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Khalid Yasin
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Salaam Alaikum peace be unto you This is the same greeting that Jesus peace be upon him. He greeted his followers with Moses, Abraham and all the messengers of God and we're greeting you with that same greeting here today on the deen show piece. We wish the best for everybody. Now there have been some misinformation, some mistruths associated with this beautiful way of life, the same way of life of all the messages of God, that complete and total adherence submission to the one who created you. It's a very beautiful way of life. So today, my next guest is going to help clear up some of these misconceptions. He's going to help tackle some of the myths

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truths that are out there so you can get a better picture about this beautiful way of life, the way of life as I said, that Jesus practice, Abraham, Noah, that way of life, that tells you what the purpose of life is, where you're going when you die, gives you peace and contentment gives you success not only in this slide, but in the next my next guests here on the deen show chef Khalid you're seen sit tight, we'll be right back. This is the theme

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this is the

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this is the

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this is the

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please be on to salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Now, most people, they know who you are, Shakeology has seen, can you just for a minute for those of our non Muslim, not yet Muslims who are out there viewing this, and we really cater to them, we really want them to get a better picture of the beautiful way of life that we live, and to share this beautiful message of peace with the world. So you've been out there, lecturing people

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delivering the message of the purpose of life used to be a former former Christian is is true. That's correct. Yeah. And and you still fall in the way of Jesus is this right? Absolutely. How is that? Is that is that? Am I twisting the truth? Or is this 100% true, Jesus, Jesus was, was not.

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Jesus didn't appoint himself.

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Jesus did not worship himself. Jesus was following the mandate of the Creator. He said, If anybody wants to go to the Bible, he says,

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I can have my own self do nothing, whatsoever, I'm ordered to do from the Most High. That is what I do. So this best personifies the position of Jesus Christ as a prophet and messenger. And so it's his values. It's it's the it's the values of his mission and his message, that we are still a firm confirming and attesting to as Muslims. And he was one of those who submit to Almighty God, who had the ultimate submission. And so, and before him, john de Baptists, and before him, Solomon and David and all the other prophets of God, they all submitted not to themselves, but the Creator. So in that sense, I took the best values out of the faith system called Christianity, and I've retained those

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values as a Muslim, but we went to another level, it's like going from high school to university, if a high school student didn't know about University, they would probably be very grateful to have a high school diploma. But if they knew about the university, and the benefits that come from graduating from university, everybody will go and would go. So that's the kind of way that we see ourselves if we feel ourselves to be fortunate by Almighty God, to have been selected or chosen or exposed to Islam. And as such, we took the best out of the Christian system. And and we're Muslims, misconceptions. And we want to clear this because hopefully, God will and then there'll be less

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Islamophobia that seems to be on the rise as education, I think is key. And this is how then we can start to develop true tolerance and understanding. And it's what the deen show is about trying to help people understand the most misunderstood way of life out there yet. It's phenomenal. It's the fastest growing way of life out there today. So one of the misconceptions was we just covered right off the bat, we greet each other with peace. That's the same greeting that Jesus greeted his followers with and

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we just said that Jesus was a Muslim, he submitted his word to God. That's what we do. And some people say, you know, these people are the Antichrist.

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would you address this? Well, first of all,

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you know, that's the verse objective statement that people make because somebody else has branded that and they're just repeating that. But Jesus was the Messiah. That is he was appointed by God. Jesus was the Son of Mary. And that made him he was born of the womb. Of course, he had a phenomenal birth. Nobody has any doubt about that. You know that there was no earthly father for Jesus Christ, we also acknowledge that also. But Jesus submitted himself to God, he prostrated the same way we prostrate it, he wasn't prostrating to himself. So there's a lot of misconceptions and to be anti christ is only a philosophical terminology that has come recently. Jesus was not a Christian. Jesus

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was the Messiah. So Christianity was something that Constantine came up with, to, to to decreed a uniqueness and a special determination of citizenship, you know that the people who follow Jesus Christ will called nazarenes. That is, he was Jesus of Nazareth, because his message started out in Nazareth. So those who followed him from Nazareth, along those different paths, and both were called nazarenes. Now, Nazareth, didn't call themselves Christians. But when Constantine a pagan Emperor, when he adopted Christianity, he forced the name Christianity to distinguish himself and the people that followed him. It's a historical thing that we need to look into. But no, we're not antichrist.

