99 Names of Allah #82 Al-Kafeel

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Salam Alaikum tonight's name is Al Kafeel, Allah azza wa jal is Al Kafeel. And you can feel kind of means that a law is going to be there for you, and protect you and take care of you, even if you kind of get into trouble. So let's imagine, for example, that you're out playing in the street, or you're out playing at a park. And the ball that you're playing with it goes, and it breaks a window of somebody's house or somebody's car. Okay, now you're a young person, you don't have the ability to pay for it yourself. What probably is going to happen is the right thing to do is to go to your parents and tell them what happened. And you can go to that person and your parents are going to

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help pay for it and make it right again, and you're going to say that you're sorry. So your parents in that situation are kind of being your Kafeel. They're kind of they're kind of taking care of you when you run into trouble. Well, Allah azza wa jal is the Kafeel for all of us. He takes care of all of us, no matter how much trouble we run into, as long as we believe in Allah, and we do what he says and we try our hardest. Allah is going to find a way out for us, either in this life,

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or the next.

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That's what makes a lot of caffeine. And that's all for tonight. Salaam Alaikum.