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AI: Summary © The "verbal journey" of Islam is a "verbal journey" that brings everyone together and brings everyone back to the point of the end. The "verbal journey" is guaranteed, but there may be misunderstandings when discussing the "verbal journey" of life. The "verbal journey" is the journey to achieve peace, building wealth, and finding a well-paying professional career. The importance of avoiding overthinking one's values and not overthinking their values is emphasized.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Welcome to another Ali Sen podcast in sha Allah huzzah Ayana, today we will be talking about the journey of the soul to the hereafter. A cinematic Omotola Hebrew care to my brother How are you doing? Wailuku Salah Mohammed Hello record Al Hamdulillah itself at hamdulillah how's everything down under

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school everything's nice and smooth is

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on why is it is it warming up down there?

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Maybe last couple of days here in Sydney, Melbourne still freezing Subhanallah we always talk about the weather when they do you know the weather because it's complete polar opposites. I'm waiting on it to cool down. You guys are waiting on it heat up sort of honley

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So you're from Melbourne, Masha, Allah us from the last time I was in Melbourne, probably 2014 I believe, very long time ago, nine years ago. Yeah, yes, this was a while ago. And I'm the lie. I enjoyed it. And I look forward to coming back in the future and chat along with Hannah. Today we were gonna talk about I want to ask you, you know, everybody, you know, talks about like, especially if you talk to these spiritualists, and, and gurus and all these other things, they talk about the journey of life, you know, I mean, that it's all about just, it's not about the destination, right? It's about the journey, enjoying the journey.

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But as Muslims, we see that journey, as a journey, that this life is temporary, right? This is just a stop this is this is just a step along the road. And that journey is going to lead us where, you know, where are we going? What is the whole purpose of all of this? Well, like you said, it's upon on this world is is unjust, it's temporary and porcelain has, has explicitly said this in numerous Hadith stop, and we are horrible, we are strangers, and it's like someone going to a hotel, staying for a few days, and then going into his ultimate destination. And this is the wall Subhanallah this life that we know, is just a hotel, we're gonna want to stay for a few moments, and then we'll go on

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to the ultimate destination which is Sharla for us, is paradise Jana Werner has ever seen and nobody has ever heard in your life, kind of an imagined paradise inshallah. So that's the ultimate destination that we hope we're all anticipating to get to hamdulillah I'm going to LA and in this journeys, this destination is guaranteed right? In sha Allah in these guarantees in sha Allah for those. So depends on the way you look at things. If you're one of the righteous souls in sha Allah, we are guaranteed parallels with allows order but then unfortunately, not everyone in this temporary life is following the commands of Allah subhanho wa taala, all the teachings of the Prophet SAW

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Selim, and therefore their destination is up again, it's guaranteed, but you might be in a different, different place, which is something that article was founded in particular from, I mean, I mean, but one thing about this journey that we can guarantee every single human being, every single human being is death, right? We can guarantee this Allah says Kulu nacinda, it will melt, every single soul is going to face death. That's correct. Not only every single soul but we know that there's a very beautiful and we don't have the time to really go very deep into it. But there's a very beautiful, long Hadith about the day of judgment that on that day, not only are all all of

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creatures, all the human beings all the animals everything going to be ceased to exist at the first blowing of the trumpet. But then Allah subhanho wa Taala is going to ask it sort of feel who's left right that's when he's gonna say just means you really make it alien you you know I mean, he's gonna say the real die Mikhail dies and then even it's sort of feel himself is going to say you die. And that's the fulfillment of Allah's verse Kulu che in Harlequin, Illa Watchu everything should be destroyed except for his face. And then He resurrects everything. This is where the real real life begins. Right? Like that day, like everything else we do is leading up to that day all over and I

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try to explain this to a lot of Muslims is that our entire life is a journey to that day, the day of judgment, the day of standing your home on piano, and that day is going to be the greatest of days. If I were to ask you, what is the journey difference from this life to the next life between the righteous soul and between the unrighteous soul because we know that they are like they are extremely different upon the statements of ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala as well as the Hadith of the prophets, Allah Salam, that the journey from this life to the next is completely different for the righteous and unrighteous soul. That's true. It's probably just to touch base on on this before we

