99 Names of Allah #81 Al-Mawlaa

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The speaker discusses the concept of Allah's protection of people and their potential harm to individuals. They also mention the powerful person, Allah, who is a guardian and can protect from anything. The speaker believes that nobody can interfere with Islam's existence and that everyone should feel safe, even if they believe in Islam.

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Santa Monica. Tonight's name is Allah Allah. Allah azza wa jal is a Nola al Mohler means a couple of different things. It means, first of all, that Allah is very close and nearby to us, similar to the name we have before AlkaViva. But it means something just a little bit different. It means that not only is he close to us and nearby, but that he is protecting us. And he is our guardian. He's going to make sure that nothing bad happens to us, no matter what other people or other forces want to do.

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You know, some people, they get a little bit scared when they realize that the devil shaytaan is real, and wants us to do bad things.

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Some people, they get a little bit scared when they realize that there are other creatures that we can't see called Jinn that can maybe

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try to do us harm. And some people might get scared to the point where they think that these creatures can do things that Allah even doesn't want to have happen or that Allah doesn't will, they might think that Allah is not completely in control,

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and that Allah can't protect them from these forces. None of that is true. Allah subhanaw taala is the most powerful. He's a Mola, he's the Guardian, he's able to protect you from anything. There's no force, there's no person, there's nothing in creation that can harm you.

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From Allah.

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Allah is no match for all of them.

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They are no match for Allah. Allah always protects, especially the people who believe in him and the people who try to do what he wants.

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And so knowing that Allah is on Mola should make us feel safe. Because even if the entire world unites to try to harm you or hurt you in some way, there's nothing that they can do.

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unless Allah says so, that's all for tonight. I said I'm on equal