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In fact, we are the people that personify we love Jesus Christ, we support Jesus Christ as Muslims, within the feet of Islam, and the name of Jesus Christ is mentioned more in the Quran than the name of Mohammed, peace and blessing upon Amazing, amazing These are facts, not fiction. That's correct. Terrorism, synonymous a lot of times with Islam, as you say, as soon as you say Muslim people put terrorism after that, what do you got to say about this? Well, you know, the word terrorism if you go back in the, in the dictionaries, or this, Merriam Webster, funk and wagnalls, you know, or the Harvard dictionary Columbia dictionary, you'll find that 50 years ago, the word terrorism had a

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totally different name.

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Totally different definition. But after 1948, the word terrorism the first time that Muslims were called terrorists was in 1948. So what happened in 1948? That was the criminal invasion into Palestine, the criminal occupation of Palestine. And when the Palestinians began to defend their country, as freedom fighters, they were labeled as terrorists. So from that time to now Muslims word, terrorism, fanaticism has become synonymous with being with Muslims. But that's just the multimedia. That's the that's like the kettle calling the pot black. Okay, but if we look at history, I mean, especially in the last 500 years, what countries have personified the word

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terrorism that is infusions of people's lands, slaughtering people, displacing people, traumatizing people. That's what the word terrorism means. Okay, so who has done that? What is the British, it's the French, it's the Germans. It's the Americans. It's the Conquistadores, and all those kinds of people who have been intruding into people's lands, of spoiling and snatching people's natural resources, displacing people, and taking advantage of people. And so that's terrorism. So I would say that the 43 million people who have been displaced by this kind of terrorism in the last 500 years, it goes to say that sometimes the people who call people terrorists are really the ones who

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are spreading historically terrorism. The second thing is that Muslims are called terrorists only because people want to demonize them, dehumanize them, and marginalize them. Because we've been dehumanized. You can do anything to a person if they're dehumanized. You see, if you want to demonize people, make them sound like evil, that it means that whatever good they do, people don't trivialize it. And if you marginalize people, it doesn't matter what you do to them because there seem to be trivial. So this is what's happening with with Islam, but you know, God has His plan. And people have their plan. And the plan of God always wins. We're gonna take a break. We'll be right

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back with more. Yes, Kiana de show Islam prohibits killing of innocent human being. human life is precious.

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There always be someone that will be there to say something negative, but at the same time, there'll be someone there to say something positive. So just hold on to the rope of Allah, everything in this universe and read the answers don't kill women don't kill children don't kill old people don't attack the civilians. This is what the prophet Mohammed told

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him and the law said that the profits of solid never ever stopped a war against anyone.

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I am not afraid.

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I am not afraid.

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Why is our news media foaming at the mouth when it comes to stories about Islamic terrorists, but not white guy terrorists? It's not because Muslims are a bigger threat. In fact, between 1980 in 2005 94% of all the attempted or successful terrorist attacks on US soil were not carried out by Islamic radicals, but instead by non Muslims, mostly white guys.

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So then why the obsession?

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Back here on the deen show, and we're trying to clear up many of the misconceptions. So God women, there'll be less Islamophobia because Islam isn't anything that people should fear is it? Should people I mean, fear, this is the way of life that God Almighty wants human beings to live. I mean, to acquire peace, we're all looking for peace. And you can't buy a six pack of peace, you have to go to the owner peace. So this is that, that way of life that we're living, and we're trying to share with others. But unfortunately, there's some mistruths, some misconceptions associated and I just want to touch upon this point before we go to the next. Continuing on with this terrorism. Does

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Islam condone?

