al-Raghib al-Isfahani #55 – The Level of The Siddiq

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And the final level to attaining righteousness after we have the level of repentance and after the level of righteousness and the level of the martyrs and also honey he says the level of the Cydia of the witness to the truth. He says what is this level this is everything that comes before not just repentance, not just righteous deeds, withholding yourself and your external self, not just the jihad enough's and fighting the internal self, but now something extra which is contentment with Allah's decree, right, being able to actually submit to Allah Subhana Allah with a smile on your face, right, something terrible happens. Someone slanders you, let's say this happens a lot somebody

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slanders you, they make up something about you to your boss, to your wife, to your your spouse, or your friends or whatever, and you can laugh about it, you can smile, you can praise Allah for it and thank Allah because you know that it's going to be good for you. If you're good, you didn't do anything, you know that it's going to be good for you. Even if it's going to be hard in this life, you almost get excited like giddy because you know that Allah wants good for you. Because this wouldn't happen to you. Unless Allah one of good for you. It's gonna be you're gonna see on a day of judgment, you're gonna see mountains of reward, you're gonna have a higher level and Paradise, all

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these other things. It's like a youth right? Yeah, you know, the story of a youth from the Quran. All of these crazy things are being taken away from him, and he's still able to have a smile on his face because he understands where this all fits in, in Allah's plan, he doesn't care about the dunya. Right? If you care about the dunya you're going to be sad, even if you know know that it's Allah's plan, you're gonna be sad, you're gonna be like, Oh, no, this had to happen to me. This is so hard while Okay, I'll be patient at the level of the study of the person who bears witness to the truth. Their attachment to the dunya is so little that they're able to be like, You know what, this

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is what I was waiting for. I was waiting for something hard like this, and I'm ready and I'm going to show Allah spawn to honor that I am ready for this moment. I'm going to rise to the occasion and I'm going to persevere, not just persevere with gritting my teeth but with a smile on my face. I'm pleased with Allah Spano. Tata has decreed for me