Tom Facchine – al-Raghib al-Isfahani #53 – The Stage of Righteousness

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of living a positive life, even after you've lost everything. They explain that this includes finding one's true self and embracing oneself. The speaker also emphasizes the need to have a positive mindset to avoid negative emotions.
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The second level after the first level, which was repentance so that if we want to turn our lives around, we want to become a Khalifa, the first level is repentance and are all of us. So he told us what that looks like. The second level is righteousness. Okay, so once you've kind of done the back end work of kind of reckoning with yourself and taking account of yourself and plugging up the leaks in the boat, right, we can give the example of a boat. If your boats taking on water, what's the most important thing to do? Is it to start rowing faster? Or is it to plug up the leaks? Right, the first step is to plug up leaks. So that's step one, plug up the leaks, once you've plugged up the

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leaks, and you've got your little bucket and pail and your you know, additional water out, then what you want to start rolling, right and that's what he's talking about. Level two is righteousness. Okay, it's about accumulating good deeds. It's about trying to expend effort in worship, it's not being content with just the bare necessities anymore, you're going to can try to push yourself as much as possible from year to year from Ramadan, Ramadan from even from day to day to try to be a little bit better, a little bit better, a little bit better and even more important than the quantity of what you're doing the quality of one of what you're doing living for a higher purpose

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than yourself. That's really what it comes down to. You're not just living for yourself anymore. You're not just living to you know, watch Netflix and eat your food and you know, have your fun and have your laughs No, you're living with a purpose. Now you understand how the game is played. And you want to get in the game and you want to do as best as you possibly can do so that requires registering the reality of the afterlife, understanding where you are now and where you're inevitably headed. You feel the kind of the oath that a lot takes in the sorts of asset or makes where he says Well awesome. You feel that kind of squeezing of time, the almost like the setting sun

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and you feel like the clock is ticking. Now you feel urgency. Now you feel like you have to get out and you have to do something to build your legacy in in Paradise because there's not much time left. That's the second stage the stage of righteousness.

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