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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi now continues from where he left off , that is, the backstabbing act of the flipping of the alliance of Banu Quraydha.

When the Prophet ﷺ had confirmed information that the shift was indeed true, he split his contingency of the army and sent one part to guard the fortress having the women and the children and the other part guarding the entry and exit of the trench.

When the Quraysh reached their destination, they were completely baffled by the trench realising their inability to charge and so they just sat it out and waited since there was no dearth of supplies whatsoever.

As an aftermath of this battle,the death of Sa’d ibn Mu’adh RA was the most grievous and upsetting. He is the chieftain of the Aws and was the earliest converts to Islam under Musab ibn Umair. Sa’ad was the one for whom the angels prayed his janazah and took his body up and for whom it is narrated in Bukhari that the throne of Allah shook at the death of Sa’ad.

A major development that turned the tide for the Muslim army was the advent Nuaym ibn Masud Al-Ghatafani from the tribe of Gatafaan. He was the one whom Allah chose to undo the opposition army completely.

On the instructions of Prophet ﷺ, he commences his plan by going to the Banu Quraydha and then the Quraysh and plants the seeds of doubt among them. How does he do that? What does he say that make the tribes believe him easily? What is the outcome of this ? Listen intently and be mesmerised at how this incident sets the base for the destruction of the Ahzab army.


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The transcript discusses various topics including the history of clothing, the use of garments, and the controversial hipster. It also touches on the profit system for clothing and the controversy surrounding hipster and missing wedding ceremony. The episode ends with a mention of the hipster and missing wedding ceremony. A disturbing incident during the American revolution caused genuine overs Tower and false belief, leading to the lack of praying for the storm and the importance of praying properly. The importance of trust in relationships and protecting against double-stattage attacks is emphasized.

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Smith Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Marina Marburg. We are still obviously on the incident of the hand of the incident of the trench or the desert. And we had just finished last week talking about the beginnings of the story of the treachery that the Muslims learned for the first time that de yahood had switched gears and the details of this conversation are recorded, but in his house without any chain, and in his house says that he had been locked up who is of course the father of Sofia, the wife of the processor, who gave in October he made his way back into Medina. And as we had said, you

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cannot protect the entire city and he knows the city because he has been there numerous times and news reached the bundle Kaurava that create is coming. So as soon as the bundle coryza heard they became worried because this smells like treachery. Why would he be coming to the bundle calleva Something is wrong. So the chieftain of the bundle Korea His name is gab His name is Gavin mardik Not to be confused with Gavin Ashraf, who has already been mentioned and it was the one that was assassinated This is God they've been medic.

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Well, what

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the one that was assassinated, sorry, my bad he is

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the one that was assassinated his cabin. I should have Yes, my bad my mistake I should have and the the burner arriva when they heard that hurry is coming. They shut the door. And he came and he stood outside the door. And he's knocking on the door. And he's saying oh cab let me in. And gab said no, you must be bringing us evil omens, bad omens, ie or bad luck. We don't want to have anything to do with you. Your presence here is bad luck, if they hear that you're here is automatically going to cause problems. And gab said that I have a treaty with Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And I cannot break my promise for I have only seen from him truthfulness and fulfillment. I cannot break

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my promise with him. He's been good to me. I don't want to break my promise. He kept on knocking on the door. He kept on begging him lets me in Just listen to me. Until finally he used a different tactic. And he said to him, the only reason you're not opening the door is because you are greedy to even share your food with me. You don't even want to feed me. How selfish Can you be that I'm outside? I'm alone here and you don't even want to feed me. You must be so stingy that even your food you don't want to share it. So he used an emotional blackmail. Right now obviously there were friends when the days of joy Hillier, he is the chieftain of one tribe is the chieftain of the other

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tribe. And now he is of course he knows that he is alone in Medina. And so he says to him, at least give me some basically he said give me some food at least how can you just let me be out here for so long. And so this softened the heart of gab. He opened up the door as soon as the door open Halas begins the barrage of emotional blackmail again, and insistence and he says to him, I have brought you oceans of men. by heart I brought you oceans of men. And I have brought you the chieftain Sadat, koresh and the Sadat of auto fan, and the chieftains of this tribe and that tribe and they are here, the highly him What is your name, they are here with their armies and with their servants, everybody

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is here. And they have promised me that they're not going to leave until they have wiped out Mohammed Salah Salem and his companions. Right? And he begins using this tactic now can you imagine that he knows exactly what points to press. He knows that deep down inside. God wants to side with his own people. But he's scared of treachery. He's scared of defeat. And so he assures him How can we possibly lose? We have this tribe we have that tribe, we have this many hate, we have that many evil. We have the entire army. And he keeps on the event as Hawk says he kept on persuading him. throughout the night he keeps on going and going. He's relentless. Until finally he says, and I

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shall be with you if they leave, and I will face your own fate. And that sealed his own fate as we shall study, as we shall see. He sealed his own fate for himself, that he is basically so confident and this means that he really did believe that there is no way that this plan can possibly fail because he basically gave himself

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Up to them. And he goes that I can be a hostage for you guys, but you didn't use the word hostage? Did you get the point here that I will pledge my own safety with your safety so that if anything happens to you, then I too, will face the same consequence. And that's exactly what happened. He faced the exact same consequence. This was his own verdict. Allah delivered it to him it was his own verdict went back on him but we're getting a jumping the gun that will be next Wednesday, inshallah with the other The, the what happened to bundle coryza. And gab was still hesitant. And he said to him, that you are not good news you are and then he used a metaphorical or beautiful expression in

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Arabic, which basically translates as you are a cloud that when you look at it, it looks like good water. But when it comes all it gives us is thunder and thunder and lightning, right? It gives us no rain, like you're making these big fat promises. But the end result is not going to be good. So deep down inside his instinct is warning him right? There's the six cents here. This is not right, this is not right. But he kept on pressing and pressing and pressing until finally, he convinced him with whatever he did the details we don't know. But he convinced him with whatever promises, whatever money, whatever extra fortresses, whatever was given. We don't know the details, all that we know

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eventually, by the morning time a loss

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has convinced gab to flip sites, right. And so God physically tears up the treaty, there was a physical covenant, right. And we have said that this covenant, at least three times our process them had confirmed it at least three times, the latest of them, barely a few months had gone by the latest of them. And this is why we need to understand the punishment that's going to come. People look at it divorced from what happened before. They look at the punishment without looking at the context. They look at the punishment without looking at how many times they had been given a chance right and even kept deep down inside knows this is trouble. Even God he says the process number he

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doesn't use the word the process as Mohammed has promised us and he has always fulfilled his promise. And he has been solid. It has been Wolfie he is fulfilling his side of the bargain. But he needs to be persuaded until finally, when he basically said I shall throw in my lunch with you. That's how confident I am. So then this was really the thing that made him feel you know, what if he is that confident that he's willing to basically come with us and be on our side physically be on our side? so confident as he then he must be in the right. And frankly, from his perspective? How could they possibly feel 10,000 strong? They just have to wait it out. There's just no question

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eventually, from their perspective is going to break. And so

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eventually, as we said cap did flip. And somehow I looked up as many books as I could I don't know how the story is debatable, but I want discovered this when the process of them sent him. How did he discover this? We don't know. All the word. We know when Zubaydah came back. He was the first one that the process that I'm sent, because there was a premonition, most likely, most likely. So Bay was basically spying on the outside, and he saw a calm This is the only thing I can think of because obviously Uber is not inside the fortress, obviously. So what could he have seen other than maybe with a small entourage because he's definitely not going to come alone, basically sneaking his way