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get to the righteous our evil soul is lucky sits upon see Muslims, Christian Jews, atheists and every other audiology can do

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For many, many things, but one thing that all agree on, agree on which is Anla. death and loss, and this is what I was brought back I had no no, nobody doubts death, it was a certainty. It doesn't call it death in this hadith in this verse in the Quran, Allah and this shows us and everyone somehow knows that they're going to die. The question is, do you want to know what happens after referring back to your question? What's his journey? You know, if you're a person that has been good all your life, what do you get out of it in the end, and if a person that's bad or his left, what does he get? He's bullied me, he's oppressed me, he's, you know, he's wronged me in so many ways

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that there's you just die and it ends doesn't make sense at all. And that's what is that journey to the hereafter. That's what this is the Day of Judgment Day of Reckoning, somehow they have accountability SubhanAllah. And, like you said, the difference between the righteous soul and the evil soul is completely different. Subhanallah The amazing thing about the Unity the hereafter, is sometimes we get confused, because there's the journey to the hereafter as a as the world, as we know it, the world comes to an end, the simple real life comes to an end. And it's obviously through the minus signs, the major signs, you know, like the desert coming out as alleys and coming back

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down to earth, and then the Day of Judgment commences with the blowing of the trumpet, but also we have the duality thereafter, which is the individual, you know, you and I and the brothers and sisters have a journey to the hereafter, and that's when we breathe our last breath. Subhanallah and if we have those who are righteous Subhanallah as we are dying, is that Allah, the porcelain mentioned in the hadith is that two angels come in, and this is for the righteous soul, they come, and they just watch you, and you see them Subhanallah and you get frightened straightaway, you've never seen such creatures, but then these animals will give you glad tidings, they'll actually give

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you a Bushra, there are times that you're going to be of those into paradise. So you Subhanallah have a sense of relaxation, and you have that smile on your face. panela and that's why Subhanallah Sometimes you see people passing away and they've got a smile on their face, is because I've seen these amazing angels handler, giving him them that glad tidings of paradise. And then mannequin mouth comes, mannequin mouth, the angel of death comes, and he takes your soul, he calls it a labor, this beautiful soul coming out. And he comes in the most peaceful way. Subhanallah you know, it's like a bottle of water, he tipped the water it comes out nice and smooth. You know, subhanAllah and

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he comes out, and he has a fragrance to it, and to get taken to the heaven, it gets taken to the heavens Subhanallah and all the angels that smell the soul ask, Who does this soul belong to? Who does this righteous all belong to, and the angel of this was, the angel of death will say, you belong to such and such or so on, so on and so forth. The son of such and such Subhanallah and they will make solid upon them though Yeah, and you make dua for this solar panel, this is the angels. And each level of heaven, the soul gets to same thing they call it with with the best of a name Subhanallah that the soul was known in on Earth. And then until we comes back down to earth, Allah

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Subhana Allah says, when he gets to the to the last heaven, the seventh heaven is booked away, but Abdi fee Alene put his record with the most high Kahless you're guaranteed paradise insha Allah Now, you know, finally everything this righteous person has worked towards in this world has in handler than a teacher the result is paradise. So it comes back down to earth, and enters the body of the of the dead. And the now we enter the life of a brother, the love of the grave. And subhanAllah do angels come to angels come towards this dead person. And they sit him up, they sit him up and these two angels have a beautiful smell, a beautiful appearance, in nothing scary about them, any

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Subhanallah and the dead will ask who are you? And they will say I am a good deeds, and I am your good deeds Subhanallah so that asked the three most important questions of our life. These three important questions that every soul will be asked mineral book, Who is your Lord? And this route is soul will say this righteous person will say rhombi Allah with more confidence. My Lord is Allah with full confidence. Then you ask what are the you know? And what's your religion? Again with full confidence where Dini al Islam, my religion is Al Islam. And the last question is, who is the one that was sent to you? And then he will say when I be Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam,

