Tom Facchine – al-Raghib al-Isfahani #54 – The Stage of The Martyrs

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the stage of the emphatic "? of the Herzegovina," where the focus is on excelling in merit and avoiding distraction. The stage of the MAC is where the focus is on finding the right person to to influence and stop everyone's jealousy. The stage of the digital age is where the focus is on finding the right person to the right person to to be in control of one's life.
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The third stage after the stage of repentance, and after the stage of righteousness is the stage of the martyrs. That's what a rock wall. So he says, This is the stage of the martyrs. Why does he call it the stage of the martyrs? He says, because your sole focus and fixation is on excelling in merit, and you don't get distracted, okay? And he calls it the stage of the martyrs because of the jihad against the neffs. Right, because you're really, really at this point, you're not just doing your prayers and doing these other things. Now you're doing the work on the inside, right, which is the work of trying to stop your jealousy, trying to stop your envy, trying to stop your greed, trying to

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stop your lust. You're not just holding yourself and refraining and abstaining from sin. While who knows what's going on in the inside, you're beyond that you're now trying to,

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you know, poke holes in all that build up pressure, the desires that the motivations that bring you to sin in the first place, right. And this takes not just the outer work of taming one's impulses and urges, but it has to do with a paradigm shift. Right? We said that the author of ALLAH SubhanA, he said, the first step is to believe in beautiful things, the beliefs they flower into action. And so the stage of martyrdom if you want to actually do jihad, enough's, you want to make jihad against yourself and the blameworthy parts of yourself, you have to see reality for what it really is. Right? You have to see who are your friends and your foes who's with you and who's against you. Do

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you see these people in your lot in your life, you know, these these friends you have or acquaintances or coworkers, and you are start to identify this person is building me up this person is actually being a righteous influence on me. And this person is a shaytaan as persons a devil, they're always asking me to do something Haram is always trying to get me to gossip, or they're trying to bring me into a bad space. And at the level of martyrdom, you're ready to cut those people out, either cut them out from being able to have any influence over you at all, or even now you're trying to influence them and they're not influencing you. Right. So the stage of martyrdom is where

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you're not choosing now, a lot of us we just go around, unintentional through life, okay, this guy makes me laugh. This person is my friend, because we have the times where you have similar things. Your perspective has entirely changed. When you're on the level of martyrdom, you're all about the jihad against your neffs. And so if there's anything in your life that's holding you back, whether it's a job, whether it's a friend, whether it's an influence, and a family member, whatever it could be, that's holding you back from Allah's pleasure, you're going to cut it out, or you're going to change your relationship with it so that you're operating on all cylinders in order to pursue your

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