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Adnan Rajeh
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Mullah he'll help.

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I'm going to start this series with Islam Allah will help.

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As I pointed out yesterday to you, in all the way that we're going to do this as we're going to look at his name subhanho wa taala, his glorious names through 12 categories to help understand better what these names mean not only in to enhance our comprehension of Allah subhanho wa taala, but also to help you understand how to implement them in our lives and what effect they have on us.

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And the first group of names is naming names of divine judgment, names that point out Allah subhanaw taala has judgments of judgment as to whether the judgment that occurs in this life or judgment that will occur on the Day of Judgment itself, but it points out his judgment Subhanallah what's on and I'm starting with the first one within that category, or the one that in that category, I think is the most important of all, is his name subhanaw taala. And how the righteous

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There were doctors in the Quran 287 times which is probably one of the highest

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frequencies that we have of a word repeated in the Quran that is not a filling word.

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Nine times in the Quran, the word is used specifically to as a name for Allah subhanaw taala most of the time it comes alone which is quite rare most of Allah subhanaw taala His names come in combination they're called for a while so they come at the end of verses and they usually two of them together but is namely subhanaw taala usually comes when it does it comes along when it's combined is combined with Allah is named mille moonbeam which is the one that clarifies or the one whom who was clear

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and the definition of will help in as a scholar define it, but who Alethea como la he could lose she will be he will be doing anything and how to collusion? Whether the definitions that is used for help is the one that with it, everything exists and without it everything collapses. While you are Callooh and another definition, color who are actual well

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instead it's the opposite of falsehood.

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whereby he does slow last year

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and with it things are able to function is how they define righteousness or right or the righteous. Wood allows things to function which is why he says subhanho wa Taala Omar Calacanis do a lot of well maybe you know Homer, Ian will help in this to to enforceable husafell Jamil will now follow up on SML word he will herba Medina whom Allah ibn mo halacha now Huma will help well now hello, Afghanistan. I will order one but you know whom about leader Valley coven? Lulu Dena Cafaro for Ito Lulu, Xena Kapha woman and now, when I was 100 points out that he only created the cosmos in the earth through righteousness or with righteousness, meaning the only way that they will prevail or

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succeed or function or exist. The only way it works is if it happens is righteousness is at the core of everything that occurs within them.

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That's why he says 234 will help parallel Berkeley failure to metal for either who was fired the month of May history and then when Nakajima will help with you throw her upon bouton and it hits it right in the head for either who has happened Beltre is removed immediately

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he says Subhana wa Tada for the early Kamala Hoon. Muqaam will help.

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They'll help the

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fan to sort of hone in D that is your Lord, the righteous. The what after righteousness is there aside from misguidance and loss, and whatnot is lost aimlessness. aimlessness is here to help the righteous. It's also the grantor of purpose.

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You have also another meaning of his name and subhanho wa Taala is the one who rants purpose, because how its opposite is falsehood. But also its opposite is is aimlessness. So when he says well my HELOC on SML. It was about you know, who am I? But help is also pointing I was not just righteousness, but it's purposefulness. He created it there's a purpose for it. It's not aimless, it's not just floating in this in this nothingness that's going nowhere. No there's a purpose to it and that he gave it spinal Wattana tomorrow do it Allah He Mola whom will help and they will all be sent back later to their Lord the righteous while we Tebah I'll have our home the first that is to

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well our blue mm fee in Bella Tina homebuilder decree him for him and decree him or a balloon and if how they've righteousness followed people's whims and desires, then the cause wasn't the Earth would have crumbled and everything in them would collapse.

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Subhan Allah, Prophet alayhi salatu salam, when it was a day Allahumma Medina will help to help been aurizona Diva word in El biopic about Dylan, what is OpenEdge et now but Oh, Allah showed me how to be helped at all times. And allowing me to follow it and show me falsehood to be false would allow me to steer away from it.

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The ultimate value in the universe is that

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our lives are just an ongoing test of how versus personal interests or some other form of human experience, whether it's fear, whether it's desire, whether it's worry, whatever it is, but it's up against us. And once we realize that, we figure out how to make decisions. It's like with life comes this toolkit. And with this, in this toolkit, you have scale, and the scale is held every time you want to make a decision. And sometimes in the in one of the scales hand, you put the help and help is a value that has

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that has no weight assigned to it because its weight is infinite, because nothing comes close to it. This is how it should outweigh everything I've ever seen every time in every way how has to outweigh everything. I love the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was drawn where he says and we hear this a lot until you have Ramadan I'm gonna go through it for you and maybe through that inshallah we can understand the importance of this concept of and especially today, where I think we need it most recent Allahumma local Hemd and they'll help that oh Allah all praise do to you.

