Surah An-Najm #10 – Faster Than the Speed of Light

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legions of angels are traveling with Djibouti, who's mighty enough on his own. But the Quran is just that powerful that it requires entire legions of angels to be delivered to the prophets I said I'm but one thing was missing

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when nudging me

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now what nessa he will come out of our

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make the most of this series by downloading our free workbook for a guided contemplation of this powerful sorter. And now we go further through Midleton. First of all, by the way, my goal was to finish here yesterday.

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Delusional anyway, they will never attain the possessor of mirror. Now mirror is a really interesting word in the Arabic language I told you, as mom actually means row, right? Hubble and marine also variations along twisted rope. And I'm Amara is used for skillfulness and tying something up. Like you know, like tie I tied up this project, or I tied up this job. You know, it's all tied up. What does that mean? It's completely well executed. Right. So as a figure of speech, it was used when someone does MRR, what they're doing is they're really doing a good job and they've finished everything to perfection. So Gibreel when he's called the mirror means everything he does

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he does to what? Perfection he sees it through. No project is left halfway. Nothing is unfinished. Oh, I'm 80% done, you know, like we do with work, right? How much have you done inshallah?

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90% 83 years on 90%. Yeah, it's like this. Imran actually means he ties it up, he finishes it completely. Also interesting word. Mira comes from the word Mara. And those of you know that know a little bit of Arabic No, Mara de mer to be to come and go Java to come and go is actually Moodle, in Arabic. And the mirror also means he has the power to come and go, because Gibreel comes to the province ISIL. And then he goes back all the way to Allah, then he comes back to the province, then he goes back to Allah. Just to give you a scope of that, because I was just working on this and saw that. And in San recently, the known universe is 13 point 9 billion years, approximately. What that

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means is the light that we're seeing from the further stars started traveling 13 point 9 billion years ago to reach my eyes. And by now that star might not even exist, or it may have expanded even further. So we're actually looking at 13 Point 9 billion years of history. Just when we look at a star, the Sun, sunlight that reaches my skin takes eight minutes to get here. The sun you're looking at is not the sun right now. That's the sun eight minutes ago. That's how that's how far away it is. And you know, traveling at the speed of light.

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But all of the stars are the first sky.

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They are what the first sky and the first sky compared to the second sky is like a ring dropped in the desert. What that means is these 13 point 9 billion light years is just sky number one, how many skies are there? Seven and then above that is the arch which must be what dwarfs the seven skies. Gibreel is right under the dash of Allah. And Allah says it's time to give my slave Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and I go give him this ayah

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and he travels from there. And he comes to the Rasul of Allah salAllahu alayhi wa salaam, the speed of light is too slow.

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For Djibouti renesola the speed of traveling beyond the dimensions of this universe is too slow for Gibreel and Islam and he comes to the Prophet SAW Salem at the right occasion and he gives them the idea and then he goes back to Allah azza wa jal

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and then Allah sends him again and then he goes back again the middle Rutten

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says you accomplish just contemplate this for even a little bit it blows your mind what's happening in the Quran, in who are ill our human. You have keeps on coming keeps on coming keeps on getting delivered. Now you has been explained.

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Then it's Tamara che muda Allah Tala cotton Wahida CMRR continuity, DB that Islam is consistent, reliable, and he's continuously the prophets friend. He's continuously for in Allahu wa Mola. Who would you agree Do you know what melodica to where the Danika he was what we know about the delicately, Allah is his protector. Gibreel is his protector. The angels are his protector and the believers are his protector. sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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When can I do well Allah He formula he can he will also Lee Gibreel. When we call for in Allah azza wa jal caffine, whoever becomes an angel, an enemy to any of the angels, Allah becomes their enemy.

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All of this had to be mentioned for a few reasons. By the way, the Do you know what the Quraysh considered angels? You know what they considered angels, daughters of God,

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daughters of God, I'm gonna explain that to you guys tomorrow why that's important. We need to understand why that why they thought they were daughters, they could have come up with anything else that's equally bogus. Why did they come up with angels or daughters of God? And you know what the what the Israelites thought about the angels, specifically about Gibreel they were angry at Gibreel

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when they said who gives you revelation? They said God Yeah, we don't like him. He hasn't been good to us.

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And then they said oh, final revelation that was supposed to come here Gibreel got the wrong address. Give it to Mohammed that's what they said to

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and Allah says Luma rotten

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the one that possesses great might and I'm not explaining Mustafa yet but I want you to know something about the Word mera intercede Mira so far from the language. We've discussed the language of it. Now we're going to discuss the Sahaba and the Mufasa rune about the word mirror again okay. If no Ibis says and Qatada says also do hulking Toby Hassan, someone who is large, very tall, magnanimous and beautiful. What Matt now who knows how to just mean was Salama, 10 minute fat, perfectly bodied enabled, perfectly bodied and enabled so strong physically.

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You know, I can do covert and tiny How do camaleon fanatically with Dean Mira means powerful mirror also means listen to this incredibly intelligent mirror also means what incredibly what intelligence is going to be important one of the qualities of Gibreel what Dean Jimmy and in judgment, Lumumba in Wahiba, in Lima, someone who's magnificent to look at and he's extremely intimidating. He's intimidating to see, though. Hello, can Hassan have great character and manners? As mighty as he is? He's got great manners. Okay. Now *a Anna Well, we'll see Fabian, Who Will Ferrell Wahaha. We'll see Fabian couverte another well, actually, it's as if firstly said shahidul Chua write physical

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mites, great powers. And now I lose. He says Allah is describing as someone with great intellect. So I started wondering when I read this.

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Why does he described read or the salam as someone who's so intelligent? What's the benefit in that? And the answer came to me from SU zero to Taquile. You need to know the relationship between this surah and Surah techweek.