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making his way to the door. This is a theory. I don't know. There's not mentioned in the books how it is you better find out. So zubaid comes and he gives the first news that something is wrong, that the the the journal karela have flipped. But this is not sure because debate is not an eyewitness. He's not hearing, right. He's looking from the distance. He's not hearing what the conversation. So this was one as we said, the profitsystem he praised the way and he said every Navy has a Hawaii and you on my Hawaii, you are my disciple, you are my Hawaii, but then he had to confirm. So what did he do? He sent the delegation of the senior most unsought. The people who in the days of yesterday they

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had the best relationship with the middle Kaurava right. So he chooses the right ambassadors he chooses sadly been wife and sadly many more hours is the leader of the house. He chooses side they've been robota sized David herba is leader of the husband's they're two leaders were called side they're called the side and the two sides right side even more odd is the House side. Ivanova is the husband's side the meanwhile he's gonna die in the handle, we know Saudi Arabia robota he was the one who had the garden, that at the death of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, the Sahaba had met over the Met over at that garden, to discuss who would take over and sadly even Obama, he

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had, he felt that he also deserved to be the halifa because he was the senior most of the unsought but sadly meanwhile had died by that time or else he would have been the senior most beside him nobody felt that perhaps I should be and therefore between him and Abu Bakar there was a little bit of a small bit of attention in the time of the philosopher but anyway that's besides the point here, this decided to be known by the side even without

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The leader of the Raj and Abdullah bin raha, and also, what have been debate, these four of the Sahaba, senior of the Sahaba, they went as a delegation to confirm, or the burner Korea with us or not. And the Prophet has said to them, go and confirm this news that has reached us.

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And if it is true, then indicated to me indirectly,

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Al Hamdulillah, Hannah, indicated to me ishara, don't say it explicitly. Why? Because the process of him he's in the public, he's not in his house, he's in the public, he's on the front lines, he doesn't have a private audience. Our processor was not like the Emperor's or kings that he is all alone. And you need an entourage and secretaries to get in. He's with the people. And anything that is said to him can be heard by the other people. So he says to them, when you come back, don't be explicit, if they have become traders, indicate to me why he explicitly says do not spread fear amongst the people to weaken them. Right, this will weaken them don't need to tell them this. But if

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they are still on their Treaty, then shouted out loud, make aerelon tell the people that they're still on the treaty, so that they feel at ease and add content. So they went forth, they went to the bundle Corolla, and it has half says, they found them to be the most vulgar that they had ever seen. The most vile, the most foul mouth that they had ever seen. The worst attitude ever that they had with the people of yesterday also harbored the unsought, they had never had such an attitude with them. And they mocked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and they said, Who is this Rasulullah that you say stuff for the law? Right? And they say, we don't know any Mohammed. And we don't have

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any treaty with him. blatant, you know, arrogance. And they know I mean, everybody knows they're lying. Obviously, this is the pinnacle of arrogance. And these two cannot be forgotten. When did they show this attitude? and at what time did they show this attitude? To say that mandatory Mohammed Who is this Mohammed, you guys are talking about what cable to flip over like this right? And they're now denying we have no treaty, and they had physically torn it up. So we have no treaty with this person that you call Mohammed and side even more as he was known to have a temper. And so even his even his health says, He flared up and began shut him and sub like they had never heard

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before. Right. Yani cursing them in a very vile manner. And they responded back in kind, they did the exact same thing back to him. And sad, even Obama, who had a more of a calm nature, he held on to side they've been wise. And he said, My dear brother, the matter between us and them is more than just cursing. It's not going to help us now to Chris, right. You can curse as much as you want. The matter has reached something beyond cursing us. And there is no point you know, let's just calm down and leave them alone for what is now between us it is much more than mere land and shut them. It's not going to help us now. And so they return back to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they

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said salam o Alaikum. And then they said, How do our work or how de la Cora, that was their indication? These are the names of the two tribes that did better my own a bit of my own and Regia, the two tribes that had come to them pretended to be Muslim, God, all of the people, then they massacred them. Right? So they simply came back and they gave the names of the two tribes. That's it. This was the indirect shadow What? treachery.

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traitors, right. This was the indirect shadow that they use to convey to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that these people are traitors. They're just like Albert and Cora. And when the Prophet heard this, he said, Allahu Akbar. Good news, glad tidings. Good news. This is good news that they have flipped around. Because he realized his sister or his opinion, Allah subhanaw taala was so firm, he realized them flipping over, meant their land, their property, their aneema, will eventually come to the Muslims, right? He realized, and he was the only person who Cisco was so strong in Allah, he actually took this as good news, that now that they're flipping over helaas now and of course, that

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was the last tribe that was not upon Islam, as you know, in all of Medina at the time. And so by them flipping over Hamas Medina will become a land completely of Muslims, and this is what the prophet sallallahu Sallam wanted. And of course, eventually the news did spread that they had flipped over. Eventually, Muslims found out that the bundle Corolla had broken the treaty, and this was the worst time for the believers this night when they found

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Doubt was the worst night of the entire 25 days because the uncertainty the fear and this is what Allah subhana wa tada says in the Quran

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verses 10 to 11 is a joke woman folkloric woman as for the men come was allotted Uppsala 200 euro watch Nuna Bella Ivana, you began thinking every thought about Allah subhanho wa Taala even though Sahaba their minds are going Helter Skelter, right, who Nautica to leave me known. This was where the believers were truly tested was Rosie loses Alisha, Dida, and they were shaken a firm shaking, they were really shaken to the core. And the munafo made it much worse than when African made it worse worse to the exam tells us this and it is explained in Ebony Sharma and others that they wanted to ask permission from the Prophet so they sell them to go back home to protect their family

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with the excuse that our children are without any help or women or without any help. But the real excuse was they were too cowards to meet the people in battle. They didn't want to meet them. And they were giving asking permission to leave. All of them went home wanted to leave. And one of them said out loud in the gathering one of them said out loud, here was Mohammed so instead of munafo never call them the pseudo law. That was one of the signs. Allah says in the Quran that he

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could write about the Kumbaya don't call the Prophet system like you call one another. Right? This is not the way Muslims call er Mohammed or something we don't say like this, right? Yeah. rasulillah and the munaf own would call him by his name. Right, then we're not the own would not have that Adam. So one of them said here was Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam promising us the treasures of kisara and Peiser

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Caesar and the Roman under the Persian Emperor kisser Ah, and now one of us is too scared, and he used a vulgar word, which means to go and defecate, we can't even go to the bathroom and do that right. Now, we can't even do this. Now what again, you know, to spread such fear. And to be so crude to our profits are seldom, clearly once again,

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exposed and separated between the believers and the munafo. Now, here, before we move on, we find one of the biggest benefits here. And I've said this many, many times that Islam does not want to spread even the news of evil. Islam does not sensationalize even the truth. If something really happened, that's bad. Don't go and tell people about it. Forget, we're not even talking slander. We're not even talking exaggeration. We're talking about the truth. Here, the bonacasa have flipped. And the process of them says keep it low. You don't have to go tell everybody. Right. And this is in complete contrast to the hyper inflated media that we live in where every grisly detail, every

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gruesome matter needs to be analyzed and exposed and shown and every scandal and every juicy, salacious rumor. This is not a dub, and it harms society. Why do you need to know the details of this rape or this murder? Or this even if it's true, even if it's true? Because what happens is, it desensitizes societies heart, even society has a pub, even society has higher, right? And okay, things happen sometimes even in an Islamic Society. That's perfectly ideal. Yeah, and I don't want to be too much. But we'll let you guys should understand in the time of the profitsystem we know there were prostitutes in Medina. So hey, Bahati tells us this, in the time of the process of a rape

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happened to what we say a Muslim tells us this right? This is the reality of the world we live in. That's the reality you're not going to change. This is an ideal utopian Medina, but you don't go and tell people grisly things. You don't go in and advertise you just keep it low. Now when you know of these things, and society, you know is aware of it. What happens? People get desensitized to nudity, they get desensitized to crime, to murder to and therefore, as we see ourselves, crime gets even more gruesome. It gets more grisly, a murder is not even newsworthy anymore, right? It's not even something that the ideal situation is that you don't even hear of a crime until you capture the

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perpetrator and punish him. Then in Islamic societies it is announced that a rape occurred. This is the rapist, this is his death. Now you get the moral of the story. Right? This is the ideal and this is something we learn over and over again. Even in the Quran. Allah subhanaw taala says Why did you have to spread it about the Escobar Asia and in the Quran also, that why didn't you take you to Odin Emily men who take it to the leaders and not just spread it. And also inside Buhari, we learned that when an issue happened the time of Bob he wanted to speak publicly.

