding on.

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to shape on

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it will be the person very vulnerable at this point.

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That's why the sign of him the rights if you will so scared about this moment, thinking about this moment look at our bucket on the alarm and then we all know who is our bucket all the alarm is.

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upon his death. He said to his daughter atisha pata have been a year in a subdomain many Muslim ina had he had in his lab, we had an app for svb pop up. Before I die make sure that all the things that that I took from the Muslim Treasury from the Muslim world to be given back to him. I should not die while this is in my record.

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When she saw her father, so heavy can even talk. She said

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Tara or an fetta? Either hedger either hash Rajat Yeoman robot, Bobby has sudden heart when a person is dying to see that can even talk and take a breath. Then it will block out all the alarm and he was covering his face and he uncovered he looked at it and he said, Yeah, I said, Don't say that. Say better than that. Without psychological motivation, we'll have Danny comma quantum in

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the moment of death comes with the truth. And another era, the moment of death is the moment of truth

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at psychological health table modes.

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So line your Hammond or Jaco verse in alphabet and oyako, Coloma semitones total line

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala mandanna Viva

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Roma Robbie Allah and upon his death said to his son put to my head on the sand on the ground.

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May Allah Subhana Allah forgive me

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I'm on Abdelaziz right before he died he told his children to move around to move away. And he said and he said yeah, and tell the American ethos Are you the one who ordered me and I didn't fulfill all the orders. When they hate me for our side, you forbade me for so many things. The abstain from from them all. What I can in a llama that's all that's the best I have is my towhead my Eman my believe in you.

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Then he looked up and he was looking they said would you looking at he said I have seen something doesn't look like humans nor it looks like gin. Then he started reciting, and he died upon his recitation of zolotow cos tilka da da da

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da da da da you read in a room filled audibly whatever sada when I give it to them, we will make the art hero for those who are not seeking arrogance or or controlling or, or spreading corruptions, and this earth

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Yes, my brothers and sisters, that's the righteous people upon their death.

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That's how the righteous people upon their death. Something similar to this was said reported by the US or the Allahu anhu Allah kind of out of 10 if I say to you order me and I disobey you to maintain you for hunting, he trusted me with things that I did not fulfill the trust law. That I have no excuse. What are we you fantasize? I have no one to support me today. But my neighbor Mr. Phil, I'm a sinner asking you for forgiveness. Now most children when I'm stalking them, I don't argue

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for my sins. I don't I don't have arrogance. I submit myself to you Yama.

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Wow, yeah. You're calling Ambassador Dan Mullen. Hey, Tom.

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At acana Delica. We're hosting Shabbat dinner.

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Now, you are regretting and I can go on and on and on so many of the duration of the setup. The setup for all the alarm at home and I will end with this. Can we remember when a Casio well Hakuna Cathy euro

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waster and doodle moto if a Corona fee were Hakuna Sara Hema, Milan, the great scars of the Sahaba and also follow them. They used to do a lot of good deeds. And these two fear decimals and they think about that moment a lot.

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Us Today, we don't do much and we don't care for it so much.

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It's amazing. It's not like one of us like Mashallah, I am like a person everything. I'm doing everything perfect. That's why I'm as if like we have a guarantee from Allah subhanaw taala that we will pass

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as if we guaranteed by Allah subhana wa tada that somebody said chef while making it so hard on us today. You know, we see you maybe once a month in this early homework one, check him out about you know what, I'll tell you why it's better to fear today and to be safe tomorrow.

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Some of these points make sure that you share with your children.

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There is nothing who ever fear Allah will run to Allah.

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Men have Adler, Jacqueline Avi Salatu, salam, those who fear will run fast.

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Think about that. Two feet in 2.5 by eight feet. box and hold you will be left alone.

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Just whatever you think will benefit you that day. Make sure that you care for it today.

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Allah subhana wa tada and our live and goodness. We don't know when and how and where. But we would love to make sure to have control over how

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that's something we can have control over by our commitment. And Allah promised those who will be consistent in good those who will protect their to hate they'll protect their Eman. Allah will protect them in the last moment of their life. Say Allah we asked you to keep us upon the straight path until we meet you. We ask you a lot to forgive our sins and the sins of our parents and our family. Allah grant us and our family and our loved ones. To not to name your love to protect us and to keep us healthy and to protect us from the evilness of this pandemic we asked you out hammerlock mean to protect us and our family and our children or family members or loved one or wealth or

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businesses from the impact of this pandemic and to make the outcome of it

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best for us and for the world. We asked you a hammer do I mean yeah they're generally a crumb to make the best of our deeds the last of our deeds and the best of our days the days when we meet you while you're pleased with us. Alarm morpholino hum know if you know if I know I could have missed Elena or pathogenicity or JT no so he's habanero is more on either gender economist Luca

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caminhada hit Danielle Toronto Allahumma not to me tonight in particular I

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mean, la mina Naruto becoming a feature national Halloween How about on the beaten added Islam? Yeah, you might assume that you had tunnel carpal tunnel then Anna Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Salatu Johan Johan Kuma

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