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Does it condone actions such as 911? Because usually, when you bring up terrorist, people start to think about the Twin Towers, and you recently had the New York subway bomber? Does this have anything to do with Islam? No, it has nothing to do with Islam. And but we have to be honest, that perhaps in some of these cases, we can clearly see that there may have been some Muslims, either directly or indirectly involved. But Islam and Muslims, that same got separated to Yeah, exactly. Okay. Islam is the fate system that is perfect and complete coming from God based upon scripture and Revelation, Muslim to those who make the claim to represent that. But you know, when people have

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been traumatized, when people, you know, have been oppressed,

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it can make them mad, it can make them angry, it can make them crazy. It can make them react in different ways. We don't justify that. But we say that a Muslim who is angry, frustrated, a crazy can be manipulated. And if they do things that are wrong, it's wrong. Wrong is wrong and right is right. But let us Let's, let's say that

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we have to understand that a person who is put in a certain position, if you put a rat in a cage, you put a cat in the corner, if you if you call a wild beast, how they're going to react, they're going to react instinctively. So I say that there are also Muslims who unfortunately have been placed in those conditions and they have reacted in a negative way. But Islam has nothing to do with that. In the same way that the Oklahoma, Oklahoma Obama, okay, he was a Christian, a right wing Christian, but we don't say again, similar to Christianity has anything to do with that. I mean, Hitler was a Christian. But we don't say that we that Christianity has anything to do with that.

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Okay, the Conquistadores are devil Christians. But we don't say that it's not that Christianity had anything to do with that. So you know that the greatest tragedies in the world, but done in the name of religion, and unfortunately, the Christian religion, but we don't blame Jesus Christ for that. So I think that to be very fair, people need to be taking an objective insight into the sources of Islam, which is the core end and the prophetic traditions of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. And we never found our Prophet, peace and blessings be upon them doing any such actions like that, therefore, Islam is not the villain. The Muslims are, in this case, the

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victims. Now tell us also, is it true because you hear this next word that I'm going to mention? Isn't it true that Jesus peace be upon Moses, and the messengers of God, they call people to adhere to this word right now Can you define it explain it because then people will kind of settle at when they once they realize what this actually means Sharia because when you say Sharia, they think oh, the Boogey Man is coming to get you we don't want no Sharia over here but then Jesus the tablets that he came with, I mean, Moses the tablets it wasn't a sherea wasn't as divine law. Can you explain this word yet? Let's let's try to understand the word of God. From its origin in the Arabic

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language, it means to arrive at a watering place. You see, Sharia means a path. It literally means a path that leads to water. And water is essential for life. So what it means in the context of language is one thing what it means in the context of Islamic legislation is another. It means that Islamic legislation leads to life It leads to success and leads to regulation.

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leads to a divine guidance. That's the war replace of life. So Sharia is the system that should govern the Islamic State. And when the Islamic State influenced the world, Sharia had a very beautiful meaning today, the people that package words, can make anything that is beautiful, ugly, and can make anything that's ugly, beautiful. So we can't believe the hype. You see, we have to go back and make an assessment of the actual values and principles. Now, I think that Muslims should not be so naive, or ambitious, so as to think that we're going to bring Islamic legislation inside of a society that already has legislation. That's conflict of interest. We can't do that. We bring

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the principles of shooting from our hearts, and in our minds, but we adapt to the society where we are. Why because we have to be good citizens and practical citizens. And being good in practices means obeying the law of the country that we live in. Tell us also honor killings. You've heard this also, there's no honor and killing.

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This is something that's that's a cultural phenomenon has nothing to do with Islam, nothing to do with Islam, absolutely nothing to do with Islam. What does the honor killing people call it? So if somebody marries if a girl from my tribe or my family marries somebody from another tribe or family to keep the honor, we do something dishonorable? No, that's criminal. That's cultural. I don't care when it's done in the Muslim world. It's criminal, and it's cultural, and has nothing to do with Islam. We need to separate that and put that to the side period. That's it. Okay, good. I think many of the sincere, the humble hearted, the open minded, I mean, these are just clear cut answers, and

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they make sense. But someone might have heard that, you know, these Muslims are allowed to lie. to Kenya, they call herself Tokyo, Tokyo. Explain this. What is this? Does it have anything? No, the profs also said, Men, the questioner felician. He said, Whoever who was deceptive or lies to us, is not from us. So we don't lie. We don't deceive. That's not honorable. We can't do that in the name of religion, except the proposal since it and maybe three cases, you know, if I become a captive of war, and the people are captured me say, where's your leader?

