The Muslim Family #49 – Keeping Ties With Your Relatives

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What are kulu filco and Elijah E

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to four who will carry mouza Lu? Wha colocar La la la de la Lu. Well Mustafa al de

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leeuw Alhamdulillah Hello Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala delay what a solar Nabina Muhammad wa ala your savvy edge marine Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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Today we're going to start a new segment and this is the last section of the course. And the topic is the topic of Scylla to Rahim, keeping ties with family members. And after we've now talked about, we started with marriage, and then children, and then parents. So as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said from a dinner kit, I didn't check, then the closest one and then the next closest one. So the natural way to branch out now is to look at the wider family members, and to look at the topic of syllable rhyme. If you do have questions, you're more than welcome to Ask them related to the material that we've done in the Muslim family course by emailing [email protected]. And make

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sure you put them Muslim family in the subject, line inshallah. And we will make at least one episode at the end inshallah, to cover the questions that people had about the course be in the Lion King. So the topic for today is Scylla Torah, him keeping ties with family members, and this word is made up obviously, this is two words this phrase Scylla and Ryan. So how do we what is the meaning of each of those of each of those words? So, first of all, Brian lova 10 linguistically, it refers, of course to the womb, the word Ryan, it refers to the womb. However it is then used the word is then use after that, for any one that you have a tie to through your mother or father.

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Anyone that you have a tie like a blood tie to blood relations, that's what the word or Rahim is used for. And

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we've heard that a lies which are right in the beginning of the of the of the course, we spoke about how Allah subhanaw taala made Benny Adam nessa, Ben will say Allah made for them a nessip, and a sale he made for them ties through blood and ties through ties marriage. So what we're talking about now are the ties through blood. And that is why it's used for all taraba the people who are close to you from your relatives, who are related to through blood ties through your mother or through your father. And as for a Silla

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sweater, it means to connect the word itself it means to connect from lasala you're suitable it means to connect and hear the scholars they say that they give it by example, they give for example, the example of a car with tawassul and the example of in farkle mal spending on them to give the example of visiting them they give the example of communicating staying in touch with them.

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So how do we define exactly what is meant by the Scylla? to keeping ties? How do we we've got some examples some of them say that it means to visit them some of them say means to be in touch with them, some of them say that it means to offer them money when they need it. So how do we actually define it? So here we can define it by Majira be here a lot of

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what the earth they have defines a narrow set

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what people understand to be Sylar, that is

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one major IV healer of Edna who Katya for Katya. And whatever the understanding or the order of the people is that it's cutting off family ties, and it's cutting, because here we don't have a clear definition for what is meant by a sinner by keeping the ties. So here it goes back to an earth

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and goes back to the matter of what people understand what is commonly understood. So for some in some societies, it might be commonly understood, for example, that certain relatives, you, you need to visit them. Let's say for example,

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On eat, and that is considered Scylla. And if you don't visit them, it's considered coffee is considered cutting off from them. In other places a phone call would suffice the fact that you phone someone or you, you know, you have them on an instant messaging you message them from time to time, there's no strict definition. But it is my job to be here or what the earth

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specifies a what people matter out of it in us what the people come together. And and it's commonly understood that this is what it means to keep ties. That's what it means to keep ties. And what's commonly understood that this is cutting off, then that's what it means to that's what it means to cut off. And that's why some of the scholars they said it is every action that you do towards your relatives, that is considered a means of keeping ties and and not pushing them away and cutting off from them. Sometimes this is by offering them wealth, sometimes it is by taking care of their needs. Sometimes it is by serving them, sometimes it's by visiting them. And sometimes it is by

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communicating with them. So here we have a comprehensive discussion, every action that you do towards your relatives, that is considered is is among the things that people consider to be keeping ties, that doesn't cause them to be pushed away from you, and doesn't cause them to be cut off from you. Sometimes this is worth its money. Sometimes it means that when you know that one of them is in need or has a debt that you try with whatever you have, and certainly you have enough to pay it off. But whatever you have to help them out financially, sometimes they you know, they have a need for something, you know that relatively they need something and you go and you try to help them with

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that need, it could be any kind of need, it could be that they need to do something or achieve something, or they have an a problem somewhere and you go to try and help it try and solve it for them. It could be by serving them I when they come to visit you by you putting out food for them, and giving it to them and serving it to them. And it could be by visiting them and it could be by calling them or messaging them. And that's why even in this time,

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the understanding of service or RAM could be affected by things like technology. Because before, it might be the case that perhaps a person would write a letter. Now you could communicate with with even distant relatives instantly with great ease. So I would encourage people very strongly. So Paula, we talk about the dangers of social media, and we talk about the dangers of the internet. But there are some amazing above a higher means to good in the internet and social media. Use it to keep in touch with your relatives use it facilita Rahim for keeping in touch with people, they would say this person is a really good relative because we see them keeping in touch with us on social media.

