The Lost Virtues Rediscovering Excellence

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Fela mobile Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Mohammed Abu Rosado

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I like to welcome my brothers, my sisters, my teachers, there are lemon crumb for this blessitt gathering

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our aim. And our objective was to try and expound and try to understand

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what's missing from our revival today what's missing from the development of, of Islam amongst our communities and our societies today.

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And what we identified is that one of the most obvious problems that we're suffering from

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the absence of certain attributes, the absence of soil, which I'll explain in a second, the absence of certain characteristics, which perfected the earlier generations and maintained are is throughout Islamic history, but today, are waning of and today are desperately needed more so than ever, to try and perfect our character to try and make us return back to Islam in its most perfect and pristine sense.

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And that's why the talk is called and indeed, the conference is called the lost virtues rediscovering excellence. Why? Because these virtues were those kinds of characteristics and modes of behavior that perfected and save the people from before and gave them.

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And it is only by returning to these and finding them again, studying them actualizing them, and then putting them into practice and perfecting them, that we will then have we discovered excellence, and the word in Arabic. In English, we've just been called attributes or characteristics, but the word in Arabic is called hustla. Or Heswall in the plural. And what what a hustla is, in the Arabic, they used to say that when something is very praiseworthy, something very noteworthy in one's character, when there's a very great characteristic and that's what a hustler is, it is the exact translate is the exact word that we're looking for that we want to try and

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discover when we're trying to understand this subject.

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And the point here is that because all these modes of behavior these these aspects in it, the easiest way to understand what they are is to give a few examples some of what you've seen today like to bow what is the armor what I did was sober well, you know these bravery and shujaa and strength, these kinds of characteristics in one's makeup in one's actions are what make a person great at it, those things which affect other people are those things which leave a lasting impression upon society. And this is all a part of Eman itself. Allah subhanaw taala created in Sun Midnight in my hand from a despise fluid and it is nothing from nothing effectively, but with the

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potential to be absolutely the best. Yeah, and a lotta the holopainen insanity. Senator Queen, Allah subhanaw taala says that indeed of assurance we have created inside inside in the best of molds in the best of structure Yanni this person, this man This woman has the ability to be perfect in some common

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perfect in every single way. But it is because they leave the way of Islam and his teachings that what happens tomorrow Jenna as well as a feeling and then actually we returning him back to where where he belongs if he doesn't have this beside us philosophically in the lowest of the low, except for those in the Latina Manu Whammy masala has except those who have faith and then act upon that space because they do our mo sila, righteous actions and there is no such righteous action except that you act according to knowledge and that knowledge is going to be based upon your Eman and EMA.

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is nothing but a collection of his soul. It's a collection of characteristics and modes of behavior. That's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said that the highest form of a man is what was the best hustler that anyone can ever have out of all of creation is to say la ilaha illAllah. And so believe in it, and to stand firm upon it and to act upon it. And what is the lowest part but concern for others, a trait, a characteristic, which is a fantastic trait, and something which encompasses wanting for your brother what she wants for yourself wanting to ward off any harm or any danger to other people. The purpose of license said that the Edna that these parts of it is to take

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something out of the out of the road, like a branch or like a brick or like something which you see that's going to potentially in the future might cause a problem for someone. So that's another path, another hustla, another modes, another characteristic that's the only one should be aware of, and in the same head instead and higher. modesty is part of Eman Jani modesty as well is something that we should think about and concentrate on, when I say think about and concentrate on is because these characteristics in the days in our glory days used to be studied. First one would have to work out exactly what they are. And then they would be studied. Then they would be actualized. Yanni you

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learn exactly how it comes about, and what are the issues and the parameters and what are the the controlling factors and the standards, and then they would implement it upon themselves and actualize it, practice it, and then they would work to perfection. They will try to make it perfect. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is good and oestrogen has another perfect example, like the rest of the MDR in Sun creation, who by nature hula Collinson, by Eva, by by nature, they are weak by nature, they are not as they are deficient, except those who work upon themselves and work upon the characteristics of courage and honor and dignity. And these kinds of

