Tim Humble – The Muslim Family #48 – Stories From the Salaf About Parents

Tim Humble
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of the symbol of the Deams in Islam, with examples such as the Deams of the Middle East and Africa. They also touch on the media's portrayal of the people and their actions, including the use of drugs and alcohol. The importance of gathering all topics of the course and addressing the topic of better quality is emphasized. Viewers are encouraged to participate in a class for questions and feedback.
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What are kulu filco Ronnie magia E

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to carry Moosa Lu. Wha colocar La La, la de la Lu, while Mustafa al de

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leeuw 100 Allah Hello Bill alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Abdullah he was solely Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ajwain salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome to another episode from the Muslim family brought to you by Al madrasa to Laura Maria. And in this episode inshallah Allah, we're going to be talking about literal, why the deen and the self? How did the early generations implement better while eating. And this is important, because if you claim to follow the self asylum, and you claim the day are you understand Islam the way that they understood it, so you have to look at how they understood concepts like this and how they implemented it. So you can

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understand what is meant by these eight and Heidi, that we have heard of, you can contextualize it and understand how it should be implemented.

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And I'm going to start with an A

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which relates to a smile, Elisa.

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And that is the statement of Eliza gel in sort of software to Bella Bella, I will say a color punia in the ROI film me and me as a phone Volkmar that are quite a bit if I were to say to God in sha Allah homea sabeti. And I brought this ayah here, even though the ayah relates to to profits from the prophets of Allah, I brought it because it is an example of excellence in better quality.

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And I brought it because it's an example that is, it's, it's so amazing. And so it's almost it's difficult for a person to even imagine, or to even comprehend the sacrifice that Ismail was willing to make.

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And yet you see examples of sacrifice for goodwill validation among the self, that you see that they truly understood from this ayah and from the ayat about better validate and ahaadeeth about better lighting. They understood the real meaning of sacrifice and the real meaning of obedience to Allah, and brutal reality.

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And that is that it's made when his father Ibrahim Alayhi, wa sallam, when he saw in his dream and he said my son I've seen in a dream that I'm slaughtering you.

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I've seen in a dream that I'm slaughtering you, found your mother in law. So what do you think Kalia? I bet if he said my father, do what you have been commanded. cetera g Dhoni insha Allah homina sabeti you will find me in sha Allah from the patient. So look at the obedience of his smile to Allah azza wa jal. I look at his patients and look at his bill towards his father. Yeah, but if I met my father, don't worry.

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Do what you have been commanded? You won't see anything for me except Albert except goodness, and a Sabra and patience. That's all you're going to see from me is goodness. I brought this idea to show you look at the bill

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of Ismail how good he was to his father Ibrahim. Yeah, I bet if a man to Mr. Seta g do any shot allow me to sabeti my father do is you have been commanded obedience first to Allah.

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And you will not see anything from it. You will not find anything from Isetta g don't you? All my father will find me shala to be among the patient.

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And that is why they call him and ignore about the the righteous child who was from the best of the people to his parents his smile, Ali Salaam and this is just one example from the examples of the Prophet sallahu wa Salatu was Salam.

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But it sets the scene for what we're going to talk about. Now is a narration from say Raven jabber that he said Can our brother your loved one, either utter it I'm dead. Gemini sat alone. I feel always no

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matter how powerful the alarm line, when the people of Yemen would come to him, the delegations to people in from mentioned that they would come into Hajj every year. Or perhaps could refer to the people who would come for other reasons the Army or whatever, but the people from Allium and they would come every single year. And when they would come every time our mother would say to the people of Yemen, is there a man among you called waist up and armor?

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Is there a man among you called war

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Submit owner had to enter either ways in for color enter always more armor or an arm until he came to that one day one time. He found they said yeah, there is a there is a a man called waist hip and Iman who came with us.

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So armor he came to waste a banana on top. Who is Omar able to hop up after all of the Sahaba he is the the second best of all of the Sahaba and the best of them after Apple Becker. Rob the Allahumma. And Irma is the one coming to him looking for him. He says, Are you always a banana? He said yes.

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Then Omar, he said to him, min Mossad infomine Quran Are you from Morocco, and then from Corona, you caught me wasel, Cardone. carlina. And he said, Yes. Carla, can I become a badass and about 10 men who in their mold the idea of him? He said, was it the case that you had this disease of the skin, leprosy? And you became cured from it except for the spot the size of a DRAM? Or an RMP said, Yes. Pilar Lika walidah he said, Do you have your mother and your your mother is alive and you look after your mother? Carlin said yes.

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Then mama he said rhodiola and Carla Samir taught us all a lie sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Mia called yet Tia comm always open or admitting mean and the earlier many more audience will not mean current. They will come to you a man whose name is always sipping from the people of Julian from the delegation came with from the people of Yemen, from Mossad and then from Quran and up from the tribe of Quran will be way cell colony

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can be he bought arson favara I mean who Allah molded him, he had this disease of the skin, leprosy and he became cured from it except for the space of a de la liga tune who borrow

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and this is the shyt he has his mother and he is bottle to her he is he does barrel while eating.

