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The site is da Allah Hama business as he bill best is free until chavi. The Shiva Shiva Shiva dosa man, it's all about Shiva, asking Allah to provide pure to this person. This is in Bukhari

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and put your hand like I said in this in the person's painful area, and then inside the three columns below has been for a couple of minutes as reported in Bukhari

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This is again from the evil eye

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and then also putting your hand on the second person's forehead and inciting this villa he oblique is another Bismillah Kubrick min colada and you speak when we ensure we house it in either hazard or mean sorry currently the eye in the eye in

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between Bismillah Bismillah he yubari come in Kali, the English speak woman sorry has it in either has a woman Shall we couldn't leave the eye. This is reported by Muslim

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and there is another which I have kept until the end

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that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam says or he used to say and they decide on an essence what you're saying.

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Right write it with gold.

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it is not on my PowerPoint presentation.

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Those who are not writing or taking notes I'm sorry.

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I keep telling you please take notes. This is valuable lm valuable n has always he goes he goes with a book and a paper and a pen. To take notes. This is how we learn the LM

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the Prophet is the minister The site is particularly on an SNL to perform an opera on the

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he used to go and he used to say Dutch them you know he used to say we're at Kuma bakery Mattila, Haytham mill colleciton in ohama woman Cooley I need them

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That's right.

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I love them. Yeah.

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So I don't want them to miss it. Do we have

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I don't want them to miss this.

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Also position in this

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I will have somebody ready.

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So you can do the shopping to

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read Luca?

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Luca? Yeah.

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We can imagine

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Should they both

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manage their

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main quarterly?

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quarterly quarterly just know he

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does without the

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ha ha ha ha ha.

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Woman woman

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Maybe the translation

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for a Luca, if it's

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if it's masculine if it's a man or a look up if it's some woman or ego,

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right? Are you looking Alright?

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And you can even say to yourself

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say to yourself that you seek the fusion of lies those are from the sheath on from every devil, vermin poisonous animal from a very poisonous animal

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and from every envious AI

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from every envious AI which is the evil I

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mean calmly I mean, wherever you can be Kalamata item I'm equally shavon

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shavon in Warhammer min Cooley shaitan in shaitan is the devil for her and every poisonous animal something that may hit you woman Cooley I in in lamb and from every envious I in VSI

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so this if you could recite

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you know the Sophia on your children in the morning or before they go to sleep

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or better yet also morning evening and let's say if you're taking them out

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if you're taking them out to see guests let's say before they go and see the guests the scientists I on this lucky on them so people will not hit them with the evil eye. Especially Mashallah if they're looking nice and dressed up really nice and cute, you know, we don't want them to be hit with this evil eye and decide this lochia on them. inshallah Allah will protect them Bismillah

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when a DACA

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or a dukie if it's a girl or a Ducky if it's a boy or a Luca

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Luca Vickery. Mattila he Tama

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Min kulesza in wahama.

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Woman kuliah I need to

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slow down.

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We put it in the forum as well.

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Are you dhoka be coolly

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are the chemicals we carry Mattila hitam Bukhari Mattila, Haytham

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Minh Kohli shaitan in

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min Kula shaitan in wahama

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woman Kohli iron in

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women coolly I mean, it is I

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I need them Everybody with me. Where I need to

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be Kelly Murthy

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Allah Hey,

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men can only show a

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woman coolly

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I was seeking refuge

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is a true result here.

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So I am making I'm seeking

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refuge on your behalf meal for you on from the Shaitan from the envious eye and from the