The True Inheritors of Mary

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The segment discusses the loss of power and the consequence of harming women's harms, particularly in the context of western culture. It also touches on the concept of natural laws and creation, and how it can be achieved through actions and inputs. The segment emphasizes the importance of being patient and helping others, as gifts help alleviate grief and strengthen relationships. The segment also touches on how companies, including Facebook, are trying to shift focus and attention towards the issue of sexuality and women.

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3001 is

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what's not a lot of ladies who are in alone that cannot even compete. And the last

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thing is I would love for absolutely everybody what happened in southern law party because I was shuffling.

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Around over the darkened dollar.

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For the next five weeks, we will be taking a break from schools and upon and beginning a series on some of the profits and righteous people. Because of the time of year, we will begin starting with

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an eraser erase

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a lot of sense beginning at first 16 and sort of volume 114 kita. Mommy

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was forbidden data, we only have a tablet that means you have we have a template or something here. But some of us can reload the page.

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And mentioned in the total profit of the story of polio when she withdrew from her family to a place in the east, screening herself off from them.

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The scholar has now erased multiple interpretations and opinions about what it means that mother young withdrew from her family to the east, even our best so the alumni who said that the East was the direction of prayer at a time, but picking up and so Malia was retreating to the eastern side of the temple to pray. Others said that she was simply going to fetch water. Still others, as Sunday said that she was withdrawing from her family because it was her time of the month. What the majority opinion is that she was withdrawing from them to go to worship.

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Withdrawing from other people and society in general, is a theme that runs through the lives of many prophets and righteous people.

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Ibrahim alayhi salam withdrew from his society and fled. After they attempted to throw him into the fire.

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Musa salaam withdrew from society when he fled to Egypt after accidentally killing a member of the ruling class. In his exile, he got married he worked for his father in law, and eventually was given his contract and permission to return back to Egypt Temkin Frasca Allah,

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the Prophet will handle a long way for Salam also withdrew from society to contemplate a loss of power without either in the payment shut off, before he began to receive the format. So it couldn't be that money simply went to freshwater. But if she did withdraw to worship her Creator and solitude and she is part of this well established tradition as well.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala he says how some who hadn't put too much pressure on so we Then We sent to her Our Angel Gabriel, appearing before her as a man perfectly formed, here along of describes the real and literally as our spirits growth happen, not because Allah literally is a spirits, or that Allah has a soul like his creatures do. But to show by association, the honor that just real house, a lot of substance, all of us in the room who will brush Maggie mean

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She appealed to him and I surely seek refuge in the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful from you, if you are not fear.

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loving response here is truly profound. mothering is the most enduring example of purity, modesty and chastity in the entire world. Yet, this is why it's that purity. She was not naive. She was not ignorance about weak, evil men, and what they want from women.

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So her first response already assumes that she knows what he's after. Why else would a young man approach a young woman when she is all alone? And vulnerable?

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Maria has been well educated. She knows that she's in danger. And so she proceeds to appeal to her only hope Allah. She both appeals to Allah Himself. By using the same our men the Most Merciful, saying I seek refuge. I seek safety, in the Most Merciful from you

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And then she appeals to whatever love or fear of a law that exists in the heart of who she thinks, is a man trying to take advantage of her. If you fear all, she says,

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What if it was a real man in the story, instead of the real eyes?

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And what if he did not fear? Or?

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What if he didn't see the police?

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Do we think that constitutional rights are enough? Do we think that human rights are enough to prevent women and normal human situation from any harm? When there's no one around to see, when there's no chance of getting costs?

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Money doesn't appeal to the law, or to her humanity or to her identity as a woman, she appeals to the single most powerful thing that can possibly hold people back from oppression and wrongdoing. If you fear Allah.

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believing in Allah, knowing Allah, and fearing Allah holds people back from transgression. And if you say you believe in the law, and you're still oppressing people, then you're simply lying.

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Who are the true inheritors of this faith, that money and house who are the true inheritors of our worldview? We hear people saying these days that it doesn't matter what you believe, as long as you're a nice person.

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We say no.

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Many people who are nice, or only nice to have it was easy and safe.

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Many people will not be so nice, life got hard.

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We just had a small glimpse of this in the beginning of a pandemic, when people in grocery stores were wrestling with each other for toilet paper.

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Many people will not continue to be nice if they can take someone's else, someone else's rights away from them, and think that they will ever get caught.

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No, we are the true inheritors of Mary. And the worldview, that righteous action begins with beautiful beliefs.

