Mohamad Baajour – Names of Allah #11 Al Muhaymin

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the meaning of Hope in Arabic and its negative impact on one's health and safety. The importance of security and the use of a name in protecting from embarrassment is also emphasized. The history and importance of Islam are also discussed, including the rise of Islam in the West and East, and the importance of remembering its names and praying for Islam. There is a special night in the evening and listeners are encouraged to pray for Islam.
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salary comm Rahmatullahi

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hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah nonmelanoma and fauna and finally my LinkedIn was it not in money I mean, ask Allah subhanaw taala teachers would benefit us benefit us from what you told us and increase us knowledge. I mean, but I mean

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I ask a lot of footwork and this gathering Arab and accept from us and make us from the people who listen and apply Inshallah, Amin.

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Tonight in sha Allah to Allah we have

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we have a name of Allah azza wa jal

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that many

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Muslims do not know what it means.

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And it is

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one of the attributes and names of the one

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that created us, our beloved.

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And we still do not know what it means. And this is why the whole idea don't feel guilty because this is the whole idea about the class. This name tonight is a Maha Iman. Al Haman, if I ask how many people know what does that mean to be very few people? What does unmined mean mean?

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If you

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are looking for one word in the English language,

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there's not one word that will convey the exact meaning of Alma Haman.

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There's not one single word that will explain what does that Mohammed mean this is one of those heavy duty Arabic words that combine few meanings which we will be discussing tonight. Bismillahi Tyla.

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In general, the word haymaker, one of its meanings,

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is say Torah.

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Say thorough,

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dominate, control.

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Chef Sadie Rama Allah He said Elmo, Haman, who are ultimate Talia, Allah faryal more rebellious solidor A lady a hotter because Alicia in Elma in Amsterdam Allah who has his own tafsir of the Quran, he said, Alma Haman means the one who can see what's hidden inside the hearts. And he is the one who has encompassed his knowledge has encompassed everything.

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the word Elmo Haman

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has four meanings.

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The first

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meaning included in Alamo Haman is a rocky job.

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In order to be able to control you have to be able to be overseeing

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so Allah subhanaw taala, which is his name Rocky was coming up.

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But Rocky,

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like Imam said he said, he is the showerhead will Amin or Raqib. Well, half of all of those are included in Alma Haman. Shahid, Amin, broccoli, or half

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in the Raqib.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Yeah, and then we'll set up what alpha Allah knows, what are we

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internally thinking about?

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Before we think it

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what is our prior intentions?

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What are we hiding? We could be hiding many things from each other, but from Allah subhanaw taala we cannot we cannot do that.

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So ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada.

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Let me give you an example. shechen Debussy after the hula is still alive. He mentioned this example about

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The part of a rocky, in in the MO Haman. He said

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if a doctor, a male doctor

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or let me put it this way, a lady came to a male doctor.

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And she complained about a certain part of her body that is aching.

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And if the doctor looked at parts that he's not supposed to be looking at,

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only the more Haman can see.

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There's a clear, only the more Haman can see him because maybe the parser from the back she cannot see Him, the woman who you mean or living the name and Haman will prevent you from looking at anything else because you know that he is also watching you.

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So one part of Alma Heyman is rockin the over seeing

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second part of Mr. Heyman, he is Amin.

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Amin here means a lady you are men, a birder who menial health, the one who make his slaves secure from fear.

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He is the one who makes his slaves secure from fear.

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I'll give you an example.

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You are at your job.

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And you heard

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that there is a lot of people

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in the coming weeks they will be laid off.

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They will be laid off from work.

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So you started

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getting worried?

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Is my name on that list? Right? So a co worker came and told you

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don't worry, everything will be okay. Is trying to console you.

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Okay, you will feel a little bit better. But what if the CEO of the company came and said, Don't worry, everything will be okay.

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Is it equal? No, it's not. It's not equal.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala well Allah, Allah Unto Allah belongs the best example. Allah subhanho wa taala. When you are in good connection with him, you will feel very secure in every aspect of your life. This is Mr. Heyman he's in control of everything in control Messiter. in control of of everything. Now.

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We all know the importance of security in our life. We mentioned it in the name Al McMunn.

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me ask you a question.

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Which one is better?

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And us? Which one is better? To sleep?

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Hungry but safe or full but scared?

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Hungry and safe right? This is the importance of safety. Hungry and safe but at least I can sleep no matter how full I am. If I'm scared I'm not gonna be able to sleep anyway. Right?

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Elbow Haman Heyman provide Subhanallah that security where men and women health he will provide that security that will make you comfortable no matter how you feeling. Without that security will be in big trouble.

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Now Subhanallah if you notice, what was the dua for Brahimi or one? What did the Brahim ask Allah subhanaw taala about Makkah.

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Allah Masha Allah.

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Then what Allah

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what came first?

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Ibrahim alayhis salam ask Allah Allah make this city secure. And then he said what is the middle pay but then he said Yeah, Allah provide them with all the good things right? So the Amin came before the food.

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that we learned from this name, that no matter what you're scared, you know, sometimes we go in the airport and some of us they stay for a very long time. question that the airport or this and that. This is the name that you use.