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For that symbol Honduras, El Jawaharlal CONUS, well lately it as was somebody that manifests in a hula hula Laura Solon Kareem, the covert in and out she McKean matar and some I mean descriptions of Jibreel. They're just like here, the oath by stars. They're just like here. What does he say about gibril? I'll put it in easy language for you, then I'll give you your first break.

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So imagine that a king or nowadays a president is delivering a highly classified document to someone to an ambassador in a different country, highly classified document? Does he put this in the United States Postal Service that is extended by UPS? How's he going to send a highly classified document?

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He's going to have to give that document to someone he trusts like the vice president. Like the ambassador, like the Secretary of State, somebody high level, this person that he gives them to has to be trustworthy or no. So they have to have a high level security clearance. Number one, by the way, Jibreel and the louch is right under the OSH that's pretty high level security clearance. So that's one check.

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Two, they have to have a very stable, reliable status. They can't be the new person. They have to be seasoned and experienced, McKeen. They're seasoned.

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So, in the hula Koura Sulan, Karim Karim was his noble nobility is important because if you send some intern the other on the other end, the the king will be like, they sent you.

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This, this message is important and they send you Yeah, the ambassador was unavailable. He's on his vacation. No, you have to send a dignitary they're called dignitaries for a reason. Guess what the Arabic word for dignitaries is? Kareem in the hula, Colo Rasool in Kareem, the coverton He has to be strong. Why strong? Because let's say that when he travels the convoy

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gets attacked.

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Right the Conway gets attacked, the last line of defense will be the one holding the briefcase. He has to be able to defend himself to

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and he has to have high level clearance and he has to be stable and seasoned. Then Muhtar, and he has he can't travel alone. You have to have Air Force One, you have to have a motorcade, you have to have an entourage you have to have a security detail, the security details. Some of them are in the back and some of them are were in the front, they're communicating, hey, there's a possible threat. There's a road closure, change here, change there, all of that you understand. But the thing is, what Allah describes as MOBA, Gibreel, and Islam Gabriel has a following. legions of angels are following him, and in front of him and behind him, and he is the commander in chief, and he's

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directing them, you watch that you over here, you buy this star, you buy that galaxy, you in front of you in the back, and then Quran is being delivered.

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The ancient legions of angels are traveling with Gibreel Elisa, who's mighty enough on his own, but the Quran is just that powerful,

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that it requires entire legions of angels to be delivered to the prophets, I saw them, but one thing was missing.

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And that one thing that wasn't described in Surah, Taquile is described in certain najem his high intellect because someone chosen for this job, they could be trustworthy, they could be seasoned, but if they don't have the highest intellect, they cannot make the right decisions. Or they can still they can be they can be sincere, they Mortarion sama Amin, they're trustworthy too. But that doesn't mean that they're most intelligent. Many of you run businesses, you can have a trustworthy employee, but you know, his intellectual capacity, you cannot give him more than that. Because if you want your business to fail, you'll give him more than that. He means well, but he can't handle

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that art. And sometimes you find people that are really, really smart, but you can't trust them.

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Right? GB RAM is meeting all of those requirements. And the ultimate requirement is as high level intelligence because navigating from Allah, all the way to the messenger, as I said, is a pretty long journey. And we know that a Shayateen wants some access to this Quran

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and their entire journey. He is going to, like employ his intellect and he's going to deliver with through his genius he's going to deliver perfectly the messenger the message sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So this, the inner taco Lika Lika, Wheelock, Neva Ido mira, 10, or anyone very strong and intellect, they're called Lumira. And by the way, what was the first word used for Gibreel? I love her who he taught him.

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Teachers have to be highly intelligent. Allah didn't just say Jupiter is delivered it. Here's the package.

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Delivery is not the same as what teaching. A teacher doesn't just deliver the textbook to you. He teaches the textbook to you. He explains the textbook to you, he makes sure you understand exactly what this is saying.

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It says if Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is receiving the Quran and he is also being taught the Quran by GB line GB RAM is his teacher. And of course when you're going to describe a teacher, you would have to describe his intellect.

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And so they'll

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notice that and when in Lumira and what do you learn about in winter day? Let's see your attention span sometimes what can we do

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grandness incredible intellect the possessor of incredible intellect is embedded inside the meaning the unknown often asked me so they so I'll last thing I'll do is I'll read a Lucy to you on this final out of takuna liquid Laker will Acura Ido Mira, the Arab say for everyone who's strong in intellect that has great sound opinions that they're doing mera min Umbra will hobble or umbrella in heaven either oskeim at fabuleux. This came from the rope being perfectly tied and twisted until it's super perfect. And they associated that with someone whose mind is solid and doesn't waver so they made an association of the physical with this abstract idea. The NFL asked me to do Almora

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battle Murata. The other fella telephone, because the rope is used over and over and over again, which demonstrates his durability and its strength. Gibreel has given tasks over and over and over again. It indicates his strength because strength is also about stamina, isn't it? So some of you guys that watch like UFC and things like that. You can have a very strong fighter but at the end of the day, sometimes they lose the fight because what goes away stamina, right? They didn't last the rounds. They ran out of steam. So strength is not just about power. It's also about duration. So Mira covers the duration and continuity of strength also, a journey is usually exhausting. Right and

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Rain can check out eventually you know how I study for this stuff. I study for an hour, then I take a mental break and kill some ninjas on the video game and then come back and study again and then I do something stupid again and then I come back and I don't have the continuity I can't I have attention span issues. Rise I'm okay with taking breaks and go Gibreel Ali Salam has been described as while continuously at 100% Charge content without without break on this though. You guys are running out of charge. So I'm going to give you your first break BarakAllahu li Walakum wa salam ala Rasulillah Kathy

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