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things that can be perfected by the people. Once they are. Once they are, then we see the generation and the and the people that it creates. And so now we have a nice problem. A nice problem in that. What are we trying to do today is to try and find these characteristics and Islamic figures in the figures of Islamic history that we know from the Sahaba. And from the seller, and from the IMA the Imams and from the new Bella, the noble people of Islam and Shara, from the honorable people of Islam. The men and the women that we've seen in our history, you will find that amongst the general excellence in Islam, they individually perfected certain characteristics that they are well known

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for. And you can list them off the problem here. As I said, the nice problem that we have is Who do we choose? How can we be how could we select it is very, very difficult. Which page do you turn over? Which page? Do you stop yoga, you're trying to find one example. And then we see another example. Then we think about which one's a better example what its history is full of it. Whatever chapter you want to look at whatever hustler you want to concentrate on whatever characteristic you want to study, you will find in Islam, someone who has perfected it. So if we look at the hustla of bravery, for example, bravery, Jani, Islam stands for bravery. And Muslims are the most brave of

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people, or at least they should be. And that's the problem, because we're not we have allowed the fear of other people and the fear of the dunya and the fear of loss to come into our lives. And it has affected our condition. It has made our hearts weak, and people who have weak hearts cannot carry such a burden. And such as such a strong Deen and they will not be able to give it the respect that it is that it deserves. That is why when the people who were able to carry it, and they came along, and they took Islam, and they they made it shine, you will find that because they were strong enough to handle it. If you look at Carla

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Raja Mohan, when they say about when they give his example in terms of bravery, you know, it's like a man who just didn't care. for him. It's like as if life is nothing. They said, told us that when he was fighting against the Romans, he had the Muslims behind him and the Romans they came and the Romans being like very, very clever as they as they were and as they are today, instead of wanting to face us themselves, okay, what do they do? They want to find someone else to face us and he gets some other people from them. Some of the Arabs cause some fitna cause some kind of friction and set one off against the other, let them fight each other, let them kill each other, get rid of both of

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them. And if they're still there, then we'll come and we'll finish them off. Think back to think back lockup in the last couple of years. You know the scenario. The big difference between these days and those days is that they were dealing with men

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Dealing with the disasters that we are today. So when I went hire them, so the Christian Arabs that had been gathered by the Romans, and they were there and they were standing on the battlefields facing each other, and the Romans were behind the remote controlling the whole thing highly, they were worried he walked straight through his army straight to the front, straight to the, to the Christian, the Arabs who are waiting, they don't know what's happening, what's going on here. He once he found the leader, he grabbed him and put an arm lock and pulled him through the whole line of his Arabs, and brought him back to his own people just like that.

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And the Arabs who saw this, they were shocked. They couldn't understand what had happened here. What kind of insane is this? And he just works as if he owns the place, as if he as if life to Him doesn't matter. And they all run

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the old arts it is absolutely left the area. And that's it. The Romans Their plan was destroyed. And we know about Harley Davidson is what more do you want to hear about him? What more do you want to hear about this the rest of the Sahaba or the Mujahideen of this oma had said you heard the exploits of him Sherman, Stanley early on. Look at earlier Roger laquan when he was facing the the Quraysh at bother, and who did they put forward as their main person as their main person to to start the war to to have a face off against the Muslims, but one of the one of the Warriors called the American armory, and he was one of the big Qureshi figures and one of the ones who had lost

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wanted revenge and in the highest form, because his family had been killed. And he was under so much stress and he had the pressure of his tribe. They wanted their honor events. So what's happened? So when he went forward, he stood in front of the Muslims, a small group only, and he shouted across to them. He said, Where is the where is the one who's going to come and face me to start this battle of where is the one who's going to come and and start this, and alira De La Hoya and he stands up and he says, Yes, I am doing for this and the purpose of life. Let me say they just sit down. This is amor. It's not just someone that you just think you can handle. This is our This is their best

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fighter. So Allie is now waiting. And this man now is now standing up. And you know, he's in front of his people, goading the Muslims and showing up in front of his own and, you know, whipping up the situation like this. And he says the same thing, who's coming, what's happening? And then Alison's up again, he says, I am the one for this, and bla bla bla. And what did I send him said?