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You are the righteous and they'll help

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and they'll help cure him. Tina feel happy, where he unfussy him had to be and Allah whom and who will help our MC fibula bigger. And now who Allah cliche in Shahid, indeed, we're going to show them Our signs.

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We're going to show them who we are through our signs. You'll see them in the horizons, you'll see these signs in yourself until it is made clear to you that He is the righteous subhanaw taala but he is the truth. In other meaning of it is truth. Here's the truth Subhan Allah is not enough for them that he is he very witnesses to everything that occurs

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and they'll help well oh look at what you say is the truth. Well, Allah Who We Are who will will help God we're Who are you the Seville and Allah is the one who says it helped and he is the one who guides guides us to the

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and guides us the way subhanho wa Taala and not only does he say how can general but everything he says subhanho wa Taala isn't help everything he says when he says I letters your words your okra when he says what Elisa live in sunny la masa. Every statement he makes Subhana wa Tada is it

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until help we're told you can't edit them it's a nice Hadith memorizers nice Doctor memorize well coloca

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Well, I do follow the dinner who? Me? Okay the camera in her wallet has an Walidah alumna and we're happy that his promises the truth Subhana wa Tada that his promise will occur as he promises upon whatever it may be. Well I do love who Latina Am I mean c'mon util Solly Hardy let's definitely fun filled out of the kindness dollar for Lizzie and I mean probably him What are you mattina nella whom Dena whom will let you tell Bala whom Where are you But Dylan the human body hold for him Amna. Allah has promised the believers he as a community as a nation, that if they actually believe and they perform the deeds that he is required them to perform, they will grant them prevalence, he will

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grant them a nation of strength and he will remove the fear that existed within their hearts. They will grant them the safety and the security that they longed for. That's his promise upon will die and his promise is ill health. While your PA Ooka

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well your PA and meeting Allah subhanho wa Taala on the Day of Judgment is going to be is how we do when you're married and now

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we are going to meet him Subhana wa Tada. The day will come where he will stand in front of Allah subhanaw taala and meet him

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well Jen to help whenever there was herb will join us Hi Robin. Oh,

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ma Donna Rob buena hochkar The Hello Jack tomb MA or Bukom health

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and the people of gender will call upon the people of Delphi and saying Indeed we have found that which Allah subhana wa Tada has promised us to be the truth we'll help you find what he promised you to be the truth. They say yes. We'll Jana to help when will help.

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Quite a bit exotica the Odeon Marina Illa Eva the Coming Home will mahalo seem odd fell helpful. Well, how

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there, I'm Lana Johanna Minka women, Tabby, aka Amin, whom

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bliss told Allah I'm going to misguide all of them. So Allah's answer was then the truth and the truth only I speak, I will fill Jahannam with you and all those who follow you to the day of judgment. So subhanaw taala Salam

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when maybe you want to help. This is Dr. Ali Asad was when maybe you and a haka and the prophets are hot when I was doing more selling. We were shooting when Moon Diddy and when you Jared Leto Lizzy in a CAFO, Bilbao Paley, the UD hadal will be he'll help with the t zero who's well, we only send the messengers, as those will grant the good news and warn people from punishment and the disbelievers will argue with but falsehood against ill health, trying to remove it. And they took all that we sent as a joke.

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Why? Well, Mohamed don't help so Allah ism is made in arson Bill healthy Vashi along with the law without a law and

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indeed, we sent you with help, as one who would grant good news and warn of punishment. Allah who can handle and they'll help well we'll look at how well I do how well your car will go help. Well Jen to help when?

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When maybe you and I got Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Hello, this is Dr. Ali

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says in surah the rod which talks about this concept of ill health. There are two sources that talk about how they talk about it differently. Right talks about how can contrast to battle the falsehood in the news talks about happening in contrast to

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the aimlessness or purposelessness, or well I'll quote there will be different in the shorter ride. He gives some hand over data. An example Paula Enza lamina sama EMA for Salat. odia Don't be perjury. Tamela sables ever over the Robbia when you do not even know the beauty of our Heliot in Omata and Zabba, don't miss Gallica Yamalube Allah who will help our battle for Emma Zebedee. Who do one mama young for NASA for young coastal Phil. Katha Lika yo bleep hula hula. He says of Holland Tata descended from the sky water. And then when that water moves into rivers, those rivers take on themselves a specific form.