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amazing, and then Subhanallah the what has been mentioned in the hadith is that a little window opens up of hell. And the angel will say, this would have been your place if you were a any a wicked soul if you are a disbeliever but then he closes and then opens another window, a place of paradise, a glimpse of paradise. It doesn't show him the the true paradise that we know. But it just gives him a glimpse And subhanAllah

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annuals, if that's your abode Subhanallah in the Hereafter, that person will say, Rob be Arkansas, please Rob, allow the hours to occur. Blow on the trumpet, yellow let the angel blowing the trumpet, let's let the day of reckoning begin. He wants to interpret loss of analog. And then we seem to fall asleep sleep. And then Subhanallah for the believing. So it feels like a couple of hours into the Day of Judgment, and then you'll be resurrected online. And then events on on Dave doesn't occur and then eventually enters paradise. And that's the journey of the soul. So Pamela, I remember reading is the collection of these different Hadith that tells us long story when we win with my my teacher

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will even Minissha we went through my data just looking like you'll find a lot of this in here at Hamdulillah. You know, there was I've had a lot of dealings with with atheists, right?

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Not not even always just atheist, some people who were agnostic, right, they just don't they just don't know. You know, you'll have people who outright say there is no God. And then I've dealt with people who say, I don't know, right.

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My question to them is always, you know, if we look at how we live our lives, like most of the time, we live our lives based on probabilities. Like if we have decisions to make without even thinking about it, you usually use a law of probability of whether or not this is in my benefit or not, right?

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Even if you're going to go buy a car, you go to a car dealership, using law of probability, can I afford it? Is it good? Is it reliable? You do your research? You know, I mean, even if you go to the grocery store to buy toothpaste, right, usually don't just grab the first two space you can find you kind of look okay, what is this one? This one says does this system says it does that, so we're always making these kinds of logical calculations in our life. So I've asked agnostics and atheists, right? Because they've always asked me the question. And I remember, this was kind of like a, you know, a gasp moment at a university, where a guy got up and asked, and he said, Why would I waste my

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life following a religion? And you what if you waste your life following a religion, only to die to find out there's nothing? Right? That's what he asked me. And my response was, then I've lost nothing. You know, I mean, like, I've lost nothing. But who's taking the greater risk here? If you look at the law of probability and risk assessment,

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which we all do, who's taking the bigger risk me? Who believes in God is following a more moral system of life, tries to do good tries to, you know, have all of this righteous lifestyle. And if I were to die, which I know is not the case, but let's just let's just for argument's sake, I die, there's nothing right? I just, it just, it's over, I go into nothingness. Or you who have decided to shun this life, Shun God, turn away from God, live your own way of life? And what if you die and find out that you are wrong? And there is a next life? Who's taking the greater risk here, you get what I'm saying? I was like you, what do you really have to lose? What do you have to lose? You have

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everything to lose, I have nothing to lose. I literally have nothing to lose. So you know, we're all we're all looking at the end of that life is guaranteed. We know this.

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And as you were saying, Those who live a righteous life, Allah even tells us instead of the full Senate, who Laura Boone, Allah has done, Mr. Palmer, those who say their Lord is Allah and they remain steadfast you mentioned it, that Allah sins. And this is like,

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if there was any way that I could in my life, what is known as the hard thema you know, a good ending. This is a good ending, Allah says He will send angels to them upon their death, because that's the most frightening thing for any human being death. I mean, I don't there's that we think we've been afraid of or in our life, nothing will will scare us as much as death, except for the Day of Judgment. But Allah says on that day, that hard day, that last moment, Allah sends angels to them, and what do they say to them? Love to careful? Well, that has been what I've been through three things. Number one, don't be afraid. That's the first thing they know. We're afraid so they

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say. Don't be afraid. Number two, don't even be sad. Like there's nothing even to worry about. Or grieve about or be sad about. Well, I'm sure to but have glad tidings of what Bill Jannetty

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Bill genital Lottie condemned to I don't have gender that's been promised you. This is the end of the path of the righteous and we ask Allah subhana wa to Anna, to make us amongst those because this life is hard. You know, we go through a lot of difficulties we talked about in our last podcast, and those who are go through difficulties for the sake of Allah. This is the end of that road. But there's a flip side to this right my brother there is the end of the road for the evil souls. evil soul not only means someone who just is believes it also could be a Muslim correct like a Muslim who does believe in Allah but has lived the life completely contradictory to that. So you know, has has

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cheated people has wrong people.