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And Haman is the name that you use to protect you from anyone that you feel from any situation that you're worried about this you use that da

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The name and Mo Haman to make dua for that for that situation so you say yeah yeah well Haman a mini min a half yeah well Haman a mini give me the I mean from what I'm worried about yeah Haman because I'm always at the end of the lecture we mentioned how can I use that name but Allah Hill asthma on Federal Hill yeah well how you mean a minimum half brother Muslim travels a lot you could use that but inshallah you don't have anything to worry about that so yeah I'm Haman

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a mini Mina half from what I what I feel now

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most things are the most thing that we myself and you should really worry about here one is our sins

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Allah this is something that you know, we neglect and we say that you know, I'm not a sinner or I'm gonna have too many sins Allah here when

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one of the main reason for what the OMA is going through is our sins. And Allah subhanaw taala he said,

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for him when that sunnah fatawa

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when they were hit by so many calamities total, they start begging Allah azza wa jal what is our total right now? Where's our begging to Allah azza wa jal Subhan Allah, so

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Allah Hannah and Minnie minzu Ruby, you have a Haman iminium in the Ruby, Haman

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give me the safety from my own sins because the sins destroy me. Marchesa ad comm one of the main reason for what we're going through is because what we have done, what we have done,

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the third meaning is of Alma Haman, is that the whole hook Moo Cola, to him, belongs the Hukam.

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With the ruling belongs to Allah azza wa jal only

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part of the name can

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defeat any argument that a secular Muslim has

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secular Muslims.

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They say that, you know, there has to be separation between the

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dean and CSR. Right. But we tell them isn't the CSR has rules and regulations and laws and constitutions?

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Of course, and what did Allah say in the Quran? In in Hokkaido Illa de la ilaha illa Allah He led to them or Haman, he's the one in control.

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The outcome is only to Allah azza wa jal so don't tell me there's a difference between politics and Deen they go hand in hand

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we cannot run

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an ummah

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with justice without going through the the

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rules made by man, man made rules, they expire. They change they need update, they need upgrade, but the rules of Allah azza wa jal till the Day of Judgment in il HK mu il Allah Allah

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Eman came through Salah Salem and he said yeah rasool Allah I live near

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La de la honey and finally they call Paulo salaam call Allah whom Allah can handle colo where Elijah urine urine arg Amaroo colo, he said, teach me a dua that I could use. He said say yeah, Allah, the ham belongs to you only

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alone and all the Omura are running only by you and only only goes back to you.

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The first name which is the name that's most or the first the first part of the name is that which is the one everybody knows is that he is in complete control. If you ask anybody what does Mohammed mean? They will tell you control Messiter and in this way

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Allah subhanaw taala told us in the Quran, when Allah says salam was so eager for everybody to believe. And he was so worried about people to become Muslims and get out of school for Allah His salat wa salam. What did Allah subhanaw taala tell him? let's tally him, the Musa eater. You have no control over them. Omar Sana, aka Ilhan Omar Bashir on one of the era now

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Yamaka liberal club submit Calbee allergenic when you feel that your heart when can I use this name? Listen carefully Jaquan when can I use this name? When I feel that my heart is leaning towards

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sins when I feel that my heart is diverting from the straight path? Yeah, well how you mean route Delhi Calbee bring back my heart. Yeah, well Haman. This is the name that we use to bring back our heart to the straight path.

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Yeah, well Haman, any kalbi helped me control my heart. Yeah well, Haman, any other Allah and Allah subhanho wa Taala

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told us that

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the ayah

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in the Quran where Allah subhanho wa Taala said that the Quran itself is one Zelner illogical kita by Bill Hardy, Musa De Lima Amina al Kitab. One will hire him in an alley. This is the only time that the word Muhammad came in the Quran by the way, Name Allah Allah Haman also came only once in the same area we've been discussing since we started who Allah Who nadie Isla Isla

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and Melaka loco do those as salam and min Elmo Haman. And this only place in the Quran you see the word Elohim in the name of Allah and Wayman. But the word mo Haman came one more time when Allah subhanaw taala said, yeah, when he said that the Quran when it is revealed, it came as mu Heyman over all their previous revelations, well, Haman dominating those revelations. They weren't even even when they were authentic, they were good to their period of time only.

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They expired after the next book came, but this Book, Al Quran is dominating, dominated over all the books changed or not changed, erased all the rulings, it became the only one now like you like OH MY GOD, ALLAH and he said he was

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reading the Torah right? He told him if Musa alayhis salam was here, he will follow me. So all those books, they were valid on the time of their prophets or until another prophet came, another messenger came, but the Quran is like Allah said Mohammed and this is the word more Haman

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dominating, controlling, overseeing over all the previous the previous books. So the name and mohammedia one can be summarized that it is the one who overcome the one who dominates the one who oversees and the one who protects all of it is an alma Haman. So, it means four things. It means

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the overseeing it means I mean, it means that he is the one who is in control. He is the one who is the only one who has the right ruling. And the last one is he is in complete control Messiter. May Allah subhanaw taala make us some of the people who listen and apply May Allah subhanaw taala increase our iman May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us live and understand these names in sha Allah Tala Amin, amin tonight is a special night. Tonight is a different than all the nights of the week. This is the night that our Salah salem said a hero may come out of Salah on me. So PCR one if you make 50 per night today make it 100 150x Zero make a lot of salaat on Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam and please come to federal officials at six o'clock. Six o'clock yeah when is is really we are very spoiled. So please come and pray the most beloved Salah to Allah is the Salat official in Jamar of Yama Juma second Lachlan, welcome AFRICOM Subhana Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, Allah, Allah and the staff Utica monitor Willick

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