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And on top of that river you'll find forms of it. And then he breaks off and he gives another example and then he says women by up do and I'll even not even here and then the the people who take gold and they melt it down and trying to make a take small pieces of gold to make something bigger. So what they do is they melt down the gold and they and it goes down it goes up to a temperature so high. That is that is basically liquid. And on top of that liquid you have this this this dark matter.

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The scum on top, but Gallica yoga Rebola had HELCO, unbelted, he says this is this the exam he said this is the example I give you a righteousness and falsehood

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for me as debit as with a foam on top of the river, or the scum on top of the gold. Further, how would you refer it gets lost? It gets lost it doesn't. It's what you see is what you see when you look, when you look at the river you see the foam when you look at the melted gold, you see, you see the scum. That's what you see. That's what that's where it hits the eye. When you look at it. On top, it seems as if it's on top, it's really not on top is useless. Soon, soon enough. It'll get lost somewhere between the trees, or the blacksmith will scoop it and throw it into the garbage. But it's just for a moment, it seems as if it's on top just for a moment. For a brief second, it seems

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as if it has some value, as if it somehow is now superior to what Mazeppa does with a foam failure to have wudu five goes uselessly. We don't even know where exactly it gets lost. It gets. Well I'm young and fell on us as for that which has been official to people ask me if I am cool to fill orders stays on earth it stays. It goes into the soil and life comes from it or it's something that that people use and has value to them, because likeability Bula Hulan that's how your Lord gives you examples. Because Bethel is just stare for a moment. It gets his 15 minutes of fame. It's just there for a second. If you understand the world, you know that happens right under it. And help is

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meaningful helpers there is just a problem as milpa Ian pointed out in one of his one of his books he said

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that off

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For a little while to really tell about when a person had a banner or falsehood, and so we lifted it, but he's done a whole lot about it. And the people have bolted on came ran running, and they stood there with me. So I would help the lawyers and help. When I'm out of island, Mr. Howard,

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and the person with the banner of help forgot to put his banner up or when he did, the people didn't come running around him. That's it. That's the only thing. The problem is just the people who have helped but didn't, didn't, didn't lift their banner. And when they saw the banner lifted, didn't go and in the huddle around the help. So it seemed as if both will have something to say, but it's just, it's temporary. It's temporary. It's just until the people have helped find themselves and find what it is they stand for.

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There are many stories in the in the Quran that talk about this concept of of his name, subhanaw taala, the righteous one, or the grantor of purpose, but the one that stands out the most is this story of the stolen stolen shield.

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And to summarize the story really quickly for you,

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the provider your salatu salam was brought to a case of someone who had a shield stolen from his

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from his shed. And the man who came in reported the the robbery, suspected a group of Muslims from the hustle edge group. But it will be at a and they were known to be well, not the greatest group of people. And he had some evidence but he did not have proof of it.

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They got a hint of what was happening so they quickly they quickly counter and he reacted and they went back and they clean things up and he took the shield and they hid it because they had stolen it. They hid it in the in the backyard of a Jewish fellow His name is Ada Simeon, and they go to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam claiming that they were mistreated, claiming that someone is accusing them of something that they didn't do. And the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam almost got on the member and pointed out the fact that they are

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that they are exonerated and they did not do it. And then he went and performed they performed a search and they found the the shield in the backyard of this Jewish man he almost accused this man of doing it. Because he this was the evidence he had out of his thought the Westerdam as he at the time in terms of following the protocol. And the Quran would come we would be revealed to him before if I joined up never came in the middle of the night. You'd be the loneliest King that time when the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was functional. It didn't come and wake him up at night for this story up will come and wake him up in the middle of the night before vigil. And he was in Zelina illegal

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keytab will help you tackle my Bina Nursey Bhima or like Allah Who fed ethical dilemma in in a house Eva? And did we ever reveal this book to you through truthfulness through righteousness, so that you may judge amongst people with the best of your ability, do not stand by those who are betrayed, traitors, and the Quran will come and exonerate this Jewish federal, and point out these Muslims, this Muslim family to be the people who actually robbed and stole at a time where

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the person stealing from a OC person was a problem in on so many levels. You're there exonerating a person from outside the faith. Because help is the lack trumps all, the concept of ill health trumps all, there is nothing that comes even remotely close to the importance of this of this topic. Today when we when we watch what's happening across the globe. And we see the reason that these things are happening is because we've lost our affinity to the concept of righteousness and truth within our own lives. Because we the scales are not tilting in the right direction appropriately. We don't seem to understand that everything is based on help and that when we see ill health that's it you live by

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and help you speak the truth. You live by the truth you accept the truth upon yourself. And more importantly, you stand by the truth. You stand by it, you live by it, whatever it is that is required to support that which is righteous, then you then you do it. Whatever righteousness requires in terms of your support, and that is what you offer.