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Some of the senior Sahaba said to him, don't speak here in this gathering, there's good and there's bad. Let's wait till we go back to Medina, they were at a gathering let's they want an expedition. Let's get back. And then when you're in safety, then go and spread this news. The point being, again, this clearly demonstrates the difference of an ideal Islamic Society versus the type of society we live in, that we don't talk about scandals or, or affairs or anything, just keep it hidden. And the fitara remains pure at that. We also learned over here that the amazing yaqeen of the Profit System to take the worst possible news and yet read into it something positive. And only

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he could do that. So listen, who else has that a man? That the worst news that now we're gonna be? There's at least 2000 people at least 2000 people of the tribe, I'm saying amongst the men, they were eight 900 as we'll study, so around 2500 of the tribe of the bundle calleva and they have a fortress which they can come in and out of, and they're inside the city, how can you protect against them? How can you protect in our families are here and our children are there and yet our profit system had so much trust in Allah. He said, Allahu Akbar. Erbitux, good news, glad tidings meaning of hamdulillah the final straw in the city of Medina is now been collapsed. Who could have had that

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he again, anybody who doesn't have that connection with the law, what's going to happen? And this is a sign of his new bullets, although send them that at this time, he read in something positive and he's telling them good news that just like what happened to her baby, as we'll see as well that enough to her like a fat ham movie now that whatever Allah Subhana Allah decrees put your trust in it, there must be some good in it. And of course, we also see and we're continuing to see the reality of them when I feel

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that here is this munafo mocking the profitsystem and saying he promised us kisara and Pacer. Now, we can't even go do this. Right? We can't even go to the bathroom. Right? And what, what? narrow mindedness and how impatient that barely 667 years after this munafo uttered these words that Muslims were eating from the plates of glycerin, not even a lifetime. Not even a generation. This is like, you know, not even a decade we'll like think about it right? When was called the CEA? Right? When was all your move? When did this happen? In the end of Abu Bakar, the beginning of Roma, right, less than seven years, and they are eating from the plates of kisara and Pacer, exactly as the

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process and promised, we're lucky enough uncommon to start June as the process of them said, but you people are too hasty, you just don't trust that is going to happen. Now, in any case. So when the news spread,

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the army was already pretty thinly divided. And remember, we had already mentioned that, to demonstrate a show of force, they were marching throughout the trench all night long with torches and crying out at the top of the voices Allahu Akbar. So that in case anybody comes, the impression is given that the army is larger than it is, and there's a constant patrol. But now they had to split the patrol into two. As it was, they've thinned out because it's a large trench, and you have to go back and forth, make sure now they have to send themselves out and send a small contingent to monitor the fortress of the women and children. Right. And this was the tension that the bundle

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Cordova caused. And so they sent Zaman Hadassah and Solomon and Islam with a condensed contingent of fighters to go and protect the fortress that the Muslim women and the Muslim children were and to make sure that the bundle Kaurava know that they are being monitored.

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Now, when the crash came, as we said, and again, this is from last week, they did not know what to do. When they saw the trench, they realized that they cannot charge and mass. And so they decided to set up camp and waited out how long is this going to wait, we have 10,000. We have supplies, we can get more supplies, you're trapped in here. So obviously, it's a waiting game, and we will win. Now a number of small incidents occurred. So we're going to talk about some of those incidents, the main incidents that occurred, minor skirmishes occurred. And the Battle of hundreds is interesting in that, and there's much wisdom here. It was the largest gathering of non Muslims against the prophecy

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sell them. And yet, it was the smallest number of casualties is an amazing or one of the smallest number of casualties, one of the top smallest numbers and perhaps you can say one or two other skirmishes were smaller than this, but amongst the major battles, that is really the smallest amongst the scale of the battle. The casualties are negligible. And this is an amazing, amazing miracle really. And of course, this is because a lot of

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directly on their behalf. When they had such trust in a law, their casualties weren't even below but didn't. So amazing. Think about it right? Even though the number of people what is budgeted 1000 compared to 10,000, right what is over 3000 compared to 10,000 and yet the casualties were you can count them on the fingers of one hand or perhaps six or something any there's a bit of a laugh as usual, but literally just a handful. And some of them were, by most of them were by bows and arrows which is really any that's the not to direct battle you just come in, it just kills you as we're going to talk about what's hard, they've been wild. So the point being, it is amazing that despite

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being the largest army, yet in terms of casualties, it is the smallest and this is what law he will lie This is an ayah from Allah subhana wa tada it is a sign from Allah subhana wa tada for us to reflect upon that we're in turn sudo la Yun sarcoma with a bit academic, combative, Allah helps you then call us you're not going to be defeated. In any case, some of the small things that happened of the of the minor skirmishes that happened is that on one of the places of the trench, a small group managed to break across when there was nobody on the other side, they managed to fling their courses across, and it was five of them. And the leader of them was Ahmed Ibn Abdul would even have to do

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wood wood is one of the idols so I'll do wood and American Abdo wood, he was of the elders of Quraysh, who was known for his ferocity. And he had inflicted many wounds and even killed one or two in the Battle of budget. And he was known for his ferocity and in the Battle of his app, he had put on the, the the red turban, and that was the turban of death. That was the sign. It was like meant to inflict fear. This was a sign for both sides. By the way, it's like something that was known is called the the the sign of death basically, that you're boasting that come and fight me and I will kill you. And he was strong and muscular man. And when he came across, he managed to jump across he

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a contingent immediately came running up to him. So he said, who will fight me? This movie was a one on one who will fight me. And I thought he said I will. But the profitsystem said to him, yeah, this is our motive now with Hollywood at this time. How old is it at this time, right? He's in his mid 20s. At this time, he's still young, and I'm live NAB the woods is going to be at the prime of his fighting. He has experienced decades of experience, right? And he said to you right now this is unbelievable. Dude, let one of the seniors go and fight him. So when nobody stood up, he said again, who will fight me? Again, as he said, let me go do it. And the processor said, he is gonna have to

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wait for the third time. He said, Who is going to fight me. And so when I once again asked permission, and the President said it is out of the woods. And he said we're in Canada now even if it is I'm live now. Somebody's got to do it. And so the Prophet says, and when he saw that zeal, he allowed it to stand up and, and fight. And so Ahmed said, Who is this? Who is this young man coming? And so he said it? He thought it now Ali was a kid to a hammer. Like he knows Allah knows him since he's a baby. And you know, I'm sure his father, we don't know. But I'm sure his father was a friend to our so he said to yamane my little kid, you know, you go back and send one of your elders. I

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mean, who are you to fight me, I go go and get some man I have nothing against You're just a kid. Now obviously, from his perspective, he's seen it grow up and he's not, you know, there's the the the attitude is there that I you go and get a man, I don't want to fight a little kid. And so.

