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so now on equal on weekly, I know what you're thinking any man with $50 sounds crazy, right? But inshallah tada today we're going to talk about the next hobby and our superstar lineup. His name was actually Abdul Rahman, or Abdullah, the slave of armed before Islam. You want to guess who it is, it is the men known as abderrahman IGNOU Oh for the Allahu taala and who the next hobby on this list, who was also a convert on the hands of a vocalist the vehicle of the alongside and he accepted Islam. At a very young age, he was only 21 years old, he already had a connection to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam because his mother Shiva was actually the woman who gave who delivered

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam at birth. So Manuel de la Han who did not have a hard time accepting Islam, he was already a person that was known for his purity. He was a person that was known for his generosity. He was a person that was known for always smiling for always coming down to the level of the people for always enjoying a good relationship with everyone in the community. Now I'm not I'm not I'm not the only one who was famous for one thing amongst Muslims, and that is that he was rich, but there comes responsibility with that. And Subhanallah we find that he didn't get rich by 10. So it's not like he inherited this huge fortune. In fact, sources tell us that he

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was born to a very poor family. But

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the low I know had this mentality, that whenever he went with the prophets of Allah It was so them for the hits and migrated to Medina, and also la slice unimpaired the unsought with the Mahajan. He paired up with him now for the Allahu anhu with a man by the name of Saudi Arabia. And sadly, Bumblebee was a very generous Ancelotti. So he told him that I met him, Ralph, he said, Look, I am the richest person amongst the onslaught. So here, you can take half of my money, you can take half of my house, you can take half of my property. And in fact, he said, I've got two wives, and you can take one of them. Tell me which one you want. And I'll divorce her so you can marry her. And I'm all

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for the law. I knew he wasn't a freeloader. He actually was an earner. So he tells Sarah that well, the law only says botica law houfy aniko hematic May Allah subhanaw taala bless your family and bless your wealth that has utterly bizarre, he said, I don't need any of that. And he said the famous statement, do lennier and the souk, just show me to the marketplace. Now in Medina, it wasn't easy for you to just go to the marketplace and make things happen because the soup at that time the marketplace was dominated by the tribe bundle called Aida. And they weren't gonna let any foreigner come in and start making profit. But somehow I'm not I'm no fool the Allahu anhu made his way into

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the soup and became a successful businessman. Not a matter of years, not a matter of months, but in a matter of days. He was known what the law of Thailand was the man that could turn a stone over and find $50 actually gold, not $50 but I've met him now for the Allahu anhu shows up to the front in front of the prophets lie Selim, just a few days after he goes to the marketplace. And he's neatly groomed he's already you know, he has some nice clothes on and was soulless. I sent him he looks at him. He says mayhem mayhem is like an expression of Wow, what's going on? Man What happened? And I'm not even know for the low I know, who has just left everything behind in Mecca. And there's only

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been for a few days in Medina, making, you know, just the money that he was able to make. He says he helped us a lot. I got married the province I said you got married with what? He said that I gave a brick of gold from my mouth. And the prophets lie Selim was shocked that he went and he made his money that fast with the Allahu taala and so the prophets lie Selim told him that you should have olema you should have a feast and within days of the Muslims migrating to Medina they were having a feast because after that madam know for the Allah who I know was able to already get himself settled not freeloading off of anybody. So we look at this person will be alone Tyler I know. And truly

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think of the Hadith of the prophets lie Selim at the other earlier, heightened Minetti at the sofa, that the upper hand the giving hand is always better than the lower hand, which is the receiving hand. Now does that mean that when a man got rich, he stayed away from all the battles and he says, You know what, I'm gonna sit back and I'm just gonna wait till the fundraiser and dish out $10,000 I'm gonna let you guys do the work? Absolutely not. I'm gonna mama Lila Han, who served in every battle with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Yes, there were times that he just that he gave so much money, and that's what was recognized from him in battle. So for example, in the book, he

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was known as the one who came forth with 20 pounds of gold. But there were also times that he suffered wounds and in fact, just as he gave 20 pounds of golden tab book and the Battle of God, he was one of the

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People that did not flee from the Prophet solo blowhard, he was Salah, and who received 20 wounds and because of that he would limp for the rest of his life. So after I met him there was someone who was very high in the status of in the sight of the prophets of the Lord. He said I'm in fact, he has the distinction, that aside from a while back, it'll be a lot of data and who he is the only person who ever lead the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam insula, once the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came back from a journey, and he prayed behind the outflow the Allahu taala and who and the Sahaba were shocked. They didn't know what to do and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he

