Haifaa Younis – Ramadan The Month of Love – Day 25

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the meaning of Islam's love for individuals and the "will" that comes with it, including the practice of praying in a mosque and the use of a bathroom. They also touch on the concept of "verbal" and "verbal clapping" during prayer, which refers to the person in a state of purification. The speakers emphasize the importance of purifying one's body and mind through actions and activities, such as learning a new sport or working on a project.
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Miss Smith, you

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said Mr. yquem rahmatullah wa barakato Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam on Otto Surya de 25. For for Milan, the blessing month, the blessing last 10 days the blessitt Knights May Allah pantalla give us the energy or ebme and the ability to do way more than what we normally do my hair except from us, may he keep our hearts and connected to him number one to his book, to his worship to his son, yo, don't be me.

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Today inshallah, we're going to learn about another character that's a loss pantalla loves and Allah mentioned this in the Quran in two places, with a little bit different

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way of saying it, unless it's a shortened Bara and Allah said it in sort of Toba and the cow and the and the verse is two to two. And he said that in solid at Toba, the repentance and divorce is 108. The verses what the total we covered the first part of it in the second day when we spoke about Allah loves those who repent constantly in repentance. And in the same verses he said in Allahu Buta, Wahby worldly, Allah loves those one constant state of tober where your humble Matata Hurry and he loves those who are in constant state of purification, purity. And then in Surah tober the repentance when Allah spoke about the masjid

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the the mosque, which is Majid Koba in Medina, when Allah tala said Lama, OC salat wa msgid, a mosque that was built and the foundation were made based upon the taqwa of Allah. Allah is conscious of Quantico Murphy, you should pray in it way better than other mosque and this was an incident where Allah Allah Swati site was set up, was about to pray in a mosque that is built by the hypocrites and Allah says no pray and that's one this mosque was built on Taka, Taka is Allah conscious Aha, Quantico Murphy, that must you should you should and it is much better and has more right upon you to pray in it.

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Why feel nervous when your head worn or any other baharu in this Masjid, there is people who loves to be you know, loves to be in a constant state of purification.

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For Buddha and you will know who your head will matahari now we are coming to you one law who your hibel matahari Allah loves those who are in a state of purification constantly. So to places more tapa hareem, in Surah, Al Baqarah, and then more poverty. And in October, and the cow Elmo, tapa Helene, he added tau, one letter was small letter. And in a Toby did not put the letter, but both have the same route. And the same meaning which is purity purification, the one that we have in the planner is actually deeper, more constant, and more broad, more theory, you removed one letter, but it means much more. Those people are,

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or the word itself means deeper, much more profound, that's more profound and more constant. They love to be in a state of bahara.

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So what is the state of purification? And you probably have heard that many times that purification of the heart, we do retreats about huskier purification of the heart. So what is this purification that Allah loves, and that if I do it, Allah will love me. There's two things there's external and there is internal, the external purification is to purify our body, or what we are wearing from impurity. Now jassa Allah loves those who are always in a state of purity, externally, purity also include Voodoo. Allah loves those who are in a state of Voodoo, always it's all goes under purity, purity, purity, model, and then Allah also loves those who clean themselves. After they use the

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bathroom. That's also purity. That's external. So address, state of Voodoo and

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remove if there is any impurity on the body. So basically, purification using water using physically water, and if there is no water, as we learned a couple of days ago, out of the concessions Allah gave us if we don't find water, we can use to move

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We can use dust. Allah loves us to be always in a state of bahara state of purification, externally. So let's get into the habit today. That's every time I lose the widow, I go immediately, and then perform widow, I'm always in a state of Bihar purity, or when I use the bathroom when we use the bathroom, and then we wash our hands, let's move it to become Whoa, maybe two or three a little bit longer. And then we do the widow and we will be from those who Allah loves. Also when we take shower, if we can make the show or as hosel, we just learned also basically our intention is wasn't we went to our body completely with water than the shower becomes an act of worship, and I will be

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in a state that Allah loves. So externally, a lot the law who you have will mapa Hurry, let's remind ourselves he loves those are always in a state of purity.

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Then there is another meaning, the internal meaning Allah your Hebron matahari internally, purification of the heart, purification of my soul. So I go to Allah pantalla pure, and what do I need to purify myself internally, let's look at the heart, the heart can get sick, Ill, just like the body. And the cure for the heart is to purify it, so purified from shirk, from associating someone with Allah from Cuf, from not believing a lot from all the diseases of the heart, anger, arrogance, some of them, we covered it in that theory, purify it, work on yourself, that the heart or let's work on ourselves, that our heart is pure, is like a white sheet like a plate completely

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clean, doesn't have any ill feelings toward anyone. It whatever they did just remove it. And I keep reminding myself one law who your head will mapa Hurry, Allah loves and multiple hurry the two ways meaning it's a process, it's not going to happen in one day. I need to work on it. But I need to remind myself that when I am doing this, Allah loves it in the beautiful hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam and he said, Akbar who shot toliman

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por que purification, and here will do itself is like half a man being in a state of horrible alcohol shot or a man being in a state of purity externally to who will do or also or internally purify. My heart is half of the email. Let's purify our body externally, the dress, the with do wudu and the ocean, but also let's purify our hearts and our body and our limbs from sins. purify them, Allah loves those who purify them, and how do I purify myself from sins is by Toba by repenting. So I look at something I shouldn't look immediately I say a stuffy little law. Now I am purifying myself. I said something I shouldn't say then I say a stuffy little law than I am purifying myself.

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Myself. constant state of Toba constant state of bahara constant state of repentance to Allah, constant state of purification. Work on it. Let's learn it and practice it. Let's practice today. That's any time I'm going to if I'm going to use the bathroom I'm going to be doing after I wash my hand I will do horrible and I remind myself a lot your head will matahari if I committed a sin immediately, I look inside me and I say your law Please forgive me. And then this will be removed a lot of your head will mapa hurry. Your Elia curry may have lost planet Allah make us over those who he loves those who learn things and practice it and make the practice easy for all of us. Desert

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malachite and Santa Monica Rahmatullah.

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