Tom Facchine – Allah Will Replace You

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the need for people to be accepted and fit in with Western standards, as they are more comfortable being different. They also mention the historical precedent of Islam being the solution to modern society and how it has the right to save the modern West.
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A lot of folks are concerned about fitting in or assimilating into the West. And those are folks that come from outside, right people who are born abroad and things like that.

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And one of the one of the freedoms of being a convert someone who's from this space is that we don't necessarily have that same desire to fit in, we're more comfortable with sticking out and being different. And I think we're a little bit more quick to recognize that not only do we not need to fit in, or change ourselves to be kind of accepted, but the opposite that Islam is actually the solution to everything that plagues Western modern Western society, right? You have this sort of unprecedented amount of environmental destruction, you have loneliness and alienation, you have depression, you have, you know, fragmented families and all these sorts of things. There is not a

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doubt in my mind that Islam is the solution to all this and more. And Allah works in, you know, in the ways that he works. And, you know,

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Chef Abdullah, when he was teaching tafsir, and some of the eyes of the Quran, when Allah azza wa jal says that if basically, if you Muslims don't take care of this covenant that you have, then I'm going to replace you with other people. You know, Sheikh Abdullah, Rafi testify these verses, he was, say, in America or sin, anybody who would always say either America or China, but he was under the strong belief that that either the United States or that China would eventually one day become a Muslim majority country, or be guided by Islam in a major way. And you know, who knows? That's just his, you know, his maybe his HDX hat or his hope, or whatever we want to call it, but it is it is

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true that it can happen anywhere. And that if it were to happen, I think that Islam has, has the right the right stuff to turn around the ship and to kind of save the modern West.

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