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You live by the truth and then if you need if needed, then you die by the truth as well. The Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam Yani his story is the story of the triumph of ill health. That's his story on it. And there's really not not much else to his full life story aside from someone who was presented with the hook with righteousness, and he lived by it until his last moment, and he supported it unconditionally. All throughout his life. He refused to take a step sideways to help draw it isn't the entirety of existence. Never Did he accept any aspect of Bhopal in his story.

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Like they negotiated with him I thought he was number seven years in Mecca as they persecuted him and his annual Sahaba you negotiated trying to get him maybe maybe to compromise just something because it helped us so powerful about that just needs it to compromise just once.

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The bottle is all wrong, everything about falsehood is wrong. They're living through through sin.

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bout the lives through sin lives through through mistake through through shortcomings all at once from ill health is just to make one mistake.

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Just make just do one thing wrong, just do an act of buttons so that we're equal now. So that we can equally because of how to so pure, because it's so beautiful, because it's so meaningful.

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And they tried to get them to do it. They use a lot of wisdom. Or good ILA Hannah and I had an AMA now

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a year you worship our idols Well, Your Worship yours? No. But what do you want? You want wealth you want sovereignty? What do you want? He wants nothing

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but you fine we'll accept what you do but remove don't have a sit with the with the peasants will accept it. Can we just can you have like a measures specific for the nobles not? I don't want to sit with the peasants. I want to sit with the people who are once my slaves? Can you at least just have to do massage one for us and one for them so that we're just a little bit just dignify us? Nope.

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When you when you hear the story of his life, Allianz salatu, salam, it seems like he had the upper hand the whole time. Because really, in essence, he did. Because in essence, he did. Whoever has it has the upper hand, even if the other one has the bombs and has the rifles and has the guns and has the middle and has the fire. It's whoever hasn't helped who has the upper hand. Always was and always will be, even if the numbers there are even if people are dying, even if they're suffering and they're struggling, it'll help because it's so powerful as a concept. As a concept as an idea. It's so strong, if you stand by it, you're strong like it, despite the fact that throughout us, it's

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December, it's December, that's all it is. Even for a short period of time, you're, you're you're struggling, it's just because the foam is on top for a bit. It's just gonna be there for a bit, it'll soon be washed out. It'll be washed out soon and buttoned up, we'll come back again. And if it doesn't happen in this lifetime, it will happen your multi Amory yomo Pm is where how it's about how you will milk the hammer the point of it is that is that Huck will prevail, and how it will be clear to everyone around and the judgment will be based on help and the reward will be given through hope and punishment will be fished out through how and people will go to their final destinations based

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on how so the question you have to ask yourself, on which side of the rails do you stand? Do you live by it? How do you stand by it? How are you on the other side of it? Because Subhanallah which I chose to give himself a name, which it have the ultimate value in the universe of the concept that is most important.

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He doesn't do that a lot. But he does it for these concepts. His name was ill health and his name is an idol as well, which is justice.

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He gave himself names subhanaw taala of these critical and crucial concepts that we have and that's it from ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala help. How do you live by it? You you exactly you do exactly that? You live through the truth. You speak the truth you accept the truth on yourself and you support the truth willing to live for it and willing to die for it. I'll end with what he says to pan over to Ireland Surah Nisa and certain amount either similar verses so yeah, you are Latina

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who, oh Amina Bill Leslie shahada, Allah He Walla Walla Fujiko Oh will validate any will occur Dena India Kalani and Osaka young fella who older behemoth as a tabby on our entire deal with Intel who already do for in Allah can be met Amma Luna hubiera Oh those who believe

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be advocates of justice and bear witness for the sake of Allah, even if that means you must bear witness against yourself. Even if it means you have to speak out against yourself or your parents or those who are related to you. Do not worry about them, Allah somehow that will take care of them. But you are required to always speak the truth, even if that means it will be detrimental against yourself. And there has never been a quote or or a statement that is so that is so much in support of the concept of righteousness than this area that we have in the book of Allah and that is malai Lok Sabha Tagalog hamdulillah Illa hit enter so if we were to break or SallAllahu wasallam or like

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Allah Nabhi you know Mohammed in early

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