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Has has you know not not done the acts of worship the way they were supposed to be done all of these things what is the end of the road for the evil soul? So part of the the road or the journey to the hereafter for the evil soul is the most frightening Subhanallah and like a nightmare right? Nothing like you've ever imagined in any horror movie and people because they fear it they want to they don't want to believe in it. But in reality it's going to happen in as much as we want to brush it off and mention it not discuss it this is something that see when it comes with hope and hope and fear it's it has to come together a whole project come together you can't just mentioned paradise

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and you can't just mention the righteous souls journey to the half that doesn't make sense because not everyone wants paradise not everyone wants it was gonna die in the in the story but that's what is this Hellfire as well that's why this punishment as well that's what is the journey to the hereafter for the evil soul. It's all there. And it's all been obviously informed to us is a for those that don't want parentless by fear hell, you know, fear Johanna is really you know, and that's why it's both because it was our last panel was Anna, you know, why is it why did He create hell when why? What can we all go to parallel is because reality is not everybody is motivated the same?

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Right? That's true. That's true. Some people are some people are reward motivated. Some people are fear motivated. That's already the Muslim is supposed to be both sci fi. And image claims. It's like two wings of a bird. You know, word bird can't fly with one wing will eventually crash. So you need this to you have this. Sorry to interject. Yeah, but this is something that has become a problem is you have Muslims who end up with just one of two. Like you said, they end up with a with a with a broken system with just one wing. Either they become so hopeful, Allah's mercy, that they just feel like they can do anything. You know, I mean, Allah is gonna forgive me, this is what the Christians

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fell into. This was this is what Christianity fell into. Or they feel like you know, Allah is so angry and so wrathful and so vengeful that I'm never going to have an opportunity to get to Paradise he's never gonna forgive me. You know, I've done too much I've done too much wrong. This is what you were talking about that we have to be in the middle right so Hi, and welcome. back one more thing was alternates while we may do a balanced nations, Paula. So that's what we have to mention the Genesis the hereafter for the evil souls hunger. And it is frightening. As we mentioned, it's like a nightmare. And subhanAllah when when the death or when death comes to that person to that soul for

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that evil soul is also angels come. But these angels as the Hadith mentions, they have dark and not the same, that dark faces, you know, and they're frightening when you see them, you actually get scared in a sock as if you're seeing a ghost or something that's, that's going to skews hunger, and they fear and they sometimes freeze, they can't talk they can add to any words Subhanallah and this, like you said, it's not only for the non believers, but it's also for Muslims that were this obedient to Allah subhana wa Tada. And they start to you know, like the speechless. And then the angel discoms, an angel of death comes and he stands above the persons about to die, and he rips out

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the soul from the body. Other one was nice and smooth, the righteous I was nice, nice and smooth. This one, you heard Rohan Hadith, you know, this evil wicked sort of get out, and you rips it out of the body SubhanAllah. And it's like a wall, a cotton ball in all this place where of pricks and stuff gonna get snatched, and part of that wall or that cotton gets stuck. That's how those evil soul gets ripped out. SubhanAllah. So we all on pain in a lot of agony. And this isn't just in this upon law, the soul has a bad odor to it, and it gets taken to the heavens. But the difference is that those of heavens do not open for the soul. And every angle didn't get past the first heaven

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doesn't get past the foot first heaven. And the angels that see the soul and smell the soul, they ask, Who does this wicked soul belong to, and the angel of death will say this soul belongs to such and such. And they'll call him with the worst of names that he was mentioned on Earth. Subhanallah and he gets slammed back down to earth, into the body into this evil body. Subhanallah and then he lives in the life of the Buddha in the grave. And the angels that came to the righteous soul that had the beautiful smell and the beautiful face, angels will come, but this time will be different. This time will be different, because this angel that will come Subhanallah he will have a scary