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Will you believe that this universe was created with purpose with order? Will you believe that is your covenant with the Creator to establish justice on Earth?

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Righteous actions below easily from these beliefs.

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Compare that to someone who believes that the universe came about randomly, by chance, with no purpose, no goal,

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someone who believes that only the strong survive, and then you only live once.

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Righteousness in the best case scenario, only trickles drop by drop from such a person, if even that.

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And so we take our example from Mary and those Swiper who are righteous even when it doesn't benefit them, even when no one is watching, even if they won't get caught.

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And Allah says all also Rafiq

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he responded, I have only a messenger from your Lord says to bless you with a pure son.

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All that and now you're gonna you're gonna watch me assassinate Russell, when

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she wondered, how can I have a son where no man has never touched me? Nor am I on Chase.

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Money understands the world how we all understand this, through the system of cause and effects that Allah subhanho wa Taala has three children do not appear out of nowhere.

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Either you have that 3000 relationship according to our sacred law, or else you have been through a relationship that is not legitimate in the life of our sacred call.

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But trust us a lot of times created the system of cause and effect that gives us stable, predictable lives. We know that what comes what goes up must come down.

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He also is able to intervene and do things that defy the system that He Himself created. This is exactly what a miracle is. We know that the moon cannot split a to accept it the one who created the billing himself lesson. We know that the sun rises in the east accepts if the one

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I'm created, as he said, Rise to the west.

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And we know that children must come from a relationship from intercourse accepts gifts, a creator of all humanity decides to do something different.

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In this case, he did

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he decide to get married or son to a miraculous virgin birth.

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That's the law says Father and adding father,

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who aren't as

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well the unit they all have to have a family mass or often I mean, what can I believe? He replied, the real soul will be your Lord says is easy for me. And so, will we make him a sign for humanity and a mercy from Us, it is a matter of already decided.

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such miracles intervening in the process of cause and effect and making something different happen is all easy for a long time.

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But one who created everything and all natural laws in the first place. The fact that Allah can produce such miracles is a sign a sign up for this month restricted, absolute creative power, which you learn from sources brought upon is the requirements of being divine, the first place, but the miracle does not end with the miraculous conception or the virgin birth. The person who will come from all of this space

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will be a great mercy for the creation, further proving that less than nature of this creator I'm going to probably have about something a lot already said before seeing any public or self who have.

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Listen, I was soft Sunsoo

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next philosopher.

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And he says, the hydrological template is the mccannon.

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So she can see him and with Drew with him to a remote place. If before we did not have an example of money on withdrawing from society here nowadays, she goes off with her on her own to be alone for this miraculous birth

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but as a horrible

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then the pains of Labor's drove her to the structure of a palm tree, she cried out Alas, what was the bee be I wish I had died before this and was a thing long forgotten.

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Here very demonstrate that she's only human. She is overwhelmed by the pain of childbirth just like most women and white men and women she says something tangible in response to this pain

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and a loss of this banana. Exactly. I love taxidermy by the Japanese cookies are

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so open with reassured her from the lower do not breed. Your lower has provided a stream after fees will go to the lady be good enough to serve the family to

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the media and shake the front of this country towards you. We will drop fresh right dates upon you. Then the law says

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well was showing up probably is.

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So eat and drink and put your heart at ease. Notice how a lot of messages agreed on in seven offers not just words of comfort but action to make volume comfortable and Easterby pain, if it were me, instead of realizing it.

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And my wife said something like my wish I were dead.

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I don't think I could resist some sort of opposition.

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You don't mean that?

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Don't say that. Just hang on. Those are the things I would be more likely to say.

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In my less shining moments, I might even resort to admission. You should be patient. Some women have the worst of you. You should be thankful.

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Sometimes in the Muslim community, we become zealous about our ideals, so much so that we smother other people with them.

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Was it the most patient thing in the world for millennials to say she wished she had died and the provocative logo?

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No, of course.

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When Allah does not condemn her or correct so for this, the grief that she is feeling is real. The pain she is feeling is real.

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So Angel Gabriel doesn't wave a finger at her and remind her to be patient. He reassures her. Specifically by bringing her relief, easing the source of difficulty dealing with the root of the problem.

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Sometimes in the Muslim community, both at home and outside the home, we neglect to help someone in a difficult situation. We don't provide that E is like a real place, provided. We've invited someone situation and neglect that neglect until the person who was experiencing difficulty lashes out.

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They break the coral. They stopped with the niceties to express their suffering.

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In that moment, we need to be careful not to sit back and criticize the way people express their grief.