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He does he does great. He dutifulness to his mother.

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Lo Oksana Allah La he Bala if he swore to Allah for something to happen, Allah would make it happen. For any starter any stock fear or lack of perfect, he said so if it's easy for you, for you to go to waste and ask him to ask Allah to forgive you then do so. To me he still fall for you then do so. La ilaha illa Allah Subhana Allah for our local pub, and who is another top for Omar Abdullah hottub to go to waste Academy and say, ask Allah to forgive me. No Oksana Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, if he made an oath and he asked a law for something to happen. Allah would make it happen.

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Then he said to him, festival Lee, he said, ask Allah to forgive me for stop for Allah. So always ask Allah to forgive him. For Carla who came up in a tweet on I said to him, Where are you heading to? coral Kufa. He said I'm heading to Kufa color either October laka Isla Armenia, he says, shall I not write a letter

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to the governor of Kufa?

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Shall I not write a letter to the one who is appointed over Kufa

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that to make things easy for you that whatever you want, you can have it to look after you to give you precedents. And I'm I realized this is the best of the temporary. This is the one the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam specified that if you're able to ask him, to ask Allah to forgive you then do so. He said, should I not you know the honor of this person and he's from the unknown people from the unknown people. He says, shall I not write a letter to send with you to the governor of Kufa

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and remember, I sent a letter now the governor of Kufa is going to open the doors for waste Academy

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color, our kuno fee about all in nursia happily, he said for me to be among the poor people is more beloved to me. I mean, just to be an unknown person among the poor people, I would prefer that so he declined the offer of Mr.

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Ravi Allah Hi.

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And to send the letter to the governor of Kufa. And he said, I would just rather be among the poor people. What made him the best of the generations after Sahaba the prophets I said specified one thing, one thing, and that is the bill that he had towards his mother subpanel and we no doubt there are other things reported from him. His Zohar, the turning away from the dunya is a bad days worship of Allah some of the things that he said, but the thing that the Prophet sighs and highlighted is how good he was to his mother.

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While we're talking about the temporary, holy man, it will see you serien Rahim Allah to Allah the Great Eman from the Tabby. He said that when he was with his mother, that people thought that he was sick

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because of how meek he was, and how quiet he was, and how he would not even raise his eye to look at her that the people would say to him that are you sick because of the way that he how he would behave in front of his mother. And it's narrated from even Siri that he wouldn't eat at the same time as his mother.

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Because he feared he said I fear that I would take something and eat it and she wanted to eat it.

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And Ottawa who is the nephew of eyeshadow, viola, Anna, Ottawa. eveness obey the son of Isabel radi Allahu anhu Allah. He said my Baba Abba way he manmad de la him another.

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He said that the one who looks at his parents and who basically looks at them for a long time or stares at them. This one has not done better validate.

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Allah This is how the tablet in understood even Siri and didn't use to eat from the plate in case he took something that his mother wanted or to I said looking at your parents, the one who stares at his parents. This one did not do better while eating has not done better. Well it can't be considered to be bow to be dutiful to their parents if they if they even

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Madeira human novel. They look at them for a long time and they don't lower their head in front of them. And Mohammed even cater

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for him Allah to Allah the Great Imam from the tablet he he would put his cheek on the floor and he would say to his mother, put your foot on my cheek. Rest your foot barkada McKee, Allah hottie Put your foot and rest it on my cheek. And it's narrated from the great Imam Mohammed. Al Qaeda Rahim Allah Allah from the image of the tiberi that he said better after you suddenly were beat to me, so Pardon me. He said my brother when the evening came, the night came. My brother spent the night praying. And I spent the night massaging the foot of my mother. Your cool one. We're hibel and Layla t Billy letter. He said I would never wish to have exchanged what he did for what I did. Somehow,

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ie, I wouldn't if he offered me to swap and said to me that you would have spent the night in prayer and I would have spent the night looking after my mother's foot. He said that then that looking after his mother's foot was more beloved to him than kiama late than spending the whole night in prep. And historiated from Ibrahim even Hashem

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luminesce Nigeria, Abdul Hamid al cofeb Bhagat Allah Nimmo, sabe philam albala illa journey, a sharpie, Jaya and mud for call to the Armada bunny humble taboo.

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said that Rahim even Hashem he said that when Jerry and even Abdul Hamid Kofi came to Baghdad, and he crossed over to the allergenic, a sharpie, the eastern side, the the the the river or the giant mountain. Imagine now the river it came, the flood came and it the river became it became overflowing.

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So I said to akhmedov and handed Lima Ahmed Rahim Allah, Allah terrible. Are you going to cross the river to visit this share of Heidi?

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For call on me? Letter died. He said my mother doesn't allow me to do it. And my mother doesn't give me permission to cross the river when it is full. When the med comes when it's overflowing. Imam Ahmed Rahim Allah to Allah Eman from that image of Ellison and he wouldn't cross the river.