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face, and he will Subhanallah have a wicked smell. And the nice portions are who you who you are why are you coming towards me? And the angel will say I am your evil deeds. The ones the angels that came to the Rochester there were the righteous deeds of the of the human being. As for this evil so the our bad deeds has an effect on the angel Subhanallah and he comes to us and then he asks these evil soul. Three questions, the three questions that everyone's going to be asked, mineral book Who is your Lord

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Even though you might know what in this world you might know that Allah Spanner is your is your Lord. If you don't live by it, it will not come help you. It will you will not be able to answer it in that moment is because it didn't live by Allah Spanner is my Lord. And I had to feel ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. And I had to love Allah subhanho wa taala. So he would say, I don't know why I didn't have what's your religion? He didn't live by Islam. He didn't mean by the legislation or the policy, or don't know what my religion is. And subhanAllah This is Hadith. It's amazing that even if he was a Christian, he would not answer my Lord, this is Jesus, or my religion is Christianity. And

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the person sent to me is a sunnah and all of that. There's no hulless he'll be so frightened. And you will not be able to add any other words besides, I don't know, leathery, and the last year and the last question was, who was the man sent to you? And they will also reply that Subhanallah and this is the most amazing thing about this hadith, which is frightening, at the same time, is that they opened the door, or when the little window should they saw him paradise. If you were good, that would have been a boat, then they close it, then open another window Subhanallah a window of hellfire. And they said this is your abode in the Hereafter. And then they close it Subhanallah This

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punishment is mentally if before physical punishment, this punishment now is if mentally effecting the soul SubhanAllah.

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So he'll be full of regret, regret does not and does not help you anymore. And this evil so we'll say Rob Biller, Tecumseh. Oh my Lord do not allow the hour to occur, even though I'd rather stay like that. Yeah, he rather he rather say like that get punished in the grave, but not not not be resurrected. Why? Because what's going to happen later is going to be worse. Subhanallah and he'll be in that state to the client.

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And it's kind of like that, you know, that fear, like you said, they're asking for the hour not to be established. It's almost like, when you're a child and you get in trouble, you get in trouble school, whatever. And they're like, I'm gonna call your parents that fear you have like, I have to go home now.

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Like, I have to go home and I know what's gonna happen when I get home. Except it's like that, you know, expand that a million times over. They know, they know what's waiting for them. There's in the next life and the Prophet salallahu Salam, he could correct me if I'm wrong. He is He could hear all of these things when he would pass by the graves. He said that ALLAH SubhanA, Allah gave me the ability to hear what's going on in these graves. And he said, sallAllahu wasallam, I would have asked Allah to allow you to be able to hear it. But I know that if you you did, I'm afraid you would never bury anyone again. You know, I mean, like, if you heard what I heard, you'd never put anybody

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in the ground. That's right. You know, this is the horrors that go on, in our graves. And this is why we ask Allah spend more time to make our graves, a place of peace. And not because it's either going to be a place of peace or a place of pain. There is no third option. That's what I tried to get people to grasp, is that there is no there's no third option. It's a place of peace, or it's a place of pain.

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That's it. That's true. That's completely it.

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And there is no, there's no getting around it. There's no dodging it. There's no and what is the only way that you can have peace in your grave, is to follow the religion that Allah has given to mankind. That's it. There's no There's no other way. There's no other way. This is why it is so important. And why we pray 17 times minimally minimally, for the minimum, the most minimal of of x in a car autonomous docking, guide us on to the straight path, there is no, you know, maybe this is the right path. And maybe that's the right there. All right, and they all kind of lead the same direction. Now, there is one straight path. And that is the path about Islam. That is the path of

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worshiping Allah alone, following the religion sent to mankind to all of the prophets and messengers, starting, you know, with with the first human being Adam, and then no one Abraham and Moses and David and Jesus and Muhammad peace be upon them all. This as Muslims is the path that we try to tread so that we can find that end of our life in sha Allah,

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and be of those

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Yes, and be absolutely in the end. This is what Islam means. Islam means you're submitting to the will of God, in order to have peace, where peace where we want peace in this life and peace in the next life. More peace and both. That's it and because people say that Islam, and I've heard a lot of people say the definition of definition of Islam is peace.

