Abu Bakr Zoud – An Angel Makes This Call Every Night Of Ramadan

Abu Bakr Zoud
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Brothers and Sisters in Islam tonight is the third night of Ramadan. And did you know that every night of Ramadan from the beginning until the end, there is an angel appointed by Allah azza wa jal that makes a public announcement and a call for all of us to hear and to adhere to.

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And this obviously we don't see the angel making the call, but we believe in this and we know about it because in a V sallallahu alayhi wa sallam informed us every night an angel makes a call saying airbelt Real highly up Kabil wire bear reassuringly, Axel. Oh I'm sick with elica Kula Leila Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that an angel calls out every night saying, Yeah, bear real higher. Oh seeker of good Oduor of good act will come forth, come through. And he also says, Yeah, Bertie, a sharp Oh, seeker of evil, and bad, Axl, stop and put an end to your evilness and to your sins. And so this narration teaches you annoying that people are of two types. There are people Subhanallah by

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the mercy of Allah, they have a passion and eagerness to do good. These people the angel tells them Akbar will come forth when you find passion within your neffs that you love to read the Quran you love to pray you're looking forward to the fasting you're looking forward to lpm and praying a thoroughly with the Imam Salah tell Gemma are praying and congregation. You look forward to your despair and your of God in the morning and in the evening. And before you sleep and making a DUA and these many types of worships we can do during the month. If you find passion and eagerness and love to do this, then the angel is calling you and saying Aqua will come forward. Because you're in the

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month of goodness, you're in the month in where goodness is multiplied. Then imagine someone was to open a gold shop for you and said brother, sister, enter this gold store and take whatever gold Do you want. You have just one hour and then you need to leave? How excited would you be how eager and passionate would you be you will pick everything you can and not waste any time. So you Oh seeker of good has been called out to make the most of this month come forth. And so at the end of the day of Ramadan, you should ask yourself between you and your knifes say what did I build with? What did I come forth with today? What's the goodness you did? How much Quran did you read? How much did you

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do? How much Likud did you do? How many Salawat Did you pray in the masjid? This is between you and yourself try to improve everyday and maximize the benefit that you can do in this month. And at the same time. There is another type of people

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and these are people barely a shovel. They are passionate to do evil and sins Subhan Allah Allah azza wa jal has tested them. They love to do sins, even these people, the angel calls out and he says to them oxer stop, put an end to sins, stop them. Every time you you're passionate and your desire calls you to do a sin. Stop and remind you enough's in what month you're in. In what blessed these years. This is a month of forgiveness, and the doors of repentance are open. This is a month in where people are freed from the fire. This is a month in where Allah azza wa jal frees people from the fire every single night and day that seeks the opportunities remind yourself of these

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virtues of this month and as a result Oxford stop the sin stop them. If you don't do that in this month, What chance have you left for yourself other than Ramadan to stop your sins to put an end to them? So if you have this desire and this passion to do sins at the end of the day, ask your knifes ask yourself between you and your knifes. What did I accept on tonight? What did I put a stop to? If you are a regular habitual smoker during the did you cut down on that or not? If not, the angel is calling every night accept. So if you couldn't do it today, tomorrow, listen to that obey it and stop. What is your sin is your sin addiction to social media well haram that is honored and the

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shamelessness that is on it and you follow that and you waste your time if that's the case, the angel is saying to you accept, stop, hold yourself back and bit by bit if you do so by the end of the month. This is how Taqwa develops when you stop from the sins, so Brothers and Sisters in Islam, this is the state of the believer. All of us have a chance to do something in this month. The one who's passionate about the good, the doors are open to as much as good as you can. And the one who is not eager in doing much good but he does the obligations. But his struggle in life is since then also you have been called implement

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About to put a stop to that. And whether you're eager to do the good or you desire to do the bad and you need to stop that in both cases, you need to practice Alamosa striving and struggling against your knifes and between me and new, I'll leave you at this that the one who fights his knifes against Al haram. Every time you leave the haram for the sake of Allah, you are rewarded for that you're given one complete Hassan Allahu Akbar even though you didn't do it Hassan but you're given a reward because you fought that knifes and you kept away from the Haram Brothers and Sisters in Islam. This is what I want. This is the opportunity for all of us every night the call is being

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made. So the call and don't miss out we ask Allah Subhana Allah Allah to grant us acceptance and forgiveness. Also Allahu wa salam ala ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germaine

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