99 Names of Allah #23 Al-Hafidh

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. Tonight's name is Al Halfhill. Allah to Allah is Al Halfhill.

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We could translate a Hatfield as the protector,

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the safe keeper, the one who keeps things safe.

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Now, there's a couple of different ways a law keeps us safe. First is the kind of obvious way, meaning that he keeps us safe from harm.

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When it comes to walking down the street, you usually don't just fall down or have a major injury or lose one of your limbs just doing that normal daily activity. This is because a law is at Hatfield. He's the one that protects us.

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All of the possible things that could go wrong, from car accidents, to getting sick.

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We don't spend most of our lives having these sorts of things happen to us, maybe once in a while, something dangerous will come along.

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But normally, most of our lives of hamdulillah are spent in relative safety. This is because Allah is at half of he protects us, and he keeps us safe.

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Even if the entire world wanted to come together and gang up on you to harm you. Guess what? They couldn't do it without Allah's permission. Because a law is a half of

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a law being Hatfield has another meaning that we don't think about as often. There's another thing that Allah keeps safe and protects. And that is your good deeds, the good things that you do, and the reward that you have coming for those good things that you do.

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Has it ever happened to you where you did something good, and nobody noticed it?

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Maybe that was sad for you? Or disappointing? Because you really went out of your way to do something nice and helpful. But then nobody noticed. And so nobody thanked you.

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Maybe it was even worse than that. Maybe

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not even being noticed. Maybe somebody thought somebody else did it other than you and so they thanked somebody else for the thing that really, you did?

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Well, don't worry because once we return to a law, we're going to see all the things that we did. A law is at half of he has kept safe, every single good thing that you've done.

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And he's waiting for us to come back to him so that he can give us the reward that every one of us deserves. That's all for tonight. I said Mr. Aiko, Moroccans Allah