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And you know, they ask about us and so on. Perhaps they call us or video conference or whatever it might be. Ultimately Islam didn't put a specific definition for it to make it general for the things which people in your society in your culture, consider to be skeletal right, considered to be keeping ties. Of course, that doesn't enter into the harem letter at Lima looking female serial Holic, there is no obedience to creation disobedience to the Creator. And likewise, as we said, blah, blah, blah, there should be no harm caused, which is a harm a shadow harm should not be caused to the person facilitate

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such that he becomes poor gives all his money away, and then suffers because of it. But what people in the culture in the society typically considered to be similar to Rahim, that's what you have to do. So So terrarium differs from culture to culture, in some cultures, there may be a very strong demand or very strong emphasis, and that the expectations of the relatives are very high. And in other cultures, the expectations of the relatives may be very small, you know, maybe very small. It could be anything to to things like visiting or going to a wedding, when there is a wedding in the family. That could be a kind of celestial realm. Again, we can't go into the heart on and we can't

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go into that which brings about extreme harm upon someone like he has to travel to the other side of the world and he doesn't have enough money to be able to do that. But

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the if it's within the ability, and it's not falling into the Haram, for example, going to the weddings, many cultures consider this to be a possibility that if you go if you don't go it's considered that you are cutting off, it's up it's a copier, it's an act of cutting off MacArthur is considered that your your your question?

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off from them. And it may be down to the way that they are trapped in the home. It may be down to how much you visit them call them. So I handed in that that the topic is one where there is flexibility. However it is it's important that the relative doesn't feel like they're being caught often know that within the limits of the Highlander and we don't want to fall into the hierarchy and we can't be creation and disobedience to the Creator. But we generally speaking within the limits of what allies made halaal we don't want our relatives to feel like we don't keep ties with them. And no doubt the relatives are of different levels in the sight of Allah azza wa jal and that's why

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Allah subhanaw taala told us what all are hammy bow to whom Allah be balding fakie tabula.

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In Allah hubby Cooley Shea in any

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allies, which has said at the end of solitude and fact that the old our hand the relatives are of different types bow to whom Allah be bout, some of them are more deserving than others in the book of Allah, in Allah have equally shaken it. So no doubt, for example, the parents they have a place of precedence, as does all of those who have the title, a wallet on wallet like a jet agenda, the grandfather and the grandmother, and the brothers and sisters. They're not all not everyone is the same. Your brother and sister is not the same kind of sealer, as you're going to have for your relative who is your second cousin twice removed. No doubt the two of them are not going to be the

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same. We're all our homi Bhabha, whom Allah be better than Vicki Tabitha, the relative some of them have a higher status than others. There have many different levels of each according to the neediness at each according to the society and the expectations and so on. So even your distant relatives, it might be something as simple as

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being in touch with them over social media, sending them an occasional message, maybe a group message where you message out to all your relatives, swapping everyone as well asking about them. It's a small thing you do and with the people who are closer to you, it may be that the expectations are greater. For example, siblings, brothers and sisters, the expectations may be greater and higher. Because all our ham davon Ola people, some of them are more important and more deserving than than others.

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As for the obligation of Scylla, to Rahim, in the Quran and the Sunnah, the obligation of keeping ties with your relatives, Allah azza wa jal, he told us in salt All right, well, levena sirona Mr. Allah will be here you also we are showing our homeboy a half one so Allah he's up.

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Eliza gentle, he told us those people who they keep ties with what Allah has commanded them to keep ties with. And here the scholars of Tennessee they said men are Rahimi well kharab from their family members, that and they're the people that are close relatives. They keep ties with what allies commanded to keep ties with and they have Hachette of allies, which are they fear Allah based upon knowledge, and they are fearful of a bad account. Until allies we just said oola akella home or COVID de They are the ones who will have the final abode of Paradise because they keep ties with their relatives and that's what allies which I mentioned about them. And Allah subhanaw taala. He

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also mentioned later on in Salta, right? We're living in a town called La him in badme. therapy. Tyrone amatola will be here your sir? Well you've seen when I fill out all ecola home Allah Allah to Allah home Zoo allows us those people who break their oath to Allah after they had established them. And they cut off the ties that Allah commanded them to keep ties with from the relatives, and they create great corruption on the earth. They are the people who will be cursed, and they will have the worst of aborts the fire of Johanna Maria villa. And Jubail even more time, radi Allahu and narrated from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to he said, Leia tahirul janetta car there that the one

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who cuts the ties of his relatives will not enter Paradise will not enter Paradise. And then Murrieta, one of the readers from the Heidi if he said that Carla, Sophia and Sophia and he said Rahim Allah to Allah yarny call tr Rahim. He means the one who cuts ties with the family members lie the whole agenda, they will not go to gender. Now what does it mean they will not go to gender,

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identity or gender or is that they will not be prohibited from gender

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evidence about forever and ever.

