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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi now continues from where he left off , that is, the backstabbing act of the flipping of the alliance of Banu Quraydha.

When the Prophet ﷺ had confirmed information that the shift was indeed true, he split his contingency of the army and sent one part to guard the fortress having the women and the children and the other part guarding the entry and exit of the trench.

When the Quraysh reached their destination, they were completely baffled by the trench realising their inability to charge and so they just sat it out and waited since there was no dearth of supplies whatsoever.

As an aftermath of this battle,the death of Sa'd ibn Mu'adh RA was the most grievous and upsetting. He is the chieftain of the Aws and was the earliest converts to Islam under Musab ibn Umair. Sa'ad was the one for whom the angels prayed his janazah and took his body up and for whom it is narrated in Bukhari that the throne of Allah shook at the death of Sa'ad.

A major development that turned the tide for the Muslim army was the advent Nuaym ibn Masud Al-Ghatafani from the tribe of Gatafaan. He was the one whom Allah chose to undo the opposition army completely.

On the instructions of Prophet ﷺ, he commences his plan by going to the Banu Quraydha and then the Quraysh and plants the seeds of doubt among them. How does he do that? What does he say that make the tribes believe him easily? What is the outcome of this ? Listen intently and be mesmerised at how this incident sets the base for the destruction of the Ahzab army.

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