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And he said to him, he said to him, and I have no desire to kill or harm you. And Ali said, but I have a desire to kill you.

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So when he said this last summer, he became enraged, and he charged forward, and he charged forward to kill it. And he is riding on his horse and it is riding on his horse. And even his health says the dust that the horses raised up completely covered what was going on. And the only news that came to them that I only had one was the takbeer from the middle of the dust, right? That they heard Allahu Akbar from the middle of the dust. This was the news that it had actually won. And according to another report, what happened was that

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was that when they got close,

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I'm ripping up the wood. He actually jumped off his horse to fight him one on one. And when he jumped off his horse, it also jumped off his horse, and he raced towards him, and he tried his hardest to give him a blow to the head and Ollie raised his shield and the shield broke in half. There was that and this is a metal shield.

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It broke in half, but it managed to deflect the sword. And the same instant he raised his shield, the same instance, he plunged it into the neck of armor that requires a skill that I don't think any of us have ever experienced or practice and May Allah protect all of us. But simultaneous, like with one hand, the blow and then because of his entire forces in the blow, so he's not on the defensive. Now, his entire body weight is on the offensive, right? And it split second timing, he uses that to block it, and then with the other hand, plunges direct into the neck. And so one clean blow and Hala sama has gone not even a battle than that. And this is a skill and it of course, was the battle the

00:30:46--> 00:31:00

warrior that we all know about. Another person who crossed over was no further than Abdullah, another of the the people of the harsh, and it was the weight of that one who charged up to him.

00:31:02--> 00:31:25

And zubaid hit him with so much force, that nofas body literally split in half. Because nobody hit him with so much force literally the body split in half. And someone remarked who's obeyed What an amazing sword that you have. And so as obey said, it's not the sword, it's the arm. It's not the sword is the arm, you know, it's like any it's

00:31:26--> 00:31:28

this is allowed here a little bit of you know,

00:31:29--> 00:31:42

sometimes it's allowed, you know, so because it's not it's not disorder is the arm that did this right. And nofas body, lay there for a while in the sun. And after a while the courage cried out that,

00:31:43--> 00:32:26

oh, you know, Muslims, let us basically purchase this body so that we can bury it, we will pay you some money, you can throw the body over to us, and then we will bury it. And the professor said him said, This corpse is nudges and it's semmen is nudges, this corpses filthy, and the price is filthy, we have no need of your money. And we do not buy the price of corpses Come and get it and bury it. Right. And this I have said even from the Battle of button onwards, that the dignity of burial is given to everyone, right? Even those who have tried to kill you in the battlefield. The Prophet system allowed the burial. And he said Come and get it. But we don't have any we don't need any of

00:32:26--> 00:33:05

your money. of the people who crossed over by the way of the few people who crossed over was hard to depletable it harder than that we'd managed to break over and cross over. And we know the genius of Khalid and he was one of the few people who managed to cross over he had a sword fight but nobody died and he basically jumped back over of those who crossed as well. Was it crema even Abuja hell. And he eventually had to flee back without causing any death or any major damage, the total number of pagans or Mr. Kuhn who were killed, probably around three or four, and the total number of Muslims, most of whom with arrows because the chorus had plenty of arrows on the outside and they're

00:33:05--> 00:33:46

showering it inside. We're around six or maybe seven. So again, in the handful both of the sides are in the a handful. And as I said, out of all of the major battles, it is a really aside from Allah subhanho wa Taala how few casualties of the Muslims Even though 10,000 people have been gathered. Of course, the most tragic death is really the death of Saudi have been wise. This is the tragedy of the tragedy of the Battle of conduct. We've just seen his status it been wild right now, when he's been sent as the delegation, right. He is the chieftain of the house. And as it was, we said, the house had more prestige anyway, in the days of Jedi obviously in Islam, they're all the same. In the

00:33:46--> 00:34:06

days of Jamelia, dios is considered the slightly superior and the days of JD at the house were also richer. The house had the marketplace and the O 's were more land owners and businessmen they had the more money and the husbands were more into the labor. And so as it is that in the days of God aside, they've been more I've already had been their chieftain, and

00:34:08--> 00:34:46

missionaries, our missionaries that when we were in the fortress, the hisun I was sitting with the mother of sad Oh, my sad and sad came to bid her Farewell, meaning he is going to go to the front line now. So he's not going to see her until the end. So he's gone to the very last time that he doesn't know it is literally the last time but he's gone to bid her farewell for the battle time duration of the battle. He's going to bid her farewell and he's dressed in his armor. And he says that at the time hijab had not been revealed the verses of hijab had not come down. As I have said, the verses of hijab came down at the end of the 15th of the hedgerow, right so they're going to come

00:34:46--> 00:34:59

down another two three months from now. And as well as I have said, the verses of hijab were over the last commandments revealed after all the verses are most of the verses of the rebar that after the verses of inheritance after the verses of marriage and divorce

00:35:00--> 00:35:34

One of the very final commandments to come down is the verses of hijab. And that shows us again, any we start with the bigger things, then we get to the issues of hijab. In our society, it's really the flip opposite where you start with the hijab, and then work your way to the slaughter. Whereas you're supposed to start with the Salah, and then concentrate on the spirituality work your way up there. In any case, Ayesha is saying, she's explaining How come she's sitting inside can see her because there's no hijab at this time. So sad comes and he speaks to his mother bid her Farewell, his mother says, Oh, my son, hurry up, don't waste your time with me go to the front. Again, this is

00:35:34--> 00:35:52

this the the man that they have, that there is no dilly dallying here, you know, don't waste your time with me. You're late. Everybody else was already on the front line go. And as he departs our issue says to a massage that how sparse is his armor, I wish he had more armor. And our issue says that he was only wearing

00:35:54--> 00:36:36

a male. Basically, on the chest area, you know, the armor coating that is there. And his arms were all open because he couldn't afford he didn't have the armor for that the hands. And he says he was injured from where I was worried he would be injured. Like when I saw him, that this isn't good enough that and she mentioned to Ole Miss out that I wish she had better armor. And he was injured exactly where I was worried about where he was exposed. And an arrow struck him right in the upper part of his right in the upper part of his hand over here, right where the main artery goes through deep it went inside. And this was the wound that eventually after a few weeks, you cannot cure this

00:36:36--> 00:37:15

wound it bled and bled and bled until he died. You know, after the battle, and we'll talk about we'll talk about this in Sharla, next Wednesday, but it was hubbub, yBnL yBnL. Attica, the chart, Tim, hey, Bobby, either called shot him that he saw that spot opening. And so he shot him from across the trench. And he shouted out to him, take this from me. And I am even in Africa. Like this is my gift to you. And I even know it. And so he's boasting that I caused you this. And sad responded to that respond to that. And he made a

00:37:16--> 00:38:00

change his name, and he said our cola which had coffee now that Allah subhana wa Tada. urraca means to cause to sweat and be in distress, right? Allah subhanho wa Taala will cause your face to be sweating because of this in now. And eventually, of course, we'll talk about this. He died because of this wound. And sadly been wired, I mean, so much just to be said about him sadly been while he was that convert. He was that convert to accepted Islam at the hands of Muslim romaine, one of the earliest converts at the hands of Muslim baby romaine. And it was because of sads conversion that his entire tribe accepted Islam, that one side converted, he told his tribe, that I will not speak