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Where's your armaments? I'll tell them, it's in that direction. Although I know it's in that direction. So we can understand practical, practical purpose, that we are legal to say, we are liable, we can say we are allowed to say something other than the truth, in that case of war. Another case is to keep peace between two people, I was a witness of something, and the only witness of something. And if I were to say the truth, maybe I would exacerbate the conflict between these people. So I say, Well, to be honest, I didn't really see that. Or another one, you know, in the morning, you know, when my wife has kind of like disheveled, you know, in a breath, don't smell that

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good, and so forth, and so on. I said, sweetheart, you know, you looked at most beautiful in the mornings. You know, it's not exactly truthful. But you know, it's sort of like something that we live with as a life. So if we want to call that not saying exactly the truth, we can do that. But we're not allowed to lie or to deceive. No, Islam is a religion of truth. And we stand by the truth, even if it means losing our lives. This is amazing that even these details, even when you can exaggerate, or you know, to bring peace between people. There's exceptions to these rules. But in general, you Muslims need to speak the truth at all times. all times. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.

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Continuing on, we're here with shake Holly has seen. And all we ask that you have an open mind, humble heart. And the truth is clear. It's very simple to understand. Tell us Now, the next misconception, people see the woman in the veil, and they say, Look, man, you oppressing these women that are out of this is hot out there. What do we got to say? Well, first of all, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

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So if in America, women feel men like to see women in G strings, and women see themselves to be beautiful when g strings, well, that's, that's their set of perceptions. That's their set of values. We don't accept that. We say that's demeaning. We say that's exploitive. But at the same token, that's the way people will live their lives, we have to be tolerant about that. At the same token, there was a time 50 years ago when we saw nuns walking in the street. And they were dressed just like our Muslim sisters or nuns, the Catholic sisters that attached to the church, and they were wearing the hijab, you know, they're covered from head to toe. And nobody whistled that nobody say

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Hey, baby, no, because everybody understood that this is a religious woman, a woman of principle. So the same as our women are, they deserve that. And the thing I'd like to say is that who would have diamonds and pearls and gold and their certificates of deposit just sitting out on their table in the living room for the guests to see, no, they wouldn't do that. Whether they have them. They have in some way in a safety deposit box covered out of sight, okay, because anything that is valuable is kept covered and out of sight. So our woman is our

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Roll our Pearl, our diamonds, you know our certificates of deposit, and God has told them to put on a uniform that keeps themselves covered because whatever is covered, is unseen. and the value is there, whenever you expose it, everybody has lost the value because it becomes common. So the women should see themselves differently. And we should see women are women as differently. And so God has ordered them to cover themselves. But ordering them doesn't mean that if they don't cover themselves, somehow another, we should speak bad to them or disrespect them, it's their choice as a human being. And so people should put things into context and not label people from, you know, media

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reaction. You've come to those who have consciously submitted to the one guy the same God of Jesus, Abraham, no, and the last and final message of peace be upon them. And hopefully inshallah, by hearing many of these mysteries being explained, in their context, coming to the Muslims, people are getting a better picture and better understanding We'll be right back with more, here was your holiday season and the details are tight, okay, you've got your dream home, and you've got your dream car, but you're going to get old and things are going to happen to you in your life. And then what have you got at the end of the day is an empty dream that has no real Foundation, we are going

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to die and we're going to meet our Lord and He is gonna judge us, it becomes an obligation for each single human being to find out what the Quran is. Islam is telling us to stay away from things which are bad for your person and bad for the society.

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Back here on the de show with Chef Khalid, you're seen and we're clearing out a lot of the misconceptions, the Miss truth about this beautiful way of life.