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And just like that, that's somber, just sit down. So he sat back down. So this armor now is having a field day, he turns around, he goes to the he said, he says to the Muslims, he goes, where is this when a genetical where is this heaven of yours? That's that claims that the ones who are killed for it will answer it. This is what you know, I want just to stop here can imagine that you're in this situation, defending the honor the Nation of Islam, and how you would be feeling on the other side your emotions as you're hearing this idea of the law and steps up, and he starts because I am the one for this process and says sit down his armor. He goes, Well, what kind of armor even if it's our

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the process and said Go on then.

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So this now this man now is he he's he's turning around and he says to his people, when he says to me NIDA at Jamia him, helped me move by easy, I have not heard my voice, calling them we are bringing them on, is there anyone to come and face me and he recited a famous poem. So there's Ali Rosella and walking out towards him. He said, he said to him that agilon

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mucho mucho saltiga, a Gz, do not see any rush, don't be too quick, to make these kind of poems and so on. So coming to you, as someone who is responding to your voice, this voice that is knocked out and you're trying to go to us. And then we see from this in this incident, that's our Yoga lavon came, he struck him once and killed him on the spot, is the issue here that he killed him on the spot is the issue here that you know that he was so brave. The issue here is to understand the strength of character to understand he was a moment that the Muslims required bravery and courage and it was shown in Harley Diwali, it was on anger was controlled for the sake of Allah. This is a

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great characteristic. But at other times, another even greater characteristic is to control anger, that anger which is not for the sake of Allah, that anger which is something personal, something which happens in your own sphere, something which has nothing to do with Allah subhanaw taala in an ever distance, but something that has taken from your personal rights, sometimes as an even better characteristic, which is one of the one of the things that we need to be able to understand and look to the same family. If you want to see examples. Look at Algerian law. And you know, his story well, that he was fighting in a battle and about to kill the mushrik who had been fighting against them,

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and he spat in the face of American law and according to the rewire and he didn't actually

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He stopped, he was about to strike him. Then he stopped. And he said there was one on the floor said, Why haven't you struck? Why have you not killed me, because if I kill you now, this anger would not have been for Allah. But because you spat on me it would be my own personal issue, I'll be killing you for the wrong reason. In that rage in that anger, he was able to turn off his anger like that. These are the people these are the characteristics. Look at his grandson, Ali, Hussein, even al Ali, very famous incidents, he was a tyrant. And he was himself making World War. And he had a female slave who was pouring the water. And as you know, when they're making although they're making

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it sitting down, and he's a and she was pouring the water from a pitcher, okay, like a jug. And while he was making the dough, it slipped out of her hands and it hits ollie

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on the head and cut his head and then of course municipality or damage upon your hedging, you can get angry at you. And he got very angry, and he looked up, just imagine yourself in that situation. And what's happening next you can freeze it right? He looks up and the fiance looks down at him and says Allah says while can help me Now Dr. Jani and those people who restrain their anger Allah says so so so so you know, this is from Sudan, Iran. So the so the

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alley, he goes, Okay,

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I've controlled it. So she goes okay, then this is clever female slaves to be honest. She goes what Africa in us, and those who pardon people. So he goes, can you imagine leaving and sitting there he goes, Okay, I'll forgive you.