00:38:00--> 00:38:26

to any one of you until you follow this religion, you leave idolatry and you accept it. And they loved him so much that out of love for Him, they embraced Islam. And this shows the status that he had amongst his people that out of a love for him. The entire tribe embraced Islam, the entire sub tribe, meaning not all of the house, but even the house had many sub tribes. His sub tribe, the entire sub tribe, embraced Islam, and

00:38:27--> 00:39:05

sadly been wired as well. What else is narrated about him? Of course, the incident of buttered we all we did incident, that when the Prophet system realized that the Polish don't have a caravan, they have an army. And he had with him. The Mahajan and the unsolved and the unsolved had not taken the oath to fight on offensive fight. They had only taken the oath to fight a defensive fight, remember the Treaty of Aqaba. Right. And so he hasn't extracted this quote from them. And so he says to them, Well, now that we know it's not the aid of porridge, but rather it's the army of porridge, what do you say? And so Obama stood up and said, Do as you please, we will follow you. And then he

00:39:05--> 00:39:41

said, You have speech spoken? Well? What do you say, then almost stood up, and then said it as well. And once again, the person said, You have spoken well, and then another person stood above them, What had you done? And he made even more compliments and the processing said, You have spoken well, then there was silence because the Sahaba didn't understand was going on. It was sad, who understood what's going on. It was sad, who had the intelligence and who had the man and the courage, and he immediately stood up and says that I like a tiny Nyah rasulillah are you perhaps you're referencing us that's what you're waiting? And the silence of the processor indicated? Yes, that was the case.

00:39:41--> 00:39:59

Right? So then he said follow a law he O Messenger of Allah go wherever Allah subhana wa tada has told you to go go forth and go into the the water or go to Barack Obama, which is Barack Obama means go to the moon in like Malacca. Lima is a non existent area. It's like go wherever you want. Emily hasaan vaca la go wherever

00:40:00--> 00:40:40

Allah subhana wa tada has told you to go and you will find us right behind you. We will not tell you like the Bani Israel said to Moosa is have Antara book of Hakata in hoonah or Iran, you and your Lord go fight. We are here and we're gonna sit over here we will say you and your Lord go fight and we are with you wherever you go this society have been wild, right? That brave the brave speech that he gave one of the most eloquent speeches of the whole zero. This has sadly been widely cited even more is another story about silence. And what that really shows is a man is that sadly been wired by the way he was close friends with omega had been hotter. In the days of Jamelia, who may have been

00:40:40--> 00:41:17

hot of the infamous or may have been hot, and they considered themselves to be business brothers, they had something called business brothers. So whenever he would go to Makkah, he would say no, my house, whenever Romania would come to Medina, or yesterday, he would stay inside his house. So one day, early after the hedger will probably in the first year of the digital, he went to Mecca for his business routine. And omega said don't go out in the daytime, because there's tension, you know, between yesterday Medina and people of Mecca go out at night. So he went out at night, and Abuja has heard the noise went out to see what's going on. And lo and behold, it is sad, even wild. So Abuja

00:41:17--> 00:41:58

has said, How dare you come here, when you have helped our renegades are the process of how can you be in our city? When you have done this to us you have adopted or you have taken him? How can you do this? And the two of them began verbally raising their voices. Well, my sided with Abuja and set aside don't rebuke Abuja or about haccombe. They call them that Abuja, which is what we call them don't rebuke upon how come he is our Savior than our leader, right? And he sided with Abuja, basically against, against sad, and he tried to calm that down and he was holding him back. Basically, it's gonna get physical and sad says to sad says to omega, Get your hands off of me for a

00:41:58--> 00:42:10

while, ah, he I heard the profitsystem say that he will kill you. And this shocked me, because he says Mohammed says he will kill me will lie. He has never spoken ally in his life.

00:42:11--> 00:42:48

Meaning This must be true. He has never spoken ally in his life. And he went back shocked to his wife and said Mohammed has predicted he will kill me and his wife said, he has said this, then it will be true. And when the Battle of budget happened, that is why omiya if you remember the story, or Mejia tried his best to get out of it. And Romania, paid somebody 4000 dinars to go fight in Romania did this Romania did that. A Buddha had mocked him, threatened him until finally got the better of him and he marched to his death, knowing that, you know, this would be his death. But this was the the reality, sadly been wired, of course.

00:42:49--> 00:43:33

Sadly, wired was the one that when he died, the Prophet says to them said the angels prayed his janazah and the angels took his body up. And it says the louche lemo decided the famous Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim. It does louche and in other versions, it does. Man, the most decisive side of Nimrod, that the throne of Allah shook at the death of sod. Scholars have said, this is one of two interpretations the first, it shook out of happiness to greet him. The second it shook out of anger that somebody killed him. Both interpretations are valid, right? It shook out of happiness to greet him, or it shook out of anger that How dare somebody killed him. In any case, one side was wounded.

00:43:34--> 00:43:38

Side made a dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala that Oh Allah.

00:43:40--> 00:43:53

If you will allow the courage to come back and fight, then allow me to live to fight them. Because there is no nation that is more despised to me than them for what they have done to your soul.

00:43:54--> 00:44:00

But if this will be the last time, then accept me as a Shaheed

00:44:01--> 00:44:16

accept me as a shade. That said, I have no reason to live in a house except me as a Shaheed. But then he said, but allow my eyes to be sweetened and comforted by seeing the bundle Kaurava. And what happens to them?

00:44:17--> 00:44:59

He made this drop, basically, on his Well, he didn't realize that his deathbed, right, but wounded bleeding, and he made this draw that a lot if there's going to be any more fights than please cure me, and allow me to fight them. But if that's it, there's not going to be any more battle. Then lets me be a Shahid. But at least let me see the blue color because he feels anger, rage, how dare they do this? And of course, he has a history with them. Going back to the days of Julian. He has friendship with them, right? He has whole history with them. And so he says, Let me see coolness and comfort my eyes by seeing the retribution that will happen to the Corolla.

00:45:00--> 00:45:02

And of course, it was sad, who

00:45:03--> 00:45:40

Allah will that they put in charge, right? Because he was the closest person to them. We'll talk about the next Wednesday. But look, his daughter was accepted. His daughter was literally accepted that as soon as the battle finished, then they went to the bundle. coryza sad, could not even walk, and he had to be carried. And he had to go on a donkey. He could not walk even to the bundle cordilla which is inside the city, basically, and he's wounded, he's bleeding. And in that state, he gives the verdict that Allah azza wa jal was pleased with, and he dies shortly after that. So his job was fulfilled. And of course, this is the reality of the draw of the shahidan the draw of the

00:45:40--> 00:45:45

one who is, you know, given his life for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

00:45:46--> 00:45:48

One of the thing about sad is one of the small details outside

00:45:50--> 00:46:32

that shows how much he was on the mind of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that two years later, two years and seventh year of they may be even the eighth, we don't know exactly when, two or three years after the death of side, an incident happened, very trivial, very small. But the first name that comes to the mind of the process of massage, and this shows us the weight that the death side had on him in the year of the the emissaries and the years of sending the letters to the kings and the rulers right to the neighboring region. And that began around the seventh year of the hedgerow. That's what we know this took place either the seventh or the eighth year. One of the lecturers came

00:46:32--> 00:46:43

back from the province what is now called Bahrain basically, but back then it had other names one of these provinces have closer to the Persian Empire. And

00:46:44--> 00:47:28

the Emperor wrote back, somewhat sympathetic letter, not a harsh letter, and he gifted the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one of the finest gifts one of the finest robes that he had ever worn so a lot while he was selling them, and there's a lot of fichte that is to be derived because the robe It is said it had gold decorations on it. And the Sahaba It is said had seen nothing like this now, the Arabs did not produce fine clots, the Arabs were known for leather and for trading goods, they were a they were a trading depot they would take from here sell there, take from yourself there. They did not produce their own cloth, they would import the good cloth, and of course the finest