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If they came with it tawheed they were people of tawheed and they fulfilled the minimum conditions to remain within Islam. They will not be prohibited from gender forever. However they will be prohibited liat whole genetic author do hulan A Walia. There'll be prohibited from entering gender with the people with the people antigen. And instead they will be punished to the extent that they cut off from their relatives. And no doubt in the law. They all feel like it'd be way off. I do know that academia sha Allah doesn't forgive you make a partner with him but less than that he forgives for whoever he wills

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and can so Pamela This is worried should eat it's a severe threat of punishment. liat whole agenda today that the one who cuts ties with his relatives will not enter will not enter gender. And allies which I said for what I say to Intel were later and to see to fill out do to cocktail or Hanukkah, or that he can live in Allahumma la with a somewhat of a Cylon. So Mohammed between is number 22 and 23. So what do you think will happen if you turn away you will corrupt the earth and you will cut off the ties of your relatives. They are the people who Allah has cursed and he has made them death and he has blinded their eyes. We have a hadith which explains this ayah from the hadith of Abu

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hurayrah the Allahu anhu Allah, I know Carlos Carlos autolyse all of it was in Allahu Allah called Hulk Hata Ada Fela Minh home calmative Rahim for Carlat. Allah created creation. And when he completed the creation, the rhyme the womb, I stood and said hi there mahkamah ed Miller cochlea.

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In this place, I stand to seek refuge from the ties of the womb being cut allies or gel Carlin and Mr. Tuttle, Dana and arcilla man was so lucky. Well, Ty Mankato Araki call it Bella

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Eliza jelly said yes. Would you not be happy that I will keep ties with the one that keeps ties with you? And I will cut off the one who cuts off ties with you. And the Raheem the ties of the wombs of the womb said Bella, indeed, Carla for that kalecki Eliza said this is what you will this is given to you. Some makalah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ikura in shape to them for help I say to him in a later and top seed will fill out the water to our hammock on the profits. I said then read if you wish to say to interview later on the idea that we spoke about that would you be

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what do you think would happen if you turn away that you will corrupt in the earth and cut off your family ties, so panela allies which will give the ties of the relative such a position that allies which are promised to keep the ties with the one who keeps ties with them? And to cut off from the one who cuts off ties with them? and Abby hooray are underrated from the Messenger of Allah sallallahu and he was sent him that he said, Man, can you help me Nabila? Who will you only ask you for your cream wafer? Or men can a mean or Binda who will do me really fairly acid rahima

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or men can a mineral be lay will your meal earlier fairly alcohol high urine earliest would be higher underrated from the Messenger of Allah I said that he said whoever believes in a line the last day, let him be good to his guests. And whoever believes in a line the last day let him keep ties with his relatives. And whoever believes in a line the last day Let him see good or let him say something good or remain silent. So Pamela, the Prophet says in link this to a man being able to mean that the man in a line the last day, you can't complete a man, a large IP, the obligatory man until you keep ties with the until you keep ties with your relatives.

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And ancestral the Aloha generated the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Man I have a new setup. Lahore fury SP y Yoon se Lahu Fie, Ethel E. folio ceramah whoever would wish for their provision to be expansive to be open out for them. Lots of provision, lots of wealth, and whoever would wish for their age, to be lengthened for their lifespan to be lengthened, Felisa rahima let them keep their family ties and the Heidi theism tougher. canalis narrated by Al Bukhari and Muslim because we said with regard to the parents this even includes the disbeliever among the relatives, America

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assalamo Allahu anhu narrates Samir toward us all ally Salalah while he was Silla mia kulu Jihad en I heard the Messenger of Allah say some say openly, Lila separate without he wasn't concealing it. He said in

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Abby phoolan les soup eolia he enamelware Lee Allahu asylee who meaning while I can now homeboy Haman Sabu happy Bella Leah

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I might have been an officer of the Allahu and human race, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, he said, I heard the Messenger of Allah Sai Some say openly, not secretly, that the family of saw and saw are not my only idea not that don't let them think that I am to the family of saw and saw. They have that connection to me, rather my way to one that is Allah azzawajal on the side to help the believer the righteous believers, however, they are my relatives, so I will keep the ties with them. The shows that that the Prophet sighs and kept the ties with the relatives even though those relatives were not believers. Even though ally social was his word he and the

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believers, the righteous believers they were his companions rhodiola went home. But at the end of the day, he still kept the ties with the disbelieving relatives. And that's why he said well I can let him run him but they have the ties of family over me setup Ooh, happy Bella. I will fulfill those ties that they have with me and I will keep those ties that they have with me because they have the ties of relatives over me even though they are not from among the Muslims. In the next episode, inshallah Tada, you know, go on to talk about keeping ties with the one that doesn't keep ties with you. And dealing with difficult relatives. And whether we can take advice and guidance

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from the book of Allah and the Sunnah of the prophets, I send them to help us to deal with these kinds of situations. That's what Allah made easy for me to mention our lanos best wa Salatu was Salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa, Salaam Alaikum. If you're enjoying these videos, and you'd like to keep up to date with all of the courses we're going to be running, make sure you head over to a m au