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Rather, we should help remove the cost of that grief in the first place, just like Cabrillo did for money,

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then the last exporting embryo. But even Tony, I mean the best thing, that only in being an adult ultimately the Walkman he sold now.

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But I don't know who can leave your seat there. But if you see any other people say to them, I have bad silence to the most compassionate. So I'm not talking to anyone today.

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It is significant that you're relying on gifts long in these instructions right after he helps her and eases her suffering.

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If we don't want to go to one extreme and criticize people, for how they express their grief, without coming, we don't want to go to the other extreme of simply providing relief without an opportunity to grow spiritually. After you help someone they feel a tendency. So the real gifts are a test. And of course, she can't refuse the one that just helps her. Her test is enormous and difficult, maybe even more difficult than the pain of childbirth. She is so close to take an oath of silence for exactly when she would need to speak the most.

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She just had a child through divine intervention, a miraculous virgin birth, and she has to know what the common people will say. And what they will assume when she returns to society with this child.

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If she were allowed to speak, then at least she could explain. At least she could defend herself and her honor. But no, that's precisely the point. Her spiritual exercise is to remain silence and not respond to the gossip, the taunting and the insults. Then a lot of sense. That has to be the whole nother type

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T shape shape.

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Then she returns to her people carrying him they set in shock. Oh Mary, you have certainly got a horrible thing.

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This is the moment Mary must have been threatened. But they're not finished. They continue saying Oh sister of iron your father was not a decent man. Nor was your mother on chase.

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The implication of what they are saying to Mary's your father was not a decent your mother was not going to chase. So what happened to you?

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They are accusing you of the unthinkable and you can tell by their supplemental restorable questions that they are relishing moments, they are taking pleasure in seeing what they think is a case of the pious expose as simple.

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And this has always held the people of sin and vice are in every Lana and every age, those who are committed to a life of sin, feel deep down inside of them attention, because they know that what they're doing is wrong. The simple fact that righteous people exist in the world adds to that tension. It stands as a proof against them. And so such people love to see the righteous slip and fall. We do it. You're just like everyone else. You're not as totally as you think you are.

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And so their attention is resolved a little and they feel entitled to continue living a simple life.

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It is also significant that they are specifically accusing them of being promiscuous of being on Chase. chastity and our times is a dirty word. American society has swung from one extreme to the

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other New England Puritans used to shame adulterers by making them aware of a red letter on their chest. Nowadays, corporations have found that the human body when it is revealed, especially a female body is one of the most powerful advertising tools available. Everything from cars to recently it's your yoga classes, the language learning apps is sold with a pretty base and suggested polling.

00:20:26--> 00:20:35

Even children's toys and children's clothing are not safe from this trend that they get more and more suggestive. Every year.

00:20:36--> 00:21:22

At school, especially high school and college peer pressure forces expectations of an unsafe lifestyle upon our youth. If you don't have a girlfriend or boyfriend, it raises eyebrows. If you haven't lost your virginity, you are fair game for mockery and insults. Society has justified these developments with empty slogans like rejoice exploring their sexuality. But this hides the ways that these expectations are first of all forced upon our youth justice at high for the disastrous consequences of intercourse outside of marriage. In 2018, almost 40% of children in the United States of America, were born to unmarried parents.

00:21:23--> 00:21:32

When your parents are not married, it is easy for one of the parents usually the father to walk away from the responsibility of raising a child.

00:21:33--> 00:21:48

When a child is raised by just one parents, they are statistically more likely to experience difficulties at school behavioral problems poverty, maltreatment and several other negative influences to their health and well being.

00:21:49--> 00:21:56

In addition to setting up the next generation to fail, and unsafe my child brings emotional hardship.

00:21:57--> 00:22:10

No matter what the movies or music tell us the peace and tranquility and supports people feel from a committed relationship is more fulfilling and more nourishing than simply a one by saying

00:22:12--> 00:22:27

an unchaste lifestyle keeps people in an insecure place filled with unfulfilled hopes and emotional turmoil. They don't know whether they will have a relationship or a companion when they wake up the next day we're not

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we have our tradition. The example of Mayor standing defiantly in the face of these modern day investors may receive the most policy breezy individual for many jobs and valued by their looks. And that has to be free society from chaos, turmoil and broken homes look around gorgeous shoe inheritors money it's the Muslims

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but most of it was something wildly wrong

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local paintball in a while

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the way yeah you're very salty worried for suddenly all

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of a sudden Liana while you will have a coma for later then you go on a rocky in a hammock over here are very

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sorry rock the one of the working in the tech community that

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was looking at what

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was going to shift our focus