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And I'm like, yes and no. Because it does come from the same root word is peace. But it's but the peace that is part of Islam is is the end result of doing the Islam. You know, I mean, like Peace Peace doesn't. You can't just make peace happen you know on peace doesn't happen just because we want it to peace is something that you have to

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work at you know, I mean something that has to be worked in strive to obtain, and that is Muslims how we obtain peace is through Islam. That's how we get peace in this life no matter what's happening around us, the Muslim can have peace you know I mean you can you've seen it from you know many stories of the past the stories of, of our prophets Allah Selim, how much difficulty went through but yet you know he used to have such peace in his heart. You know the stories of the great Imams like Imam Muhammad and what do you went through in the PCR? She had been to me, a chef on Islam in Tamia, Rahim, Allah, all of this, they went through such difficulty with that peace.

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That is the result of Islam. And hopefully we'll have peace in the next life chopping block at the end of this journey, right? When we die, our life comes to an end. Right? And this is the thing that we have to think about, especially those of us who are asking you to mind it, right? We're, we're mindful of the Hereafter. And Allah tells us this in the Quran. In the second half of a very famous verse where we know that Allah said about the Prophet sallallahu Sallam indeed, in the Messenger of Allah is with an Asana, right, a beautiful example to be followed. And people stopped right there. Without the second part, Lehman, Canada, your joola will yell at, you know, what that look if you

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know, for those whose hope is were with Allah in the last day, so we're always thinking of farther than our death, right? What are the things? Is there? Or is there anything? Is there anything we can do to help ourselves after the day we die? No, no? Or is it? That's it? We're just done? No, no. And that's the most amazing thing. So Subhanallah the, and this can be people who, who already did, and the people from your family members that already can actually help them. And one of the main main one is supplication. But also some people and this is a way you actually get tested as a loved one that's still alive, and you have someone that's passed away that you really, apparently Love is the

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actually give donation on their behalf. And when you give donation on on their behalf, that goes on their scale of good deeds, correct? That's correct. You get on both the one that gives us I was gonna say, and it goes on your scale. So it's kind of like a win, win, win win situation. That's where you get tested, because people love him and my loved ones when even the walk off after the grave. After that, as it's done, it's finished. No, what are you if you really love him, you should donate, you should build wells for them, you should sponsor an orphan for that, for that person that has passed away, you know, and that's where you get tested. So that is easy. Everyone wants my

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mother's friend to have mercy on him. But in the tests, your your love to that person, I gotta give for from what you love, go give you know, wealth on their behalf Subhanallah you get rewarded, but at the same time, at the same time, we do not want to die, be in the grave, and then rely on others to do good for us. Of course not Subhanallah that is a risk, big risk. And the way we are living today is not not many people love for the brother with a love for themselves. You get forgotten very easily these days. Yeah. You know, and then I tell this to a lot of brothers, like, you know, you do so much in this life, and you're trying to build up such a personality and, and fame and be known

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and all this. After your janazah people were will remember you some people will remember you at your janazah and then forget about you by that night, some people will remember you for a couple of days, your family maybe for a couple of years after that people move on and move on. People have their own lives to live, they move on and then they might even even your closest family members. After a while you might just become a passing memory every now and then when something reminds them of you, you get forgotten you just a reminder now Subhanallah and so like I said, you don't want to have that risk. So one of the ways is that you do the good deeds, you do general good deeds that will help in

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the grave. But another thing is that Subhanallah everything gets cut cut off, when you when you pass away when someone passes away, everything cuts off on this wall except for three things. And the policy Allah mentioned the Hadith Subhanallah these three things are, what are the sort of Hamdulillah you know, a righteous person makes the art for you? Well, so the Quran geria and a continuous charity, where a human endeavor will be an Subhanallah beneficial, beneficial knowledge that you've Subhanallah benefited someone. And they always continue on doing this beneficial knowledge you get rid of or integrate. So Subhanallah from the dot from the time you pass away till

