Reda Bedeir – The Power Of One Ayah #04

Reda Bedeir
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a history lesson learned through mistakes made by the first Nations during the first World War. The history lesson is that people should learn from past mistakes and not go through the same mistakes. The speaker also discusses the history of Islam and the importance of staying true to the message.
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de casa

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la la homea Tada

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amazingly, the prawn,

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one third of it covers history. Why?

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It's a book that teaches us lessons from the First Nations. What happened to them, so that we can learn.

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And we don't have to go through the same mistakes that they have been through. We should learn through their mistakes. So last panelist is talking to Prophet Mohammed Salim. In this ayah inserted an answer number six and number 42. And in the next day, inshallah he's telling him what occurred or Selma, a woman in public, we have sent messengers, you know, to the nations before you know, when Bill Barr said he was wrong. And then when they were stubborn, and when they were ungrateful and they were in denial, then we caused them to have suffering. But sir, to suffer from hunger to suffer from poverty, what the raw, which means adversity, like something that we're going through now. And

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then Allah subhanaw taala said, the wisdom behind it, he said, I Lumia totara own, so maybe they will humble themselves, and they will be down to earth and they say, what's wrong with us? Not as many people said today, what's wrong? Why is this happening to us? No. So Allah subhanaw taala this is what he said in the next day. And number 43. He said, Follow him back sooner, Toto. You know, if when such calamity hits them, when such suffering that they go through, when they lose their freedom, all of a sudden, if they humble themselves, and they acknowledge their mistakes, and they, they come back, and they turn it back to us. But then the last part that I mentioned two reasons and

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beware of them, he said, falola

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sunako when I can pass it through, boom, but unfortunately, their hearts hardened, their hearts became harsh. Look at some people today, instead of turning back to Allah, they're watching Netflix, and they're like watching movies, and they're playing games all the time. And all what they are doing, they want to kill the time and their time is their capital, their time is their life. So instead of taking heat and picking up, the waking up, call what they're doing, they're doing the opposite. They're turning away from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that's why Allah subhanaw taala said they were of having a harsh heart. And then the second reason that people don't go back to

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Allah and turn it back, you know, at certain times of difficulties like this, he said, was a anila homestreet automechanika and Satan, Satan, you know, Lord them, he beautified the bad things in the sense that they are committing. So be careful. You know, let your heart soften. Go back to Allah read the book of Allah, spend time reconnecting with a Lost Planet, Allah do dhikr of Allah and stop wasting your time. May Allah subhanaw taala make someone's no solution to the speech and follow the rest of it was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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