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praised their action by continuing the summer I did not know that the prophets I send them had come. And this was the first time that the province licensed and prayed behind anyone. But also last license taught us the fear of missing a rock out of Sabah by doing so. So we look at that beautiful instance and we see that assume la sala La Jolla Salaam truly loved the other man. No, he, he held them in a high standard, obviously, counting him from amongst the national machine. And this love this relationship continued after the profits license and passed away. Because I'm not I'm not the only one who was the one who took it upon himself to be the sponsor of the wives of the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he paid for everything for them. In fact, if the wives of the Prophet slicin have wanted to make Hajj, phenomenal the Allahu anhu was the one who facilitated that entire head and it shall be Allah when he used to make the offer of the commandment Oh for the Allahu anhu and say, may Allah subhanaw taala grant him a drink from sosebee from the fountain of paradise. So we see that this man will be the one who continued his generosity throughout and would continue to earn and give an urn and give this is what he's known for. solokha assume awesome anytime he asked her any money I've always came forth. Whenever I went back and asked for money, man came forth. When

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when Omar asked for money I'm the man came forth while the low tide annual and in fact the mushrikeen even mocked up the amount of nurofen the time of the Prophet sallallahu it was some of them and they said, Man is our lien for Ria, he's a great he's, you know, he's a great boaster, he loves to show off, and Allah actually revealed an area to defend him. I wonder what that is, wait until the end of the video inshallah. So we look at his life Well, the Allahu anhu after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and we see his continued generosity. And I saw the Allahu taala and her scenario. It's a beautiful incident, where one time as the people were in their homes, they heard

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that they heard Medina trembling, and it wasn't an earthquake. It was actually 700 camels that I'm that I'm not even there. Oh, for the love of Thailand who had brought that were fully loaded, and given FISA beat Allah Subhana Allah so this was a man that earned and who gave, earned and gave. Now you might be thinking to yourself, wow, Subhanallah he must have dealt in some how long he must have had some kind of tricks up his sleeve. But in fact, I'm not even around for the amount of time he said about himself. He said talak now this is full Hello. We left half of halaal income mahathat Riba because we were afraid of a Riba we were afraid of dealing an interest. So this was a person

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that earned Helen and I want you to really think about this for a moment. How halaal is your income? And what do you do with your income? Because one of the things the prophets lysozyme said on the Day of Judgment, you will be asked about unnaturally about your money in a necklace about who so we knew we know that he earned his money holiday with FEMA and football and how you spent your money. And we always see after that, Madam, they're all for the Allahu anhu. You know, going forward spending FISA be the law, in fact, I'll handle the law when he says about the demand. He says that the people of Medina we're living off of the low tide on one third of the people had debts to pay and other amount

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on the other hand, who paid their debts for them. One third of the people took loans from a man and the other one who never asked for the money back. One third of the people just took something from him just took pure charity from him. So I've modeled the Aloha, who was sponsoring the entire the entire people of Medina and you know what, you know, it was a slice of them has mentioned to us that some people will testify for you or against you on the Day of Judgment. Manuel de la until towards the end of his life, he fell unconscious and he had a dream. And in that dream, he saw that the entire oma was behind him. So he woke up and the next day he passed away, and a little the love of

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Thailand who he describes the site of janazah for the amount of nerve. Imagine when the Prophet sly centum says the best of you are the ones who benefit the people. Most all of these people were praying on the ground for the law. I know these floods of people were coming from everywhere to pray on him because of how he benefited them and added to the law and his son about non water but the whole agenda. paradise has become mandatory for this man who consistently gave FISA be the law and in fact I've run will be allowed tada and who, when he passed away, I want you to look at the income that he had the shares that he had, just so you can know. being rich is okay as long as it's through

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halaal income and when you get free

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Abdullah Abdullah Manuel the Allahu taala and when he passed away he had 46 shares of inheritance. Each one of those shares of inheritance equaled 80,000 dead humps, you can do the math for yourself, but let's try to implement this quality of halaal income you know, you work you earn you don't depend on anyone other than Allah subhanho wa Taala but then you spend FISA beat Allah and you consistently maintain that because how can Allah Subhana hoods Allah grant you pure spirituality, if your income your means of livelihood is how long and you're not spending it in his path? We ask Allah subhanaw taala to purify our wealth and to purify our hearts a lot. I mean, I'll see you next

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week in South LA Zach malachite almost mid morning to live at UC

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