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And Allah loves those who do good. Okay, you're free go. This is Jani. The people, these are the men, these are the facade these are the things that we want to find. That's the difference between them, and a difference between us. These things are not far from us. When we say last attributes, we're not talking about being the cleverest person in the world. And those things which we can't achieve, we're talking about those things which are achievable in our own sphere, we're talking about those characteristics which when we work upon them, we can develop them, we can develop ourselves to be brave, and to be strong, and to have guts and to be these people who are able to

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control anger and display anger in the right time. These are all things within our own capacity, but it's whether we want to purify ourselves and study the people who perfected them is whether we want to study them and then actualize them today, it's down to us whether we want to do that. And if we look at the other for example, the the the skill of acumen, the skill of politics the skill of being quick and clever of the people, this is also able to be studied and achieved for the right reasons today, they teach these kinds of Sciences how to outmaneuver people and strategy and, and and the theories of this and the theories of that, but people use it for dunia sense how many Muslims study

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this so that they can excel in their own society? How many Muslims have seen the earlier generations perfect these like from the cultural era black movie, Robin Sharma, Raja lavon, is to say that he was from the most quickest and the most cleverest that you will try to take him down and he would be at the same time taking you down. He was put as a governor of Bahrain. And the people did not like him. The people did not like him. And they cause fitna against him. So what did they do? One of the criminals, criminal tribe leaders, he wants to the rest of the people, the rest the rest of the tribes, and he collected 100,000 that have lots of money. And he went to American law, who was a

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halifa at that time. And he said to him, he said to him, yes, I mean, I bought this 100,000 to you. Do you know something? Your your, your governor, the one that you appointed, he came to me and he gave me this money. And he said, quote, it's the money away, you know, away from the base woman.

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And, you know, try to concoct this kind of story against them. So what did what did? He do? He came to

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summons him and he said, What's this? What's? What's this person saying? What's his $100,000 home and your claims that you're making? That he's said against you? So when we returned to him, I said, Sir, I'm a straight face. He said, it's true. It's true. But actually, it's not 100,000 it was 200,000.

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So, so, so So

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200,000, you first of all, you did this, I can't believe that you did that. Number two, you actually admitted to it again, saying it's more as well. He's in a state of shock, right? And then he goes What for? And nobody says, you know, my family is getting big and he has needs and and so on. But now this crew now is now really now stressed because now he's thinking I know now what's coming? Where's the other 100,000?

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So then, then says right, so Okay, then. So where is the rest of this criminal immediately recognize his habit? So he said to me, this was a plan and we will live and we're sorry and forgive us and we try to, you know, make a bad name out of him, but you

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We were lying, and, and so on, and who is able to utilize the skills that we use in our secular sciences today, to this level to make sure that any justice is is enabled and achieved, where it's really needed for the Muslims these days? Were able to judge between the people. Why is it that our judges today in our villages, and in some of the very culturally Yanis, some of the some of the problem areas of our country here, whether the Imams of the masjid do not have the real, the legal acumen or the political skill to deal between people? And you know why? Because our Muslim, our parents, our generation, don't put their best children forward for Islam. It's the other way around,

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we put our best children towards doctor or to medicine, engineering, and so on. And if they can't get into that, or what, then there's always the LM course, or no mas is always this way. It's like, we either push them for the best, and if not, then we send all the sick ones there.

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This is this is the way of revival, this is the system. And so what do you expect an Imam or someone who is trying to deal with complex issues and cases? How is he going to be able to deal with it when he doesn't have the life skills and this and the the element, the ability and talking about justice and oppression? How many of the Muslims today have been able to concentrate and utilize what we have as a legacy left by the big arms to to push our our protests in a non violent way? Forget about violence, non violence, non violence weigh against the oppression that we are under today? How many examples you want to see of people in our Islamic history who have fought against oppression, and

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hardship and beatings and torture, you want to remember that story? You want the story of my manic? You want the story of ignorance? Hey, Mia, join the story of even contemporary times say, you want to hear about the people who are killed for the religion? You want to know? And how about the 1000s that we don't know, who have this characteristic of it's the karma of standing for the four principles standing for Islam, willing to sell the life of this dunya for the hereafter. How many 1000s do we not know who are languishing in the prisons and being tortured by these criminals. But Allah subhanaw taala knows them, and also knows one of the best of them. So even a Jew by arogya law

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is one of the greatest scholars of Islam combat Tabby in one of the greatest of them, and recognized for his and his work and everything, but mostly known for his stand against tyranny and oppression. And against not the oppression of a family member telling you you can't go out or an uncle member saying you can't get married, but against the greatest a person that was seen by that, in their lifetime has just been usurped. A man who used to kill and shed the blood of Muslims for fun. He used to find it like a game. He's in fact, they say a game, there was a person who one of his team they used to say that used to kill the Muslims by burn by pouring boiling water over their heads and

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watching them melt and die. And he said this is nothing but a game just chop their heads off.