00:29:25--> 00:29:59

the Day of Judgment. If you've done any of these three things, any of these three things, you're getting rewards for it to the end of time. Imagine doing all these three things at the same time. You know, for example, you actually sponsoring an orphan, so sponsoring this orphan, they're going to have beneficial beneficial knowledge. This person is gonna make dua for you. It's a continuous charity, you get three in one Subhanallah so now you've sponsored one orphan two orphans, you passed away your good deeds just accumulating Subhanallah a criminal linked to the time, you know, subhanAllah and this is what were things like you said building a well

00:30:00--> 00:30:11

Yeah, you know, every single time someone drinks, a drop of water from that, well, even an animal a bug and insect, you know you until that well dries up, you continue to receive good deeds from it.

00:30:13--> 00:30:43

That's why we should be any rushing to do such acts of worship for our hereafter. You know, like Subhanallah we built for this role, and it's temporary. Okay, imagine you go to a hotel room, and then you fix the lights there and you do renovations. It's a hotel rooms like yours, it doesn't belong to Yeah, this is the starting decorating it, you know, I mean, you put up a big plasma on the wall, and you're gonna be like a week. Yeah. And you know, at most, and you're asked, well, and this is the same thing with this wall.

00:30:44--> 00:31:00

One of the automat was asked, why do people feel the Hereafter? And then he replies by saying, it's because they spent their time building this world. And they forgot about the hereafter. So they fear this was hustle bustle

00:31:01--> 00:31:28

Rahim Allah said, they don't want to leave that which they have built for that which they've destroyed, to power that summarizes everything. That that's it. And it's and it's and it's based off of the understanding of the Hadith of the Prophet salallahu Salam, at the end of time, we will be kind of like foam with the sea or whatever. And he said, We will be afflicted with one. And they asked him what his why he said, of the dunya will kick them out, you'll love this water, you hate death? And why do you hate death, because we've got nothing prepared for it.

00:31:29--> 00:31:31

There's nothing ready, there's nothing in the bank account.

00:31:33--> 00:32:09

And this has nothing to make an account, you know, we talk about, especially now, you know, without a split, and Muslims are getting big into this. Now, you I see it all the time, you know, Muslim, Muslim millionaires, you know, I mean, Muslims success stories and investors, entrepreneurs telling you how to how to get, you know, rich on this scheme and that scheme and how to build wealth. And I'm not saying it's all, you know, nonsense, some of it's very good information. But, you know, when you have Muslims who are just so lost into this, but then when you scroll past something that's telling you how to build some portfolio in the Hereafter, just keep on swiping is the fastest web

00:32:09--> 00:32:45

ever three seconds? Yeah. Why? Because we can't see the tangible results. Now, this is our problem. And this is what society has turned us into is that, if we can't see tangible, immediate results, which don't, we just don't put an effort. That's true. You know, we're not like, like, the older generation, you know, like myself, I'm past 40 years old. So I can call myself the old generation now. You know, we were used to like putting an effort in not seeing things right away. You know, I mean, we didn't, I didn't grow up in the social media area, I didn't grow up in being able to post things on online and get likes and views and comments. Like, if you wanted results, you had to put

00:32:45--> 00:33:18

an effort, you know, like, even with, with relationships, if you wanted to have a friend, you know, I mean, you had to actually like, make a friend, you know, I mean, it wasn't, it wasn't about checking a box on social media. And then, you know, conversating online, you had to actually put in work to make a friend and everything you did took some work now, things are just, you know, ready to serve like, that I didn't, I did not grow up with a microwave in my house. You know, like, my grandmother was very old fashioned. We didn't have a microwave. So if you wanted to heat something up, said to do it, the old fashioned ways. Now everything is so ready, served. People don't think

00:33:18--> 00:33:41

about long term goals. And for Muslims, you have to be someone who thinks about your bank account in the hereafter. Because we know the very famous, every prophet has been asked, you know, when is the hour right? And one of the famous statements of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, when he was asked what is what is the our What did you say? What's your what have you prepared for it?