00:47:28--> 00:48:19

cloth came from Persia, the finest brocades came from Persia. So you can imagine a ruler is gifting to what he thinks is another ruler. Right? And you can imagine how fine this will be. And the son of the Hadith intermedia says the Sahaba began going around the Prophet system to look at his garment. Can you imagine how dazzling it would have been that they had never seen a garment so beautiful, and they're walking around? Now footnote you're not related to the zero. This shows us many things. of them is that it shows us it is completely halaal to wear fine clothes. And our profit system is wearing an extremely fine garment. Very plush, very luxurious garment. But the perfection is that

00:48:19--> 00:48:27

our Profit System never spent money on it. By the way we'll have to point this out as well. He would not spend money on it. Right? And that he was not

00:48:28--> 00:48:36

his heart was not attached to it. And this is proven by what he said to the Sahaba that he was shocked at they're shocked

00:48:37--> 00:49:24

they're shocked he was shocked at how shocked they were right and he said a tie job Unum in hada Are you impressed with this? So he is shocked that they are finding this impressive tie job and I mean haha so it shows where his his heart he's not it's not a big deal he got a gift he's wearing it. He himself is not as attached to it as the Sahaba seem to be right so he said attire job una minha then what did he say? Follow law hegemon de lusardi been more artificial Jen now look where did it come out of out of nowhere? Right? Well ah he the handkerchief of sad they've been wired in Jana is better than all of this right out of nowhere the name that comes to mind sad even more is like he's

00:49:24--> 00:50:00

trying to explain and what does that show this is a subconsciously who is the person the process is thinking about now right? The mundane which is the you know the stuff used to wipe yourself literally handkerchief right? This is the the cloth that's you know, up until recently you would have to wipe your dirty things your nose and whatnot. His handkerchief is better than this entire brocade this entire garment that you are impressed with small headed, but what does it show? It shows psychologically how much love the profitsystem had for sad even more. And in any case, getting back to the story. So this is sadly been wired that one of these days. He wasn't

00:50:00--> 00:50:36

We don't know which days not mentioned early, middle or whatnot. But most likely sometime in the middle, it came in. And he was so wounded, that they had to set up a special tent for him. Because there he cannot go back home. There's nobody home, homes are empty, all the women are there. So they had to set up a special Ted four sided been wild, and the profitsystem would regularly visit sad in that tent to come to find out his condition and whatnot. And as we know, he never really recovered from that wound within a few weeks, or maybe even a week, we don't know when the wound occurred. Basically, as soon as conduct finished. After a few days, when the binocular the incident happened,

00:50:36--> 00:51:04

this was the end for sad as well, of the incidents that is narrated as well, during the siege, which as we know, lasted, some say 20, some say 25, some say 30 days, if the laugh is trivial, around a month, around a month, and he'd been his house this 25 days and others say a bit more, a bit less. But overall, around the month was how long the siege lasted of the things that we learn, which is a body and Muslim. And all of the books of Hadith mentioned that on one particular day, the

00:51:05--> 00:51:53

harasser or the the Border Patrol and the the skirmishes and the arrows and whatnot became so severe that the Muslims were not able to pray awesome. They couldn't even pause to pray us. Now there's a big controversy amongst the fuqaha was a lot of hope revealed by this time or not. And there's a big controversy because if Salatu, the whole world revealed, why did the press a lot of hope. And the majority position is that a lot of hope had been revealed at this time. But they were so preoccupied that the notion of praying was not Didn't they didn't even have the the time to remember that they forgot, that makes sense. They're so busy doing what they had to do, that it was a genuine, like

00:51:53--> 00:52:32

moment where they forgot. And the evidence for this is that that had it seemed to suggest this, that and there are so many ahead, if you look at barley and Muslim, you find that these 10 Hadith about this one incident. And because it has some faith about delaying the salah and about making up delayed Salah, this is where we get to the fifth of a lot of the missed prayers. This is where we get it from that the process of never, of course, intentionally, Mr. Prayer, we have two recorded instances of a missing Salah only two. This is the one of them. And then the other one of them was the oversleeping at fudger that took place that the more or the army was going the entire night.

00:52:32--> 00:53:11

They were marching non stop the entire night. And then they rested obey the federal like an hour before federal and the processor said who will guard us and wake us for federal billet said I will. And so all of the army fell asleep immediately. And then eventually as well fell asleep. And the first person to wake up was the profitsystem with the heat of the sun. And the first thing he said he had been on what happens panelo Look, you know his own mind about Salah habila What happened? And so Bilal said, Yasser Allah the same one who caused you to sleep caused me to sleep.

00:53:12--> 00:53:39

It's not my fault, right? That's the one who took your soul took my soul as well. Don't blame me. And so that was a genuine oversleeping legit that took place once. And this was the only other time in the Sierra that authentically It is reported that and both of them are unintentional. So the entire life obviously never had happened. Now, what happened here that I'll just go one or two I did that Omar came to the process of them and said

00:53:40--> 00:53:45

Yasuda law, I was not able to pray until

00:53:46--> 00:54:01

the sun has already set. I'm not even I haven't prepared also. And the sun had set. And the Prophet system said, and I too, was not able to pray also. And so they both did, will do and they prayed after, after the sun had set

00:54:02--> 00:54:45

after the sun had said, so Holly mentioned that the Prophet solo set him said and this is a very famous Hadith, Shahada una and the solitude was Thor had holla but the shrimps mother, Allah Buddha, whom will Buta home now that they have Shaka Luna, they've made us busy so much so that we have not even managed to pray selected woofstock Now, this also shows us half it was sort of it was solid, it was four, it means a lot of us, right? This is the correct position because of this hadith that shows aluna Anna Salatu was star they kept us busy from the middle Salah until we weren't able to pray it and the sun has set May Allah fill their houses and their graves with the fire mother Allah

00:54:45--> 00:54:48

hora, whom we Buta whom Nara he is so angry.

00:54:49--> 00:54:59

Not because they're attempting to kill him, because they have managed to prevent so let us look at his anger. What is it for, right I wasn't able to pray.

00:55:00--> 00:55:34

He's angry at that may Allah fill their graves and they're so what will be the case of the one whose money prevents him from South losses whose business prevents him from subtle losses whose television and sports show prevents him from salata losses. Think about this, right? What will be his case and here is the process of him on the battlefield and he's fuming angry at them. Why shows a lunar booster This is why he's angry at him. So after the sun had set, he then prayed selected also. Now from this the fuqaha have derived the fifth point not related to the Sierra.

00:55:36--> 00:55:50

And this is a child of the correct opinion that when you need to make Upsala watts, you make them up in the right order order, if it is reasonable and possible to do so. So for example, even though most of the time had come in, he didn't pray Muslim, he prayed.

00:55:51--> 00:56:28

And then he prayed mockery. And this shows us that the general rule, you make Upsala watts in the order that you miss them and the order that they should be prayed Now, again, because we just mentioned it? What if this is not possible? It's not possible for multiple reasons. Number one reason you haven't prayed for 510 15 years, then what are you going to do make a 15 year solid before you say the next prayer? Obviously not so then that doesn't apply? Right. Number two, the scholars say that if you praying one Salah will make two Salah mist.