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Yeah, and for him, life was nothing. And he did the rule that he imposed under a tyranny that he opposed and the the people that have been in and the Sahaba even that he attacked and killed, unbelievable. People too terrified to stand up against him. But he underestimated the Muslims. He underestimated the fact that we have a facade, we have these characteristics that the prophets of Allah has laid out, explained, and then put them out on offer for everyone to go and take from them and study them and implement them and say the ones who were took up this standard, this stance of bravery, and when he was both against a hedgehog made use of in chains, and he stood against him and

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knew that what was going to happen now was what had happened to the many before him, this was now his final time. And the judge wants to humiliate him in front of all the people and he wants to bring him down and kill him in a show of power and and and, and, and respect for himself. So he said to him, of course he knew who said he didn't do bad was he was the greatest scholar alive at the time. He goes, who are you to try and you know, humiliate him. So you said, I am sad, even jubair so it means a happy one. It means you were he said La ilaha antosha Pavan casier

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he just said to him, No, you are the miserable one. Shaka even Cassius son of the defeated one some of the like a broken one. So everyone jubair says to him, I think that my mother was more knowledgeable about my name and my father's name than you were.

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And now he's making him angry. And I'm making him Bobo now and responding to him and everything where he goes, Well, why I am going to kill you in a way that I've never told anyone before. Never Has anyone been killed like that before and never will kill anyone like that after. And the sad ones you read straight to his face. He says we'll learn how you can be like this, you will be killed in the hereafter.

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The man says to him, he goes your life Your life is over. He said to him, then you will have ruined my dunya but I'm going to ruin your Acura and he killed him and he died. Shaheed

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shahidi and this is the people who have bought Shaheed you know, Amata is the word but actually, they are living witnesses, from Shahada, Ghana, to to witness they are living witnesses to the facade of this religion, to the characteristics of this religion, to those qualities that have made this religion, given the people in this religion, the ability to perfect it. This is the these are the virtues. These are the attributes that are lost from us in our time. And if you're thinking by the way that this is all very male dominated, then the women do have have nothing to fear because all the women have nothing to relax about rather, because, you know, it seems that the whole

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pressure is upon the men and everyone No, these are on every single person. But the women themselves have so many fantastic character characters in Islamic history for them to look at and to admire, whether it's from their own points of view and taqwa. And, you know, you heard about Aziz and his adult What about the one who supported him and gave him the ability to do that as well. His wife Fatima,

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Yan, if you see behind the say, behind every great man is a woman, how do you think someone like that is able to practice Islam to that level, and to sacrifice his entire life and the the ability to to enjoy life with much wealth, and you know, and get to that level, except that someone else has to be willing to do that. fantino was one of the richest women of that time, she gave away the money as if it was like a game of Monopoly. You know, when you come in you downtown Mayfair, and they say X amount 100,000. You just chuck it over because you know, it's paper money, right? It has no value. This is what they used to say. They give money away, like as if it was nothing. Imagine, you can't

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imagine because we never we don't have the money to give it away. And even if we didn't have the money, how many of us would give money away like it had no value? This is what they were up to? This is what they used to do. They were patients with what they were patient with what they had to go through? How do you think that the big people and the image of Islam, the big Imams, how do you think they were able to become to such a such a status? How would they be able to have what do you think they reached the six of our element and perfection, except that the mothers and the women behind them allowed will allow this to happen? How many of the mothers at that time expressed and

