Tom Facchine – Ayah Series #34 – Surah Ash-Shams

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of a potential and neutral reaction to chef's creation of the soul. They also mention the importance of working hard to purify the soul and avoid slurring into fear. The speaker emphasizes the need for everyone to act like a success story and not just sit on it.
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One of the things that sort of the chef's teaches us is that your soul, it's a potential, it's neutral, it can go one way or go the other. It can go to the good it can go to the bad. It's up to you. It's up to you. And Allah swears by his creation of the soul, right? When FCMs were the one who saw was the one who made it, or fashion that shaped it. I'll have a half old daughter how what's UCLA and there's these two possibilities, right? The rebellious right, the Renegade and the cautious the pious or the ephah Hammonds, aka the person who loves defining success for us here. What success is that the money the fame? Right, the accolades the awards? No, I'll the F Lucha Monza CA, that

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really successful person is the person who purifies it, you have work to do. You can't just leave it alone. You can't just cruise in on autopilot, right? You have work to do. You have to purify the soul. You work and you purify you purify, purify, purify, you're going to see good things in this life and even better. In the next we'll call the harbor and the SIR and the person who Assa like they like it's almost like they buried right through neglect. It's like anything else. You take a house, okay? Let's say you have a house or an apartment, leave it go for five years. It's gonna happen to it. You didn't put a dime in it for five years. stuffs gonna start falling off, right? You

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know, things are gonna rust, what's gonna rot? That's your soul, right? You don't do a single thing to it. You don't put anything into it, but a hug them and the sad, right? The person is a loser who didn't put anything into their soul. They're distracted by this and that and the other dunya all these things. What's what's going to happen to your soul, your soul is going to rest your heart is going to rest it's going to start falling apart. It's going to rock. So the choice is is are so lost, while the other tells us these two powers that he's laid out before us. And it's up to us to do the work.

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