00:56:29--> 00:56:43

Whereas if you jump to the second solid and the first solar, you know is the only one missed then you jump to the second solar What does this mean? You get the point here that it's between let's say Asad and Muslim. Right? And

00:56:44--> 00:57:25

you haven't prayed, let's say vote. Okay, so if you move on to the second Salah, then you will miss the first and the second timing. Therefore you begin with the timing that you still have and then you make up the other Salah Okay, so in this case Muslim there was still time left for it and therefore the process and prayed also before he had migrated in a case that's all fixable, not related to the car. But again, just for benefit. One final point and we're going to start the story, but then we're gonna have to pause and then continue next week. And that is where did the turn come about what happened? It was the role of 911 Miss Ruth a lot of funny, right, the new I am David

00:57:25--> 00:58:04

Masuda lotto fan, you will begin the story here. We're not going to finish it because it's a long part of the story. And this was when the tide shifted the very end of the siege a few days are left in the siege. Now, they don't know this, but from our current chronology, probably around the 20th day, probably around the toy again, there's no we don't have a detailed narration. But around the 20th day out of the blue, somebody just walks into the camp of the Muslims. And his name is Noreen Devon Massoud from the tribe of lotto fan and they're outside the tribe of Alta fan. And he says to him, Yasuda law in Nearpod Islam.

00:58:05--> 00:58:07

I have accepted Islam

00:58:09--> 00:58:51

and tell me to do whatever you want me to do. Now, why didn't Massoud was the one a lot of So would you like us to shift the entire tide around? And the books of Sierra hardly mentioned his story? Like because he's from glottal fan? He's not McKee. He's not Madani. There's hardly any information about him. We just know tidbits. One of the things we know is that in the conquest of Makkah, he was the one that was carrying the banner for the tribe of auto fan, he became the the white holder for the Muslim side from the tribe of lots of founders a very big honor. We don't know much about him. I tried my best to really do as thorough of a research as I could. And I found a few tidbits and I'll

00:58:51--> 00:59:04

develop a theory. This is completely from me. There is no we don't know his story, except one or two things and Allah knows best. I'll tell you what we know. And I'll tell you what my theory is. leave it at that. What do we know about Norman?

00:59:06--> 00:59:31

Norman was sued because we know everything was normal. hamoed ism had this my mother with a lot of fun. You know, I live in Missouri, a lot of funny. His first mention, comes in the fourth year of the hedgehog, that the tribe of lotto fan, he was of the elite but not the chief. So he's of the second tier, you know, he's known, he's got some strings and connections, but he's not the big boss. And to do this,

00:59:33--> 00:59:59

you needed to have second tier not the big boss, Allah azza wa jal had this old obviously, Mecca Roma, Kerala, right to do what he did. You needed to be one rank below the big man. He needed to be in the Vizier ranks right? Not the Prime Minister that one level below and that was 9 million mushroom. So not even miss Ruth was in Makkah in the fourth year of the Hydra. He's a pagan, he's a mushrik. And he's on his business trips with whatever they're doing in Mecca.

01:00:00--> 01:00:16

Abu sufian goes to him, he has a good friendship with our soufiane. So I will soufiane goes to him and says I need to use you for something. And then negotiate a price, big amount of price. What do they negotiate? Abu sufian says, we had made a promise with Mohammed suasana

01:00:18--> 01:00:22

that we would meet at better wood promises this fourth year of the Hydra.

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01:00:26--> 01:00:30

at better, I know it's confusing, right? Well heard part two.

01:00:31--> 01:01:12

What was the last point of what we're gonna meet again? ad budget. You see the point here, right? So Oh, hood, the end of our herd remember what it was Sophia and say, we're gonna have a meeting one year at butter. Why? Because it was convenient. But it was the big plane is convenient for all of them to have a word there. So Abu sufian says to Namibian was rude, that this year we cannot go the crops have been bad business has been you know, the typical excuses they didn't want to fight. As we mentioned, we mentioned this before you go to Mohammed's awesome and convince him not to come so that it appears he didn't come instead of us.

01:01:14--> 01:01:28

You see the point here, you tell him that we are massive army, you've never seen this many people and this and basically paint a false picture. Right? So the people will hear that he never showed up.

01:01:29--> 01:01:56

So the blame will be on them and not us. Okay? So no, I am agree that he's not a Muslim, he's he's never seen the process. And he has a lot of Fanny, nothing to do with this, right? He's being sucked in. But Allah azzawajal has his own. So he agrees he takes this money. Believe was 20 counselors or whatever, there was a big amount of bribe. And he goes, and he informs the process of this lie that I have seen. Now he went to Medina.

01:01:57--> 01:02:35

Outwardly on a business trip, like not as a messenger, right, he's going, you know, a ploy, that he was going to buy dates or whatever, at this stage, a lot of fun is neutral. And that's why he's being used in the fourth year of the digital early fourth year, auto fan is neutral. So I will soufiane is using him to plant false information. So he goes, he plants this false information. And the Profit System says, Well law, he, we will go fight them. Even if I am alone, I will go and be with him with with the Lord. And you know, he wasn't alone, all the Muslims marched with him, and all the Muslims came there. And it was clear that the orange never showed up, not the Muslims, we

01:02:35--> 01:03:14

did this when we did it right. This is the first and the major exposure that no ame has to the prophets, Allah said. And the second minor thing that we have that one of the books of Sierra mentions is that probably around the late fourth year or the early fifth year, that the prophecies are made a treaty with the sub tribe of nine, and nine was the one he negotiated with. And that was about the caravan of the Irish that what to do what not to do is basically a simple treaty about demarcating boundaries or something like this, right? So we know we don't know the details, one of those small one liners in the serum. Now, that's what we know, what is my theory?

01:03:15--> 01:03:54

Allahu Adam, but it appears that these interactions impressed him so much. And he saw the bravery of the Prophet system. And he saw the truthfulness. And going to Medina, he must have been there a few days because you don't just go for an hour when you're traveling. And those days use the rest. And then you refresh and you move on interacting with the process of the Muslims, that Islam became very dear to him. And he saw the reality of Islam. And so he met with the process of twice Allah is what it has chosen him out of all of the people have lots of fun. He is the one who has interacted directly with the prophet SAW center, right? And at the time, he's deemed neutral both of these

01:03:54--> 01:04:45

times at the time. He's not a Muslim, and he's not with the hora, he's neutral. But Allah knows best. My theory is that and I think it's a pretty obvious theory, or it's an obvious thing to make a stretch that these interactions impressed him so much that he converted to Islam. And so the next time he's able to interact with the process of them, he's actually a secret Muslim. And he is the only Muslim in his old tribe because a lot of fan has not gotten involved up until now. Right? And this shows us, Romania, tequila ijazah Maharajah, we are so cool man. Hey, thula Jesse warmia, token alpha who has bought whoever has taqwa of Allah, Allah will make a way out for him. And the law will

01:04:45--> 01:04:59

provide for him from a source he never expected. How and where did a lot of Fannie convert. A lot of Xhosa willed it? This is the point you cannot fight against the power of Allah.