00:33:42--> 00:34:25

What it does not matter, when the day of judgment has no bearing on anything at all whatsoever if you're not ready for it. So what have you prepared for it? That that that should be the question we have in our mind. And the biggest thing you can do for yourself other than, you know, do your acts of yoga, like you're supposed to, is get involved with things that will benefit you when you're no longer here. You know, this is why I've been involved in in Dawa. This is why I've been involved in charity for so long, because that will in charity are kind of like two of the main things that I believe can can continue on this road of, of getting good deeds in the Hereafter, you know, you're

00:34:25--> 00:35:00

spreading beneficial knowledge. Hopefully, people will make dua for me if I'm helping them out and also involved in staccato jatiya, which will help me when I'm gone in sha Allah, and this proposal that can help us help us all we need it, we need it. So never, never be afraid. And one thing that we can say as we're closing when it comes to charity the most the first thing that that happens when you mentioned charity, and I've been fundraising I've been a fundraiser for like 17 years, you know, ever since I actually that's how I got started in in public speaking was I had

00:35:00--> 00:35:04

job as a fundraiser I never tried to be a public speaker. I was just trying to raise money for a masjid.

00:35:05--> 00:35:45

But you know, the first thing when people get up to fundraise Allah Subhana Allah says chiffon threatens you with poverty, right? He automatically makes you think about oh man, I got bills to pay. Yeah, yes. So do we all you know, everybody has bills to pay, but the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and will and will leave with this, he said that he would only take an oath on a few things in this life, about this life. And one of them was what they you cannot decrease wealth, by giving charity. Your wealth cannot be decreased. By giving he swore upon, that you cannot decrease your wealth by giving charity. So when you give for the sake of Allah subhana, Allah Anna, give freely,

00:35:45--> 00:36:09

give freely because when you give freely to Allah, Allah gives openly to you, the more than when you're generous to Allah. Allah is generous with you. And when you're stingy with Allah, even though Allah doesn't need it, but when you're stingy for the sake of Allah, then Allah becomes withholding from you. So may Allah Subhana Allah allow us to perform good deeds that are going to benefit us when when our graves and beyond inshallah

00:36:11--> 00:36:47

Baraka lofi coma Habibi, any last words before you go. Listen, this isn't a donation customized and she was thankful to Allah subhana wa, tada, I will increase you. Yes, that's it. That's famously that's if you want anything good in life, be grateful to Allah for what you have. Now. If you get what you have now, if you want more, give charity I remember my first check. I called him one time, I worked for him very meagerly in the Dallas scene way back in the day, you're talking about like 2003. I told him I'm struggling to pay my bills. He said give charity. How was a new Muslim? And I was like, did you not just hear me? I'm struggling. I was like, What is this man talking about? I

00:36:47--> 00:37:18

was like, bro, I got I'm broke. I don't have money to pay my bills. He's like how much you have in your bank account. I'm like $30 He said give 15 of charity. What? That's half of everything I have. Just don't worry about it. Give it because of the initial cartoon accidentally. If you're grateful Allah will give you more. It's never failed me. It's never failed me. That's me. So be generous with Allah. I remember this has been a pleasure to be with you and hamdulillah hopefully this won't be the last time and if I do make it to Melbourne, you're gonna have to take me to some of the best Hillel spots in Shanghai. I'm a foodie. By the way, if you don't know I'm a foodie. I like food. I

00:37:18--> 00:37:22

like to try food from from different places. So when I'm in Melbourne,

00:37:23--> 00:38:01

food in coffee, Jama Auckland so we've got the best coffee in the room. Also the best restaurant at Dextra center. We have an umbrella out Hamdulillah I look forward to making it happen in sha Montana. Okay, guys, we'll see you guys again on the next episode of our podcast and shaman Hutan. And when we have our founder and CEO, Ahmed Abu Hamid in Amman at the noon back in sha Allah and until then make sure you check us [email protected] and support all of the ongoing projects to help yourself in this life and in the next inshallah nautical Lo Fi comm Westerdam Well, it comes what I'm not old law He better get