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For a Heidi, because his mother said to him that he wasn't allowed to go

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to Narita, he said, for about two and he said I went to cross by myself. And I left I met him in Hamburg spy despite how much Mr. Ahmed wanted to go into Listen, to gain that Hadeeth and that knowledge he didn't across the river because his mother didn't allow.

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And it's rated from Abubakar NIOSH, one of the Imams of the sooner that he said, Come to mA monsoon, he said Potosi Hobi. Omo, what can I do for verten la, said his mother, she was screaming at him. She was very hard, and she's very harsh with him. He generally I said she was she was tough with him. She was tough and she was harsh with him and she was screaming at him while while they are here to where I was already, my hero Pharaoh powerful era. And he put his he was putting his beard in his chin on his chest. And he never looked up at her

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shouting at him. And he man he man from the listener Subhana Allah and the people turned to him any man from the inner of Ellison and his mother is screaming at him and all he does is just lower his chin to his chest, out of humility in front of his mother, and it's narrated about Bob.

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Instead of than a man who feared reality in October.

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He had asked his mother permission to travel to her Table to Table the great scholar of Hadeeth. To Fortaleza,

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to write to write the Heidi femtech then level she didn't give him permission for jealous so he stayed where he was for mathematics, and then she passed away for hijo de la hora sad, he traveled to what I signed to reach katiba she's passed away. He waited with her until she died. When she died kotoba was still alive. So he traveled to Cora San to meet with Eva for masala Belk. wakad mata Atiba. So when he reached Belk it, he realized or the news reached him that poor Tabor had died before he could reach him.

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And then the people they began to see or you know, they began to make it like, say, feel sorry for him. That or you couldn't go because of your mother, and then you, you know, you traveled after she died, you travel to kotoba, only to reach

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a particular place, and then to realize that kotoba has also died. And he responded with a response that is unique to be made that it deserves to be written in Golden ink. He said Hi, he Femara to let him in the title to read Bhagavad Gita. He said, this is the fruit of knowledge. I don't be don't feel sorry for me, this is the fruit of knowledge. I chose the contentment of my mother.

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Subhana Allah, look at that, that how the self understood this. He said, You're saying sorry to me that I couldn't go and listen to Heidi from katiba. Or I couldn't go in and ask him a question. I couldn't go and write Hadeeth from him. But I chose this is why I got this knowledge. Why was I going to the table for I went to kotoba, to learn knowledge, and I learned knowledge to act upon it. Highly similar to him, the fruit of the knowledge is you act upon it, the fruit was the point of gathering all of these, Heidi was I gathering all of these Heidi. So I could just say that I have more Heidi's and the other person, I was gathering them to act upon them. I deliberately chose the

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contentment of my mother. That was a choice based upon him. It was based upon knowledge. So don't feel sorry for me that I missed out on quite a bit. And writing the Hadees from katiba in the territory of alwaleed, I deliberately chose for my mother to be happy with me because this is knowledge, ephemeral. Otherwise, what was the benefit in gathering all of those Hadith, the benefit was to act upon them. And from the Hadith that he gathered, and he knew about, he said, the knowledge that I gathered, it was the it was what made me choose my mother and to choose for my mother to be content with me and he didn't go out. So he didn't get to seek that knowledge from

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kotoba rahima whom Allahu Allah may Allah have mercy on them both. So this is just a glimpse at how the self asylee understood better quality and will lie we are in great, great need of going back and gathering these ayat ahaadeeth on this topic and the filk

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of this topic, and the stories and the narrations of the seller silent on this topic, and really asking ourselves Where do we stand with regard to better quality? And I think that's a question all of us have to ask ourselves, where do we stand in relation to that, rather Subhanallah These are people who they preferred their parents over the things which are from the most important of those to have that like tolerable.

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And we Cipolla perhaps disobey our parents in the things which are from the YG, but in the first place that we were supposed to do in the first place. So we really, really need to ask ourselves, where do we stand with regard to this, and we need to double our efforts so that we're not from those people who are gaining rewards from something but losing more on the other side from something else, or from the people who become busy with Alma fool the wasteful things or the things which are not so virtuous, instead of L father that which is virtuous and honorable.

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So these are just a few

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points that allies really made easy for me to mention. And in the next class inshallah to Allah we're going to go on to a new segment which is going to deal with Scylla to Rahim, the keeping the ties with relatives and what that means and how we can do it. We will be leaving time for questions and shout out to Allah if you do have questions, please email them to [email protected] and please put in the subject the Muslim family, so that we know that this these questions relate to this particular course and inshallah to Allah, at some point towards the end perhaps after the course is finished, or at the end of the course inshallah, to Allah. We will deal with the questions that

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people have in sha Allah to Allah Bismillah we will try our very best to deal with the questions that are put forward. That's what Allah made easy for me to mention in this episode, and allies journals vest, or Salatu was Salam ala nabina, Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ami, Salaam Alaikum. If you're enjoying these videos, and he likes to keep up to date with all of the courses we're going to be running, make sure you head over to a m au add home.com

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