Tom Facchine – 99 Names of Allah #32 Ash-Shakur

Tom Facchine
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Salam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah. Tonight's name is Ashok Kumar. Allah to Allah is a shortcode.

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A shortcode means that Allah appreciates what you do. And that Allah subhanho wa Taala is happy with just a little bit of effort from you.

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I remember a story. When I was in kindergarten, I was a young person. And one of our assignments in class was to color in a square. I remember, I had a blue crown, and I was supposed to color in my square blue. So I colored in the square. And I brought it to the teacher. And she pointed out that I had missed a lot of white spaces, there were a lot of places in the square that weren't colored in. And so she sent me back to do it a little bit more. So I went back to my seat, and I kept on coloring and kept on coloring. And when I thought I was done, I brought it back up to her. And she had the same reactions. He said, No, it's it's not good enough yet. Look, there's all these white

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spaces here and there.

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And I got more and more frustrated, when I felt that the job that I was doing wasn't good enough. Maybe you've been in a situation like that before, where you felt like you tried your best.

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And other people kind of told you that it wasn't good enough. Well, Allah subhanaw taala is the opposite of that. He is content with just a little bit of effort on your part, and he is he appreciates it.

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If Allah wanted to,

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if he really wanted us to worship Him,

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the amounts that he deserves, for everything that He gives us,

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then we would probably have to worship maybe every 10 minutes, maybe every five minutes, maybe every minute of the day. But Allah is a sure cool. He doesn't want that much from us. He's very appreciative and happy and pleased with just a little bit of effort. And so he says to us Look, just five times a day, five times a day, each one, each prayer will only take you five minutes. That's enough. That's enough to take care of your soul and to keep your heart clean.

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So we should remember that Allah subhanaw taala. He appreciates that we try. And he's not going to just like that teacher that I had tried to show us that no, this isn't this isn't good enough. If you're trying your best, Allah is going to appreciate it and he's going to reward you. And in the end when we return to Allah that will make us feel very happy. And at peace. That's all for tonight. Salaam alaikum warahmatullah

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