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Now, the next question that I have for you shake is that many people when you see Islam, and they think that we're trying to take people back to the Stone Age, right, and camels, you know, when you become Muslim, you got to wear a turban look like an Arabic, Arab, you know, that is not relevant to today's society. How would you tackle this misconception? Well,

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no hollywood, bollywood, hollywood or Nollywood, you know, that's Nigerian TV, or Chinese TV, or indian tv, or American TV or movies or media. They create fiction and create fiction almost like it's fact. So when people say that the quote is irrelevant, I say that, how can rain become irrelevant to a farmer?

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Rain 5000 years ago had the same relevancy it has the same relevance? Well, rain is just like revelation. So the revelation of the Quran, which is legislation from the Creator, just relevant today, but it's people who have contemporary thoughts, people who are intellectual today, who have to relate the values and the issues and the critical issues of today make them relevant. And the Quran is a living book. It's not a dead book, it's not an ancient book. It's a living book for all time, because God knows the past and the future. And so it's up to us as Muslims to take the verses of the court and the values and the principles to put an end to relate them to finding solutions for

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contemporary issues and circumstances. The time is so short, and we just wanted to clear some of the misconceptions. There are many, and possibly, you know, we didn't cover one or two that might be on the minds of some of the people but just from listening to some of these, these are some of the major ones. So you made sense of it. And it's God willing, having some people reflect but now they want to know, okay, all right. What is Islam calling me to what's the benefit of Islam for society? And me as an individual? You know, if I accept this way of life, what what good will it bring in my life? Well, look, I mean, since the economy, you know, is supposed to be one of the number one

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issues unfortunately, you know, it's made the number one issue by greedy and materialistic people. But let's just take the economy since that's a major critical concern of All right. Well look, the code and forbids us God forbids us from doing compound interest transactions. And so people wouldn't would people would not be in such debt. If there was not be being taken advantage of, okay, by compound interest. And so if I were to say to people, listen, if you just took a course of Islam, one on one, to take a course in Islam, one on one, and after doing so, what we'll do for you is, we'll take the debt that you have that where you lost your house, we'll give you a house back. We'll

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manage that debt for you, but for now on, don't buy into credit cards allow us to manage your debt without interest. Would you be willing to take that Islam one on one course? Of course you would. And if you found out in sending that, that you could live prosper prosperously. You could have prosperity, then would you be concerned? Would that benefit your life? Of course you would. So I think that this is a principle of Islam. Islam will liberate you from debt. Islam will liberate you from debt and if people are

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understood that they could be liberated from debt they would consider to become Muslims tomorrow.

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Amazing, amazing. Tell us now we got to go for that, again, for those people out there who like what we had to say. And now the junk is being cleared. And they're having a better picture, what advice do you have them to continue on and which direction to go. Because you know, there might be some more confusion in their minds what advice to give for those sincere I say to your viewers, whether they local people, or the national viewers of people around the world, that you need to once in your life, take a time to read the code and the code that is available as it goes to the public library or go to Google, go Google and download it and take a look at it go to challenge your soul or

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wherever you can read the code. And for a minute or for an hour or for a day, you find that your life will not be the same also look into the life of the most profound human being in the world. In the annals of history. The Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon them. I think again, when you compare him with any human being in history, you'll find that his personification is like the moon in the middle of the night. That's what I would recommend. Thank you very much for being with us. Thank you started with peace we end with ease. The Creator God Almighty, never we say a lot of awards you. Thank you so much. Thank you.

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And thank you for tuning in to another episode of the deen show. We hope that you got to benefit we got to clear many of the mistruths that were out there continue to join us every week here on the deen show for another exciting show until then, peace be unto you in every individual that comes a day when they need to take a second just to contemplate about

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man not wanting

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to just

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breathe decreasing god please give me the reason why

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you bought

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the true football team get so depressed that stress no control of my soul like a hole in my chest can't sleep at night. So what drop into the open watch the thoughts while I listen to the ocean.

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