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showed patients have the highest order to lose their children to give their children away? Lose the childhood, the years where you love your child most so that they can go and study and then add the banner element and so on. When the why when the mother of one or Buhari sends Imam Al Bukhari away for them at that time, it was an interaction of patience and so on. But what's a sacrifice? What's an act of patience that it created for us? The man who is a mirror move, meaning the leader of the believers in Hades, who created for us the greatest book after the Quran? It is these actions. Look at the other women Yanni. There's something about leaving people to go and study what about those

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who have sacrificed their children? What about Hansa, the power test at the time of the professor lyocell who sacrifice and goodwill for her children for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala to go and fight and be marched in the defense of the Muslim nation, which cannot happen. And perfecting our our attributes, our characteristics and character cannot happen without looking and studying the actions and the sacrifices of these people. We will never ever be able to understand unless we look and we see what they have done for us. I then tried to recreate that in our own lives. These are what we need to try and achieve this facade. And they say and we have to try and combine them and

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you know, working on one and two. And you know, this is the actions of a weak people. Where's the honor and that was the Academy in that honor. Another great hustler, Karen being generous and having dignity. How important is it for the Muslims to have dignity today, more so than ever living in this country, for example, where the Muslims have such a reputation of living on handouts and charity and so on

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the enma the people have shut off and they say if I'm sorry, Roger law, and he said that, if I eat in the place of another person, it is like a humiliation upon me, that person will always have one over me, I will never be able to, I will never be able to look him in the eye. He will always have that on top of me how people think about that when it comes to the little things about food and eating and relationships with the people. And it's true a lot holds true. Because the second you show your weakness like that. And you might think it's not a weakness to accept an invitation. Now, it's not an invitation. It's not a weakness. But what's a weakness? What is a weakness? Is it for

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those people who want to be independent and want to maintain their honor, then they will be the ones who will instead of allowing other people to invite them they will be inviting the people there will be the ones who will be making sure that they are most generous and allowing the others to eat at their expense as opposed to them eating others.

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The People's expense, they were that careful there was so willing to take the hard life, there was so willing, and there was so eager to do that, just so that they could be independent. And that's why the purpose of life and advise his companions, specifically a harsh advice, a specific advice, do not ask other people for things and put your trust in Allah subhanaw taala. Not that it's impermissible haram to ask someone else. But when you do, then you've now just put yourself down a bit. Now you need other people will not see you as strong and as respected as as, as maybe you are always maybe you should be. Any Islam teaches us in a way that sometimes it's better to be in a more

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difficult situation and put hardship upon us. The rewards will be seen afterwards, the rewards will be seen afterwards. And this is not pride, by the way as our LMR tells us that this is not this a big difference between this being being dignified and being proud. Because being proud means to want others, you know, making the others thinking that you're better than the rest and others are under you. But dignity means that you don't want to lower yourself, you don't want other people to think that you are nothing any low and so on and despise and weak and dependence. So she, how long could I go on for the different characteristics that they're there for us to look and study but how many

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people will take this opportunity. And you really and it's the only way to revive Islam today really. And if you look at what they said about the Imam, I live in Santa Rosa Lahore and the great property and of Missouri and one of the contemporary cinematic, they said about a new Mecca has gotten

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behind a law there was not a single hustler that one could use to get close to Allah subhanaw taala in law that the typical hustler can feel that except that that particular hustler was found in him laced up inside, in emulation of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam looking to find these characters, identifying them standing there and and thinking bravery, courage, honor, patience, commitment is the karma it's about thinking about them actualizing studying them and then applying these in his own life and their own lives. So this journey, we don't have any time to continue. Just a brief reminder, this was to you know, hopefully bring the conference to a close and inshallah, you

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know, give some kind of context to the, to the title to understand what's being taught what's what's the message that we're trying to give here, is that every Muslim has the ability to find these last attributes and the one who finds them and applies them and perfects them, then he would become excellent, he will have to be discovered we discovered accidents. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to give us all the tofik and to be able to come close to him through this crystal and anything that is correct and of course comes from Allah Subhana Allah and anything NACA so weak or wrong when it comes from myself a shavon Allahu Allah alum or some Allah who said nobody Kalani Vina Mohammed in

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what Allah Allah He was so happy he is running