Tom Facchine – 99 Names of Allah #33 Al-Aliyy

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the meaning behind the name Li Li, which refers to the most high level of Islam. Li Li is the most powerful person in Islam, as he is above everything and is not far from the creation. The importance of praying five times a day is emphasized, as it is necessary for strong relationships and a strong faith.
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Salam Alaikum tonight's name is Li Li, ALLAH SubhanA hota. Allah is Li Li.

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This name for Allah has a lot of different meanings. But one of those meanings is that Allah is the most high.

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that too has a lot of meanings. One of the ways that Allah is the Most High is that he is above everything. Allah is above the entire creation. He's not part of the creation. He's not on a distant galaxy or on a distant planet or star somewhere. No, he's far above all of that, and separate from his creation.

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One of the ways that we know this, and one of the stories from the life of the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam, that reminds us that Allah is Li Li, is the story of a straw with a mirage. The Night Journey.

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Close to the time when the Muslims were about to migrate from Mecca to Medina, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam, he had an amazing thing happened to him. In the middle of the night, he was transported with the angel Gabriel, all the way from Mecca, to Al Quds, Jerusalem, and Palestine.

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And from there, they went together, they ascended up, up, up, up, up,

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through all the heavens, all the layers, pass the stars, up to the very, very, very edge of creation.

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Why did Allah do this to the Prophet Mohammed salah?

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It was because Allah was going to give him something amazing.

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Many people don't know that before this, the Muslims, they weren't required to pray five times a day like we are now.

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And the prayer is something that is very special to us as Muslims. It's something that is one of the foundations of our faith. It's something that stays with us every day to the to the end of our lives.

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So Allah brought the Prophet Mohammed slowly set him up, up up through all the heavens to the highest point of the creation,

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closest to a lot of how to Allah, so that Allah could give him the prayer that we know.

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That was when I lost power to Allah told the prophet muhammad sallallahu Sallam that from now on, we have to pray five times a day.

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Because Allah is the one that created our souls, and created our hearts and knows what's good for us.

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So when Allah tells us to pray five times a day, he's not doing it because he needs it from us.

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We need the prayer. We need to pray five times a day, if we want to keep our relationship with a law very strong.

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Imagine you have a friend

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and you go for a whole year without calling this friend or talking to this friend at all.

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Another year passes, another year passes.

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Could anybody look at your relationship with this friend? And say that it's a strong one?

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Could they say that you have a very strong friendship? Now they couldn't really say that, could they? Because you don't have any connection. You don't talk to each other?

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Well, when we pray, we're talking to a lot.

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And we are we're strengthening our relationship with Allah.

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So if you don't pray, you can't have a strong relationship with Allah. You can't have a strong friendship with Allah.

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But if your regular about your prayer, you pray five times a day and you think you realize that when you're praying, yes, you're actually talking to Allah, then you're going to have a strong and supportive and beautiful relationship with Allah.

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So this story and everything about it reminds us that a las Panatela is Li Li the Most High and we thank him. We thank him for giving us the amazing thing that we have the prayer. That's all for tonight. A set on one acre we're off to La

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