01:05:00--> 01:05:39

bandwith Allah, if Allah is helping you Halas That's it, and so No, I am wachsen out of the blue, complete, he literally sneaks away from a bottle of wine in the middle of the night, he makes his way to the camp of the Prophet system. And he embraces Islam in front of the Prophet. So Simon says, I am at your service or messenger of Allah, do what you tell me to do. What do you want me to do? I will do it. Right? out of literally nowhere, Allah has helped came through 911 mustard. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to him, that you are about one person? And what will your help do on this site? You're going to do to fight with us? You're just one person, you know, what

01:05:39--> 01:06:05

are you going to do? But go back and do anything that you can think of to protect us? Go back and do anything that you do that can protect us? So no, I am said, O Messenger of Allah do allow me to say anything? Meaning, do you give me permission to use tactics that are not the most honest tactics? And the profitsystem said, a horrible

01:06:07--> 01:06:31

war is deceit. War is tricks unhearable hidden, right? When you're fighting an enemy, you have to just like the process will pretend to go in one direction, then he turns himself and go the other way. Right? This is Qaeda. Now by the way, this is a very important fifth point here. It is not Liana, this is a very important point we need to make here

01:06:32--> 01:07:10

is a little bit of tricks. Fianna is treason, treachery. Islam, allows hit during times of genuine war. And frankly, every nation does. Soon Zoo Tzu, who is the famous Chinese author of The Art of War, Sun Tzu wrote one of the first manuals of war. And I think it's the first Maxim he has a whole Maxim full of war and it's necessary reading material. You read it when you go to the halls of Seton or the halls of what's that place in England called the famous.

01:07:12--> 01:07:26

The famous No, the military Sandhurst, right. And here in America, the Virginia all of these Institute's the first reading material is going to be soon Tzu, The Art of War. It is a classic senzu says, I think it's the first Maxim that

01:07:27--> 01:07:29

lying is nine tenths of war

01:07:30--> 01:08:15

says like the way the world works, World War Two. So many things happened between Germany and the allies and whatnot. And one of the final things the invasion of Normandy. And Didi, the entire plan was complete surprise to the Germans because they had been spoon fed a bunch of lies, the allies. I mean, I'm going to World War Twister, but you get my point here. I mean, it's reality. You have to pretend something and then you do something else. All nations do this. And for anyone to come and say, Oh, look at what your religion says Subhanallah war around the world involves This is not anything. This is genuine war. It involves a DA, but not siana. What is piano? piano means you make

01:08:15--> 01:08:57

a promise, but you know, you're going to break it. Ayana means you sign a treaty. But as soon as the other guy turns his back, you tear it up. This is piano and Islam never, ever allows piano. But it allows him for the people who are genuinely engaged. Now, who are those people is another question. For those who are genuinely engaged. Every nation allows that, but not here. Piano means to break a promise you can never break a promise. Hey, Anna means to break a treaty, you can never break a treaty to enemies to stab someone in the back after you swore to him. You wouldn't stab him in the back. This is Leanna said our means you pretend you're walking this way. In reality, you're going to

01:08:57--> 01:09:42

go that way. This is hidden. It's deceit. You are not promising you are giving an illusion, or even like, No I am that he used some tactics. He used some tactics. And this is something that is allowed. But what is not allowed is to give an oath to swear to give an allegiance or again being realistic, in our case to hold the passport. And that passport comes with implicit conditions. And then to go against the conditions of those passport. This is piano and it's not harder to get a visa to enter a country and that visa has implicit conditions. You're not going to disobey the law you will be a law abiding citizen dadadada da, this is piano to get a visa. And then you come and then

01:09:42--> 01:09:59

you misuse and abuse and you cause havoc and mayhem. This is piano it is not federal, we have to be very clear because of the tense situation that we are living in that we cannot use this hadith to something that it does not apply to. In any case. This is my theory about Nariman, Masood, and so on.

01:10:00--> 01:10:39

No, I'm basically when when the process of said to him a horrible hitter, he took this as the green light and it is the green light. So what did he do? He went first to the Bernal Cordova right from the processes camp, the closest group is the binocular. And again, it had a lot of xojo had so willed. And again, this is amazing, if you think about it. He had personal friendships with the people of the binocular. And he had personal friendships with Abu sufian. Abu sufian is the one that has paid him a massive amount of money to go do something which he has successfully done. Meaning he said what he was supposed to say, as for the response to the process, and it's not his fault, right?

01:10:39--> 01:11:20

He did, what Abu sufian told them to do, which makes him What? Check trustworthy, right? And also, he was friends with people of the bundle calleva business partners with them in the days of JD, right and in even in the days of Islam when he's not a Muslim. And of course, he is from the tribe of a lot of fun. Again, a lot of the witches plan is perfect. Who else is there that is friendly with the kurush that is friendly with the law, and that is a member of the tribe have lots of fun. Now he's a Muslim. So what did he do? He went to the bundle Kaurava. And he in the middle of the night, obviously the scared them what is going on. And he said, You know who I am, you trust me, we

01:11:20--> 01:12:06

have had dealings in what not one not in the past. Now, in the lack of now secret, I mean, I am here for your own good. We have a stronger relationship than the kurush when you gotta find a new, you will have a strong relationship, then the courage and realize that this land is your land, this wealth is your wealth, this property is your property. And as for the kurush, they have nothing to lose, if they just leave, they have nothing to lose, if they turn their back, you have everything to lose. So if they find an opportunity to attack, they will attack but if they get tired, they're going to turn their backs and leave and you will be the ones who will suffer. So he said to the

01:12:06--> 01:12:48

bundle Kaurava my advice to you is refuse to fight unless and until they guarantee you hostages from amongst them that will live with you, Ron and in our hostage but mortgage really right physical, human mortgage, take some of their shirt off, and tell them to come be with you as collateral so that they don't just turn their backs and fleet. And if they do this, then they will never abandon their own until they have fought Mohammed solos. Now frankly, on the surface of it that's a very smart idea

01:12:49--> 01:13:32

on the surface of it right? It's makes complete sense. And no I'm again out of nowhere Allah subhana wa tada brings this genius plan. And of course, Allah Islam, this is a lamb from Allah, this is only from Allah subhana wa tada through now I'm coming, you know, in ham is the type of way that nonprofits get in ham is the type of way that nonprofits get. So no, I gave this advice. And they found this to be as we all do, very sensible, very sensible advice. Then he went to the koresh made his way to Abu Sufyan the next morning. And he says to him, you know my status, you know, amongst my people, you know who I am, and you have good relation with me.

01:13:33--> 01:13:43

A harbor has reached me and I feel our friendship owes that I tell you because of our past, but please me and you only

01:13:44--> 01:13:51

secret what what's going on? Know that the barrel Kaurava have regretted what they're doing.

01:13:52--> 01:14:08

And now they're getting double thoughts. And they have sent a message to Mohammed Salah law while you send them saying that if we hand over some of the Ashraf have the courage to execute, Will you forgive us for our lapse of judgment?

01:14:10--> 01:14:57

Will you forgive us if we hand over some of the Ashraf of the crush? Right? This is our cafaro basically, that will give you some of the Shroff, then you can fight them and forgive us and call us and the story will start a new slate. So then he tells Abu sufian that so if they come to you to ask for your Ashraf five total red warning skull with bones on it, right? This is now the sign that this is treachery and treason. Okay. And then he went to the heart of fat and he has a lot of fun. He's got a family, and he gave them a similar story that they want some some hostages from you, and they're not going to give you any hostages because again, there's all going to be triple treachery

01:14:57--> 01:14:59

here until you hand over theirs. And this is

01:15:00--> 01:15:42

A test for you to see if you can do it or not take my advice insist that they hand over first before you hand over anyone. Okay? Take my advice you know me I'm one of yours, etc, etc. And sure enough, within a few hours, an emissary from the bundle quality comes at his name is Isaiah even Samuel Samuel Al Azhar they've been Samuel L saying that to the to Abu sufian that we have thought about our matter and we want you to send some of your Shroff to us, so that we can be assured that you will not depart and leave. So hand over a few of your Shroff and let them come back with me.

01:15:43--> 01:16:03

And I will soufiane said let me think about this go back and send an emissary. And the same thing happened with the other tribes. All three tribes are sending emissaries everyone saying you had first right and none of them is handing the seeds of doubt have begun to be sown. And salata, Lucia is right around the corner, and so on.